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    GAME DAY - Round 3 NRL/NSWRL/NYC Discussion Thread

    defense means nothing if we dont score points
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    Official round 1 team

    i see shaun lane taking browne spot by game time and maybe (im speaking out of hope here) that brad abbey gets perrets spot.
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    Bulldogs bite back at top eight sceptics

    what do you expect them to say?
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    Klemmer facing three week suspension

    i never said i believed it, i was only stating that kratos wasn't the only one saying that.
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    Klemmer facing three week suspension

    they said the same thing on the radio, they said he was heard saying something like "im going to take one of you guys out" dont know if it was true though.
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    Klemmer facing three week suspension

    Bulldogs forward David Klemmer could miss the first three rounds of the NRL Telstra Premiership after he was charged by the NRL Match Review Committee on Monday afternoon. Klemmer was slapped with a grade 2 dangerous contact charge for a tackle on Kenny Bromwich in his side's 20-0 win over the...
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    Dogs vs Storm trial to be live streamed

    what time does the incident happen in the highlight, i cant spot it out lol
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    Dogs vs Storm trial to be live streamed

    no, i shouldn't, a live stream that didnt work for a trial game..BOO HOO, i would understand if it was round 1 or so on but nah not for a trial, it will be fixed.
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    Dogs vs Storm trial to be live streamed

    dude we get it. enough with the jokes.
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    Dogs vs Storm trial to be live streamed

    who gives a **** about the stream.. i didnt work, theres always next time. overall how did the team look? that whats more important
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    Brett Morris to start the season

    exactly, lots of people were quick to believe some guy on here but when des says his ok lots of people call bullshit
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    Fat Jmoz - All stars game

    he looks strong to me.
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    Pre-season Trials

    so overall win or lose, how did the boys look?
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    Pre-season Trials

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    Pre-season Trials

    more details! was the try awesome or was it bland? lol
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    Pre-season Trials

    who's leading?
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    Bulldogs Auckland Nines Game Discussion

    i dont know if i missed them but the replay for 9's did they show all bulldogs games or just the one with the warriors?
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    Bulldogs Auckland Nines Game Discussion

    whos surprised? look at the team warriors took with them, we got a bunch of rookies compared to them
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    Mitchell Pearce filmed in depraved act with a DOG

    Thats exactly what i said, if they cant handle there drink why drink in the first place?
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    Mitchell Pearce filmed in depraved act with a DOG

    and apparently the bulldogs are grubs of the nrl, funny that.
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    Mitchell Pearce filmed in depraved act with a DOG

    you dont do that to the dog, the dog dont like that. lol
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    Halfback required

    just ignore him, his gunna so the same shit he did last year and he feeds of attention
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    Why the Canterbury Bulldogs are giving NRL memberships to refugee families

    exactly, the premiership is all that we should be worried about, some people in this forum are getting worse and worse
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    Best of 2015: NRL Goats

    What a C unt
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    Canterbury Bulldogs Brett Morris fights for No.1 jersey after serious knee surgery

    ohh ok i know what you mean, i didnt have a problem with it though, i just read it as if he just got out of surgery
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    Canterbury Bulldogs Brett Morris fights for No.1 jersey after serious knee surgery

    "after serious knee SURGERY" the surgery if for the knee he hurt during the season and his fighting for a no. 1 jersey because of hoppa
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    What the hell is going on

    how many former manly players are with us right now?
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    Dogs going to the Dogs...

    So are you saying a player can be in top form for 2 or 3 years but if he play 1 bad season you'll kick them out the door?
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    Would we be interested in Peta Hiku?

    being second under manu isnt bad though lol
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    Dogs vs Cowboys Opening 2016 NRL Season

    top rated sydney club? and they think of eels?
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    Solar Powered Jerseys..

    lol i just found out there sponsors lmao
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    Solar Powered Jerseys..

    wtf do solar powered jersey do?
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    Hayne demoted/offered to other NFL clubs

    hayne needs to be on the training squad learning the fundamentals of the game, not put on the side because he has potential, people go throw college and train for years to get on a side... hayne needs to take this time to train and practice the fundamentals of the game
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    Brothel pocket dial leaves star in strife

    my phone called my bro when it was in my pocket, i have know idea how it passed the lock system
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    Fittler - Dogs Must Change Game Plan

    des see's it, his just arrogant, his one of those "dont tell me how to coach my team" coaches
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    The Will Hopoate Thread - 200k or 200nay

    well theres alot of "don't sign him, his shit" talk, so lets here it, who would you guys sign?
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    Who cares!
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    Jacob Loko’s career in tatters after being arrested for ecstasy possession

    And people ask why he hasn't made the side yet... his an idiot!
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    Hasler compared to other coaches since 2012

    your giving roosters coach respect?
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    Bulldogs selling NTH Qld Cowboys jerseys in lead up to Grand Final

    now i dont support any other team besides the dogs but you cant speak for everybody and say that were not fans who have second favourite team
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    I love myself - Mundine

    attention seeking? if he thinks his the greatest why did he feel the need to say anything at all? i hate the media kiss assing on hayne too but mundine just sounds plane jealous.
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    Are you looking forward to another Perrett/Lafai combo next year?

    lafai played 1 shit year, he still deserves a chance to prove himself next year
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    Are you looking forward to another Perrett/Lafai combo next year?

    he wasnt like that all the time, the year before he was the best centre hands down, watch he'll be better next year
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    Are you looking forward to another Perrett/Lafai combo next year?

    i dont know if its just me but lafai started playing abit better at the end of the year, he started running through gaps instead of running sideways, maybe he got over the injury to his legs but for me he was getting better by the end of the season
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    NRL referees' boss Tony Archer backs Sydney Roosters prop Kane Evans' try

