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    Recruitment Suggestions - Consolidated Thread

    I think he is going to sign with Knights from all reports
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    Mitch Brown/Josh Morris Lack of Communication.

    mate these two guys are good friends, its not a trust thing. Jmoz doesnt want to play FB. They were down here in cronulla before the titans game last week when the wind was blowing a gale and he was saying to brown and hodgo how he hates it
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    was out two fridays ago and a stack of dogs players were there. spent ages talking to james graham and asked bout Kas. He said he wasnt even jogging yet. he told me round 9-10. obviously this was 2 weeks ago but thats not long to go from not being able to jog to playing NRL. Cant see him...
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    Greenberg to leave the Dogs ? NRL press conference at 1pm today.

    he would be offered HUGE $$$$ to take this role He is the best man in the NRL for the job and the NRL need him Good luck to him if true
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    Greenberg to leave the Dogs ? NRL press conference at 1pm today.

    Andrew Webster is saying that a 1pm press conference to annouce this. Massive loss to us if true
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    Bulldogs Player Movements, Re-Signings, and Rumour Mill: 2012 Edition

    haha might have seen it and just not taking any notice because it doesnt really change anything haha was going ok until got injured
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    Bulldogs Player Movements, Re-Signings, and Rumour Mill: 2012 Edition

    foxsports saying goodwin to souths. is this old news?
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    Josh Jackson

    hey guys, dont post on here much anymore but how good was this kid tonight. In a game played like a semi final he stood up and did everything that was asked of him. got belted kept running hard. tackled well. he and finucane are future rep stars. put the cheque book away now and work with what...
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    Will Chambers --> Storm

    Josh Massoud from telegraph. dont know what his reputation is like but from the stuff he posts he is normally on the money. he said how we chased him from storm few yrs back but he is trying to get out of euro rugby deal providing that we can offer the right $$$. personally i think it would...
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    Will Chambers --> Storm

    hey guys havent been on here for ages but read on twitter last night that Will chambers is looking to come to us in Feb? He used to go alright down at the storm and is trying to get out of european union contract.
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    2011 Injury Thread

    neone know whats up with goodwin? saw him @ pub yesterday in a boot and crutches?
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    Dogs Block Roberts

    roberts was happy to receive full pay when injured so the dogs have made right decision to block any move for a release. people say he can play 4 or 5 positions but realistically he will only ever play first grade at half or 5/8. he "could" play centre but obviosuly moore doesnt want to...
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    Canterbury Bulldogs Player Signings, Re-signings & Rumour Mill: 2011 Edition

    i thought greenburg and dib both came out months ago and said blair wasnt going to be released? blair would be an awesome addition though if this were found to be true.
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    Canterbury Bulldogs Player Signings, Re-signings & Rumour Mill: 2011 Edition

    have heard from very good source eastwood is definate and should be done this week if not def week after. jono wright is also going to be a handy addition. will try and find out bout the leeds swap
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    Top Shelf News 6/7

    i am hearing that next yr barba will be at fullback and roberts will be coming of the bench. so i would assume this is keating @ 6 and hodgkinson @ 7. we r looking @ that o'neil from melbourne. i havent seen him play but he has scored a few tries. whinitina is gone end of year so mayb a bit of...
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    Eastwood No Go

    nah mate he spoke to todd bout 3 weeks or so ago, sorry next time i will put more time into making sure i word everything correctly
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    Eastwood No Go

    yeah mate people r always going to question things that go on here and i do aswell so i take no offence to u questioning it. i agree we need eastwood and a big offloading second rower.
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    Eastwood No Go

    i was going to start a new thread a mnth or so ago but was scared everyone would bite my head off but here it goes. my mate spoke with todd greenburg at his daughters soccer match the other day and this is wat he reported back. he said hodgkinson was a done deal, he said ryan, patten and hickey...
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    we can not buy an offload

    me and my mates have spoken about this all year. i dont have stats to back it up but it wud be interesting to see how our team ranks cos it seems as though we concede the most offloads and we actually do the least. we NEED second phase play K MOORE
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    Patten Likely To Leave

    i think it is in everyones best interest for ryan n patten to go to england. they could both get good 3yr contracts over there and set up some retirement funds allowing us to resign some of our juniors or look to buy some decent players. u r a good man luke patten all the best in whatever u...
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    Dogs, Eagles in Trent warfare.

