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    2022 State of Origin Game 3 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    Luai was the worst. He was responsible for the effective no show of the left edge. Failed to get Burton and To'o into the game, and when he did pass it over to the left air mailed it to Talakai. Fittler needed to hook Luai for last 10, put Talakai at Centre, Burton at five eighth and make him...
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    Your early 2023 Origin teams?

    Need Gamebreakers and Intimidating forwards. How TPJ has not been in conversation for Origin is really surprising to me. Despite what people say, I believe Radley would be excelent for Origin. Papenhuyzen should play 14.
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    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    Can't really blame Burton. NSW failed to get fall on the left side. To'o had barely any touches as well. Only 3 kicks from Burton too.
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    Jacob Kiraz

    i like him. always seems to either get a tackle break or offload with every carry.
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    Opinion Is Tevita Pangai Junior a Prop, Second Rower or Lock?

    Should move him around depending on the opposition... keep them guessing... I would say the same with Josh Jackson (depending on where we need our defense to shore up) and Luke Thompson, Hetherington too (but he is gone).
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    Opinion Who will be captain this week?

    Here is an idea. We start Jackson Topine and give him the captaincy.
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    More interested in Jackson Topine tbh.
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    Positions up for grabs next season

    Would not call hetherington locked.
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    Team for round 1

    1. Averillo (Don't want him defending and tackling at five eighth) 2. DWZ 3. Cotric 4. Hopoate 5. Meaney (Okunbor would be but injured) 6. Wakeham 7. Flanagan 8. Napa (Thompson if not suspended) 9. JMK 10. Atoni 11. Jackson 12. RFM 13. Elliott 14. Katoa 15. Waddell 16. Ogden 17. Hetherington
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    Cotric interview

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    Other News Source JAC

    Hopefully Munster/ Hughes gets a season ending injury in round 1 so we can send them lachlan lewis in return for addo carr.
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    Social Media Bryce Cartwright

    ... he has signed with parramatta.
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    Opinion Should Josh Jackson be re-signed when he comes off contract?

    Too early to tell. In a hypothetical scenario where we forget about the contract he has signed, I would not let go of Josh Jackson anytime soon. The club has gone under a massive culture shift and the cleanout of some of the players that have been around the place for a long time (Holland...
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    Opinion Hypothetically Burton is our last signing for 2021 - pick your 17

    stopped reading when i saw you left out to'omaga.... unforunately i was basically done by then.
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    Opinion on thompson

    Great player. Absolute gun. For some reason he did not do any footwork for any of the games until the very last one vs Penrith. I am not too sure why this is the case. As long as he uses his footwork, he will be devastating.
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    Gus believe all Melbourne Storm premierships count.

    Absolutely ridiculous. What if the storm were found to be cheating half-way through the 2009 season instead of after it? They would have been docked all points and not even be able to play the grand final. Bulldogs in 2002 were found halfway through the season, they did not get the opportunity...
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    Opinion Angus Crichton

    Angus Chricton has never played better. I would start him on NSW Origin team. Unfortunately, we have stacked our team with second rowers, so we can't take him.
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    Official Discussion Thread - Round 20 - Bulldogs v Panthers

    I wonder if Barrett wtaching will reconsider on a couple of players if they put on blinders.
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    Opinion Halfback pole

    No way Marshall for 250K. I have read reports of him being on 300K and 500K... Real shame the club didnt even throw an offer at him... he's coming off contract, his brother is here, we have new coach and we can definitely sign him for more than he is currently paid. With that being said, I...
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    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Joe Ofahengaue

    I am 100% opposed to Ofahengaue signing. He is worse than Napa.
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    Is Nick Meaney our long term fullback?

