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  1. Chris Harding

    NSW Government lashing out millions on Panthers

    This is from today's SMH, by Peter FitzSimons: Look, if I can’t break records like Usain Bolt did, do you mind if I at least go on like a broken record for just a moment? For I think I might have mentioned #StadiumSplurge before, yes? I am nearly sure I passed comment that it was OUTRAGEOUS for...
  2. Chris Harding

    Des Hasler and Bulldog Playing Style

    Thought this article might be of interest, if it's not already posted somewhere. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/brutal-bulldogs-sacking-best-thing-that-could-have-happened-to-des-20190801-p52d1x.html
  3. Chris Harding

    Model Railway updated

    Some months ago, I said I would update images on my new layout. It is nowhere near complete, but here are the work in progress pics.
  4. Chris Harding

    Railway photos

    Recently back from hosting a tour of Switzerland. I can add more pics if anyone is interested. This is the Hotel Grischuna in Filisur, on the line to St.Moritz. We stay here on our tours. Terrific place.
  5. Chris Harding

    Deliberate trip by Knights

    I can't find any reference to the trip by a Knights player in the early stages of the game. There is nothing in the media, or the NRL's official website. Has this gone unnoticed? Or was it deemed OK?
  6. Chris Harding

    This must be a turning point

    Seriously, this is just about as low as a team can go without massive upheaval and change. After such a humiliating defeat, where everything was a shambles and a total lack of passion, discipline, or interest, there has to be mass sackings and back to the drawing board tactics. We need someone...
  7. Chris Harding


    Not sure if it has already been mentioned, but Fox will run a series of Bulldog games on 9th January as part of their season of league.
  8. Chris Harding


    Some pictures of my layout It's modelled on the Swiss Rhatische Bahn. Stilll a long way to go before it's finished.
  9. Chris Harding

    Penalties for Throwing the Ball Away

    I've seen three examples of incidents where the Bulldogs were penalised, going without reaction from the referees. Two were in the Broncos game where the ball was kicked out of the ground after a forward pass was called; and another when the ball was thrown downfield after a knock-on. There was...
  10. Chris Harding

    Was that an eight piont try/

    At the time, I thought that Perrett was lifted above the horizontal position when he scored his second try. The replay seemed to confirm that the Warriors player lifted him as he dived over; but the commentators insisted he had no impact on Perrett landing upside down. The bunker never mentioned...
  11. Chris Harding

    Shoulder charge

    Gower's shoulder charge on Jackson went unremarked. Jackson was out for the rest of the game. Watching the replay, there is no doubt that Gower lines him up and deliberately leads with a shoulder to the head. Because Gower was in possession of the ball, apparently this is OK. Had Jackson...
  12. Chris Harding

    Retirement from kennel

    Thank you to the reasonable people I have enjoyed discussing Bulldog issues with over the years. Unfortunately, I will not be part of the Kennel any more. The attacks on the characters of people who cannot defend themselves, and the personal and puerile vitriol that now pervades this...
  13. Chris Harding

    Fan behaviour on trains

    Last night's win was soured by my trip home on the train. The behaviour of our Bulldog fans made me sick to the core. They violently banged their fists and feet on the carriage panels, windows and doors. They ran up and down the aisles, pushing and shoving into passengers. Their language was...
  14. Chris Harding

    Prince v. Reynolds

    Unless I missed it on a thread. Can anyone tell me what went on between Prince and Reynolds in the second half? The ABC call team suggested that after Prince kicked the ball, he and Reynolds got into a scrap, where Prince reportedly head butted him. Nothing further was mentioned.
  15. Chris Harding

    Phone tapping

    Listening to Kevin Moore on ABC today, he was denying rumours that he was about to be sacked, and made references to (so called) "sources close to the club" as nobody the club was aware of. The police tapped all Bulldogs' phones during the Coffs Harbour incident. It just made me wonder...
  16. Chris Harding

    Titans in trouble?

    If we can beleive Danny W.. on Channel 9 the Titans are under investigation over an alleged salary breach to Scott Prince. Then some rubbish about a $1.5 million extortion racket. The first part has implications about their ability to pay for Hannant; the other sounds like puff.
  17. Chris Harding

    Rule interpretations

    I know it had no bearing on either game but, once again we have witnessed two referees with entirely different interpretations of the same rule: A Dragons forward is stopped short of the line, held short of the line, then reaches over and grounds it well after his forward progress had been...
  18. Chris Harding

    ABC displays bias, again.

    Just heard the ABC news gleefully announce that the Storm gave us a "football lesson" tonight. There is a sports commentator on the ABC who absolutely loves to talk about our defeats, yet refuses to report the scores whenever we win. I don't recall this clown describing Saints giving the...
  19. Chris Harding

    I'm no Fair Weather supporter.

    Anyone who knows my credentials, knows that I have been a loyal supporter of the dogs for over 40 years. But, tonight's performance has left me cold and disgusted! Whilst I have not backed any calls for sackings of coaches and players, in the heat of the moment tonight, I'm ready to agree...
  20. Chris Harding

    Mob Behaviour

    I've been thinking about this overnight, mainly because I use my real name on these forums. But that's because I'm prepared to stand by what I say. Last night I caught the train home from the game. On the train were hundreds of peope wearing Bulldog supporters gear, myself included. The trip...
  21. Chris Harding

    Can we start on 33 points this year?

    Mr. Gallop, now that we know that a massive salary cap breach is only penalised by a loss of four points, we are now 33 points in credit from our 37 point penalty. Can we be compensated by starting on 33 points this year? It's only fair!
  22. Chris Harding

    Lesson from Swans Game

    For those who don't follow AFL, the Swans game on Friday night was a valuable lesson to all football sides, particularly the Bulldogs. Down in the final quarter, and written off for the season, the players took the attitude that "we're done for, but that doesn't mean we have to stop playing...
  23. Chris Harding

    Another Milestone to Haz.

    Well done, Champ, breaking the 1500 points barrier. What a game to achieve such a milestone. Solid in defence, safe in the wet, and reliable with the boot. I still cannot believe that you were penalised for an exceptional tackle - which should have given us six more sets in front of...
  24. Chris Harding

    2005 Slipping Away - So What!!

    There's been a lot of talk from some "fans" about the Dog's poor season so far. Whilever there is a mathematical chance that we can make the finals I will continue to be optimistic. But, let's get serious; even if our year is over already; -out of adversity comes salvation. If, and I...
  25. Chris Harding

    When is a Controversy??

    I didn't see last week's game, but the Sunday Roast just showed our disallowed try against the Broncos. I have no doubt that unbelievably disallowed try and penalty to Brisbane cost us a deserved win. As I've said in another thread, a couple of years ago we were hounded by the boofheads in...
  26. Chris Harding

    Prince Intercept

    I know I'm getting old and the eyes aren't as good as they used to be, but it appeared to me that Scott Prince didn't ground the ball when he took that intercept. I thought I saw him roll onto his shoulder with the ball tucked tightly to his chest then throw the ball up into the air without...
  27. Chris Harding

    Chook in trouble.

    Just heard on the ABC News that Crocker was arrested last night for fighting. Has anyone else heard this, and do they know any details?