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  1. Rodzilla

    Homeless people

    ffs homeless people in sydney and other ordinary areas for example redfern are not very smart, actually maybe thats why they became homeless why don't they walk towards tropical north queensland a little bit every day and then just be homeless in the whitsunday islands or some other nice...
  2. Rodzilla

    The reason mental illness is on the rise

    this tv show is the main reason that mental illness has increased in recent years in australia, kids growing up in the 90's have this crazy shit implanted into the back of their minds and are still trying to figure out what it is
  3. Rodzilla

    Unvaccinated hot chick, yay or nay?

    if a hot chick wanted to bang but she was unvaccinated, what would happen?
  4. Rodzilla

    Have you had any contact?

    Have you ever had any contact with another car or pedestrian while driving? some idiot bitch tried to reverse on me in the maccas drive thru ffs, almost ruined my 100% clean record im fully supportive of womens rights to drive a car but imo they should have to display a pink W plate so that...
  5. Rodzilla


    what a top guy he was, if everybody had someone like Karl in their lives, they would improve by 350-450%
  6. Rodzilla

    PC gone crazy

    why is the PC brigade shoving diversity down our throats? for example when they chose the first female wiggle to join the group ffs im not one of those sexist people who believe that women should be restricted to the kitchen, i even support their right to go outside or to drive a car etc, this...
  7. Rodzilla

    1. Mitch Brown, 6. Josh Jackson, 7. Tony Williams

    this is most successful spine in the history of the bulldogs with a 100% winning record baby, geoff toovey should have asked for an investigation into this instead
  8. Rodzilla

    The kennel is ruined

    you can't even have a simple discussion anymore when you have assholes like @DinkumDog on the kennel, so i officially retire from this place and refuse to post anymore, i already promised to not post again but this post was required to show how mind boggling this place is, because if it can...
  9. Rodzilla

    Glory to South Sydney?

    Can someone explain to me why i heard that song through the TV today when it was a Bulldogs home match? was it a patched through from fox sports sound department like i think they do a particular animal effect for when a team scores or was it actually emanating from the stadium? sorry i dont...
  10. Rodzilla

    Bulldogs Mad Monday Nudie Run

    oh man we are going to be in so much trouble for the traditional nudie run on mad monday, the daily telegraph is going to have a field day on us, my recommendation is to keep the location a closely guarded secret because i can see the headlines now
  11. Rodzilla

    Bicep cancer?

    I don't want to alarm my fans or get my enemies too excited but this could be the beginning of the end for the Rodzilla, I was feeling myself around in the shower this morning and I have noticed 2 massive lumps on both of my biceps I never knew bicep cancer was a thing ffs, I'm in the waiting...
  12. Rodzilla

    Trent Barrett record breaking attack

    Trent barrett is 10 minutes away from breaking the bulldogs long standing attacking record of not being held scoreless for 2 games in a row we have been in existence for almost 100 years and this guy is on the verge of breaking the record with only 3 games in charge
  13. Rodzilla

    Is the world better than it was in 1821?

    quick question, if you could somehow choose to live now or 200 years ago in 1821, which would you prefer? you dont have to pick australia you can live somewhere else in the world, but the point is you have pretty much none of the current luxuries that people take for granted for example in...
  14. Rodzilla

    Married couple working together

    Is this something you could do? At my work there is a married couple and they must be together 24/7 because they take their meal break together ffs At least take the meal break separately so that you can at least have an hour break And I guarantee the lady is not someone you want to be around...
  15. Rodzilla

    Great idea to save money

    Just tell your kids that due to Covid 19 social distancing measures, santa is not going to be able to bring in any presents this year
  16. Rodzilla

    Should i get paid for being made to wait in a room?

