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  1. Bulldogsforlife23

    News This is why south western Sydney needs a new stadium

    Can someone post the article from the DT
  2. Bulldogsforlife23

    Isaac lumelume

    Don’t anyone know what happened to him he missed half the preseason apperantly his dad has passed in December but what’s going on with him now does anyone know his whereabouts I would rather him they Jayden knockonbour
  3. Bulldogsforlife23

    Petition to sack trent barret effectively immediately from the cantubury bulldogs coaching staff

    Gus needs to teach him about proper footy of fuck him off we havent made finals footy since 2016 its now 2022 link to the petition is here:https://www.change.org/p/john-khoury-sack-trent-barret-from-the-cantubury-bulldogs-coaching-staff
  4. Bulldogsforlife23

    Old school rivalry set to light up Tarsha Gale Cup clash

    Can the mods or someone pls post the article on the DT
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  6. Bulldogsforlife23

    Bulldogs sign promising fijian star on train n trial

    A Fijian youngster has been given the chance of a rugby league lifetime - a shot at the big time with Canterbury Bankstown. The Bulldogs have signed promising 22-year-old Penioni Tagituimua to a train and trial contract. Tagituimua has already played three Tests for Fiji and represented the...
  7. Bulldogsforlife23

    Opinion Wayne Bennet

    I really reckon the dogs should sack our current coaching staff and go after Bennet hard we haven’t had a proper coaching staff in years lots of the players at our club have potential but can’t unlock it cause no one can’t teach them how Wayne Bennet is the only man to complete the job Gus and...
  8. Bulldogsforlife23

    Byron bays Reuben moyle signs with the dogs

    Just sore it on Insta who’s this kid any info of him what position and highlights etc
  9. Bulldogsforlife23

    News Get ready for the new Brisbane team raiding players from Harold Matt’s sides to nrl sides

    How do we protect our players from the new Brisbane team just heard now from November 1st their allowed to get players for 2023
  10. Bulldogsforlife23

    The Melbourne protests

    it’s going off there for fuck sake clashing with police taking over the western gate bridge clashing with police and more any thoughts and there was also threats of protest like that happening in Sydney
  11. Bulldogsforlife23

    Bulldogs reveal who’s going in massive roster clean out

    Bulldogs reveal who won't be offered new deals as part of massive roster clean-out By Ben Glover - 53 minutes ago Phil Gould reveals how the Bulldogs will weigh Adam Elliott's past indiscretions to decide his future. The Bulldogs have taken decisive action on a long list of off-contract...
  12. Bulldogsforlife23

    Phil Gould says roster clean out coming to clean salary cap

    Phil Gould Set To Wield The Axe At The Bulldogs To Ease Salary Cap Pressure! Source: Triple M Listen Here: https://www.triplem.com.au/story/carnage-about-to-unfold-phil-gould-set-to-wield-the-axe-at-the-bulldogs-to-ease-salary-cap-pressure-184800
  13. Bulldogsforlife23

    EXCLUSIVE: Bulldogs roster a $9 million red flag on NRL expansion, Paul Gallen says

    NRL great PAUL GALLEN will appear on Nine's 100% FOOTY on Monday night, debating rugby league's hottest topics alongside Phil Gould and James Bracey. Tune in from 9.45pm AEST, following all the action of Round 22! How do the Bulldogs, who have all but won the wooden spoon with three games...
  14. Bulldogsforlife23

    Renouf atoni signs with roosters

    Confirmation shortly
  15. Bulldogsforlife23


    His left step his kicking game his running game everything he’s our best player signing then addo carr imo
  16. Bulldogsforlife23

    Rumour Josh Stucky

    Heard hes a young damaging foward from northern pride qld cup 4 clubs are intrested in him including the dogs thoughts on him and is he really that good then what the media is saying
  17. Bulldogsforlife23

    Bulldogs ready to abandon Sydney in pre season says Gould

    Dogs ready to abandon Sydney to get back to top! Article from SMH Sydney’s second COVID-19 wave could lead to the success-starved Bulldogs leaving Sydney to prepare for the 2022 season. Canterbury have recruited strongly for next year in a bid to climb off the bottom of the ladder as they...
  18. Bulldogsforlife23

    Great southern screen to transform game days

    Great Southern Screen to transform game day experience The event experience at Stadium Australia will be transformed by the installation of the world’s longest straight-run stadium video screen as part of more than $10 million of fan-focused digital upgrades throughout the venue. Work on the...
  19. Bulldogsforlife23


    thoughts on him i hopes he goes to super league and leaves us
  20. Bulldogsforlife23

    Junior taupau

    the kid Looks better then his bro he looks like the next david fifita but better thoughts
  21. Bulldogsforlife23

