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  1. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Official The @NRL_Bulldogs confirm the departure of

    do any of these muppets leaving have a new club?
  2. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Switch up a dog?

  3. cntrbry bnkstwn

    The Kennel's Greatest Band - Vocalist

    surprised no robert plant, or no females like amy lee for eg. layne staley and sebastian bach were pretty fuckin good
  4. cntrbry bnkstwn

    The Kennel's Greatest Band - Lead Guitarist

    dimebag for me. notable absentees - steve vai, gary moore, stevie ray vaughan,
  5. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Movie Discussion

    this was a pretty good watch, the critics hated it but i liked it. always been intrigued by the brilliance of tesla, and the fakeness of edison
  6. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Opinion Jake Averillo

    i miss the old school footy where the fowards were tough and looked after the halves so they could do what they do best. players like lockyer for eg, were pretty weak defenders but their team mates had their backs. our fowards should be doing more to support young guys like jake
  7. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Lynne Anderson days are numbered and here's why.

    i'm old fashioned too, enough to remember when rainbows were black n white, but i'd never make a rookie statement like that. if i dared say that, in less then a quarter of a scond flat my girl would say "no worries, you now control the washing machine, you now control the iron"
  8. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Will the clean up finally happen?

    remember clean up australia day? where you'd go around throwing your garbage in the bin. we need a cleanup the bulldogs day to throw the trash in the bin
  9. cntrbry bnkstwn

    The Kennel's Greatest Band - Bass

    dimebag for me
  10. cntrbry bnkstwn

    The Real Outcomes of BLM

    and bunnings
  11. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Is this the worst Nrl side ever?

    i was a sonics fan, i can empathise with north sydney bears fans haha
  12. cntrbry bnkstwn

    News Monday Buzz: Behind the scenes feud at the Dogs tearing the club apart

    but they gave castle the rugby ceo job, CEO and dope aren't mutually exclusive
  13. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Team next week

    that's what i said last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that
  14. cntrbry bnkstwn


    considering every club is above the bulldogs that's not much of a gamble to make
  15. cntrbry bnkstwn


    you lucky bastard
  16. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Who are we recruiting next year? "just Cotric and Green?

    we need jeebuz, buddah and that 6 armed elephant
  17. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Opinion 2021 no bloody hope

    Jackson is my favourite player, but he is done, he is doing more damage then good being in the team now
  18. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Opinion Important day in our history

    we deserve the spoon tbh
  19. cntrbry bnkstwn


    he's the tinman from wizard of oz
  20. cntrbry bnkstwn


    kinda like how corey hughes started in the halves and ended up a hooker
  21. cntrbry bnkstwn

    2021 Members Jersey

    looks like chn and knockon did us a favour
  22. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Foran knocks back dogs offer

    so instead of last, we'll be... last
  23. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Dogs vs parra

  24. cntrbry bnkstwn

    News Cotric's Bulldogs deal is official, Barrett's announcement to follow

    i hope you're right, but imo not even close yet. we strengthened our spine back then, until we do similar i can't see the comparison to 2009
  25. cntrbry bnkstwn

    News Why Trent Barrett is ready to be Canterbury Bulldog’s next coach

    raiders vs broncos back then was almost the state of origin sides haha
  26. cntrbry bnkstwn

    CHN - He'll Only Play For Barrett

    there's quotes from the manager there
  27. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield BIRD TO THE DOGS

    well there's a few ladies in the team so more tampons make sense i guess unfortunately
  28. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Indigenous Jersey

    looks like girls outfit, white cardigan on blue shirt
  29. cntrbry bnkstwn

    How do you handle being abandoned ?

    samuel l jackson, pulp fiction "You know, walk the earth, meet people... get into adventures. Like Kane in Kung Fu"
  30. cntrbry bnkstwn

    News 'I want to keep coaching here': Why Pay believes he's the man for Dogs job

    you just did the very thing you were condemning
  31. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Andrew Webster (SMH)

    10.8 points per game
  32. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Turn ons and turn offs of the opposite sex?