    First day at new job last week, shift starts at 6.30am, my agency tells me to be there at 6.10am to be on time whatever that means So i get there at 6.10am, they tell me to wait in the staff room and someone will get me at 6.30am, waiting around as 6.30 passes, asked someone to see if they...
  17. Rodzilla

    Whats the worst thing you have ever said on the kennel?

    ok its confession time, what is the worst thing you have ever said on the kennel, like a recommended signing or whatever that you are ashamed about, or at least what is the worst thing that you are willing to admit to? i once suggested that the Bulldogs hire Jason Taylor as coach ffs
  18. Rodzilla

    Shayna Jack

    she is on the SAS Australia television show and she says that she wants to prove that she isnt a drug cheat, that is a very unusual statement and im wondering how she can possibly do that if she dominates the competition is she going to then submit to a drug test?, and then if she passes the...
  19. Rodzilla

    Gamble Irresponsibly

    Think of your family that need your support tbh, think about how much you can support them and how much burger king you can buy for them if you win lots of money gambling! this just capped off my day when everything i bet on just won ffs, the favourite galloped early and this guy took forever...
  20. Rodzilla


    oh yeah baby this is my version of the ghost ending, it makes so much sense ffs
  21. Rodzilla

    Bulldogs 1990's and 2000's Moments

    Heres a video I created as a present to you guys on another happy son day today, the idea was trying to replicate the Watts highlights in between the programs on the eurosport tv channel with music, switching through highlights and some comedy It started well but it didnt really work the way i...
  22. Rodzilla

    Do teams let us win?

    Over the last few years we have a revival and win the meaningless games, so my theory is that other nrl teams are letting us win so that we have hope and persist with the coach/same team they must be laughing their ass off if so, like "lolol they re-signed lichaa"
  23. Rodzilla

    A Wheres Wally book without Wally in it

    this is my latest product idea, they should make a wheres wally book that looks exactly like the rest of them and has wally on the cover etc but he is not in any of the puzzles inside it will be incredible tool to frustrate people or to keep kids occupied for hours or for april fools day and...
  24. Rodzilla


  25. Rodzilla

    Greenberg tried it

    the nrl initially tried to play favourites with emergency funding and another article from about the same time has Greenberg for unknown reasons offering his insight that we would be amongst the ones hurt the most during the crisis I would like to suggest that we would have ended up on the...
  26. Rodzilla

    Corona Virus positives

    its obviously a very negative situation but lets take some time to focus on the positives *news corp suspends its papers *Liverpool are delayed in winning the premier league and might not win it *Lewis Hamilton is delayed in getting to schumachers record number of wins and championships *the...
  27. Rodzilla

    Radical right and their bullshit

    ffs these people are crazy as fuck, don't worry about vegans this is the number 1 problem in the world @Fear.The.Roo
  28. Rodzilla

    New Bosses

    Are all new bosses fucks or is just this one guy that recently took over my work? first of all they sacked all the previous supervisors and team leaders and replace them with new people so literally all of the people who are supposed to run the place don't know anything, its total chaos like...
  29. Rodzilla


    has anybody ever noticed that we won 7 out of 8 games in 2016 and were in the top 4 late in the season before Sam Perrett either retired or was asked to retire and then we have won 21 games out of 64 since? we greatly miss his X factor, people who complained about him should feel bad
  30. Rodzilla

    Solid teams from the past

    has there been any non bulldogs teams from the past that didnt win a title but they were good enough to mention here or that you just had a soft spot for like the 90's north sydney bears i think were a good example, with players like larson, billy moore, farleigh, florimo, matt seers, jason...
  31. Rodzilla

    Greenberg getting positive articles written about him

    this is classic greenberg, get people to write articles about the good job he was doing it might take you an hour to read ffs
  32. Rodzilla

    Phillipines vs Australia Basketball Brawl

    look at this shit in the philipines, their bench clears and stomps an aussie player, thon maker coming in with some kung fu moves and all types of bullshit
  33. Rodzilla

    The Rodzilla safe space

    ok so what happened was that the realist90 safe space wasnt so safe for him tonight because the discussion on genderless bathrooms turned ugly when he implied it would be a potential pedophile situation and then the rodzilla reminded him that letting a pedophile priest off the hook and move him...
  34. Rodzilla

    Worst bad beat of all time

    oh man i think i deserve some sympathy today ffs this morning it looked like things were lining up for the rodzilla with the big 5 game epl bet when stoke were given a last minute penalty which would win me $2800 and then this happens even the resulting corner was an inch away ffs edit...
  35. Rodzilla

