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  1. Cook

    Neddy Smith Dies.

    Is this the last of the old school Sydney crooks who ran the city. I no little about him, other than reading books etc. If half was true wow. Wondering if anyone knows someone or has any insight into the life of this feared crook.
  2. Cook

    Bulldogs 3 2 1 Vs Tigers

    1 Jackson 2 Schoupp 3 Manu
  3. Cook

    Rd21 non bulldogs games

    nu brown just scored good try. Really hope Brisbane flog parra tonight
  4. Cook


    Hey guys. Not the best thread, but am about to go through a divorce, and we have a 2yr old daughter. I'm wondering if anyone has been through this? I'm after advice both of the nice kind and the nasty kind as she will try and take me to the cleaners...I've worked long hours over the years to get...
  5. Cook

    Round 20- non bulldogs games

    im on the Titans, come on boys make me some money..
  6. Cook

    Thurston out of dogs clash

    Thurston out of dogs clash, shoulder injury. Out for few weeks, great news for the dogs
  7. Cook

    Rd 11 Discussion Thread- Non Bulldogs

    Souffs vs Parra Tigers vs Cowboys Raiders vs Dogs Knights vs Broncos
  8. Cook

    Likely/Your NSW team

    Interested in thoughts at present on team more interested also in our make up as we have raiders that week curious as to our make up, has Klemmer hurt his chances
  9. Cook

    NSW Power Sale Poles and Wires

    Wondering what other members thoughts are on the up coming election with the Liberals intention of selling off our states most valuable asset the electricity network.. I strongly believe that such an industry which is an essential service and a monopoly should remain in Public ownership..
  10. Cook


    Fellow kennellers was thinking if wanted to post job title or something you specialise in it could really help fellow users. For example we could find out a bit bout each other to help with home renos say if someones a plumber could fire a question at, buying goods, places to visit, google can...
  11. Cook

    New member Cook

    Hello fellow dogs fans, I've gone about this a little backwards have already posted a few replies, sorry bout that. Lifelong doggies fan for over 25 years, dad lifelong doggies fan, pop also lifelong doggies fan. You just can't escape it, live on central coast nsw. Grew up south west sydney...