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  1. Snake

    WWOS MOLE John asiata

    Yes please . The more ball playing forwards and less 1 D workhorses the better. This guy has a short kicking game and decent passing game. A must have. Get deal done Trent
  2. Snake

    Opinion Worst signing last 10 years? (Poll)

    Lichaa T Rex Foran Honourable mention Clay Preist
  3. Snake

    Jack bird

    Yea I think we have to take some calculated risks eventually. 2021 will upon us before we know it and we need new players. For mine I like the aggression Jack brings and he also has a bit of footy IQ about him which the side desperately needs. You could start him at centre and try and get him...
  4. Snake

    Jack bird

    People on here say NO to every single player we are linked it. News flash we are coming dead last with the worse roster in the comp by a country mile. At some stage we need to take a gamble on these players. It can’t get any worse then the wooden spoon.
  5. Snake

    Opinion Halfback pole

    Oh yea. Kimmorely was decent in his last two seasons. I stand to be corrected. We also signed Morris , Ennis, stagg, Hannet and beastwood that year
  6. Snake

    Opinion Halfback pole

    We already tried signing a halfback past their prime for a final year swan song .... his name Was Ricky Stuart. He was pretty average on the field for us but went on to coach and hang around the club for a while value adding in different ways. If history tells us anything we ain’t gonna get...
  7. Snake

    DWZ Challenge

    Even when presented with irrefutable Video evidence Dallin still thinks he was dudded Every time haha
  8. Snake

    Reimis Smith and DWZ

    How many Captains challenges has DWZ cost the team this year .... and why does Jackson keep believing him.
  9. Snake

    Opinion How Much Juice Can Barrett Squeeze

    Whilst the coaching hasn’t been great for mine the bigger problem is the cattle. Barrett won’t make a difference unless we see substantial changes to the roster. We haven’t had an X factor player for years. No Real strike or creativity in the Current 30.
  10. Snake

    News Morgan Harper to fast to play

    I don’t think anyone is saying that Harper is a world beater. I personally find it frustrating that we played guys like Holland, Montoya and Remis for so long when Harper could have done a mildly better job. Pick of a bad bunch. Either way no major loss.
  11. Snake

    News Morgan Harper to fast to play

    I watched the pre season trials closely and Harper clearly out shined Remis and last night he clearly dominated Remis. What the hell is this club doing
  12. Snake

    Official Round 18 - Bulldogs vs Sea Eagles - Discussion Thread

    Hows Jake gonna go tonight guys ? Breakout game ? Or flop ?
  13. Snake

    New signing

    Who are the other two manly players Baz wants ?
  14. Snake

    Official Round 18 - Bulldogs vs Sea Eagles - Discussion Thread

    What you do in your own time is no one else’s business
  15. Snake

    No Source Big Hooker News. Inside info

    He sounds like an IT dawg. Fixing all the zoom meeting glitches and PowerPoint presentations ya know
  16. Snake

    Best of SBW

    One of my all time favourite bulldogs players. His on field presence in those days has never been repeated imo. Even when he was coming off the bench the crowd used to stand and applaud when he ran on. Amazing player for us in his prime.
  17. Snake

    Official Round 17 - Bulldogs vs Titans - Discussion Thread

    Why are these blokes that won’t be part of the team next year still getting a run. Surely it’s all about development for next year. I would rather see Smith, Oku, Jake, Thompson all starting and no more Holland and Monty. Toleman on the bench.
  18. Snake

    Opinion Marshall for 1 year anyone

    Benji and Green move us from a wooden spoon team into aBout a 14th. Still an upgrade on what we have. If no other options arise it may have to do.
  19. Snake

    A magical team

    I’ve come up with a High risk / reward left field team for 2021. Speed, experience, competitors. Thoughts Nasheed? Matt dufty Fox Hoppa Cotric DWZ Jack Bird B green RFM B Smith Ogden to'omaga Thompson Jackson JMK TPJ J Tamou / Nappa Elliott
  20. Snake

    News The Bulldogs have a huge problem on their hands with fears star recruit Luke Thompson could cut his NRL stint short.

