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    Declan Casey debut

    I agree. It was a tough first up assignment in those conditions. Pressure to do well and the shit they had to play in spelt mistakes to me. Surely we could have played someone else and give the bloke a decent chance at a debut in better conditions. Feel for him.
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    News Potter tipped to remain at the helm following Bulldogs resurgence

    I heard a whisper about Bellamy last year. Not saying it's correct, but.....
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    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    I hope your wrong about TPJ. We need to hang on to him as he is our go forward atm.
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    I recall in earlier games this season, he was best forward, but very on\off. Consistancy is what he needs. Focus.
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    Opinion Wizard - Not Harry but Mick Potter

    The next couple of games will show if we can make the 8. I'm hoping.
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    Opinion Wizard - Not Harry but Mick Potter

    I would think the Wizard had a hand (wand) in this play.
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    Opinion Wizard - Not Harry but Mick Potter

    I'm really liking what I'm seeing. Opinions as to why not. I can't see any.
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    Opinion Confidence. If only you could bottle it!

    We are playing with so much confidence and belief under this new coach. Why look any further.
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    Opinion Latrell Mitchell

    I'm with you. I would have to follow another team after 60 years. Lattrell is the biggest grub of all.
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    Opinion Latrell Mitchell

    Drinkwater has always been solid without being standout. With the right team around him he will be a standout and is starting to show this with the Cowboys. I couldn't understand why he was dropped to start with.
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    Official Team List Round 14 v Eels + Match Discussion

    I said this way back last year. Unless we have a forward pack that goes forward we are screwed. How can our backs/Halves do their shit if we have no go forward. If we aren't big enough, we need bigger blokes (with hearts). We will continue to struggle until we dominate the middle. It's not...
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    Spot on Flanno. You can't do much when you have to cover 2 positions.
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    News ‘They’ve lost their DNA’: Bulldogs great takes aim club’s recruiting and names his next coach

    If you're a forward it does, that's exactly what we need.
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    Opinion Gus met with Shane Flanagan at a Cafe

    Or a Chinese restaurant.
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    Which coach???

    I'm all for giving Deanno another go. We have a far better pack now for him to work with and I think he would get the boys to be proud of the jersey. However, I don't think he would take on the role after the shit fight he went through before. We need a connection to past winning teams.
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    Who is our number 1 for next year?

    I said the same. He was very solid for us and just needed time and decent players around him.
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    Who is our number 1 for next year?

    If we bring in that grub I'm changing teams after 60 years.
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    Opinion Sack Barrett thread

    No if or Buts, the coach has to go. We should be pushing the top 8 by now and improving each week but this is not the case. Trent cannot keep demoralising the players and the Club with the performance week after week. Bit the bullet time. See ya Trent.
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    Opinion I’m sorry Matt Burton

    No one is doubting their effort, it's just Burto needs the space to utilise his attacking prowess. He is doing a good job at 6 but like I said before, he is devastating in the centres. With better players around him it would be a different story, but we don't have that right now. I'm not sure...
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    Opinion I’m sorry Matt Burton

    They got that pretty right I reckon.
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    Opinion I’m sorry Matt Burton

    Don't agree. He is devastating where he has space out in the centres. IMO
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    Opinion I’m sorry Matt Burton

    Spot on. He needs to go to Centre. He is all class there, but not so much at 6. We need a class 6 bad.
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    Opinion What did Gus say to unite the team?