    mate dugan is going to be the best fullback in the game down the track, the kid is a genius. if we arent going to use barba there he is a good option. he would def come @ a price however i agree in promoting etc but not when this kind of talent is an option
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    My Rant Part II

    i agree with what u have to say mate. our biggest problem i think is our game plan. we r so flat in attack and we saw in the second half when we got some depth we can be dangerous down our left side. like u said we need to get rid of warburton and id even look to put gordon in there we NEED...
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    This season could be the worst ever!! (merged)

    once we get hannant n roberts back i think we will be on our winning ways. barba needs more game time but i do not think starting him is our answer. end of first half and then back on with 15 to go or so. we need to start playing some more attacking football rather then everything just up the...
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    Broncos and Titans want to Poach Ben Hannant

    i think some people here are over reacting. Ben has given our club great service since being here on n off the field and has approached this in a very honest way. Like Greenburg said Ben has been upfront with them which they appreciate so I am sure Todd n co are working on a replacement already...
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    Hodgson Vs. Hickey

    no brainer
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    It's farewell for Feleti

    I think he wud be an awesome addition. great attacking skills and put that with roberts and morris would be awesome.
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    Australian Open 2010 (Concluded)

    kuznetzava and davidenko
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    Tuqiri to make comeback against Bulldogs

    1 tiquiri 2 tuiaki 3 lawerence 4 ayshford 5 ryan 6 marshall 7 moltzen
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    Penrith set to announce new signing

    good signing. put pressure on walsh n grahaem in halves as this is where they have really struggled
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    Penrith Panthers name 2010 Top Squad

    i do not mind this line up and i disagree with matt elliot. i think he is a decent coach. samitt gordon jennings simmons coote grahaem walsh petro kingston/iosefa/romelo tim grant waterhouse pritchard lewis cooper smith laurie kingston/iosefa/romelo
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    Wests Tigers name 2010 Top Squad

    yeah he signed with them for a few mnths and tiquiri be back for nrl good team imo tiquiri tuaki lawerence ayshford ryan/brown/tamou marshall moltzen galloway fulton cayless hieghington ellis fulton payten gibbs tamata ???
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    Team Lineup Discussion

    8 asotasi 9 luke 10 burgess 11 taylor 12 pettybourne 13 crocker 14 ross 15 stuart 16 geddes 17 ??? good pack
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    Will Josh Morris play this week in the 4 nations?

    i thought i heard hodges broke his nose? neone else hear that
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    mason flies the coop.

    mason was visiting ray dibb the other day but i assume that was only to sort some of his financial matters out. lets hope so and there was nothing more to it haha
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    Our "NRL All Star" - Who is it?

    ok so i think we all understand the concept of captains and vice captians with one player from each team selected. this could be a silly question but the part i am not sure about is how do they pick the one person from each team in their position. so for example how do they pick the fullback and...
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    Will Brett Kimmorley Re-sign?

    he will resgin as our halves or backs coach
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    Australian Team Announced

    i am good mates with luke douglas and i know around origin time he was a lil disappointed thats his name wasnt even being considered. he isnt surprised by his exclusion but once again a lil disappointed. he has to be in the top 10 props in the game and with the injuries i would have thought hed...
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    Will the Eels Players get Suspended?

    if melb beat brisbane watch the pressure melb puts on the nrl thru the media and rightfully so. they loose their captain for a incident nowhere near as bad as either two of lasts night. billy slater has been suspended for knees before so watch them bring out the comparisons. hope they both miss...
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    forgot the sign mate just paint urself blue n white
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    Crowd Prediction

    i thought i heard today that 66k had been sold with 15 still remaining
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    This weeks bench?

    quick question guys who do we play on our bench this week. we gotta pick 4 players out of eastwood ( warburton starts ), gordon, armit, hickey or holdsworth. do we go four forwards our leave DJ there to cover ne injuries. thoughts?
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    YOUR favorite RL moves.tricks.plays.

    i remember once back when darren smith was playing for us he was on the blind side and he was pretending to be injured. the defence shifted open and then smith jumped up and we went down the blind and scored. was vry funny
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    Quater Final 1 - Storm vs Seagulls (Spoilers)

    inglis first try and manly 1 -12
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    heres proof

    mate i love a punt and this is an awesome bet i have 50 on us to win comp @ 40's. heres hoping. well done champ
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    Who has the hottest girlfriend?

