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  1. Moey

    Would anyone be interested in Bryce Cartwright on contract based on redemption??

    Based on what we do have, carty shits all over our forwards which makes our outlook even more depressing. On his day, Carty can be a freak but way too inconsistent
  2. Moey

    Opinion Worst signing last 10 years? (Poll)

    Des Hasler hands down. The club died a slow death the day he joined us...
  3. Moey

    Lewis needs to retire immediately

    Never could play footy and never will.. Still can't believe so many cnuts on here backed him for so long. Kid was shit in Nsw cup. One of the worst players ever. Ben Roberts looks like an Immortal next to lewis...
  4. Moey

    NRL retains top-30 roster system as salary cap cut by 10 per cent

    So we wait all these years. Clear our roster. Build a war chest, only for Cap to go down... such is the Bulldogs luck, but could be a blessing in disguise if clubs have to shed players. But on the downside, it would be even harder to move on fringe FG players if they are still contracted on...
  5. Moey

    Kerrod Holland to quit NRL

    As much as he has played shit, he has busted his ass for us. Not his fault coaches keep.picking him. So thank you for your service and good luck in whatever he decides to do...
  6. Moey

    Official Blake Green signs with Bulldogs

    Bring on 2022!!!
  7. Moey

    Opinion Where was Ogden???????

    STATS mean absolute fuck all. Tolman couldn't bend the line agaisnt an under 12s team. 5 more weeks to go till this shit show is over and we never ever ever see Tolman on the 4th..
  8. Moey


    I just want to know what the fuck Ogden has done over last few seasons that the 2 shittest coaches of all Bulldogs time in Georgallis and Pay, either dont pick him, or give him limited mins when the whole world can see he shits all over Tolman Napa and every other prop we have... Plz end the...
  9. Moey

    Is Nick Meaney our long term fullback?

    Fuck no. As good as he played yesterday, any other rockstar fullback would have scored a few tries that this skeleton who needs roids to bulk up couldn't score
  10. Moey

    A lot of phone calls from Baz': How Barrett convinced Elliott to stay at Bulldogs

    If Barrett thinks he is a marquee player than god help us... lol But in saying that, as much as i don't like Elliott, the vibes we get from Barrett are much more positive than Hasler and Pay. It seems players are already excited for next year and players want to join us. Time will tell...
  11. Moey

    News Adam Elliot on Inside The NRL

    I hear you and unfortunately i am one of those this time, i was so sure of it based on my info but its not over till fat lady sings in League and players change their mind or circumstances change that we don't know about. I have always hated Elliott as a player and for good reasons and I will...
  12. Moey

    Official Adam Elliott re-signs for 3 years

    Who the fuck resigns Elliot when he is fucking uuseless. Fmd we are a shit club going nowhere fast
  13. Moey


    in general, players these days are paid based on potential and not on their actual skills hence overpaid players like Hunt Mbye and pretty much any junior who has 1 or 2 good games and every club wants to offer the world.
  14. Moey


    Cogger couldn't even make the wooden spoon knights, what makes ppl think he will be a star. He will play decent this week. Might set up a try or do something good but for most of the game will be basic as fuck. Lil bit better than what Lewis offers. Next year , he should be 3rd or 4th string...
  15. Moey

    News Bulldogs halfback Lachlan Lewis is facing a two-week suspension

    Since Georgallis too fkn stupid to demote him, even the higher powers above had enough and caused Lewis to have a brain snap...
  16. Moey

    Is Stevie G up to it as a first grade coach!

    Computer says No!!!!
  17. Moey

    My Team for next week

    No doubt, katoa impressed me. Ogden should have been starting prop since rd1. There are lots of positives for 2021, but this year is a waste. Embarrassment to the club. Lewis surely will not be picked next week if he isn't suspended.. jackson needs to be stood down too
  18. Moey

    My Team for next week

    None of them. Give them a 7 week rest in isolation in Victoria...
  19. Moey

    Lewis is the worst half to ever play any form of football for 125 years

    Steve Georgallis is worse than Pay Lewis is a fucking disgusting turd, never could play footy, never will be able to play footy ever. Waste of space... Montoya is a waste Tolman is a turd and a waste of space Napa and Jackson are a waste of space Meaney might be able to break the line...
  20. Moey

    Official Round 13 - Bulldogs vs Storm - Discussion Thread

    Shut down Brandon Smith and the game is ours. That little shit can get the storm forward pack moving which would spell danger if Munster is given room to move. I really think the dogs will win this and i even slapped a hundred on it too....
  21. Moey

    Opinion Theres a lot to like.

