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    The " refspiracy " against the Bulldogs.

    The referee’s inconsistency in the ruck control is what lost us the game. He was very vocal with dogs defence constantly calling held very early. They seemed to be able to lay on with out any talk from the ref. This is why they ran through us, we were gassed
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    Gus Announces Celebration Luncheon Held On Thursday 4/8

    Please be Burton!!
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    Opinion Get Ready

    can we stop this bloke from starting threads
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    Rumour Bulldogs to announce ciraldo and new signings

    Davey is old as dirt and injury prone
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    Opinion How nice is this feeling

    I think you need to cut down on starting threads. Maybe just 1 per day. Getting stage 5 clinger vibes
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    Opinion Kyle Flanagan

    Thought he was our best last week. Happy for him to stay on for the remainder of his contract given the lack of options around.
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    Opinion Mahoney

    Papali'i did'nt backflip though
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    Opinion Tyson Gamble

    Gamble is best described as bloke who hangs out with footballers
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    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    Money won’t be our issue. He won’t have the ability to earn more anywhere else given he is contracted to us for next year. Our only danger is Storm or Roosters depending what happens with Keary/Munster
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    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    That’s way to technical for me brother. It’s on the offical bulldogs Facebook page.
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    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    I just watched it, bloke played a straight bat, nothing to indicate he does or doesn’t want to be here.
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    Rumour Brad Fittler to coach Bulldogs

    Looks like the short bus has arrived
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    News "News" More Burton media dribble

    I think the ones that matter would have to. What about you ?
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    News "News" More Burton media dribble

    We need to name a coach or at least tell Burton who the coach will be. The luxury we have is we could upgrade him for next year and no one else can. Give him another 300k for next year and 850-900 for the next 3 years after.
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    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    i mean we all know that there is no way in hell that he will take up the player option, but he was literally quoted in the same article “we haven’t spoken about that yet”
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    Who stars in a movie about the 2022 Bulldogs side?

    “I’m Tyrone” from YouTube would play TPJ
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    Gould shoots down Bulldogs coaching rumour (6 Tackles)

    I think it’s Ricky. Old mate Actros mentioned him out of nowhere on a Thompson thread.
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    Opinion For everyone who doesn’t buy the Thompson injury

    that game vs Sharks where he destroyed them. That is what he is capable of
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    What would you do if bulldogs go undefeated?

    milk myself endlessly
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    Opinion For everyone who doesn’t buy the Thompson injury

    SEN had a little dig at Burton saying he would’ve been suspended of origin wasnt on the line. I could be wrong (haven’t revisited the footage) but to me both Twals feet left the ground putting him at the mercy of gravity. He grabbed hold of Burton bringing Burton down on top of him and Burton...
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    Opinion For everyone who doesn’t buy the Thompson injury

    I will Agree with Thompson being paid too much. But to suggest he isn’t worthy of a starting role in our side is ridiculous. Everyone looked rubbish under Baz. Thompson has showed glimpses of being a world class prop. i have conversations with mates who aren’t dogs fans and there were stages...
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    Aaron Schoupp

    So good that our pathways are starting to bare fruit. The crop of juniors coming through at a time where we are believed to have a healthy salary cap with the new big signings coming to club is a perfect recipe for success. kiraz Alamoti Schoupp Morrin (looked to have some quality touches)
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    Burton tells Freddy he’s in & team reaction

    As soon as origin 2 is done we need to announce his extension. It will just keep the feel good going.
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    Official Team List Round 15 v Tigers + Match Discussion

    Can’t complain about that side. I thought Allen made some tough carries yesterday and deserves to retain his spot. Was fair in only his second game back. There is talk of off field issues with Topine. People also need to remember that NSW cup is a big drop in quality from NRL. Even flanno carved...
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    News Phil Gould should call off the search - the Bulldogs have found their new head coach

    Crawley’s journalism appeals to the over 60s. He is the Aiden Tolman of journalism
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    Jacob Kiraz

    Hard to pick a bad player today. Even Waddell was solid. Stimpson with a try saver
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    Naden signs with Tigers

    Ultimate ressie
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    News Freddy’s loyalty questioned over ‘unbelievable’ Foxx snub as NSW coach explains bombshell call

    Some will say I have my tin foil hat on but fuck it here goes. I think the call to drop Fox was on Alexander. He wants to make us less attractive in the player market as we are signing a lot of panthers players or try to. He was the only one to say that fox “is out of form” clear bullshit. Gus...
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    Official Team List Round 14 v Eels + Match Discussion

    Ricky thats left field. You have some info? not the worst option i guess, he would be on par with flanno
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    Madge sacked

    Hopefully Hastings wants out, was pretty vocal in support of Madge
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    Charlie Staines?