    Australia 2018 World Cup Qualification vs Thailand

    its interesting that since we qualify through asia that we now automatically expect direct qualification to the world cup because weve done it twice, but now on tuesday we are playing thailand at home and need to either have a better result than saudi arabia who host japan, or we need to beat...
  36. Rodzilla

    Galapagos islands snake attack ffs look at the video in this story, freakiest thing ever especially when they all see the iguana and begin to chase...
  37. Rodzilla

    smart lady

    this lady is concerned about all the cops killing black people in america so she decided to change her skin color for protection tbh, and its probably going to work because now the police will think she is a ghost or alien and run away scared
  38. Rodzilla

    Grand Final Predictions

    Canberra vs Bulldogs/Penrith, vs Melbourne Nth Queensland vs Brisbane, vs Cronulla i think it will be cowboys vs melbourne again
  39. Rodzilla

    Golden point specialists

    does anybody remember when was our last golden point loss and what is our current win streak from golden point situations?, unless im forgetting something i think it goes back many years whatever it is it is probably an nrl record tbh, im surprised the nrl havent reviewed golden point yet and...
  40. Rodzilla

    2016 olympic games

    so the opening ceremony is imminent but is the olympic flame going to make it ffs? it looks like the holders of the flame are having a tough time tbh brazil is a bad ass country, they wont mind kidnapping the flame and asking for a ransom in this video they are either behind schedule or they...
  41. Rodzilla

    Can you be put back onside?

    i know it used to be the case that when an offside player retreated behind the kicker of the ball that he was then placed onside, so this is what happened in the freak try tonight but the video referee missed it if they changed the rule i havent heard of it
  42. Rodzilla

    Settle an argument please

    i saw the new violence against women ad recently and its interesting, it shows the boy being an asshole to the girl and everybody simply accepting it, it goes on to recommend that we should stop that behavior before it starts so i saw my 10 year old nephew exhibit that same behaviour this week...
  43. Rodzilla

    Salary Sombrero

    so you have bryan fletcher on the matty johns show basically confirming that the roosters operate outside the salary cap and joking about the salary sombrero and now the brazilian salary samba hat to me its bullshit that he can make specific comments like "im not at the club now so i dont know...
  44. Rodzilla

    Burger Racism

    i know it shouldnt matter what colour the burger is, but i will never eat that black kfc zinger burger, it just seems wrong ffs what do you guys think?
  45. Rodzilla

    Interesting question

    sorry to make another thread about it but i think its a good question to ask what possible reason could there be for cecchin to even check that try last night? specifically what happened in the play to make it possible that it wasnt a try? my theory is that cecchin himself was the one who...
  46. Rodzilla

    Perrett 2

    his defence is good watch these 2 situations and imagine perrett had stayed on the wing each time (2:10) perrett pressure, then (2:14) manly ruin it anyway by trying to go short but his positioning means that they need to throw the difficult pass compared to if he stayed on his winger they...
  47. Rodzilla

    Fox Sports vs Channel 9

    Battle of the Broadcasters, Rabs vs Voss, which one are you watching?
  48. Rodzilla

    Stevie Wonder

    is it possible that he isnt blind and that he has been faking it all this time? lol he does seem to catch the microphone ffs, this is an old video so sorry if there has been a discussion about it and im late also why would a blind person look...
  49. Rodzilla

    Bike Laws

    what is this new thing coming in on March 1st, everybody on a bike must carry photo identification or you will be fined $100 lol for what possible reason are they doing this other than to find a new way to fine people, they say it is a safety thing but wtf difference does it make if someone...
  50. Rodzilla

    2016 Predictions

    ok here is your chance to shine and make the correct predictions tbh 2016 NRL Grand Final Winner (or Runner Up to the Bulldogs): 2016 AFL Winner: 2015/16 EPL Winner: 2015/16 UEFA CL Winner: UEFA Euro 2016 Winner: 2015/16 NBA Champions: Superball 50 Winner: Usain Bolt 100m Sprint Gold...
  51. Rodzilla