    Our defense has always been good and when its on song like it was yesterday AFTER Eels got to an 18-0 lead we can trouble anyone. Ib 2021, Add to that Barrett, some new players, more juniors, no JMk, Lewis, Holland, Tolman etc and we have a positive future. As shit as Georgallis is as a coach...
  22. Moey

    Our Kicking game

    Good thing about today is that Lewis has 8 more rounds of footy this year before he hopefully never sees FG again... fkn useless
  23. Moey

    Bulldogs open door for SBW return 12 years after he walked out

    He isnt the player he used to be , but, the positives for our club would be endless if we picked Sbw up. He would bring a diff type of professionalism to the club, young cubs like Ogden Toomaga etc would benefit so much with him as their mentor and would take their game to next level. Not to...
  24. Moey

    Official Lafai signs for rest of 2020

    Defence issues aside, at least Lafai when he is on song, csn score from nothing, can setup our wingers for a try out of nothing. Currently our centres csnt do that except for averillo. Adds that little bit extra something we are missing. Always had a soft spot for him. I still csnt forget that...
  25. Moey

    News Adam Elliot on Inside The NRL

    Correct actually. Off to the Dragons.. pretty much agreed. Barring last min back flip....
  26. Moey

    Social Media Adam Elliot

    There is a God after all. My prayers have finally been answered. Already been giving shot to my Saints mates, but the idiots think he is a good buy... made for a very good laugh
  27. Moey

    Dogs vs parra

    We have zero chance of winning but they wont smash us if our defense is on point. Im thinking 26-16 final score
  28. Moey


    NO. Kid means well and plays hard but way too small, doesn't follow the play, doenst link well with backs, has no passing game, cant really break the line. Just another basic fullback. Give him till the end of the year as a thank you for your service. Then next year put in Averillo or buy us...
  29. Moey

    Ladder Predictor

    That would have nearly been 2 weeks in a row due to poor coach selections and use of the bench.. But props to the players for a gutsy effort keeping the knights out in last few mins.
  30. Moey

    Ladder Predictor

    We be lucky to win another game or 2 this year.
  31. Moey

    Opinion What was the most pleasing thing about today's win?

    the best thing about today's game is that we are 1 week closer till the season ends..
  32. Moey

    Renouf T

    So RT has an injury yet Georgallis picks him on bench along with 1 other forward, 1 hooker and 1 rookie half back. Then he doesn't use Ogden till 60th minute. Hardly uses RT and gives Wakeham 11mins. No wonder we were gassed and nearly lost. No wonder why Georgallis will never be a chosen FG...
  33. Moey

    Opinion What is our GENUINE opinion on baz?

    I hated him for the fact he was a dragons player in the Era when dogs/saints rivalry in Sydney was at its finest. Was an awesome player too. Like the guy based on what I have seen and read..
  34. Moey

    Official Trent Barrett to coach the Bulldogs for the next three seasons

    He gave me more confidence in a 9min interview then what Pay said over 3yrs. Acknowledged his mistakes, didnt sit there and blow smoke up our asses promising us the world. Told it as it is. Our defensive efforts have always been there thanks to Des, so if Barrett could tweak our attack even a...
  35. Moey

    CHN - He'll Only Play For Barrett

    Plz take Elliot. I will pay for his uber for the first year of his contract and i will throw in Tolman on the 4th for free too
  36. Moey

    Opinion Lewi

    Lewis was shit before he even played FG, I said he should never play FG ever and got roasted big time for it. And he is still fucking shit . Never has been and never ever ever will be a FG player. And pricks on here want to defend him.
  37. Moey

    Team next week

    Averillo Smith Hoppa Lafai DWZ Foran Wakeham Jackson Rfm Toomaga Thompson Katoa Ogden Jmk Sue And 2 kids from my sons under 12 team who would be perfect to round out bench. Would have more enthusiasm...
  38. Moey

    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    The 2008 team would smash this team 48-0!!
  39. Moey

    Opinion We need Phil Gould as the coaching director

    Griffin is a master of bringing in awesome young talent. Did that with broncos all those years ago, ie Hunt Gillett etc
  40. Moey

    Ray stone

    Noooooo... CHN shits all over him and he is ours if we try to keep him..
  41. Moey

    An itty bitty engagement ring...