    Hard Pass. Pretty sure panthers gave him 500k per year. At least we aren’t the only ones getting it wrong
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    News What I know re Bulldogs and Haas

    Can’t we get in trouble for talking to a contracted player ?
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    Official Team List Round 12 v Dragons + Match Discussion

    Well at least okunbor and stimpson were dropped. It’s a start I guess. Surely King won’t play on an edge he is way too slow. How Dufty kept his spot is amazing the no chance on that chip is inexcusable. Averillo should be replaced my Alamoti. I’m sure Alamoti will have defensive deficiencies but...
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    Opinion Rd 12 team

    Belmore is alot harder to get out safely :tearsofjoy:
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    Opinion Rd 12 team

    Unlikely but if i had my way I would go with that. I still think we have looked "our least worse" with Averillo at 7. RfM may not be ready to start so perhaps we persist with Waddell for one more week and RFM reverts to the bench with Topine dropping out. 1.Allen 2.Ado Carr 3.Schoupp 4.Alamoti...
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    News Matt burton comments on future

    if he is smart he will wait until Munster has signed somewhere
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    Corey Allan

    How did Alamoti go? We need to drop Dufty, Averillo and Okunbor. The question is who deserves to be dropped the most? Im leaning towards Averillo but that chip over Dufty and he didn’t even bother chasing as me seething
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    News Shane Flanagan puts his hand up to lead the basket case Bulldogs

    Bring Gal with you, thats one bloke who would toughen us up and get us fit
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    He plays like he is stoned
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    Hard choice next week when Fox comes back. Who goes Averillo or Okunbor? we will only see one of them dropped.
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    Official Round 11 - Bulldogs v Tigers

    What’s everyone’s thoughts on RFM. I think it is bizarre that he isn’t finding back through cup. Is it a case that they think he will re injure and be forced into retirement so why not let him have his last few games in first grade. Sounds dumb but so is not letting a bloke ease back in after...
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    Opinion Josh Ralph

    Issac the gift that keeps in giving
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    Naden signs with Tigers

    Flick a message me bruh
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    Agree but better than Flanno
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    Opinion I’m sorry Matt Burton

    I never thought Moylan and Hynes would work so possibly
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    Official Kikau and reeds managers shut down speculation on reneg with dogs

    The have signed a contract, end of.!!!!!!!Little germ "for now'
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    Naden signs with Tigers

    Hetho's contract is up after this year. The final year is in dog's favour
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    News First Casualty of Barrett Resignation

    The reporting is ludicrous jmk- won’t be in grade next year naden - quit ? You realise a club has to let you out of your contract. Will believe that Naden quit but not Barrett hethrington- the final year of the contract is in the dogs favour so if they wanted him he would stay. dufty- there...
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    News First Casualty of Barrett Resignation

    I would’ve like hethrington to stay on. Doubt he is on 500k per year though
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    Naden signs with Tigers

    Sounds like it was planned as soon saw Kiraz was available to play. I’d say the deal would be they get him for nothing this year as we’ve already paid and they take over the contract for the remaining 2 years
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    News Arthur Laundy demands answers on Trent Barrett

    Shut up Arthur we don’t need you anymore
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    News ‘He’s telling lies’: Gus Gould can’t escape past deception

    Anasta said reports that Barrett was unaware when news first broke about the club’s decision to hold an emergency board meeting shows Barrett didn’t really quit. “It squashes the ‘I’m going to quit’ thing too because he didn’t even know he was going to get the chop,” Anasta said. So Anusta...
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    NRLol 360

    What about when they said Baz heard the drums beating from the Canberra game, then started trying to allude he only found out while he was in Port Macquarie attending a funeral. Kent quickly back pedalled
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    NRLol 360

    Calls Weidlers comment bullshit
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    NRLol 360

    Let’s neglect to mention Baz’s coaching record
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    NRLol 360

    We don’t have an agenda vs the dogs. No you have an agenda against Gould
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    News Ready Freddy? Fittler in mix for Bulldogs job as Baz walks with $500k: Blog with Hoops

    Remember a few weeks ago Kent and Sloshfield said nobody would coach us after Barrett. Lets see what happens now. Someone needs to get grabs of all the things they say about us and when it turns out wrong post it. A dedicated facebook page to how much shite they talk and get it wrong. Someone...
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    News Burton's Future Clouded As Barrett Exit Nears

    wow a player allowed to negotiate who is off contact. What a scoop
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    What's your gut feeling?