    Agree. I haven't seen enough from Gus to hold him as high as some on here do. Time will tell.
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    Fox to FB, Dufty to Dummy half

    What I'm saying is it isn't all JJ's fault. There is a whole team out there and if everyone did there job it wouldn't be a problem.
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    Fox to FB, Dufty to Dummy half

    Yep blame JJ. It's his fault the rest of the team are Fucked after 20 minutes. JJ goes hard all game and I bet it's the same at training. Train hard, play hard. Yep, definitely JJ's fault we can't win a game. I can't believe you dip shits can blame him.
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    News Josh Jackson’s career at crossroads as Phil Gould eyes Bulldogs overhaul

    Would do better than the one we have now.
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    The Spoon is Ours

    As I've said, anyone. Blind freddy, I don't care, just not Baz
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    The Spoon is Ours

    This is it. Baz needs to be gone this week. It doesn't matter who the new coach is right now, but we have to get rid of this loosing culture that he has installed. Pack your shit now Baz.
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    The Spoon is Ours

    I'm even more delusional. I said top 8 with possibly top 4. I now just hope to score some tries. so I can cheer about something. Sad
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    Opinion Jackson not at the Press Conference.

    Geez mate, I bet your mates (if you have any) can't wait for you to get to the party. Take a chill pill and learn to express yourself without the anger mate. We are all frustrated but JJ will not be thrown under the bus by this club. He lives and breaths this club.
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    Opinion Jackson not at the Press Conference.

    And it begins. So now you lot will want Burton gone. FFS I can't believe you lot.
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    Opinion Game Changer

    It doesn't really matter who dropped the ball or knocked on or threw a pass that went to ground. If the boys can't regroup and get over that then they shouldn't be playing 1st grade. Simple as that. Other teams make mistakes but don't drop their heads and give up. It's all about attitude, and we...
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    Who gave Jmk and Okunbor new deals?

    Geez mate, Ockie is the only player to be caught out of position hey? WTF. Most of the team is out of position all game every game. They are unfit and have no direction. You lot on here pick a target and sink the boot in. Ockie is not the worst we have out there, at least he can score a try. How...
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    The Coach to Build a Dynasty

    I agree. Give him the rest of the year and see how he goes. Can't be any worse than what we've got now. Dymock was a great club man and a ferocious contender. He has my vote for a trial period.
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    Opinion Burton

    Best performances! WTF. When was that 2004? I haven't seen a "best performance" for years. A shoddy win doesn't make it a good performance FFS.
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    Opinion Sack Barrett thread

    I said that months ago. I think he has had his chance. See ya.
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    Who is our new coach?

    If we can hold the opposition to 6 or 8 sure. :laughing:
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    “I’m the one that made the decision” - Gus

    I'm with you Dog. All Gus said was he took Kyle under his wing to build his confidence and get his head in the right place. If that means making him not selectable for the duration then so be it. The kid couldn't take anymore of the criticism thrown at him and Gus put a shield around him for a...
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    Opinion Josh Reynolds

    Totally agree. He would be screaming at them with passion of a Bulldog. Love his passion for the Club. If the team can't show the same, move them on I say.
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    Opinion What's going on at Canterbury

    I've said it way back last year. Baz is an assistant only. He's got to go.
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    Who actually selects the team?

    Good point. They probably need to see some credentials.
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    What’s the go with Dufty?

    We need to resign him for a couple of years as a priority.
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    Opinion Doesn’t matter who the half back is

    Gusler you made two points that no one can argue with. We have no attack with an attacking coach in place Baz needs to go or get help.
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    Opinion I feel sorry for flanno Honestly

    I agree. If he is serious about being a part of the FG team, he grabs it with both hands and runs with it. I just hope he doesn't try too hard and pressure himself out of the game. Good luck Kyle.
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    News ‘A hand grenade for your birthday’: Flanagan’s Panthers baptism of fire

    I bet they will blame Kyle, and Ockie (even though he isn't playing.)
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    Why we still playing Desball?

    Surely the Club has a past player who has the talent and respect to take on the coaching role. How about Baa?
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    Things are becoming clearer

    It's not just individual players. It's the team as a whole, with 1 or 2 exceptions each week. (Dufty every week) we are not a team in motion. We stand in a bunch, we stand around scratching our heads, we are totally lost for a vast majority of the game. Watch the fluid motion and readiness of...
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    Opinion Poll: Will you Watch next Week?