    I liked his work. A lot of times, he looked like he was a quarter through the line while looping around the back. Some ball skills to develop and could potentially be our fullback. Either way, I believe he has become too good now to be left out of the team. Fullback or Wing somewhere in the team.
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    News Canterbury Bulldogs target Brisbane Broncos Tevita Pangai Jr and Pat Carrigan

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    Sione Katoa

    Sione Katoa played very well against Melbourne. I am impressed as well with his work in the previous weeks. Should be in line for a bench utility spot. JMK is done
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    News Bikie barbershop police raid sees Pangai stood down for COVID-19 breach

    Poor discipline in personal life -> Poor discipline in the workplace.
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    Is Stevie G up to it as a first grade coach!

    Too many errors yesterday. Can't blame that on Georgillias. I do like his willingness to rotate players around... If Keiran Foran could be a dominant half, i think we would be much better for starters.
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    Official Round 13 - Bulldogs vs Storm - Discussion Thread

    Foran to RFM has worked 3 weeks in a row
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    Official Round 13 - Bulldogs vs Storm - Discussion Thread

    Tomorrow will be 25% rain at the tiime we play. It will rain throughout the morning... so slippery conditions. It suits us. No Smith, No PapenHuyzen, potentially no Kaufusi and Hughes, and we really have a solid chance to win
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    Official Round 13 - Bulldogs vs Storm - Discussion Thread

    What is the official statement regarding To'omaga's injury?
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    Social Media Pangai to be sacked

    Only if Barrett is confident that he can discipline TPJ.
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    Official Round 13 - Bulldogs vs Storm - Discussion Thread

    Can we just talk about the fact that Matt Doorey has been given jersey no.22?? Pay would have never done this, i hope we start debuting some younger players. No point Reimis being in the team.
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    Moving Players On

    DWZ is a good winger. He's so good that in the past few rounds, opposition kickers don't even bother kicking to him anymore. He is very fast and can break tackles. I think a DWZ, Cotric combination would be potent.
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    Recruitment Suggestions - Consolidated Thread

    What about Lachlan Coote? Looks to be playing really well in England.
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    Fitness is a major concern

    Don't think it is fitness. More like Foran and Lewis not standing up to the task. Lewis failed to close the game vs Dragons without Foran on the field. Foran took a back seat in the last 20 versus Knights and Wakeham almost lost us the game. Today, Foran just didn't step up. He passed a ball to...
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    3-2-1 Rd12

    3. Jackson 2. Meaney 1. Montoya -1. Tolman -2. Lafai -3. Napa
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    Standard of refereeing is disgusting

    That RFM obstruction was bullshit. Why did we have to waste a challenge to challenge it? 100/100 times, that goes to the bunker, and they look at it. Fuck the ref
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    Official Laundy Hotels announced as Major Sponsor of the Bulldogs

    Is this from a club email? Can't find it.
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    No Source Bryce Cartwright

    Only if Barrett and Cartwright can reform his behaviour.
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    Rd 11 Dogs vs Knights 3-2-1

    3. Tolman 2. Meaney 1. RFM
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    Official Titans sign David Fifita

    lmao no wonder siebold didnt want to talk about it yesterday.
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    Oliver Gildart

    If he comes, great, but won't Averillo get squeezed out? 1. Hopoate 2. Meaney 3. Gildart 4. Cotric 5. DWZ Reimis Smith, Kerrod Holland, Marcelo Montoya and Christian Chricton are done at the club. Can't see Averillo go to Five Eighth either... especially with Foran resigning and us chasing Burton.
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    Opinion Reimis Smith is the Worst

    I've noticed something that's pretty consistent across this forum. A lot of members believe Reimis is a decent player and most believe he should be playing Wing. I'll say this. Reimis is absolute garbage right now, and his potential from 2-3 years ago wasn't even that high. He is super lazy...
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    Opinion Montoya

    He was brave today. Took many tough carries since the Dragons refuse to kick to DWZ. Wouldn't say that error was entirely his fault... One thing is for sure... he should get the go over Reimis next week... at least he isn't lazy.
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    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    why the fuck is christian chrichton fking spasming??????????? JUST RUN
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    Hooper: Fuming Dog demands immediate release after ‘car crash’ attempt to woo him back

