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    ...and I know there's a grind my gears thread, but this is worthy of a thread on its own: What f**king business it of anyones, especially feminists, on how a woman choses to live her life? She likes making her...
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    Sydney Protesters

    Well the pests were out in force today:
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    Spotted: Assassin

    Spotted my brother @ASSASSIN:
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    George W Bush finally admits it

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    NRL Wellness Retreat

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    Meanwhile in Canada...

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    Isaiya Katoa signs with Dolphins, Brandy spits the Dummy The Penrith Panthers are furious after seeing another one of their prodigious junior talents poached by a rival club, with club...
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    Futurama Season 8 Ordered by Hulu

    ... BUT... our beloved Robot Bender might be recast! Futurama Season 8 will feature 20 episodes and will see David X. Cohen and The Simpsons creator Matt Groening return. As for the cast, most...
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    Happy ‘Straya Day Karmichaels

    Throw a shrimp on the barbie, go for a ride in the pouch of your pet kangaroo, and do whatever else tickles your nipples on this one day of the year where your inner patriot emerges. Peace, hugs, love, and licks!
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    Almost 600 newborns get ‘Blue and White’ welcome

    Hehehehe - we are a cunning, but smart bunch. This story is a few days old, but man, brilliant marketing campaign by the club :D BULLDOGS great Terry Lamb with one of the club’s newest and youngest members...
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    Incident at Guildford

    Check out the female cop - far out fearless AF.
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    Blackberry R.I.P. In 2012 BlackBerry had 80 million users worldwide and were considered the worlds best smartphone. In the mid teenies (2015) BB knew the iOS and Android platforms were...
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    Best Share Trading Apps

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have any ideas for apps that are best used for trading (buying & selling) shares? Obviously there will be fees associated with them, but I'm more or less happy to go with ones that have trade fees (percentage/commission/flat rate) rather than non-trading fees (fees for...
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    ‘We have so many piss-ups’: Brandon Smith reveals ‘massive drinking culture’ at Storm Brandon Smith has revealed drinking...
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    Car Question

    Can someone please explain to me why the 90s JDM cars have seemingly, out of nowhere, exploded in value with no regard whatsoever for the kms traveled or transmission (manuals are cheaper than auto)?
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    Attention: South of Heaven

    @south of heaven the resident Wogan of this joint... do I have a reason to be concerned? @utility whole I would very much value your input on this momentous occasion of me being stalked by a much loved member of this cyber community.
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    I can't get enough of cereal. Traditionally something for breakfast, but can be eaten anytime of the day. What are you favorite ones? Corn Flakes - original and the best Frosty Flakes - if I'm after a sugar-high. I rarely get these though - once every few years Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes - perhaps...
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    Fallen NRL star eyeing unlikely comeback Former Newcastle Knights playmaker Jarrod Mullen says he's confident his "body can hold up" if handed a second chance in the NRL. Mullen's infamous four-year ban for...
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    Outlook Email Question

    Hi everyone, Not sure if there's a way to do this. I've got a bunch of emails listed in columns in Excel, 1000+ and I'm looking at copying these and pasting them in the "To" and "CC" fields in a new Outlook email. The problem is, when I copy from Excel and paste them in Outlook, they listed...
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    Our Biggest Dud Signings in the Last 10 Years

    Our Biggest Dud Signings in the Last 10 Years Yes, I know, there's no point in dwelling on the past, what's done is done, but some people are looking for answers and/or wanting to know where things went wrong, let's discuss dissect and discuss them. 1. Keiran Foran. He was on somewhere between...
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    Health Spotter Calls

    I am so sick to death of these mofos calling me. They always appear to be calling from a mobile phone number which is obviously just a mask to them calling from a call centre. I block the number, then they call again using a different mask mobile phone number.
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    Sky News... THANK YOU!

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    VB Lockdown Ad

    They've still got it!
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    What's the point of this shit??