    Cost of a ring shouldnt matter at all in my opinion you don't need to break the bank to show someone you love them. Rather spend that money doing the car up, ie bigger turbo, etc etc. Priorities lol jokes
  42. Moey

    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    He probably did. Just run hard mate... that's his coaching pep talk to Rfm.. haha anyways glad he is gone. Have never seen a coach so out of his depth. With a new coach, whoever it is, at least we might get to see if some of these players can live up to their potential instead of giving that...
  43. Moey

    Official Round 10 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    Lets just wait n see till a real coach comes along not like your shit coach Pay to do some real work... Where is your best mate Pay... thats right gone!!!!
  44. Moey

    Georgallis and rest of 2020

    Little side note. I used to go to same school as Georgallis, was in his younger sisters class. He was captain of the school footy team and they made it far in the comp. He always had talent as a kid. Anyways back to topic
  45. Moey

    Views on Current Circumstances

    Amazing I actually agree with you, but thinking in a positve way, if Barrett left our club in a few years for example the same condition he left Manly club in, that would be a bonus for next coach eg Hasler. No matter who coaches us, i highly doubt we will win a premiership in next 2yrs. I...
  46. Moey

    Georgallis and rest of 2020

    I forgot about that, how did he go? That was even griffin was sacked wasnt it?
  47. Moey

    Georgallis and rest of 2020

    ALL we been talking about is Pay this amd Pay that and who is going to be our next coach. My question is, what is georgallis going to do for the rest of 2020. Will he make mass changes. Will he change our point of attack. Will the incoming coach direct Georgallis etc etc
  48. Moey

    Who do you want to replace Dean Pay?

    Either Boy George, deltra goodrem, kelly rowland or Guy Sebastian...
  49. Moey

    Dogs to give Barrett $3m cheque book as Penrith allow him to start talks over replacing Pay

    If it wasn't for Barrett, Hasler wouldn't have had a good squad to work with. That i know. Barrett helped build that team but Hasler came in and worked on their defence and turned them into a stronger force. Barrett is the man who attack wise changed Manly for the better. If Barrett has full...
  50. Moey

    Official Dean Pay quits

    Ding dong the witch is dead!!! Im glad he is gone. Respected him as a player and all he did for us and still will. But time for a new Era. No idea how Barrett will go, but I do know this board has to go as well. A whole new start is needed from the top to bottom.
  51. Moey

    News Hooper: D-Day looms for Pay as Dogs to decide coach’s fate in next 48 hours

    End of the day i want Pay gone just so i dont have to read the same fucking dribble by the same few Pay lovers left. Its not his fault.. its the salary cap.. its the Andersons bla bla bla No Pay is shit, always has been as a coach and let the record books show he is fucking shit and will never...
  52. Moey

    What has happened to Josh Jackson?

    He honestly looks past his prime watching him in person last night. Its as if he doesn't belong in today's game especially with the rule changes. Out of his depth
  53. Moey

    News Silence is deafening: Dogs coach urges club board to make a call on his future

    Nice work with trying to figure it out... on the right track though.
  54. Moey

    News Barrett

    Manlys attack under Barrett was excellent from memory and he gave Fainu turbo brothers a chance. But their defense was woeful, they were letting in way too many tries including a massive defeat to Roosters Des came in and fixed that up and they became the mini force they are and could possibly be.
  55. Moey

    News Barrett

    correct me if im wrong, but didn't Barrett blood the turbo bothers, and didn't Barrett build the current squad that DES took over. So its barretts team that's excelling at Manly not Des team...
  56. Moey

    The Board

    I hated Dib and his cronies for what they did to this club, and then i backed Andersons thinking that even if they had a tiny bit of Bullfrogs DnA in them, that they would turn the club around. What a fucking shit show it has been At least Dib and his idiots had us winning games and some sort...
  57. Moey

    News Silence is deafening: Dogs coach urges club board to make a call on his future