    It was silly bringing him out here early in a struggling team during Covid. Should have just waited for next season and a fresh start.
  21. Snake

    Hypothetical If Tolman re-signed

    I would be ok with this if Barett put him the 17 Or 18 jumper and used him as a tackling machine only
  22. Snake

    Who should be captain next season

    Hoppa (C) for sure. Consistent. Has Footy IQ. Calm under pressure. On the field for 80 mins. Let Jackson focus back on his footy.
  23. Snake


    Meaney could thrive under Barrett’s sets plays and with more go forward from the team next season. He looks a text book player. But as some have mentioned he lacks the all important “instincts” of a top line fullback. That sense of anticipation, support play, risk / reward plays, flare he just...
  24. Snake

    Opinion Why should we care about Barretts/Panthers handshake deal?

    Is it ok for Burton to approach Barrett ? ‘ hey coach ya rekon you can get me a starting spot at the bulldogs next year ? Wink twice for yes ‘ .... great where do I sign
  25. Snake

    Adam Elliot Injury - Out for the season

    I read that Barrett and Liam Martin are cousins ... I say out with Elliott and in with Martin a younger and more talented version of Elliott
  26. Snake

    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield BIRD TO THE DOGS

    Jack Bird would be a big risk sure. But he has two ingredients sadly missing in this current squad. A bit of Madness and footy IQ. If Brisbane tip in a good chunk of his salary I would take the punt on him.
  27. Snake

    Opinion Tass and Katoa

    It would be good to at least see some kids on the bench, even if given limited minutes and a taste of first grade
  28. Snake

    Toe blow for Foran adds to Bulldogs’ woes after fightback from Dragons

    Spineless. Let’s say hypothetically the club doesn’t resign Foran or Cogger, the new coach quickly realises that JMK is not a hooker And Lewis not a half then we are literally spineless. How will recruitment solve this ?
  29. Snake

    Jack Cogger

    Ideally you would like 2 established halves and 1-2 young guys coming through . I think we have seen enough of Cogger and Lewis now that its worth trying new halves to go with Foran
  30. Snake

    Jack Cogger

    Out with the old and in with the new. We can do better then Cogger. Halves are so crucial the club should be on the hunt for new emerging talent.
  31. Snake

    Dogs offer Foran 1 year deal at 75% pay cut

    Foran will go to the highest bidder
  32. Snake

    Okunbor/CHN megathread

    Trade them both out for equivalent players. This needs to be part of the fresh new start for 2021. These guys are a stain on the club.
  33. Snake

    Nasheed in charge. how things would be handled.

    Coach Naspeed, Good post. I like the Walmsley/Clark/ Cotric combo. But I think we still need a more creative fullback. What is your solution? Also, what are you real thoughts with Averilo at 5/8? Is he a ball player? Your halves depth is thin.
  34. Snake

    Official Jayden Okunbor and Corey Harawira-Naera statement

    Are these two contracted to the bulldogs or free agents ?
  35. Snake

    News Barrett

    He would punt Cogger bring in Burton. Punt Montoya bring In Crichton. This would be a start. Dreams are free right.
  36. Snake

    What has happened to Josh Jackson?

    The responsibility of captaincy off the field has drained his soul. Seeing experienced players moved on, the port M scandal, Covid, trying to stay “up” all the time and be “positive” in a shi* show. Bloke looks depressed. I think if we get a new coach, some new players and perhaps put Hoppa as...
  37. Snake


    Jacko needs a holiday. He looks mentally and physically exhausted. I think he still has something to give but the pressures of Captain have taken a huge toll on him
  38. Snake

    News Bulldogs-bound Lafai to become next Dragon to depart

    We need speed and Lafai certainly doesn’t bring speed
  39. Snake

    News Barrett

    Barrett, Burton and S Crighton please
  40. Snake

    News Walters on radar of Bulldogs and Broncos before crucial clash

    I am hearing Chris Anderson as head coach, terry lamb attacking coach and Ben Anderson defensive coach. Steve Price relegated to water boy.
  41. Snake