    The Leicester City Superthread

    omg they are now 5pts clear on top of the premier league just like i predicted at the start of the season ffs 2v3 arsenal v man city, a draw would be nice to keep both of them at a distance for some insurance
  52. Rodzilla

    McDonalds Sweet N Sour Sauce

    i dont want to start a panic but mcdonalds has changed their sweet n sour sauce ffs, it has slightly new packaging and to me and a few others it has a slightly different zingy taste so to all traditional SNS lovers, we are going to have a non violent protest outside maccas head office...
  53. Rodzilla

    Best Line in Cinematic History?

    lets figure out what is the best one liners ever to be delivered on film tbh i reserve the right to come up with something better, but for now ill put this forward
  54. Rodzilla

    Golden Point Grand Final/Finals

    do you like that situation? its very dramatic but the field goal shootout to decide the season is rude potentially a team could win the coin toss, get the first possession then score on their first attempt with the ball and the win could be because they won the coin toss (although the defence...
  55. Rodzilla

    First finals game against the Roosters since 2004

    i think its the case that we havent played them in sudden death since the GF, and also it was the first time we played the dragons in a very long time, and if we go on to play the broncos its the first time in almost 10 years these are some high quality bragging rights scalps that we can pick up
  56. Rodzilla

    Finals Week 1

    Finals Tips so what is your predictions? Sydney Roosters v Melbourne Storm Brisbane Broncos v Nth Queensland Cowboys Canterbury Bulldogs v StGeorge/Illawarra Dragons Cronulla Sharks v South Sydney Rabbitohs ill go roosters, cowboys, bulldogs and sharks
  57. Rodzilla

    Top 4 chances

    Top 4 is on again for us with reasonable help, if we can beat the warriors by 81 AND sharks lose against manly my calculation is that we have a 0.00000004% chance
  58. Rodzilla

    Edrick Lee Trip

    lol how is that not a sin bin or penalty try, clear trip to stop a try
  59. Rodzilla

    Favourite Tries?

    ok so what are your favourite tries of all time that have been produced by the bulldogs? you should describe it or if possible link it from youtube how about this one from 1995 in the preliminary final im sure we can find more...
  60. Rodzilla

    not invited

    wtf this is a big time insult, i have not been invited to a party for this weekend it doesnt make sense im incredible at parties ffs, having a party without me is like having a funeral without anyone dying :sleepy: im not going to stand for this tbh, so how about all the kennel come to my...
  61. Rodzilla

    Frank Lowy

    lol did anyone check out the a league grand final ceremony, mr billionaire frank lowy falling off the stage and landing on his head that was more interesting than the game
  62. Rodzilla

    Women out of our league round

    instead of women in league round we should celebrate women who are out of our league ffs for example eva mendes to start things off tbh, please add your contribution
  63. Rodzilla


    omg now the NSW government is getting in on the bad friday crap and targeting us cant they just get it go ffs:sleepy:
  64. Rodzilla

    Once in a while....

    how about once in a while we try to kick the ball on the last tackle?, the idea is to catch the opposition off guard because they would expecting us to run it tbh i dont understand this move when it happens so many times during the game, it must be planned ffs, an extension of the stab chip...
  65. Rodzilla

    Tim Browne condition - Just concussed!!

    how is he going, its not good to see anybody stretchered off ffs
  66. Rodzilla

    Round 6 Discussion Thread - Non Bulldogs

    tbh brisbane are coming up against the quality side, expect overratedford to be exposed just like he was in the opening try Broncos v Roosters Sharks v Knights Eels v Titans Warriors v Tigers Panthers v Sea Eagles Raiders v Storm Rabbitohs v Cowboys
  67. Rodzilla

    What other things can we do to fix the game?

    the interesting thing is we are the club that makes things happen in the NRL, for example because we went crazy at the referee now there is going to be a new hardline stance against that behavior also when we used the barba out the back behind the interfering decoy they brought in a new rule...
  68. Rodzilla


    lol did you check out the greedberg press conference, he is participating in the manhunt to find the bottle throwers, the klemmer and graham behavior is not going to be tolerated and it needs to be punished, they are expecting to be charged by the match review committee hes very interested to...
  69. Rodzilla