    One of my close mates spoke to a former coach of ours 2 nights ago, and that person himself said this current board is very toxic... nothing nice to say about them... Could be something, could be nothing at all. Just sharing what i heard.
  58. Moey

    Luke thompson

    Watching Him play live, bloke has ticker unlike Napa and Tolman. Both are pedestrians compared to this guy. 1 if the few shining lights in this team
  59. Moey


    Tolman is fucking useless, so is most of this team. It's embarrassing time being a supporter
  60. Moey

    Official Round 9 - Bulldogs vs Broncos - Discussion Thread

    Bunch of fkn losers.... time to forfeit rest of 2020
  61. Moey

    Official Round 9 - Bulldogs vs Broncos - Discussion Thread

    My view of the 2020 Wooden Spooners..
  62. Moey

    From this moment forward

    We haven't shared same opinions for a while but for first time in ages i agreed with your post till you lost me when it came to Pay. I just want to know what miracle he could possibly pull out of his ass with a few more players on board. Everything he has done is evidence he can't coach for the...
  63. Moey

    Will Foran stay at the Bulldogs? Canterbury start talks with star half

    Re-sign Foran on no more than 550k a year with options every year in Canterbury's favour that way if he does breakdown, we can offload him that year... Also give him Cotric or a Sivo or a Scott etc and watch how much better we would be in attack. Atm our outside backs are as useless as tits on...
  64. Moey

    Best active comedian today

    He is my Fav atm too. Seen him live in Vegas, never laughed so hard in my life!!
  65. Moey

    Performance based clause

    His performance clause was that he had to win 1 game a season for his contract to be renewed and it also depends on how many hitups Tolman does on the 4th...
  66. Moey

    News Daley urges Cotric to stay at Canberra for less

    I totally agree and im sure we could get chricton for cheaper than that seeing he is just a rookie.
  67. Moey

    News Daley urges Cotric to stay at Canberra for less

    Lol at 750k... can't be true. No chance and if it is then this club has officially carked it...
  68. Moey

    Okay which one of you dissed Dean Pay?

    Says it has been removed... spewing @AlzzBulldog can you try posting up your video again bro.. haha
  69. Moey

    Official Round 9 - Bulldogs vs Broncos - Discussion Thread

    What a shit team..... Only positive is that I will be sitting right behind the goal posts and have 40 attempts at catching the ball everytime broncos score and kick a goal... haha
  70. Moey

    We will find out if we get the spoon next week

    Broncos get back these 4 players this week possibly David Fifita Kotoni staggs Matt lodge and Jake Turpin
  71. Moey

    8 Years since Last top 4 finish

    Its freaking sad how crap we have become...
  72. Moey

    Blake Green

    Scraping the bottom of the barrel if you think Green would be a good buy
  73. Moey

    Opinion Bulldogs V Broncos

    Its crazy especially as i have a dogs membership which i can't use at all...
  74. Moey

    Opinion Bulldogs V Broncos

    Our team is crap Dean pay is crap Our board are crap Some of our kennel members are crap Lewis is crap We will lose But... I will still be travelling to go to the game with the kids and curse myself afterwards for going but its the life of a supporter.
  75. Moey

    Official Bateman signs with Wigan.

    Parra have done well to finally climb back into contention. But it took them years of trying diff players etc. Mahoney Brown Sivo 3 players top of my head who were given an opportunity and have gone to another level while we wasted 2-3 yrs on lewis cogger Meaney Jmk They also did extremely well...
  76. Moey

    Elliot video circulating

    Aa much as i dislike Elliot, the kid shouldn't be punished at all. League has gone soft. It was 5yrs ago amd in private and it was nothing much at all...
  77. Moey

    Recruitment Suggestions - Consolidated Thread

    Not even Maloney for 1 year incase Foran goes?
  78. Moey

    Thompson Arrives in Belmore

    First order of business is for Tolman to teach him how to hit it up on the 4th ..
  79. Moey

    Recruitment Suggestions - Consolidated Thread

    Since we have a war chest and not many players to choose from, was just thinking about possible target recruits from Engish Super league comp, either ex Aussies or locals. I haven't watched SL for a while so no idea on talent there. I do know Matt Parcell would be the perfect hooker...
  80. Moey

    Main Sponsor

    Sponsorship is least of our worries atm. Fix the club and the sponsors will come back. We too big of a club with far reaching supporters Aus wide.
  81. Moey

    Recruitment Suggestions - Consolidated Thread

    NO to Johnston. We need other players in more important positions.
  82. Moey

    Pay Extension

    Him not being resigned is a given. Unless a miracle happens. Given the ppl we have on the board it wouldn't surprise me if that miracle happens. But other than that no chance he is staying next year. No idea who they are chasing though. Pay hasnt done a good job.
  83. Moey

    Bottom of the ladder!