    jamie soward used to go out with a gurl from my high school. when he cracked first grade he dumped her and said " now i am a first grade footballer i need a first grade girlfriend". Looks like he has achieved
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    Moore left to defend the troops

    i thnk moore has done a good job all year but finals footy is diff. holdsworth hsould not even be consided. eastwood, warburton and ryan pack the scrum and stagg to 6. bring barba to the bench and bring him into the game in second half. lots more pressure on roberts and i no he isnt a half back...
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    Dally M awards

    like someone said earlier i think winterstein will win it. if not mortimer
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    Canberra Raiders

    something noone has mentioned yet. if knights win this week and next ( good possibility ) and manly loose to gold coast ( good possibility ) then manly can drop to eighth and we will play them. this would require eels beat st merge which i think they will and brisbane winning. I aint care who we...
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    Ennis / Sandow fight

    unfortunately for ennis n dogs he has a reputation. He may not start something however the refs r lookin for n easy option n decision so they penalise him. happened previously this season. hopefully he can get the refs on side
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    Rabbits team to face 'Dogs

    we have one bad night and now everyone thinks that we r going to get beat by this rubbish team. how bout a lil positive talk. Souths right hand side defence will be having nightmares for a long long time after morris and goodwin run a muck. all we need to do is focus on wrapping up the ball. way...
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    Rnd 20 Bulldogs v Eels 3-2-1 Thread

    i cant believe only one person has mention hodgson. i thought he was outstanding 3 eastwood 2 hodgson 1 armit brad morrin is terrible. should neva play again
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    Rnd 20 Roll Call: Bulldogs v Eels

    i thought i was in a box but just got my tickets then and i am in players and officals area. wherever that is
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    Congratulations Ben Hannant

    yeah he played on injured for QLD but we cant really blame him for that. you r in the heat of state of origin. u have a chance to win the series and all ur other team mates r injured. u do wat u can. I understand why dogs supporters would be angry at that but we havent lost without him and we...
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    Rnd 20 Roll Call: Bulldogs v Eels

    ill be going. will be up in corporate seating but i would like to come meet fellow kennellers. wats the story just rock up n introduce boys?
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    Henjak says negotiations with Hunt had adverse affect on Broncos' recruitment

    didnt we loose thurston cos we had to keep monies to sign anasta and co. or was it price and then he left. whichever it is sucked in brisbane. look at these guys now and they r playing heaps beta then they were up there. stop whinging henjack. should be next coach sacked
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    Congratulations Ben Hannant

    correct me if i am wrong but we got greenburg from like the stadium australia trust or whatever it is called. as mentioned previously they r chasing him again and lets hope that he can stay with us and finish what he has finished. blokes like hannant n ennis stagg and noody to be around the club...
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    Congratulations Ben Hannant

    After seeing Ben on foxsports last night he is to be comended for the way he presented and handled himself. wat an absoloute champion of a bloke on the field but just as much off the field. How far our club has come in 12 months. Was very interesting to see what he had to say about odd greenburg...
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    eels v storm tipping?

    jarrad hayne first try into parra 1 -12. prob be bout 30-1
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    Origin 3 Team..

    hayne b morris j moris jennings monaghan mullen soward weyman ennis bailey watmough odonnel gallen gidley poore creagh stewart gidley has to be on bench
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    Ben Roberts and Jamal Idris both re-sign

    i dont think we need to worry too much bout 2011. I am sure Greenburg and co have thought about that and I have 100% confidence in him and they have done this for a reason. lets just be happy with the good news
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    Never say never: Sonny Bill open to return to Belmore

    i saw khodar nassar yesterday in mundine's coffee shop and said " u going to bring sbw back to league " and his exact response. " neva say neva " i agree we aint need u sbw
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    Penny Panthers vs Dragons

    Dragons by 13+. Panthers have lost petro and lewis and jennings as u guys said. Bulldogs and Dragons should besure things this week.
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    City V Country (SPOILER incl.)