    Unfortunately YES. I've put a cage around all TV's so I can't through Beers at them. It's getting expensive replacing them week in week out. Not to mention the waste of Beer.
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    Official We have nothing

    It was blatantly obvious to me. Storm was constant movement and every player was in position ready to attack and defend. Our rabble was all over the place with no movement and fuck all commitment. When they couldn't break the defence in the first 20 minutes they gave up. It is getting beyond a joke.
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    Kyle Flanagan

    No Georges Hall primary.
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    Kyle Flanagan

    There used to be a carnival / fun park on the river not far from were I lived. I have forgotten what that was called.
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    Opinion Bulldogs best 17 since 2012

    JAC, He's done nothin yet. Some of you mob throw some sh*t around. FM
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    Kyle Flanagan

    Yep me too. House backed on to the Georges River near the Boat ramp on Henry Lawson Drive. Tomato farm across the river
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    Kyle Flanagan

    I said a few weeks back that he is our better option for now. If his confidence has grown in the lower grades, maybe it's time to give him a go next to Burto and put to rest forever.
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    How to fix our Attack?

    Luck my arse. We need blokes to back up and f#cken run angles. We've still got nothing after the initial break. Lazy fuc3s in attack. All they want to do is defend by looks.
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    Payne Haas

    Going on the games played, we need Dufty. He's been the most dangerous player on the park.
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    News Phil Gould Summary Of where we are at

    Darts is very challenging. You try and hit the board after 10 pints.
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    News Phil Gould Summary Of where we are at

    It's been that way for years.
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    Opinion Luke Thompson a bust signing?

    I'll be surprised if you don't get at least 6 people agreeing with you on this.
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    Opinion Luke Thompson a bust signing?

    Totally agree.
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    Why We Lost is Simple

    Some one with some speed needs to watch for when Dufty comes in to the line. He breaks the line a few times every game and no one is with him. FFS, where is Baa when you need him.
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    The I’m sorry Jayden Okunbor thread

    Yep. One of them. There are soo many stupid statements I don't bother reading most of them anymore.
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    Official Round 3 v Manly Match Discussion

    Not the point mate. Both wingers yesterday came off their wing throughout the game and no one wants to sack them. No wonder the poor bloke is doin' it tough. He is human.
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    Official Round 3 v Manly Match Discussion

    Exactly. TK has it in for him. The poor f#ck couldn't get a compliment if he scored 3 solo tries.
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    Official Round 2 vs Broncos Match Discussion

    Ockie comes in a lot as well, so maybe it's the way they are being trained.
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    Averillo is too predictable

    I didn't know that having "laced on a Boot before" was part of the criteria for joining the Kennel. I thought you just had to be a supporter.
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    Our Attack?

    Yep. Plenty. And Coral Trout, Fingermark etc. Beats Bream. Yuck
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    Our Attack?

    So long as He doesn't go to DH. Every ball was a floater.
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    Our Attack?

    I love it. I came up here when the Sunny Coast got too cold in winter, 2 ute loads of wood for the fireplace per year. Much better fishing here. Barra off the beach behind my place. I am starting to feel the heat as I get older though, I had to put A/c in the house 18 months ago. Goin' soft.
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    Official Round 2 v Brisbane Match Discussion

    Yep, and if it's 2 from 2 who knows what that confidence will bring. 6 from 6. :dizzy:
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    Our Attack?

    Yep it is hot and humid up here, but it always is at this time of year. If they played a week earlier they would have collapsed, but so would of the Cowboys. With the exception of the rain, it wasn't that bad IMO, but I've lived here for 19 years. They did fairly well for southerners. lol
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    Our Attack?