    Lately, I've been seeing email signatures with the following sign-off from people... Kate Johnson | She/Her John Smith | He/Him Ummm... yes, that's what I would normally refer to them by in 3rd person... so why does it need clarification in an email signature?
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    Blake Ferguson Retires He was released early from his contract with the Eels. He has his sights set on the Wallabies, but at 31, I don’t like his chances.
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    Earthquake Hits Melbourne - 5.8 Magnitude Buildings shook across Victoria on Tuesday morning as Victoria recorded an earthquake, with residents from metropolitan Melbourne to Geelong to Gippsland reporting violent shaking...
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    Opinion My take on the 3 wooden spoons

    These are my thoughts on the wooden spoons received over the years and my take on them: 2002: We saw the Roosters win the 2002 premiership, after which it was found out that they were over the salary cap by $150,000. The Roosters walked away completely unpunished, kept their premiership in...
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    Remember when... against St. George-Illawarra Dragons

    Yes, this was THAT game from 2018 where Reimis Smith emerged from the shadow of his father Tyron Smith and became his own man. In this game, Reimis scored a hat-trick in a game that the Bulldogs dominated from start to finish resulted in a duck-egg scoreline for the Dragons, a team who were...
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    Biggest fines in history for NRL bad boys - Peter V'landys at it again! NRL players will face the heaviest fines in the game's history in a desperate bid to stop off-field scandals. Under the plan devised by Australian Rugby League...
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    Remember when... against Penrith Panthers

    2013 was a disappointing season for the Bulldogs when you consider what 2012 brought. Round 25 saw us taking on our old enemy the Panthers with only one round remaining before the finals. Given that we weren't a formidable force and coming up against a team that has been a team that would often...
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    For those who aren't aware, little AJ went missing Friday at about 11:30am from his family's rural property in regional NSW. A short time ago, the 3 year old with autism was found.
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    Remember when... against Brisbane Broncos

    Deep into winter, 2016. It was a dark and cold Saturday night. The Bulldogs were coming up against grand finalists from the previous year, the Brisbane Broncos. The Broncos had a whole heap of stars, including Darius Boyd, speed machines James Roberts, Anthony Milford, and veteran goal kicker...
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    OnlyFans Bans Porn... oh boy this is going to ruffle some feathers Let the Instagram Models meltdown begin :tearsofjoy: :tearsofjoy: :tearsofjoy:
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    Do you remember these companies?

    Do you remember these companies?
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    Remember when.... against Manly Sea Eagles

    For now and until the rest of this season and even into next season I'm going to post a thread weekly of some of the better times we've had in recent years of great wins we've had against out rivals. Against Manly in the Semi Finals in 2014, we had a thriller. The teams were locked up at 16-16...
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    Lionel Messi's move from Barcelona to PSG both proof and a result of European football's broken system If ever an image can sum up the current state of European football in all its cold and bloated glory it is that of Lionel Messi tearfully explaining why he can't play for his beloved Barcelona...
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    2021 Census

    Done and dusted :blush: Also glad that the gender question had only TWO options, and none of this other PC crap such as “non binary” etc… :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
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    Just a thread to put photos you like of stuff you like *let's keep it clean guys* - example... I received a rare piece of snail mail and this stamp was on the envelope!
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    Reese's Appreciation

    Seriously, how GOOD are their products? Perfect amount of peanut butter to give it a slight savory taste.
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    What is your greatest sporting day/experience?

    And it could be anything. It could be a State of Origin experience, a World Cup Final, Champions League final, Tennis Grand Slam, Olympics, anything really, just your best possible experience. Mine was back in 2012. I was in Barcelona on a holiday and decided to visit the cauldron - Camp Nou...
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    State of Origin - I knew this was going to happen!