    "We want the referees to be the decision makers" *cough* RIGGED! *cough*
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    Are the Bulldogs the NRL’s new chokers?

    it literally says "by alex, A ROAR ROOKIE" hahaha
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    Kasiano and Pritchard

    why was kas stupid? widdop surrendered, kas is allowed to do what he did, its not like the crusher was on purpose
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    Kasiano and Pritchard

    he surrendered man his allowed to jump on him like he did, any player who surrenders cops it ,the crusher was by accident
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    Enjoy the victory Canterbury Bulldogs fans, it could be your last

    It could be the last for any team right now... its the knock out rounds now! lol
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    NRL FINALS WEEK 1 - Dogs vs Dragons Team List and Game Thread

    who would have thought he needed time to find form.......................shocking lol
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    We kneed frank

    i dont know, it did look like he kicked him
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    NRL FINALS WEEK 1 - Dogs vs Dragons Team List and Game Thread

    people should be used to the fact we usually have bad games, but the grit and grind we go through to beat a team for me is better then being flamboyant but that's just my opinion
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    NRL FINALS WEEK 1 - Dogs vs Dragons Team List and Game Thread

    was thinking the same thing, we love thrive on big games
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    NRL FINALS WEEK 1 - Dogs vs Dragons Team List and Game Thread

    were you expecting a thrashing? we played bad so what? like we havent before... atleast we had the guts to get the win in the end and not give up
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    NRL FINALS WEEK 1 - Dogs vs Dragons Team List and Game Thread

    rips on mbye, reynolds and hodko... well hodko left now...kennels never happy, you cant be a young half with a promising future in the years to come... you have to be a young half who's good already... thats the only time the kennel will be happy i guess
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    NRL FINALS WEEK 1 - Dogs vs Dragons Team List and Game Thread

    it was a tough game, who ever thought we were guna smash the dragons were kidding them selves, its a semi final ofcourse they came out to play and win
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    Perrett is ****ing rubbish

    enough with the perrett threads we get it!
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    NRL FINALS WEEK 1 - Dogs vs Dragons Team List and Game Thread

    dude he ****ing spoke about him like he was a god lol then he turns to johns and asked him if he wanted to add anything on top of what he said haha
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    Beau ryan affair

    he gets pussy cause his on tv and his famous, he could be butt ugly and still lol
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    Mbye to 5/8

    just let them do there job, thats why his in the position your not
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    Our right side Defence is worrying

    i hope your expectations of a 30 point win dosent let you down if we win by 2 or sumthin hahaha
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    Are refs allowed to over turn a penalty?

    they called a penalty first to the warrior player for not playing the ball, which made Reynolds quick tap it but they called it back after saying dogs knocked on first which meant there was no advantage taken by warriors
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    Round 26 - Dogs vs Warriors - NRL/NYC Teams and Discussion Thread

    i dont think we came in to smash anybody, just training i reckon limit the injuries
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    why i will prefer to finish 6th

    no.. not really.
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    Dogs leave door open for SBW, deny pursuit of Hopoate

    i hate sbw but from a business stand point its good publicity and a player like him could very well get us a premiership but in the end do we have room for him?
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    James Graham - Concussion

    dont they go through tests to see if there ok to continue?
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    Moses Mbye puts extension talks on hold after Bulldogs first offer

    everybody is listening to the journos and not the club ffs ill wait till the club announces something instead reading what the media has to say
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    1 season wonders

    Dude c'mon lafai has been good for us, yes he has played shit but what makes you think that's it from him? It isn't rare for players to have a bad season, he'll be back to his best... If he stays
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    Bulldogs set to turn to Damien Cook with Josh Reynolds and Michael Lichaa sidelined

    it was his ankle, his knee was good, im sure lichaa was the one who said he was right to go, since the doctors found nothing the first time
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    Beastwoods double

    Eastwood always stars! haha
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    The danger of Graham

    yea i know dude, it just hasn't been his season this season has taken its toll
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    The danger of Graham

    lets not put graham on the list of people who should go please! lol he was a king to us last year remember guys? yes hes not playing like he usually does but to be fair this year has been hard on him where not used to him playing like this, give him time, even if we have to wait next year for it...
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    Lichaa's injury...

    is cook the hooker that has some speed on him?
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    Short kick offs

    yea it wasn't that bad dude at least they didn't score of them
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    3-2-1 vs Gold Coast

    Theres another thread just like this that started the same time as this one... which one will be closed? stay tuned to find out on dragon ball z!
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    The entertainers!

    A win is a win.
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    Corey thompson going to england next year

    i didnt see him staying... he was good for us, wish him the best
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    Bulldog champ Moses Mbye puts family first

    im not judging your opinion im asking where in this article is he being cocky?
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    Bulldog champ Moses Mbye puts family first

    What did he say that was cocky? I wana hear your logic
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    Josh Jackson says Canterbury ready to take out top sides in run to the finals

    seriously its like yous guys don't want him to be confident... is optimism a bad thing? if he wants to be confident then let him... what position are you to be saying what he should say or not? being confident is better then sooking about your team.
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    Minute Sacked

    Ms Marin could "hear noises coming from the phone that sounded like a male moaning whilst masturbating",
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    Minute Sacked

    he sexual harassed her, the whole idea of a prank is to let them know it was a prank... instead he waited till he got that knock on the door
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    Our Points Difference is ....

    *Boom* My mind s blown away haha
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    Round 22 - Dogs vs Broncos - NRL - LIVE (QLD) Discussion Thread *SPOILERS*

    Anyone watching the roosters game right now? there breakable and can be just as vulnerable