    Spot on. Very frustrating to watch. They look to have absolutely no enthusiasm or creativity, just run 5 paces and take the tackle.
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    Official Round 2 v Brisbane Match Discussion

    We need to go 2 from 2. If we can't follow up the last win our confidence will drop again.
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    Rd 1 vs Cowboys 3-2-1

    Yep. It was great to be wearing the winning colours for a change.
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    Rd 1 vs Cowboys 3-2-1

    Vaughan was good overall. A couple of mistakes but most made a mistake or two. He hit the line with aggresion most times like a good forward should. All of the forwards hit hard except for the back end of the game. They were f#*ked. The humidity got to them. Geez, I heard in the southern stand...
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    Scruffy but some good signs

    I've noticed, especially yesterday as I was in the stands, inside of Ockie was constantly coming in, so Ockie has no other option but to follow or leave a gaping hole. You have to look at the big picture. It's not always his fault. He did well to cover yesterday.
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    Averillo is too predictable

    I thought JMK and Avo were a lot better. Afew more games together and hopefully it all happens naturally. Burton should NOT go to Dummy Half, every pass was a lollypop.
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    The I’m sorry Jayden Okunbor thread

    I've said it before, give him some confidence like the whole team needs, some quality ball then judge him. towards the end of the game we had no go forward off our line bar Ockie. Our forwards were gone. You can't judge 1 bloke when the rest are just as bad.
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    Our left edge was great in cover defence
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    News Last time we won round 1 2017

    It was a win. Certainly not pretty but we got there and the monkey is off our back. Ockie had a good game but I thought Fox looked like he tried too hard, good thing or bad thing? A couple of weeks and everyone will relax a bit and hopefully flow better. I was at the game and the boys looked to...
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    What do you want from tonight?

    Totally agree. I might even get wet. Raining here.
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    News Jake Averillo vows to silence critics and lock down Bulldogs’ No.7 spot

    He's 21 FFS. He needs confidence. If the forwards aren't giving him space he has no chance. Let him settle in to position and get the combinations happening. Make s the world of difference.
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    Official Round 1 v Cowboys match discussion

    I agree with this. I think the team put forward is fairly rounded and should get us a win.
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    1st Round Team

    I just hope that the team we put on the park win because I'm gunna be surrounded by Cowboy fans at the Stadium, and last year they all gave me some stick when they beat us. I'm pretty vocal during the game.
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    Ryan Sutton To The Dogs

    I agree mate. He has way too much potential to get rid of him.
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    Official Bulldogs Reject Sports Betting

    Yeah but much better odds for the Premiership. Or even a win.
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    Official Bulldogs Reject Sports Betting

    I'm with this 100%. Kids see way too much too early these days.
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    News Dogs’ face $1m problem: Every club’s biggest selection headache

    Obviously the coach that can get some wins on the board
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    Relax - The Stats Tell The Story

    The ball also took a deflection from cronulla I'm pretty sure.
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    Relax - The Stats Tell The Story

    It will be good practice for him then.
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    Relax - The Stats Tell The Story

    Spot on. Who is to blame? I can think of only 1 person.
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    Phil Gould on Recruitment

    That's the most logical comment I've seen on here all day.
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    News Dogs’ face $1m problem: Every club’s biggest selection headache

    As much as I hate to admit it, Flanno is our best fit at 7 until BBO matures. I'd give him 6 games to gel. He just might surprise us all. Righto all you Flanno haters, give it to me. I can take it.
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    Opinion Sack Barrett thread

    Yep. It's not that hard.
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    Opinion Round 1 next week

    No matter what team is picked for R1 we need to stick with it for a few weeks. Changing the combinations every week will kill us.
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    Opinion Round 1 next week

    I agree. A few weeks of gelling with the combinations in real game time will make a huge difference. Not just Hethro, but the team as a whole. Deep breaths and a little patience.
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    I saw some real positives in the players and some combinations, but they were few and far between. It's not all doom and gloom but after the first 6 rounds we had better see some big improvements or the coach will be in the cross hairs.
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    Sharks vs dogs trial

    Yea and I keep hoping he comes good. A unit his size is what we need out wide. Back to the halves, Barrett should know what to look for considering he was one. But your right, he looks to have no clue.
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    Sharks vs dogs trial

    Surely they have all trained along side him, so Barrett should know which one is the better fit.