    Let's put aside all the lop-sided score lines in the NRL so far this season for a minute. Let's go back about 10 years when QLD were in the midst of their streak. They had players like Thurston, Cronk, Smith and Slater to chose from in their origin team. Let's look at NSW. The five-eighth was...
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    Question: Manly vs Titans

    This deserves it's only thread. Fast forward to 3:20 On what planet is that a knock on??
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    One Must Be Eliminated

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    All haunted houses...

    ...should have hidden cameras!
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    Eliminate 2 Forever - this is tough

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    Computer Problem - Help?

    Hi guys, For some reason whenever I hold down a key on the keyboard it doesn't repeat - eg I need to keep pressing backspace in order to delete multiple letters, or keep pressing spacebar to leave multiple spaces etc - it's pretty annoying. I've already searched google and can't seem to find a...
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    Favorite Sitcoms

    Aside from TV shows, what sitcoms specifically are your, not necessarily of today, but of all time? There are plenty out there. You can use this forum as a reference: Cheers: I really only caught up on this show watching the re-runs on 11, but it seems to...
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    Time to get angry: Backlash over Disneyland’s Snow White ride for lack of consent in ‘true love’s kiss’ scene Is the Disneyland classic Snow White next in line to face cancel culture’s...
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    Engagement Rings

    Well fellas I'm almost at that point and I'm a bloke who knows SFA about rings. All I know is that the Mrs wants yellow gold instead of white (even though I'm trying to convince her to go white), and I know her ring size, but not sure what I'm meant to be looking for in terms of diamond cut and...
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    Only in Sydney...

    Only in Sydney I swear! I have just been to the Shell Servo for petrol and I saw 2 police who were watching a woman who was smoking while filling her car up. I thought, is she stupid, crazy, or both, especially with the police standing RIGHT there? I minded my own business put 30 bucks in and...
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    Football’s Billionaire Boys Club is here. This is what it means for the world game... it’s not good It’s been touted for years, a billionaire boys club for the elitest of the elite...
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    Brazil is building a new statue of Jesus -- and it's going to be bigger than Rio's (CNN) — A huge statue of Jesus Christ is under construction in southern Brazil, and it will be even taller than its famous counterpart in Rio de Janeiro. The "Christ the Protector" statue is being built...
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    I'm missing something here (1996 ARL Season) Newcastle Knights get 23 points from 10 wins and a draw. 10 wins (20 points) and a draw (1 point) somehow get them 23 in stead of 21. What's the deal?
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    2 more schools - PC at it again

    I agree with the year 12 Coordination in this case. Sometimes arrogance is the only way to handle these issues. Catholic school in Adelaide embroiled in controversy over...
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    Dancing with the Stars (2021)

    My friends, if you want to know what is wrong with TV today, watch this clip below, and see who appears at 1:05. Mind.Fucking.Blown.
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    Let's just take a moment...

    ...and enjoy this!
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    Plastic Bottle Collectors

    Recently, our household started doing this as well. Hey, it's no big deal, just put a bottle you used aside and then take it to the depot when you have a fair amount. On the streets though, it's a different story... it's becoming a very competitive business. I remember 10-15 years ago, I'd...
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    Pope Francis says priests cannot bless same-sex unions ROME — Pope Francis has invited LGBT advocates to the Vatican. He has spoken warmly about the place of gays in the church. He has called for national laws for...
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    Here we go again: Looney Tunes character Pepe Le Pew cut from new Space Jam sequel amid rape controversy Looney Tunes character Pepe Le Pew has reportedly been cut from Space Jam 2 amid criticism the character “added to rape culture”. The French skunk who starred in...
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    The $100k Roosters coach training Melbourne Storm Retired rugby league champion Cooper Cronk has caused a stir in NRL land after being seen helping Melbourne players during a...
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    Jahrome Hughes re-signs with Storm until 2024 Melbourne Storm have unexpectedly retained premiership half-back Jahrome Hughes on a three-year deal but have lost co-captain Dale Finucane for the first six games of the...
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    Six Dr Seuss books won't be published for racist images Six Dr Seuss books including And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street and If I Ran the Zoo will stop being published because of racist and insensitive imagery. "These books...
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    Break-a-Wish Game