    Deny him release. Never let him back into top grade again. Yes, the club didn't stand up for him, but his actions were treacherous.
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    No Source Tom Starling

    Although he looked good. I think with the money we have right now, we should try and get a top tier hooker and not gamble on a young prospect. Spend big money 800K + on either McInnes or Brandon Smith.... if that doesn't work Connor Watson could also work.
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    News EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Johns and Brad Fittler reveal plans for fixing broken Bulldogs

    He is only a 14 because he is stuck behind Ponga at 1, Mann at 6 and Jayden Brailey at 9. Would be a good hooker.
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    News EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Johns and Brad Fittler reveal plans for fixing broken Bulldogs

    With the amount of money we have, I wouldn't bother taking a gamble at someone from Super League or a promising junior player. Take the least risk path even if it may cost us more. Connor Watson, Cameron McInness are both good choices. I reckon 600K is enough to lure Watson away from Knights...
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    Hit list 2021

    No need to go with 2nd string players. Go for the guns Matt Burton - 600K to start as our permanent five eighth Conor Watson -600K to start as our permanent hooker. I think we can lure him away from Knights pretty easily. Nick Cotric - 600K This should be the start.
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    DWZ is good. Put him on the Wing. At least Pay seemed to see that and did so in the last 20 minutes. I would expect the same arrangement next week. Reimis gone as well to suspension. Averillo has to be back you would think. Unfortunately this is the best backline we can have next week: 1...
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    Has Napa played one good game at all?

    Napa is a coward. When he hits the line, he bends like one those soft plastic rulers.
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    Official Round 9 - Bulldogs vs Broncos - Discussion Thread

    At least DWZ kick offs are improving. very deep
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    Other News Source Nathan Peats to the Dogs?

    Connor Watson 600K. I think we can pull him away from Newcastle. He is stuck behind Ponga at FB, Pearce and Mann at Five-Eighth, Jayden Brailey at Hooker. Tex Hoy is sniffing around the corner as well and I don't think they want to lose him. I would be trying to snare Watson for 600K at put him...
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    Opinion Team needed to get dogs back to where they should be

    My 3M Plan: Cotric (Centre) 600K Watson (Hooker) 600K Burton (Five-Eighth) 600K Elijah Taylor 200K Ray Stone 200K Still a lot of money left...
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    News Daley urges Cotric to stay at Canberra for less

    I think we could snare Brent Naden for half the price... maybe even less... either way I believe we only need to buy 1 Centre... Averillo for the other spot.
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    No Source Matt Burton

    I would be happy to throw overs at Burton.
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    few obvious signings/players positions

    Kikau and Wakeham combo would be insane. They looked slick last year in the test matches for fiji
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    Wingers Changing Positions

    I'm pretty sure all of those players were fullbacks in lower grades, but simply had to play wing because someone else held the position before them.
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    Wingers Changing Positions

    I would rather prefer these wingers/centres transitioning because it is part of the club's long term development for them... not because they want money or more involvement or that they simply like the position more (Latrell, Reimis) For example: Daley: Centre -> Five-Eighth Fittler: Centre - >...
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    WWOS MOLE Tigers considering Foran to replace Benji

    Isn't Brooks old enough and experienced enough to steer the ship himself?
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    Official Round 6 - Bulldogs vs Sharks - Discussion Thread

    1. Hopoate 2. REimis 3. Holland 4. Averillo 5. DWZ i don't understand why pay has gone with what he has gone with???
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    Official Round 5 - Bulldogs vs Roosters - Discussion Thread (postponed till Monday night)

    This game is still winable. We take it one set at a time, one minute at a time, and we can get there.
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    Official Luke Thompson to join the Pack for 2020 NRL Premiership Season