    Given 6 weeks and his support staff sacked is what I think will happen. They will want to see how the players respond.
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    Would be great to recruit a halfback and I think Drinkwater could be a lot like Nicko Hynes. Doubt we would get him though,Dolphins will throw the bank at him. As for this year, I think we have looked our best with Averillo and I think he needs to be there for the remainder of the year, not that...
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    I don’t think I’ve ever felt as empty. Everything had been tried. There be lucky to be 5 players that don’t deserve to be dropped
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    One of the most pathetic displays I’ve seen. These players are just dumb
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    Opinion Sack Barrett thread

    I think we should just stick with Baz unless a very experienced successful coach becomes available. Parra stuck it out with Arthur, we should do the same
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    Official Round 10 v Knights Match Discussion

    Would be nice if they tried TPJ on the left edge with Burton. At least it will put the defence in 2 minds. Jam on tpj giving space for Burton
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    Official Round 10 v Knights Match Discussion

    Havent heard boo about him. I wonder if there is more at play
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    Official Round 10 v Knights Match Discussion

    Grade 3 heartlige
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    Official Round 10 v Knights Match Discussion

    I reckon Alamoti comes in this week for Averillo
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    Gould Blows up, runs Training session

    Not a good look at all but at least Brent Read spoke with common sense
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    News Josh Jackson tests positive to COVID

    Joe stinkson to play 13 ?
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    News Gould confirms Bulldogs close to landing new contract for youngster

    I think by round 11 we will see a back 5 of 1. Dufty 2.JAC 3.Kiraz 4. Schoupp 5.Naden 14 Averillo not sure if it would work but it would provide a lot of injury cover.
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    I’ve read he is one of the quickest over 40 meters at the club
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    I actually like this. Like a Connor Watson type roll
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    Team vs Roosters

    Let’s be real, nothing will change too much because we can’t play Kiraz. Schoupp will retain his position. Naden will come back into the wing and averillo will likely come back into the centre spot. Thompson most likely out so Ava will come in. Jackson will probably go to an edge and TPJ to lock
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    Official Gus on Twitter

    Most likely King Re-signing
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    Ben Cummins is the ref again for our game.....

    :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:It was a very long time ago. I still have him as a facebook friend, occasionally i think to myslef i should abuse this prick
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    Ben Cummins is the ref again for our game.....

    No he isnt. Parra fan. Him and I both played matts for Parra
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    Official Round 6 v Rabbitohs Match Discussion

    Absolute horse shit we were reffed out of the game.
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    Nrl 360 will they bring it up

    I did ask Braith to apologise to Kyle and the club but he resorted to name calling and only said sorry to me.
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    News Dogs Presser

    2 of our games have been played in absolutely terrible conditions and 2 against the best defensive teams in the league. Although this isn’t the sole reason it does need to be taken into account considering Manly are a very good attacking side and only managed 2 tries in the same game
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    Rd 5 vs Panthers 3-2-1

    3- Tpj 2- Thompson 1- Flanno
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    Opinion Sack Barrett thread

    I honestly think the way we are refereed in the ruck is a big factor
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    News Good as Gould: Shane Flanagan backs Bulldogs over son’s NRL return

    I had a go at Braith Anasta, reckons he spoke to Shane on Tuesday night before the show. Basically saying Shane is lying on 2GB. Also called me a pelican
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    News ‘A hand grenade for your birthday’: Flanagan’s Panthers baptism of fire

    Lol hammered to pillar to post by the same panel
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    Official Round 5 v Panthers Match Discussion

    the potatoes on here forget what they post from one day to the next
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    Is it time to give Cook a shot?

    JMK does not have the pass width that the other good hookers have. A wide pass gives the halves space, i think this is why we use a lock to distribute so often. BBO threw a couple of wide passes straight to the halves yesterday but he does try to overplay his hand a little. I also think JMK was...
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    Hetherington out

    He has played majority of his career there and wasn’t a defensive liability
  88. J

    Hetherington out

    Yep but we have more middles than edges and Pangai is still better than all edges we have.
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    Official Round 3 v Manly Match Discussion

    I wonder if it was the plan to play Jackson at 13 or was it Asiata. I think we look a lot different if Asiata was there with his ball playing ability.
  90. J

    Hetherington out

    Pangai to left edge. Waddell to right, Thompson to start and Ava on the bench.
  91. J

    Official Round 3 v Manly Match Discussion

    Need to send TPJ at DCE from the get go. I did like him in the middle but for this game I’d play him on the edge. We can cover manly’s middle without him there.
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    Who should replace Okunbor this weekend ?

    Naden and schoupp to centre
  93. J

    Luke Brooks

    We should go for Sean O’Sullivan
  94. J

    Opinion Season stats so far

    Agree, some extremely good signs. I thought we were the better side and basically Okunbor was the difference. A few things I took out of the game. I think Naden is our best option to replace Okunbor. Strong Carries and I think he held the pass up too many times. I think the best thing is for...
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    Official Round 2 vs Broncos Match Discussion

    I have a feeling A Reynolds is going to torment Jayden tonight
  96. J

    Your Halfback?

    I’m going to go with Wakeham I think he is the least worst out of the ones we have
  97. J

    Sharks vs dogs trial

    So Wakeham and Avo to fight it out for the 7. If I recall Wakeham took control in our last game vs the tigers last year and performed well. Maybe he is just trash playing second fiddle and will flourish when given the keys to the team. Gus did single him out praise on Twitter. Surely this is...