    How this game work is one person posts a wish, then the next person says "Granted..." but has a condition on how the wish is ruined. For instance, someone wishes for $1,000,000 - the next poster says something like "Granted, but it all comes to you in 5 cent coins" and then that person posts a...
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    Question for TAFE Students

    Back when I was studying everything was supplied, computers, notes etc... the only thing we really needed to buy were text books from the book shop. Nowadays everyone from school students right up until uni have laptops. Even college students would have them as most colleges are private. What...
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    Work Stories

    What are some work stories you have? They can be anything... good, bad, neutral, just something interesting that you probably shouldn't have done.
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    Attention: Canterbury-Bankstown Residents. Bin change schedule

    Fellow people residing deep in the heart of Bulldogs territory... behold:
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    Old Company Logos

    Inspiried by @N4TE what are some nostalgic old logos that you remember? N4TE you may post the few you posted in my Coon cheese thread you hijacked lol.
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    Coon Cheese Name Change

    Cheers, Coon, I won't be buying your products anymore due to my sane hatred of political correctness.
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    Beautiful Armenian Women

    I am sick of the site of our Premier, so I've created this thread specifically for people to share images of the 'other' side of Armenian women. Show us you google image search skills.
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    Working From Home vs Office

    Well that's been the way most of us have been working from 2020 and now again heading in 2021, so what best suits your current circumstances? Working From Home: Evening bedtime can be extended Enjoying a sleep-in or longer snooze No need to commute on public transport No need to wear work...
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    Tenant is looking at getting a carport. As far as I can tell my house won’t require local council approval for it so we can get straight into it. Does anyone have any recommended companies for this sort of job, reviews, free quotes etc...? Thanks.
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    Where's my smart friends? I had $3.00. My Mum gave me $10.00. My Dad gave me $30.00. My Aunt & Uncle gave me $100.00. I had another $7.00. How much did I have?
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    Can you watch the clip without smiling/laughing?

    Wait until the music kicks in... I lost my shit.
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    Melbourne teen choked out during brutal eviction from Croydon pub

    Who is in the wrong here... the teen or the security guard? The teen was already evicted once from the pub He then climbed a fence, played cat and mouse with the hotel staff for 45 mins Once captured, he was choked, and man handled...
  75. Wahesh

    Video Rental Stores

    Nothing but a distant memory right now. Remember how good it was to walk through the popcorn-scented aisles looking for a good video to hire? My school bus would stop right outside Civic Video and it was considered a hangout area. About once a week I used to walk into the shop after being...
  76. Wahesh

    Who remembers this?

    Round 16, 2016 vs Broncos. This was not that long ago, and we were ruthless and brilliant.
  77. Wahesh

    Boosty my man...

    How's this truth bomb my brother @Blue_boost?
  78. Wahesh

    Question for Tradies on Home Reno (Cement Render/Paint/Roof Restoration etc...)

    Hi guys, One of my mates is looking at selling his house as he wants to move. I've told him to hold off at the moment given the market is the way it is with Covid, unemployment and the market recovery not complete etc... and I told him he'll get more in say 2 years. Now while this is happening...
  79. Wahesh

    Poll: Who played better - Melbourne or Penrith?

    There is no doubt the grand final leaves much to be discussed - dodgy calls, favorable penalty count in the first half, however which team do you think played better, Melbourne or Penrith?
  80. Wahesh

    Is it time for Gladys Berejiklian to resign?

    This isn't a bashing thread of any kind, but simply put, is it time for Gladys Berejiklian to resign? Everytime something stuffed up when she was in the opposition, she's be the first to come out guns blazing screaming at the then Labor Government to have heads rolling. Now she's in the drivers...
  81. Wahesh

    You hear that?