    biggest turn off by far is when you've had a long stretch of no free time and all you want to do is chill, but she's arranged a trip to see her parents for the break. biggest turn on is when she's arranged that trip but you don't have to go
  33. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Official Round 8 - Bulldogs vs Rabbitohs - Discussion Thread

    dissapointing, what a line-up, wingers everywhere
  34. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Thompson Arrives in Belmore

    i'm pretty sure everyone is stoked to have him at our club, have we gotten so blinded by outrage culture that we can't even enjoy a pisstake on a funny photo anymore?
  35. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Avarillo tackle

    then we must be absolute einstein level of knowledge by now
  36. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Pay's post game press conference

    i was hoping he would get the sack tonight, but he looks pretty chilled and non stressed in that press conference, doesn't look like a man about to lose his job
  37. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Official Round 7 - Bulldogs vs Tigers - Discussion Thread

    are these c*** for real, i can't watch this shit anymore, fuck pay and fuck these imitation bulldogs
  38. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Ps4 vs XBox

    anyone remember this game? i got it on switch, it's as good as the old arcade version, only cost 12 or 15 bucks
  39. cntrbry bnkstwn

    James Bupa Graham

    classic lol
  40. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Why we lost. Is the coach or are the players at fault?

    bombed one try chance where averillo missed a draw and pass, but in the end it doesn't even matter
  41. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Opinion Interchange

    i agree with this, at least three keys and role players come to life, without the keys the role players are just pushing it uphill
  42. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Sauaso Sue

    isn't that all the more reason for guys like ogden to grab a chance when it comes up, even if he is underdone. i got excited when he came on thinking he could at least have a few strong runs and pull off a couple of stiff hits, but he was very underwhelming. i did enjoy watching RFM run at them but
  43. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Consolidated Pay Thread

    yeah that's exactly what's needed, a driven, competitive type that as you say, won't tolerate losing, kimorley probs the last one we did. the odds of that happening are so stacked against us at the moment with the "type" of players that the club is looking to recruit. an example of that is...
  44. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Opinion Lewis

    his passing is definitely worrying, but if we're gonna be critical about spine players putting the ball in the right places, Lewis is not alone, JMK is getting wayward too
  45. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Dogs are Down - the daily Telegraph (what's the buzz)

    shane flanagan currently fits that description
  46. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Rebuilding the Bulldogs

    i've known him for a few years he's a good kid, we should've got him a while back cause we had one of his mates in our sg side 2 or 3 years ago that he wanted to play with
  47. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Are Australians hypocrites or are indigenous their own worst enemy?

    same thing happened to my brother, no stuff taken, but alcohol cleaned out and empty mouth wash bottle left in the sink
  48. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Shaking head at NRL investigation into handshake

    guy in red t-shirt died later that night of a heart attack
  49. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Oldy by Goody

    or B-52's
  50. cntrbry bnkstwn

    News Jackson joins Bulldogs greats

    it's his old clubs name, no different then saying the canterbury bulldog
  51. cntrbry bnkstwn

    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    copy that, great show when it had stonebridge and scott in it
  52. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Instagram 'influencer' breaks down after platform decides to remove likes

    i used to live right across the road from those cliffs at diamond bay, was always a great place to watch the sun come up on the back end of a saturday night pinga :tearsofjoy: there were no fences back then so you could go wherever you wanted along them rocks
  53. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Netflix, Stan, Disney+ etc - Thread

    2 shows worth a binge, the end of the fucking world on netflix, mr inbetween on foxtel, both shows pretty decent
  54. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Is the Lamborghini Aventador 10 times the car of a Hyundai i30N??

    it'll get you 10 times the roots you'd get in a hyundai :tearsofjoy:
  55. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Movie Discussion

    i love the movie night shift with him and michael keaton
  56. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Bye caramba... and that's all she wrote folks (end of The Simpsons)

    brad bird was a big factor at that time too
  57. cntrbry bnkstwn

    News Bulldogs coach Dean Pay throws trust behind young playmakers to fill Foran void

    1. dwz 6. 7. wakeham / cogger 9. jmk 13. lewis 14. elliot
  58. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Latrell Mitchell Discussion Megathread

    get the spine right first, latrell aint gonna do much without decent players inside him
  59. cntrbry bnkstwn

    What's Left of Keiran Foran Vows to Return in 2020

    if he was on a fair and reasonable deal none of this would even be an issue
  60. cntrbry bnkstwn

