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    Opinion Reimis Smith is the Worst

    I've noticed something that's pretty consistent across this forum. A lot of members believe Reimis is a decent player and most believe he should be playing Wing. I'll say this. Reimis is absolute garbage right now, and his potential from 2-3 years ago wasn't even that high. He is super lazy...
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    Any ice hockey fans here?
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    Opinion DWZ vs Hopoate

    We all know that DWZ's deficiency lies in his ball playing and passing game. I was certain that he was going to be our long term fullback late in the season, but after Will Hopoate played there when he got injured, and got two try assists, I started having my doubts. Today's game shows that...
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    Diagonsis of early 2019's disease.

    It is no doubt that we are in a similar (although slightly better) boat then we were 12 months ago. Hence it is clear that Dean Pay's credentials are at stake if he cannot carry on this good form into the start of 2020. We saw what happened earlier in the season, and it was clear that we did not...
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    Tony Williams

    Tony Williams is coming back for Manly and the NRL are most likely to be approve the request from Manly. Thoughts?
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    downvote button.

    We need a dislike/downvote button. I think it will spice up this forum.
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    With Reimis a mainstay on the wing and Meaney improving to a point where his spot will be secure for the start of next year... where does this leave Jayden Okunbor? I have also heard he plays Centre and Second Row. I feel like he should be somewhere in the team... even if he plays like a utility...
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    Team next week (EDIT: REIMIS SMITH TO MISS 1 WEEK)

    With Dallin potentially injured and Reimis Smith maybe getting suspended for the headbutt... how are we going to scramble our team around? Where does Okunbor fit in?
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    What if we don't get a Hooker

    Given the scenario where we miss out on Korosaiu, what should we do?
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    Player Ratings

    Would you agree? Discuss 1. Fullback - DWZ: 8/10 - Great as usual, brang back ball with zest and defused all kicks well except for the first kick (souths got a bit of luck). 7 tackle breaks, a linebreak, 3 offloads, 164 m from 21 runs. 2. Winger - Meaney: 7.5/10 - Great improvement. Ran the...
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    What's up with Pay's Game Plan at Hooker?

    Two weeks in a row, Lichaa has started and then subbed off early (30 minutes this week, last week was even earlier) and then substituted for JMK. Lichaa subsequently doesn't make it back on the field. What's going on here? Is this part of the game plan?
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    Dean Pay Appreciation Thread

    Just remember guys, we are better off with Dean Pay than without a coach altogether. \s
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    JMK - Knee Injury and season over Page 4

    The Kennel gives him too much flak. Have been watching recent Bulldog games and have noticed that JMK has been getting better and better in attack. In Yesterday's match he looked very sharp in the first half, making maybe 1 linebreak and a handful of halfbreaks. Besides, a NRL stat showed that...
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    Is there any MLB interest in here?
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    Michael Lichaa left in dark over Canterbury Bulldogs’ spine shuffle

    CANTERBURY hooker Michael Lichaa says there is no set game plan for their new playmaking rotation and that his drastic reduction in NRL minutes is out of his control. Lichaa has been the odd man out in the Bulldogs spine since the emergence of rookie halfback Matt Frawley, with the rake’s time...
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    When Woods comes into the picture what happens?

    Haven't been too seriously following the story until recently due to the lack of recruitment so I thought it was never gonna happen especially after that Andrew Fifita bullshit. If Aron Woods comes to Canterbury, who goes? If no one goes, which prop do we drop (IMMA FUCKING RAPPER). lmao How...
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    Bulldogs halfback Matt Frawley credits NSW Cup apprenticeship for strong NRL start

    MATT Frawley has credited his long apprenticeship in reserve grade for a strong start to his NRL career that has sparked Canterbury’s three-game winning streak. Despite coming off the bench in the past two games, Frawley has yet to taste defeat since debuting in round five and been pivotal in...
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    Reynolds offers Lichaa support after benching Canterbury five-eighth Josh Reynolds sought out club No.9 Michael Lichaa immediately after the rake was benched for the majority of an impressive 24-9 Good Friday win over South Sydney to...
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    Recruitment Issues

    What can be done about the woeful recruitment that we've had since Des Hasler came? Apart from Brett Morris, the rest of the bunch was pretty underachieving and this has to change for Canterbury to become a powerhouse in the comp again.
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    Which Rugby League Player Has the Hottest Wife/Girlfriend.

    I'd like to hear your opinions.
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    Most Hated Canterbury Player.

    We all love the Canterbury Club, but over the years, there have got to be some players you'd hate. For me it'd have to be Ryan Tandy... showed none of the qualities the club possesses with that 2010 incident. Sonny Bill was pretty sour for us, but at least he apologized. Martin Bella also kinda...
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    Greatest Canterbury Side of which Played Less than 80 Games.

    Here's my greatest Canterbury Team which each player has played less than 80 games for the club 1. Michael Potter 2. Brett Dallas 3. Nigel Vagana 4. Ben Harris 5. Curtis Rona 6. Johnathon Thurston 7. Ricky Stuart 8. Martin Bella 9. Jim Sedaris 10. Peter Kelly 11. Solomon Haumono 12. Kevin Ryan...
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    Toughest Ever Player in Rugby League History

    Who in your opinion is the toughest player ever to play the game? Discuss...
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    Who was unlucky to miss out on the TOP 100?

    Vic Armburster, Lismore, NSW, Brothers Keith Barnes, Balmain Harry Bath, Brisbane Souths, Balmain, Barrow, Warrington, St George Arthur Beetson, Balmain, Eastern Suburbs, Parramatta, Hull KR Jack Beaton, Eastern Suburbs Brian Bevan, Eastern Suburbs, Warrington, Blackpool Borough Cec Blinkhorn...
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    Most Regretful Canterbury Player Release.

    Was just watching an old game of Dean Pay and Jim Dymock, and wondered how the Bulldogs let them go (Super League War). That got me thinking, what over players have we lost, that we have regretted (apart form Thurston). Delta
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    Who is Brutus the Bulldog?

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knew the names of the past and present people who worked as our Mascot 'Brutus the Bulldog'. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Delta
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    Where They are Now

    Saw this while flicking through the web and thought it'd be a good idea to talk about former Canterbury Bankstown Greats and what they are doing now. I'll start off with our 2008 Top 100 Players: Brian Davies (RIP) Les Johns...
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    Hazem El Masri Vs Jarrod Crocker

    Sadly, El Masri's record of 2418 points seems to be underthreat by Jarrod Crocker. Both players are very alike, although El Masri didnt start kicking until his 6th Season. At this rate Jarrod Crocker could or might not beat El Masri's record. Thoughts?
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    Past Players

    If there is anyone who personally knows any of the following players or knows where abouts (residentially) they are, please let me know: Graeme Langlands Wally Lewis Darren Lockyer Mal Meninga Ray Price John Sattler Peter Sterling Thanks
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    New Here.

    I'm currently 15 years old, and a huge supporter of Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs since I first started following in 2008. I collect signatures (from retired players regardless of club) and also collect football cards. I also have a very thorough understanding of rugby league and rugby league...