    News Loyal Dog: Faitala-Mariner set for new deal after sniffing around

    A must sign. One of our few decent players. A new coach may even redevelop his off load.
  42. Snake

    Blake Green

    Blake Green has just been told he is not required at the Warriors next season. I haven’t Seen him play for a while except last night where he kicked well and set up the match winning play. What does The kennel think of a Foran/Green pairing next year? It would be by far the slowest Halves...
  43. Snake

    Elliot video circulating

    Contract negotiations between Elliott and the Bulldogs have broken down after Elliott’s management requested 100,000 per inch. The bulldogs were simply unable to come up with those figures
  44. Snake

    Gus on Six Tackles with Gus regarding Bulldogs recruitment and development

    We already did and came home with Montoya
  45. Snake

    John Bateman

    https://mobile.twitter.com/julianbabbott/status/1277851164608917506?s=21 If he was heading home to England there isn’t any hint of that in Rickys press conference.
  46. Snake

    No Source Corey Oates

    Oates could recapture form with a change of scenery / comfort zone
  47. Snake

    John Bateman

    I hope we get Bateman, but the Wigan deal sounds the most tempting. 4 years, good coin, back in the motherland.
  48. Snake

    Recruitment Suggestions - Consolidated Thread

    Alex Johnston Has officially stated he will not be at the Rabbits next season and is on the open market. 25 years old 89 first grade try’s. Represented multiple countries.
  49. Snake

    Raymond Fatali Mariner is like vodka

    RFM used to have a lot of errors in his game, dropped balls and wayward off loads, this gave his game some unpredictability. Someone has definitely told him not to pass. He has been coached to ‘tuck the ball under the arm and run’
  50. Snake


    Nek minute Pay throws in Katoa for 80 minutes and wonders why he starts to make mistakes under fatigue having not built up match fitness
  51. Snake

    Roger Tuivasa Sheck

    RTS Is just the type of player we need. No idea on his Current contract price or length thou.
  52. Snake

    Official Round 7 - Bulldogs vs Tigers - Discussion Thread

    I get the feeling Cogger is sacrificial and the 14 jumper will go to another player this week.
  53. Snake

    Adam Elliot post game interview

    Does Elliott’s next contract factor in loss of club reputation and sponsorship dollars as a result of the sweetcarolnegate scandal
  54. Snake

    Official Round 6 - Bulldogs vs Sharks - Discussion Thread

    Holland’s decision making looks superior to JMK, whatS that say about the starting hooker
  55. Snake

    What's the buzz

    The words Elliott and explosiveness should never be used in the same sentence. Ever. Are your eyes painted on. Cardigan is leaps and bounds ahead of Elliott now and that gap will only grow bigger.
  56. Snake

    What's the buzz

    Elliot should be resigned as the Social Club coordinator. Organise team bonding sessions . A Morale officer of sorts. Not resigned to play footy.
  57. Snake

    Craig Bellamy: Bulldogs prepare mega deal for Melbourne Storm coach

    Does anyone know the history / relationship between Bellamy and Chris Anderson ? Good bad or otherwise
  58. Snake

    Craig Bellamy: Bulldogs prepare mega deal for Melbourne Storm coach

    Go fund me page. Bring Bellamy to Belmore ! Could this be why recruitment has been so quiet .....
  59. Snake

    Has there been a worse time for our club?