    Pritchard 16 minute cameo

    whats the deal with pritchard being kept until late in the match? is he supposed to be the card up the sleeve type guy to finish them off? actually souths rolled us up the middle in the final 15 minutes, they got full utilisation of their bench including from grevsmul, so hasler should think...
  70. Rodzilla

    Reynolds Kicking tee throw

    reynolds is in trouble again according to the telegraph, marley is not going to be pleased the incident is shown on tv and it looks bad, he will get 3 weeks for that, grade 2 dangerous throw tbh...
  71. Rodzilla

    The Rule

    can somebody confirm the rule that the penalty on the field goal kicker results in a kick from 10m right in front? also is that rule assuming that the field goal has missed but gone dead on the full also while you are reading the rulebook can you check if you are allowed to push somebody...
  72. Rodzilla

    Aircraft safety plan

    ffs i should be one of the important people who thinks up ideas to improve safety for the aircraft passengers, instead im telling my ideas to the kennel after this incident in europe where the co pilot crashed deliberately and other incidents, i propose 2 moves that will guarantee it never...
  73. Rodzilla

    Australia vs South Korea

    whos watching this?, im very excited about it (im currently about 10 minutes behind live viewing so if its 4-0 south korea dont think im excited about that) one of the biggest games in australian history
  74. Rodzilla

    10 years

    omg its my 10 year kennel anniversary exactly today, this brings back many memories mostly involving me staring at the computer:sad: another thing i noticed is that we were dominant champions 10 years ago, everything was looking great but we havent won anything since and things actually...
  75. Rodzilla

    FIFA Corruption

    so they are going after australia and the english FA for corruption to deflect away from qatar and russia, they said that australia bribed in its bid but it didnt affect the integrity of the vote btw of course australia bribed in its bid, i knew it when the bid cost $46m, lol tell me exactly...
  76. Rodzilla

    World Club Challenge 2015

    so are we going? what is the format? where is the format taking place? when is the format taking place?
  77. Rodzilla

    South Sydney receive key to the city

    lol what a joke, the club that actually moved its home games away from the city now receive the key to the city the mayor of sydney speaking on behalf of the community and said that everyone was cheering for them "we all watched, we hoped, we shouted and we even cried with you" if i...
  78. Rodzilla

    The Bulldogs Bell

    can we create our own bell and just say that it means something to us, so that next time we make the grand final we can ring it to get the crowd going? actually dont do a bell thats taken, maybe something else sentimental how about novelty car air horn? or a musical triangle ffs...
  79. Rodzilla


    tbh have you watched the game again? lol i took a quick look to see where it went wrong around the 55-60th minute, but i will not be watching it again it reminds me of the 2012 grand final which i still havent seen again
  80. Rodzilla

    No Hooker plan

    ennis is obviously required but there was no real plan for when mbye ran out of gas 6-6 we were looking back into the match, mbye was finished and souths went on a rampage up the middle, scored a try and then we pulled mbye with basically no option at hooker for the next set and they...
  81. Rodzilla

    THE GRAND FINAL 2014 MATCH THREAD | Bulldogs v Bunnies

    we are in the grand final :banana:
  82. Rodzilla

    Absolutely no chance we can win

    im not even going to watch tonight because there is no chance we can win, and even if we do win we will lose to souths normal cosmic force restored tbh:sad:
  83. Rodzilla

    Ennis = Genius

    seriously what a great move to make the conversion difficult for jamie lyon by throwing it to the sideline, that took real presence of mind
  84. Rodzilla

    we have banished the 2 dominant forces of the last 7-8 years

    melbourne and manly have been the benchmark for years, so it should be a delight to banish them from title contention (for this year at least and i suspect for a while) yes this feels alot like 2004 playing penrith and maybe roosters but it also feels alot like 1995 when we also took care of...
  85. Rodzilla