    $5 multi, lyon n falou first try scorers n city 13 + 2800 collect happy days
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    Harold Matthews (Team of the Year/Week)

    Zac Wedesweiler plays in my cricket team. very good kid who sharks have massive opion on and have signed him up. bulldogs tried to get him but his mum wouldnt have ne of it haha
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    NRL Fantasy 2009

    ive changed my team ova 30 times i reckon
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    NRL Fantasy 2009

    neone started a telegraph comp?
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    Our odds

    dogs will finish 7th or 8th and be knocked out first week in semi's so they may be worth a few hundred at 2 or 3 to one to make the eight. 2010 will be a better year with a few more siginings
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    Predictions for Aus Open

    Safina looked terrible against Dokic, still liking federer but just had 250 on dementiavia
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    Predictions for Aus Open

    who does everyone think will win Men : Federer Women : Safina
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    Golf: Post your rounds

    played at marrickville for first time and it is the worst course i have ever played. like u said before worst lay out and it is just rubbish. played in comp off 8 and had 37 points but wasnt impressed
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    shows they need to bring back

    its a knock out
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    Golf: Post your rounds

    I have played camden lakeside probably 5 times. not overly hard but definately not easy. average aroun 10 over round there. not a whole lot of water tricky greens though
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    Your 2009 Team (merged)

    he has played centre and five eighth im pretty sure and obviously second row
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    David Stagg signs:

    Mannering would be one of the best buys eva if we could get him. i highly doubt it. he would be asking around 300 - 350 u reckon? very good backrower and can also play centre if there were injuries stagg can also play five eight and centre cant he?
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    Your 2009 Team (merged)

    patten el masari idris morris utai holdsworth kimmorly hickey ennis hannant hodgson ryan stagg kite koups roberts te mari
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    Golf: Post your rounds

    my handicap is 8 and live down the shire if neone is eva keen
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    David Stagg signs:

    good to see it is made official!!! lets hope for a big year for the boys and mayb a few sneaky signings to come. No way Warriors will let Mannering go, Patterson would be stupid to not go to us ( NFL Punter ) and didnt we talk with o'hara when he signed with tigers?
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    David Stagg signs:

    i dont claim to know anyone all im saying was i was at a function and these directors told me that he signed yesterday afternoon. just thought id put it up ere so everyone knew didnt expect to cop sh&t bouit it
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    David Stagg signs:

    probably the same directors who told me
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    David Stagg signs:

    totally understandable for not believing all the crap that goes up ere but this is my first post of this nature i think so yeah. i dont know details of the arrangement though soryr
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    David Stagg signs:

    David stagg 100% signed this afternoon. just got home from function with two board members of dogs and both told me. It isnt common knowledge but definately happened. you may chose not to believe but it is confirmed.
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    Worlds Top 50 Juniors

    was luke douglas a schoolboy rep
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    Aus V NZ

    wat odds do u want?
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    Who Will be our best in 2009?

    Josh Morris will be our best and will get a origin jersey too
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    On The Punt

    i got the quaddie at flemington but i took more horses for a lesser % because i thought that it would pay 20 - 30k. it only paid like 2600 haha i had 10%
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    The funniest thing youve seen at a bulldogs game?

    I was going to say terry lamb kicking the field goal when 2 down but also didnt marty bella knock on off the kick off in the GF. wasnt funny at time but looking back not too bad. Darren smith belting mundine was good too
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    Border-Gavaskar Series

    not a bad 1st day by the aussies i thought. Krezja got hit around but we knew he would, but he took wickets which is what we needed. early wickets this morning and Aus r in box seat. Dhoni is the big wicket
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    On The Punt

    GO Samantha Miss. did anyone see the race? im at work and only saw the result. has the quinella at 10.30 too only had 20 on it but. was it close?
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    On The Punt

    got a mate at the races in melb and he just locked in 500 on samantha miss at 2 - 1 for me. 1.80 on that tote atm
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    Border-Gavaskar Series

    Big chance India will play Gambhir today and make the match null and void and therefore India will win the series 1 - 0. If not can not have enough $$$ on the draw
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    On The Punt

    I have boxed the 1,2,3,4 for 50 bucks in next in melb get lil over 200% and i back the 3 i think it i s fav though
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    Roberts VS Ireland

    HAHAHA his long kicking game hahah he is terrible. groom for number 6
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    On The Punt

    Samantha Miss is a very good horse. todays race is back against the 3yo fillies and i think if you can get $2 for her it will be a good investement. there may be a bolter though so putting an exacta with field for first and the samantha miss second might be worth a look
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    Melbourne Cup!!

    McEvoy is a thug. he is terrible late;y been butchering some good chances
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    Border-Gavaskar Series

    India will be the number 1 test nation very soon. good team currently and they have some good young players coming through aswell.