    The Tim Winitana / Heka Nanai days were dark days indeed and this season feels much the same unfortunately. What’s most depressing is finding a way out of this hole seems so far away. How do we manufacture a quality spine in time for 2021. Recruitment need to perform a minor miracle.
  60. Snake

    Other News Source NRL 2020: Brisbane Broncos’ Tom Dearden being chased by seven rival teams

    Deardens trial form this pre-season was impressive, better then all our doggies halves. But that was just trial form, i haven’t seen his Q cup games to really gauge what he is like.
  61. Snake

    Official Round 6 - Bulldogs vs Sharks - Discussion Thread

    Meek Meaney had to go. Blokes got zero mongrel. Wish Wakeham and Kotoa got a start. Why persist with Holland on the bench if he ain’t signed for next year.
  62. Snake

    Official Round 5 - Bulldogs vs Roosters - Discussion Thread (postponed till Monday night)

    This will be a good to test without Toleman. For those that want him gone and those that want him around. Let’s how the forward go without him cleaning up.
  63. Snake

    News Bulldogs must hunt as a pack to stop Roosters

    JWH is AMassive out, always bullies our guys. Hopefully Napa can get on top of Collins. Interesting forward battles ahead. Buckle in guys.
  64. Snake

    Opinion Would Sailor be a good acquisition for our club??

    the Dragons current FG wingers are decent players in an out of form team IMO. People are over looking Mikaele Ravalawa built like Sivo and still got plenty of upside In his game and also off contract next season. Strong as an ox Makes good meters just hasn’t had the Opportunities to score try’s...
  65. Snake

    Rd 4 Dogs vs Dragons 3-2-1

    3. RFM 2. DWZ 1. Jacko
  66. Snake

    What’s doing?

    Delete thread please
  67. Snake

    Official Round 4 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    Big RFM is playing well today. DWZ looks far more comfortable on the wing. I’d like to see some kicks behind the line to Meaney and Jake is the second stanza
  68. Snake

    Opinion Opinions on new coaches

    Fitzgibbon head coach and Cooper Cronk assistant please. Open the war chest !
  69. Snake

    Morgan Harper to manly

    I thought Harper outplayed Remis in all pre-season trials. Shame he didn’t get a shot in round 1. In saying that I don’t think he is a huge loss in the scheme of things.
  70. Snake

    Official Round 3 - Bulldogs vs Sea Eagles - Discussion Thread

    What’s doing ? Has the game start moved back ?
  71. Snake

    New rule changes - How will it affect our team?

    Yea will have to watch and see. Seems to grey to me. There will be times when teams get the 6 again and then fumble the ball and wish they just got the penalty and a chance for field position or a shot at goal
  72. Snake

    New rule changes - How will it affect our team?

    Might be a silly question ... but hypothetically - scores are locked, there is 7 minutes remaining in the game. Dogs are attacking 40m out from opposition try line. There is a ruck infringement. Does the ref give a penalty or 6 again? That decision could decide the result
  73. Snake

    John Bateman

    Sounds more like 2. If he was doggies bound he would have sworn his mates to secrecy until official. Sounds more like they are taking the pis*
  74. Snake

    Andrew McCullough

    This bulldogs team needs experience and mentoring In the spine. McCulloch Will be sharing the hooking duties. Not the best signing but not the worst either. Let’s see how he plays this year out of the bronx system before judging to harshly
  75. Snake

    News From Top End to Belmore: Elliott's remarkable road to NRL return

    Is that last sentence about Foran tweaking a hamstring at training during the week a G UP ?
  76. Snake

    News Bulldogs Draw

    How many free to air games do you think we will get?
  77. Snake

    Better get used to sunday arvo footy guys.

    The same people on here blow up about the draw every year. Draw doesn’t mean jack sh*t. Either your team is good enough to make the finals and compete or they are not.
  78. Snake

    Ennis wants the dogs to sign Reynolds again. Shut yo mouth fool!!

