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    Official Team List Round 16 v Sharks + Match Discussion

    3 on one every time, bit hard to go forward in these conditions!
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    Opinion Topine

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    Sharks vs dogs trial

    Dufty is a turn style in defence!
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    News Bulldogs players covid vax request

    What’s going to happen when a double jabbed player gets COVID?
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    Official Round 8 Bulldogs V Eels - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    I don’t know we’re they spent the cap!
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    Lynne Anderson on our Rebuild

    The bulldogs were called the entertainers in the 80’s, they let the ball do the work, comparing that team to now, it was better to watch and the hits were brutal, the game might have moved on but the basics are all the same!
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    Bring back Herman

    Bring back Tapau!