    Titans fans launch petition for the club to resign ash taylor

    Gold Coast Titans fans have launched a petition urging the club to re-sign playmaker Ash Taylor. Taylor, 26, is off contract at the end of this year after signing the most lucrative deal in the club’s history. Watch The 2021 NRL Telstra Premiership Live & On-Demand with No Ad-Breaks During...
  22. Bulldogsforlife23

    Tigers intrested for connor watson

    TIGERS SET TO MAKE PLAY FOR KNIGHTS UTILITY The Tigers are reportedly interested in signing Knights utility Connor Watson as a replacement for the Dragons bound Moses Mbye. The Australian’s Brent Read reported on Triple M that while the Knights are still the frontrunners for Watson’s...
  23. Bulldogsforlife23

    Lachlan Lewis gets rich offer from super league

    ENGLAND BECKONS FOR LACHLAN LEWIS! The Daily Telegraph Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs fan favourite Lachlan Lewis is considering a rich offer to join an English Super League club from next season. Lewis was forced to make way for Kyle Flanagan this week as the Bulldogs continue to chop...
  24. Bulldogsforlife23

    Tevita pangai jr to debut for penrith

    Thoughts hes on the bench 15th jersey for penrith
  25. Bulldogsforlife23

    Wooden spooners bulldogs 2021

    Well the only way out of this shithole of the bottom of the ladder is if our fuckin players pull their socks up and get 3 wins lets hope that happens and brisbane dont win a game but for my prediction we are wooden spooners 2021
  26. Bulldogsforlife23

    Tesi niu

    Thoughts and what I am hearing Brisbane can’t offer him a contract due to salary cap issues so what’s ur thoughts
  27. Bulldogsforlife23

    NRL 2021, transfer market: Kyle Flanagan rubbishes Super League rumours,

    NRL 2021, transfer market: Kyle Flanagan rubbishes Super League rumours, Bulldogs sign Paul Vaughan | Daily Telegraph Nick Campton Canterbury halfback Kyle Flanagan has hosed down any potential move to Super League as the Bulldogs halfback prepares for another return to the NRL. Flanagan has...
  28. Bulldogsforlife23

    Sack out edge defense

    One question why did we resign flopunbor and our edge defense is the shittiest thing I seen
  29. Bulldogsforlife23

    State of Origin: NSW Blues’ bid to take game off Queensland in 2022

    Someone post this it’s on the DT
  30. Bulldogsforlife23

    Crawley Files: Why Phil Gould will be great for Canterbury Bulldogs

    Phil Gould is rugby league’s most polarising figure. Opinionated, unbending, passionate, intelligent. Likes an agenda, too. Plenty might even go as far as to say he’s also the game’s biggest pain in the bum. From where I’m standing, he leads a very strong field. But what can’t be disputed is...
  31. Bulldogsforlife23

    Gus eyes sensational Bulldogs double coup

    does anyone have DT acces and can they post the article
  32. Bulldogsforlife23

    Brad filter says Gus Gould would put everyone on notice

    Brad Fittler says he expects Phil Gould to put 'everyone on notice' at the Bulldogs By Marc Churches - 2 hours ago Brad Fittler says Phil Gould won't be hesitant to shake things up at the Bulldogs Rugby league great Brad Fittler says he expects newly appointed Bulldogs General Manager of...
  33. Bulldogsforlife23

    Any doggies fans at the gold coast

    Due to the lockdown shit here and our games got moved to Cbus super stadium just wondering any doggies fans that live at the Gold Coast
  34. Bulldogsforlife23

    Bulldogs’ Nick Meaney tempted by Melbourne offer to replace departing Nicho Hynes

    Nick Meaney says he only has to look at Nicho Hynes’ development at the Storm as he weighs up whether to bring up his young family in Melbourne or commit to stay at the Bulldogs. The 23-year-old met with the defending premiers recently, but negotiations have stalled while his manager Daniel...
  35. Bulldogsforlife23

    Jayden Okunbor fighting for career

    BULLDOGS BAD-BOY FIGHTING FOR CAREER Remember Jayden Okunbor, the speedy Bulldogs outside back? The 24-year-old has been plagued by knee injuries over the past 12 months and hasn't stepped onto the field yet this season. But the local junior, who was stood down early last year then reinstated...
  36. Bulldogsforlife23

    Sam walker

    Heard doggies are looking at him? Thoughts
  37. Bulldogsforlife23


    We need playmakers not imports from overseas like Katoa shittiest player in the game my mate says they brang him for under 5s div 3 png team
  38. Bulldogsforlife23

    Havles (sack flanno)

    There’s mosses renolyds milford johnson and Williams. Any others imagine Cleary coming here that’s a real pipe dream Yh but na I think I’m sick
  39. Bulldogsforlife23

    Kisss emekkk la shark fansss

    F u scomo and all the shark fans
  40. Bulldogsforlife23

    Defense and attack

    Our defense is shit that’s that and our attack