    I’m torn on this ... our Current attack is so dull and predictable it is cringe worthy. Would Reynolds improve our attack. Yes. Is he a better player then Cogger and Lewis. Yes.
  79. Snake

    News Bulldogs focus on Wakeham, Foran as prospect of Reynolds return fades

    I rekon whatever we offer Foran, Des will offer 50k more. Question is, will he stay or go.
  80. Snake

    News The best is yet to come for Wakeham: Henderson

    Is Reynolds a better footballer then Cogger and Lewis?
  81. Snake

    Consolidated Pay Thread

    Pay is in danger for mine. None from two. Lost CHN and OkU which weakens a weak roster. He Pulled a playmaker mid game round 2. So team confidence will be shot. Foran will come back show a glimps of form and get injured leading to further loss of continuity and confidence. This puts us in spoon...
  82. Snake

    News Injury update: Stimson to undergo surgery

    This bloke is fast becoming Clay Priest 2.0
  83. Snake


    A merge presents the opportunity for a rebrand. I mean let’s face it our reputation is trashed. “Dirty dogs” ‘dog’ dog act, rapists, etc all this garbage sticks. Perhaps a merger or rebrand is just what the club needs. The Canterbury Bulls anyone ?
  84. Snake

    Is there a way out

    Recruitment is our best way out of this mess starting with the spine. No NRL team can be successful without experience and talent in the spine. We don’t have either atm
  85. Snake

    Official Round 2 - Bulldogs vs Cowboys - Discussion Thread

    Yea I like JMK and agree he is all heart. He showed that last night with effort on effort in D. But the team desperately needs attacking spark and it’s not fair From Pay to expect JMK to provide that for 80 mins and still make 40+ quality tackles
  86. Snake

    Official Round 2 - Bulldogs vs Cowboys - Discussion Thread

    JMK is not an 80 minute Hooker
  87. Snake

    Official Round 1 - Bulldogs vs Eels - Discussion Thread

    I rekon he will get cited for that shoulder charge and might miss next week. Hope I’m wrong
  88. Snake

    Official Round 1 - Bulldogs vs Eels - Discussion Thread

    We needed Kotoa tonight. JMK was underdone as most in here expected. JMK was a yard off the pass. Kotoa played both trials and was ready to go.
  89. Snake

    Official Round 1 - Bulldogs vs Eels - Discussion Thread

    Anyone else notice all momentum was lost when Elliot returned in the second half ? The timing of his errors are always killers ! on a positive , I’m really liking Wakeham. Limited opportunities but looks to have the goods
  90. Snake

    News Jayden Okunbor and Corey Harawira-Naera stood down

    BREAKING NEWS After much deliberation NRL CEO Todd Greenberg has called a press conference to confirm the sanctions being handed down to the Bulldog stars. “After bringing the game into disrepute. The NRL will be handing down the following sanctions. confiscation of mobile devices (12...
  91. Snake

    News Wakeham grabs first crack at 5/8

    So good to have a cheeky and creative playmaker. Heres hoping he steps it up to first grade standards. Good luck son.
  92. Snake

    News Jayden Okunbor and Corey Harawira-Naera stood down

    This will sound extreme to some. But If the allegations are true. suspend both players for 12 months. This shows a strong hand. It shows the family club will not tolerate this behaviour. It also gives the club a chance to keep building towards 2021. By the time next off season comes around we...
  93. Snake

    News Jayden Okunbor and Corey Harawira-Naera stood down

    Yep. Completely agree. My question is if the allegations are true what will be the ultimate penalty. We can only speculate. Short, mid, long term suspension, fines, sackings ?
  94. Snake

    News Jayden Okunbor and Corey Harawira-Naera stood down

    Silly question ....If they have just Broken team protocols , why is the integrity unit involved ?
  95. Snake

    News Jayden Okunbor and Corey Harawira-Naera stood down

    Well that’s perfectly fine then
  96. Snake

    News Jayden Okunbor and Corey Harawira-Naera stood down

    Can not believe this ! Just when you think we are flying under the radar, settled and ready to surprise a few teams . This happens ! Naming Critghton is a smoke screen for Alvero
  97. Snake

    News Dogs rookie reveals the moment he learned of shock Round 1 call-up

    ““I have full confidence in Wakes [Wakeham] and I can’t wait to play with the little fella and I hope we all play well“ The Prince.
  98. Snake

    News Brandon Wakeham will start in the halves for Canterbury in their season opener against Parramatta

    Any chance of Wakeman taking over the goal kicking duties from Meaney? Just asking for a mate ...