    Perrett = big game player

    ffs ive got to look at the replay because i had a really shit ground level view and missed heaps of stuff (except the winning field goal, i surely was first to know it was good), but it seemed everytime i looked up and saw what was happening i see perrett do something excellent tbh 2012...
  86. Rodzilla

    Help identify this music

    this is a very tough one ffs if not impossible, its some sort of instrumental theme that they used for stadium ambience in mid 90's finals games i think i require the song for my own personal pre game routine, its heard here starting at about 2:00 tbh
  87. Rodzilla

    Hit Up in numbers

    yeah how dangerous did we look when we had a hitup but went up with 3, the ball carrier and an inside outside guy for support this puts the defence in 3 minds and then the quick shift to the guy out the back and out wide gave us plenty of room its something we have worked on recently, i...
  88. Rodzilla

    Vs Manly

    they have been ordinary and we have the momentum, a place in the preliminary final up for grabs and the first knock-out clash between manly-hasler they will be away from brookvale and have some injury so we can very much do this
  89. Rodzilla


    yeah baby we would have won this game with 1 converted try, we might have fallen off in defence after origin but our premium configuration defensive line like we saw today is very good they needed a sneak kick to score
  90. Rodzilla

    Early Grand Final Predictions

    so what do you think? Penrith/Manly/Bulldogs/Melbourne vs Souths/Roosters/Nth Qld
  91. Rodzilla

    Path opens up

    yeah so the winner of our game will have manly and then penrith to get to the grand final, a much easier process than the packed other side of the draw its a great chance, melbourne is the obstacle to our glory
  92. Rodzilla


    ffs i went on a total starvation diet for months so i would look sexy for the summer, my plan was when ana ivanovic sees me watching her play tennis she would get ovewhelmed by the Rodzilla and then give me the telephone contact information VIA a ballboy the starvation plan worked, ive lost...
  93. Rodzilla

    Ben Cummins

    please somebody sack this fool, reynolds runs across the ground at halftime trying to be hilarious, puts his foot on the touchline and throws the ball forward and this idiot blows a penalty lol ignoring his touch judge in the process, when was the last time you have seen the referee ignore his...
  94. Rodzilla

    Teams that would be written off

    which other nrl top 8 teams would be written off after their recent display if the kennel was supposed to be supporting them? for example if the bulldogs needed a field goal in golden point to beat the sharks reserve grade there would be a thread about it saying season over, if the dogs got...
  95. Rodzilla

    lol greenberg

    lmao i knew this guy was a reactionary stooge Souths coach Michael Maguire and skipper Greg Inglis questioned why the refs had ignored an NRL edict and allowed Ennis to stop play when the Rabbitohs were attacking the Bulldogs tryline. Greenberg said: “(Thursday night) was unacceptable. The...
  96. Rodzilla

    An Interesting Situation

    so with the Roosters victory the top 4 for the dogs is somehow still on, but it requires results that also will drop us out of the 8 if we lose against the gold coast ffs next week *Brisbane to beat Melbourne friday night *Manly to win against the Cowboys in Townsville on saturday night...
  97. Rodzilla

    Keary pass off the ground

    should have been overturned for a no try, he was holding the ball with both hands when his left arm was completely grounded and then he passed the ball all while finucane had him held there needs to be an investigation into this, this isnt rugby union tbh
  98. Rodzilla

    Potential week 1 opponents

    so we still have a match to win but we can start sizing up opponents, 5v8 6v7 north queensland have an almost bye this week and parramatta/melbourne are unlikely to win/lose by 70 so we will be 7th at the end of the round, trips to melbourne or nth queensland is a possibility, the cowboy play...
  99. Rodzilla

    We are competitive

    so we lost the game but at least we compete against a top team, the job description now is to get the win against gold coast and book the finals appearance and then see how we go, if we play south sydney again hopefully finucane and hodkinson dont ruin it, and hopefully a referee is picked who...
  100. Rodzilla

    Interesting story

    lol in burwood today there was a black guy and 2 chinese ladies in the lift with me ffs, those ladies were talking to each other in chinese and i kept hearing them say nice guy lol i was looking at the black guy to his reaction and he also noticed it but he just looked around at them he knew it was...