    That’s the sound of the Roosters out in straight sets. And the sound of no trepeat. And the sound of the SBW fail. And the sound of Nick Politis BURNING.
  82. Wahesh

    Armenia vs Azerbaijan

    Azerbaijan says Armenian forces shelled city of Ganja, in escalation of week-long conflict Key points: Conflict with Azerbaijan is now threatening to spill over into a direct war with Armenia The developments marked a sharp escalation of the war that broke out one week ago Armenia denied it...
  83. Wahesh

    Did we have a Mad Monday this year?

    I don't recall hearing anything about this, last years one was cancelled. Did anyone hear anything of it being cancelled or actually taking place this year? Oh... and just for the record...
  84. Wahesh

    People who camp outside shops for the latest released phones & games

    Well I did ask the great @Blue_boost to create this thread but as he didn't it's on me. So why on Earth do people camp outside stores for the latest release of the iPhone xyz or whatever number we're up to now? Do they really find it necessary to get a sleeping bag and pillow and sleep on the...
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    Choose 2

  86. Wahesh

    Problem with announcing a new coach now...

    ...Trent Barrett tells Steve Georgallis he won't be at the club next year. What motivation does SG now have to give a rats arse about whether the team wins or loses? Sorry but all this shit should take place after the season is complete.
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    Brainstorm or Green Needle?

    Which one do you hear?
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    Upgraded forum?

    Maybe it's just me but this new forum layout seems a little too... simple? I preferred the old look.
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    CHN - He'll Only Play For Barrett

    Can't find the article online - good enough to read.
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    Gladstone Park police shooting: Man shot dead in Melbourne park A man has been shot dead by police after repeatedly stabbing a woman in the face at a park in Melbourne's north-west. Police were called to John Coutts Reserve at Gladstone Park...
  91. Wahesh

    Naya Rivera's body found in Lake Piru

    R.I.P. Naya. Many people who watched Glee in the past will know who she is, known for playing a cheerleader for the school, and a somewhat bitchy character. You know someone is a really great actor when you begin to form a hatred for them (the character that is, not the actor). I'll always...
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    Turn ons and turn offs of the opposite sex?

    Ladies... Turn ons: - Long hair, natural colour (although I do admit that short hair done well suits some, and colour done well can be hot) - Long nails, french tips (real nails) - Natural eyes - Natural skin - Soft voice - Dresses decently - Curvey, voluptuous figure. Skinny girls are fine...
  93. Wahesh

    Two former NRL bosses and a women’s cricket great among contenders for Cricket Australia’s top job Surprise surprise. The BIG surprise is that aunty Raerae isn't a contender for some weird reason. It's the...
  94. Wahesh

    Working from home - yay or nay?

    Over the past few months, more of us have had to work from home with the Covid-19 outbreak. All it's really required is an internet connection and telephone, things we all have. There have been many positives that come with working from home, such as a nice, cosy sleep-in (especially in winter)...
  95. Wahesh

    Talk about arrogant... Sydney Roosters superstar James Tedesco says he's only going to get better Nice one Teddy. Concentrate on beating a good team before bragging about how good you are. Score a treble against the Eels this Saturday and I'll eat my words, you idiot.
  96. Wahesh

    Woolworths at it again! Just days after Woolworths offered another bag option for their customers, people have expressed how they’re upset the supermarket has not chosen an Australian supplier. On Wednesday, Woolworths...
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    NSW Upper House blocks Government's bid to freeze public sector wages as coronavirus hits economy Look I think it's almost impossible for us to avoid a recession now, however the Liberals blocking a pay rise if down right insulting: Firefighters enduring a summer from hell putting their lives on...
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    Bulldogs Fan Art

    I think it's time for a bit of a lifter. Does anyone have and great fan art either about our great club or Bulldogs in general? Cartoons? Drawings? Graphic Design? Street Art/Grafitti? Here's a few I've found... Credit: Sunnyboiiii