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    Social Media Anyone know this guy

    This rugby player has possibly signed or he is just a big fan, but has a blue tick
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    Moses to 5/8 , Reynolds too bench

    I think all teams have worked josh Reynolds game out , he will get targeted in defence for the rest of the year , I would like to see mbye at 6 with Reynolds on the bench possibly coming on for Ennis , given Reynolds dummy half runs I think the idea has some merit , thoughts ????
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    Where to watch rugby league whilst in Vegas

    Hi all will be on my honeymoon in Vegas then Hawaii , was just wondering if anyone on the kennel new of where I might be able to catch the game we are playing on a Friday night I know I will have to watch it at around 2:30 am , please do t ridicule me for wanting to watch the dogs on my honey moon
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    Nrl sledging rebels on facebook

    First time posting in the lounge , but was curious to know if any kennel members are members of nrl sledgers on Facebook , there are alot of witty members on the kennel and would be great to see it utilised against other supporters as there are not too many of us on there albeit a couple of...
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    A little help please !!

    In a bit of a debate and would like to know how many bulldog juniors are currently in our system and playing for other nrl clubs , can't really count Toyota cup players to get the ball rolling I know we had I.luke D.topou
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    Ex nrl player gay

    Can we all have a guess who the ex NRL player is that was seen kissing another man a few weeks back , or is this defamation ? Apparently there is a current player also rumored to be coming out before the finals series
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    Sharks for the spoon ???

    Anyone see the 7:30 report on abc Bruno Cullen interviewed, dropped cronulla in a heap of shit , apparently gallan getting under the table payments including an off the books peptide regime
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    LOSE and LOOSE

    Lose: be deprived of or cease to have or retain Loose:not firmly or tightly fixed in place End rant
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    Ben Ikin thinks QLD should pick barba This is probably the biased in me but if he is picked i...
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    By tonight all the bullshit will end

    josh Reynolds will be on the footy show , Benny barba on sterlo , I get the feeling they will both set the record straight and our season will kick start
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    What days do I need to take off work this week ?

    Ok guys I'm forward planning and would like to know what day there will be an open training run etc , this is what usually happens ?