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    Greenberg to leave the Dogs ? NRL press conference at 1pm today.

    Andrew Webster is saying that a 1pm press conference to annouce this. Massive loss to us if true
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    Josh Jackson

    hey guys, dont post on here much anymore but how good was this kid tonight. In a game played like a semi final he stood up and did everything that was asked of him. got belted kept running hard. tackled well. he and finucane are future rep stars. put the cheque book away now and work with what...
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    Will Chambers --> Storm

    hey guys havent been on here for ages but read on twitter last night that Will chambers is looking to come to us in Feb? He used to go alright down at the storm and is trying to get out of european union contract.
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    This weeks bench?

    quick question guys who do we play on our bench this week. we gotta pick 4 players out of eastwood ( warburton starts ), gordon, armit, hickey or holdsworth. do we go four forwards our leave DJ there to cover ne injuries. thoughts?
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    Congratulations Ben Hannant

    After seeing Ben on foxsports last night he is to be comended for the way he presented and handled himself. wat an absoloute champion of a bloke on the field but just as much off the field. How far our club has come in 12 months. Was very interesting to see what he had to say about odd greenburg...
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    Predictions for Aus Open

    who does everyone think will win Men : Federer Women : Safina
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    On The Punt

    Since the new update i have been unable to locate this punt thread. please delete this if it is still around. If not post bets here and lets make some money for each other
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    Blayney In for Koops

    Reece gets another chance this weekend. what your thoughts on him being called up over other players? who do you think deserved a chance who mayb hasnt this year?
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    How did Blayney go?

    I didnt get a chance to watch the game on the weekend and was wondering how reece went? any feedback would be appreciated
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    Try of the year?

    The try we scored on full time on sat night was awesome. how does this rate in regards to other great tries this year? Wats your favourite try so far this year?
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    Anyone doing updates for NYC

    Anyone up there available to help us out with scores? sorry if this has already been posted
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    Predictions v's Dragons NYC

    With Barba and Kite playing FG how do you guys think we will go against a very good saints team? I think we will find it hard to get a win tonight
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    What was Ben Roberts thinking

    wat the hell was he thinking when he put that grubber through with 1 min to go. surely they had to set up for a field goal. this warrants him being dropped. thoughts?
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    Best Under 20's

    Just wondering who you guys think is the best player in the under 20's comp? How do Barba and Kite rank?