    Great stuff from the club. I would play Thompson in no.13 but play him like an extra prop. I feel we need Tolman's workrate in the middle.
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    2015 Signed Jersey

    very bottom right corner is lloyd perret i believe.
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    2015 Signed Jersey

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    2004 signed gf jersey

    Very Top Right could be Andrew Emileo not my photo: darryl millard could be one of them, but reallly not sure.
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    2004 signed gf jersey

    Yes, that is Trent Cutler. Not too sure about Nate Myles. his signature looks different from memory, but it is very common for younger players to have very different signatures that change over time.
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    2004 signed gf jersey

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    2004 signed gf jersey

    Note the El Masri signature is different. This is around 2005 afterwards, he stopped doing his good signature and starting doing the little scrawl. Old/Full El Masri Signature: Grimaldi photo from online, not mine.
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    2004 signed gf jersey

    Left underneath the general. I'll try upload some photos.
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    2004 signed gf jersey

    Hi mate, A couple of those you have aren't correct The Mark O'meley one is actually a Willie Tonga The Steve PRice is actually a Tony Grimaldi The Johnathon Thurston is actually a Hazem El MAsri (full signature, he no longer does those) The one underneath Luke Patten is Andrew Ryan
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    News Smith to miss Roosters match

    Morgan Harper replaced him officially...
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    Bulldog Ritchie reporting Matt Burton has itchy feet.

    Really like this kid. Very mature for his age, both playing ability and mindset. Him missing 5 Field Goals last week actually shows a lot of positive qualities about him. Most rookie halves, in their first chance to really prove themselves might take a field goal and miss and end up getting...
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    Opinion Foran announcement

    Definitely resign Foran at the right price... unless another marquee half comes up available. It is TOO much to ask for two Rookie halves to develop next to each other, whether it be Cogger, Lewis, Wakeham or Averillo. Teams simply do not succeed when two rookie halves play with each other...
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    Official Round 4 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    so funny that we just leapfrogged south sydney on the ladder lmao
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    Rd 4 Dogs vs Dragons 3-2-1

    Also: (Negative contributions considered only, so any positives they did not included here) -3: Dean Britt -2: Reimis Smith -1: Lachlan Lewis
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    Rd 4 Dogs vs Dragons 3-2-1

    3. Hopoate 2. To'Omaga 1. DWZ Honorable Mentions: Tolman, Jackson, Elliott
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    Official Round 4 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    we have won this game. time to go ruthless. lets bump up that points differnetial.
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    Official Round 4 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    Kerrod Holland isnt even that bad. He should be on. Smith off. what an idiot
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    Official Round 4 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    If Reimis smith were hopoate, we would have scored.
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    Official Round 4 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    lmao how do we get lucky with that
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    Official Round 4 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    every left side raid is shit.
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    Official Round 4 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    Disgusitng play. Kieran Foran should be dominant half.
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    Official Round 4 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    What happened to the backline reshuffle we were expecting?
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    Your Origin Game 3 teams?

    My NSW team: No Addo-Carr and Mitchell after what Fittler and Alexander said about their incidents. Mitchell wouldn't make my team regardless. Wighton and Keary are perfect complements... Wighton runs on left, Keary runs on right. Wighton is a ball running half, Keary is a game managing half...
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    Opinion Josh Jackson

    Josh Jackson is a really good player. He just happens to be playing in a garbage team. He would be playing Origin year in year out if not for our teams rubbish. Fittler has explicitly stated this...
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    Erin Molan

    erin molan is the worst. Even before this incident, she has been annoying, stupid and ugly presence on TV.
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    News COACH Pay will make up to six alterations to the team which lost to Manly

    does this mean wakeham might come in on the bench??
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    WWOS MOLE Great Britain Test centre Oliver Gildart wants to play in NRL next season

    screw it. roll the dice. give it a shot. sign him
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    Skills training videos

    I don't get it. Those drills are fine. Some people wanted the club to output more online media? This would be it. They are just doing some basic drills... might even be aimed at younger kids?