    That day will never ever happen. 99% chance Pay won't be hear next year. Mark my words. He is fkn shit. End of story
  84. Moey

    Official Call for Calm re: Wakeham Part 2 (2020 Edition)

    If you watched dogs games u would know the answer instead of fishing for a reply so you can try rip it apart..
  85. Moey

    Pay Extension

    I totally agree with you there. Mid season change won't do a thing in my opinion. I would be happy enough to leave Pay till end of year. But we do need to take action now, the club should come out, say Pay is staying till end of year and that we will be on lookout for new coach. That way it...
  86. Moey

    Pay Extension

    I have made an appointment for you to see the concussion specialist, booked you, Horse and the other nuffs on here to get your heads checked. Apparently 3 seasons of evidence is not enough for you guys... always have a fucking excuse. Its mentally draining listening to.you guys still back...
  87. Moey

    Avarillo tackle

    Averillo is one of the very few shining lights we have left at the Dogs.. This kid looks something special.
  88. Moey

    Bottom of the ladder!

    Horse in particular, fmd so many excuses... And it's def not Pays fault. Lets go out and buy him more players like Sue Britt cogger Meaney Katoa etc then we will play em in diff positions or not play em at all (katoa) We can do 5 hitups and a kick.. completion rates are key... lol
  89. Moey

    Official Call for Calm re: Wakeham Part 2 (2020 Edition)

    Lol at the Pay lovers clutching at straws blaming Wakeham... The whole club is in shambles, from top to bottom, including players. As much as Wakeham AND Foran played really poor, i really dont believe that Wakeham and Foran would sit there and purposely let forwards touch the ball first 4/5...
  90. Moey

    Pay to be spared the axe for now... but Bulldogs’ $3m headache remains

    Bennett won at Saints with a roster he didn't build, csme in tweaked it, won a comp then left Dragons in a mess Went to Newcastle and fucked em over big time Went to Broncos with a team he didn't build , lost an unlosable GF. Signs duds like Jack Bird, Milf, ben barba, boyd then fucks off to...
  91. Moey

    Opinion Wakeham

    change up the gameplan. Let Foran and Wakeham have total control of the rucks, fuck the forwards off receiving the ball first. Let the halves control the team and you will see a.more dangerous dogs team. Then we can see if Wakeham is cut out for it. I think he is, and will be even better if Pay...
  92. Moey

    Official Round 7 - Bulldogs vs Tigers - Discussion Thread

    Hopefully stays this way. Backline is perfect. Best line-up of the season so far. I like. I hope tolman isnt late inclusion
  93. Moey

    Opinion Wakeham

    Also Wakeham has to work with Pays tactics which is heavily forward based and an 8yr old plan. It doesn't suit his style. Change it up, let foran and Wakeham be first receivers to control the forwards then we can really see if he is up to it. But i do like the kid. Has the balls and temperemt to...
  94. Moey


    There is realistically not many players if any that are superstars and the type of players we need. The ones that are available are pretty much not going to leave their club.. Majority of players available are basic FG players and not much better than what we have. Plus we aren't the only club...
  95. Moey

    Pay accepts fate could be decided at board meeting

    Lol we have the last 3 years as evidence and you're too blind to see it, what is there left to argue. You have no leg to stand one when it comes to Pay. Just excuses You do have awesome points on other topics that i even give u likes for, but when it comes to Pay, you are delusional. You're an...
  96. Moey

    Adam Elliot post game interview

    I have always despised this guy but his performances this year need to be admired. He tries his ass off and has great enthusiasm but needs to go. Good on him for improving, only taken 4-5yrs of constant chances. Imagine hr gave toomaga and Ogden those sort of chances. Seeing the way he plays...