    News No fracture and injury not career-ending but Foran may need reconstruction

    that's 1970's money lol, be 26 million dollar man today, 37.6 mil aud :tearsofjoy:
  61. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Dragons set for $4m roster overhaul to launch premiership assault

    lomax is one of the players they're willing to lose, he'd find a new club pretty quick
  62. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Great ending to the year

    that's 3 seasons of experience the players have of coming home hard at the right time, unlike clubs like st george that always start strong and fall off. when we get the first half of the season right then that experience will be good when the players actually need a run home that counts
  63. cntrbry bnkstwn

    News Late-season surge convinces Pay he's on the right track

    regardless of all the dumb decisions pay made, for an under-classed side, the team unity and will to fight for each other is something we haven't seen for years. he mightn't be the smartest coach, but he did get these boys playing for each other in a cohesive and hard working way that was...
  64. cntrbry bnkstwn

    What I thought cost us...

    jmk's pass to lewis for a field goal was trash
  65. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Dogs lock in long-term sponsor

    the rooster came first
  66. cntrbry bnkstwn

    TV Cancellations & Renewals

    have you seen the series on netflix called manhunt. has sam worthington in it and it's the same fbi unit as criminal minds. pretty decent show worth a watch, it's about the bau catching the unabomber
  67. cntrbry bnkstwn

    DWZ appreciation thread

    agreed. aggressive running such a sight for sore eyes, used to be common in a dogs jumper, good to see it back after a long time missing. just need more in the squad to get inspired to hit it harder
  68. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Rd 17 vs Knights 3-2-1

    DWZ hands down, running hard and fast, fucken love that shit
  69. cntrbry bnkstwn

    News Kieran Foran Cleared of Serious Injury

    yeah don't worry, the irony of having a million dollar player to win a match so we can maintain our ladder position isn't hard to miss lol
  70. cntrbry bnkstwn

    News Kieran Foran Cleared of Serious Injury

    he won the game for us in those 20 mins lol. no doubt he's busted and waaaaayyy overpaid, but without him we got nothing in attack
  71. cntrbry bnkstwn

    News Senior Dogs want more respect shown to Pay's regime

    you know you're fucked when you gotta ask for respect, 3 from 14 yep that's something to be respected. old school mentality lol, yeah hitting it up one off the ruck is really gonna confuse the opposition, fucken dumb c***, wish they would fuck off, so sick of seeing these c*** bumble their...
  72. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Official Sue cited for Cronk hit - UPDATE: Cleared and free to play.

    what a joke, nothing wrong with it. cronk deserved to get smashed turning his back on the defense
  73. cntrbry bnkstwn

    News SCG set to host NRL grand final after ANZ renovation

    of course india will increase their emissions, they were the biggest buyer of nsw coal last year, buying more then china, which probably makes them the biggest investor in nsw economy in 2018 lol
  74. cntrbry bnkstwn

    News Bulldogs' bad run 'testing' frustrated playmaker Foran

    terry lamb would just run the ball himself and score under the posts
  75. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Opinion 321 Knights

    Foran was very impressive, strong game after coming back from injury. he's definitely a competitor, need the rest of the team to feed off that. loved the energy sue brought on, his best game for the dogs. was critical of him before, but he did well yesterday
  76. cntrbry bnkstwn


    toomaga's way too skilled to not make it in nrl, i just hope he does it in a bulldogs jumper
  77. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Consolidated Pay Thread

    it's not just attracting new players that is concerning. yeah we've got an outclassed squad of players, but there's a few decent players in there that we are risking losing if the players think pay's a dope. if we lose guys like ogden, toomaga, reimis that would be pretty fucked up
  78. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Who should be our coach in 2020?

    lol trent barrett poll-slayer
  79. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Official Round 9 - Dogs vs Knights - Consolidated Match Thread

    might be a good oppurtunity to make a few bucks on the punt
  80. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Pay axes 3 stars...

    okenbur and montoya in the same side, that's some scary shit. up until right now i've never said anything negative about pay, but he's off his fucking head
  81. cntrbry bnkstwn

    News NRL fuming after Broncos Magic Round promo no show.

    this just shows how unprofessional and out of touch some companies can be, i'd expect better from a company as big as NRMA. The excuse of not attending a promo event because a rival is hosting just isn't good enough these days. I've worked for companies alot bigger then NRMA, and when signing...
  82. cntrbry bnkstwn

    Opinion Your full strength team

    Toomaga's the one i'm keen to see back, i think he's gonna develop into a skillful player