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  1. doggieaaron


    i actually think kiraz could be the answer to our fullback issues,great in the air,great at cover defence,has lots of urgency,would love to see him tried there.
  2. doggieaaron

    Wayne pearce

    I did a course with wayne in Sydney this week as hes a business coach now and gotta say he was so good and absolute champion guy and never realised his rough childhood,an absolute winner and pure person.
  3. doggieaaron


    Theres a big siege i can see over my back fence ,30 cop cars,helicopters everywhere,1 guy on the run 1 shot dead.
  4. doggieaaron

    WWOS MOLE John asiata

    The mole just posted he wants to play lock and obviously wont and cowboys and may go on the open market and allegedly we are a number of clubs interested,id love him at lock with thomo/renouf as props
  5. doggieaaron

    Kieran forans dad Greg

  6. doggieaaron

    8 sales this week

    As some of you know im a real estate agent and i dont know whats going on especially with whats going on in the world but ive just sold 8 properties this week,unbelievable cant work out what’s happening but ill take it ha
  7. doggieaaron

    Tim lafai

  8. doggieaaron

    Tipping comps

    Hi trying to co ordinate tipping comp for my work whats the best/easiest to use tipping comps,after suggestions please?
  9. doggieaaron

    Rate my agent award

    Hi guys today i was awarded the 2nd most recommended real estate agent on the entire central coast (226 agents) im super pumped.
  10. doggieaaron


    I watched the game changers on netflix and went vegan since nov 1 and feel great and lost 5.5kgs another 7 to go ,never thought id do this as i love chicken/eggs and meat .
  11. doggieaaron


    Anyone have any updates on the mundine fight/farce?
  12. doggieaaron

    Matty utai

    im in bali atm at this club matty utai is here walking around with his shirt off fmd hes still a big unit
  13. doggieaaron

    SMH Lloyd perret

    Just saw a story in the paper about a Sydney club that needs some grunt up front in talks with lloyd perret lol imagine this place if we sign him
  14. doggieaaron

    Social Media Solomone kata

    apparantely storm signing him before june 30 he will be a weapon in that team
  15. doggieaaron

    Married at first sight

    Anyone watching this comedy ? What a **** that anus is ?
  16. doggieaaron


    Anyone that likes cricket a good game on fox at 2 today nsw playing in a one dayer with pat cummings and hazelwood playing and watch young jack Edwards hes a star of the future an absolute weapon
  17. doggieaaron

    Canello vs ggg boxing

    Pretty pumped to watch this tomorrow so who wins and why?
  18. doggieaaron

    News End of season trip

    Im in bali atm id love it if the boys come here for their trip we can all get naked [emoji23]
  19. doggieaaron

    Sharks under investigation for salary cap breach

    Being reported on nrl360 what a surprise not
  20. doggieaaron

    Lj hooker Awards

    At the Ljh awards Saturday night i was awarded a silver medal which ranks me in the top 1% of real estate agents in the Ljh network woohoo
  21. doggieaaron

    Burr is back

    Apparently hes re joined the club
  22. doggieaaron

    Boxing- Canelo vs GGG

    Cant wait to watch this on sunday whos going to win and why ?
  23. doggieaaron

    My gorgeous 17 year old dog

    The wife and i have painfully decided we have to put our gorgeous little dog "daisy" down tomorrow,she has a tumour on the brain and while its the right thing probably the hardest thing ive had to do,you get attached and love them so much,totally gutted to be honest [emoji24]
  24. doggieaaron


    Hi guys im in bali for a week nice and warm 30 degrees here
  25. doggieaaron

    Lj Hooker Annual awards night tonight

    Hi guys wish me luck tonight
  26. doggieaaron

    Kieran Forans phone

    Just read a story that last week Foran was interviewed and had his phone taken by police mmm
  27. doggieaaron

    Cross fit

    I started Crossfit this week and wonder if anyone else does it or have tried it ?
  28. doggieaaron

    LJ hooker awards night

    Got the annual awards night tonight at the starr hoping to win some awards ,wish me some luck for tonight .
  29. doggieaaron

    Robbie Farah dropped to reserve grade

    As the title says it's back on with these 2
  30. doggieaaron

    How to catch a prank home delivery out

    The last week I've had 8 prank home deliveries sent to my place and i wanna find who it is and fuck them up ,i have 2 people i have my suspicions it might be but no concrete evidence anyone know how to catch them out ?? Will police do anything?
  31. doggieaaron


    Im in bali atm any kennelers here atm
  32. doggieaaron

    Beau ryan affair

    There is an article coming up in womans weekly saying that beau had an affair with lauren brandt from hi 5 while he was doing alladin haha lets see how funny he is now
  33. doggieaaron

    Gold coast nightlife

    Im staying on gold coast this weekend anyone know any good bars/pubs ?
  34. doggieaaron

    Ljh awards tonight

    Hi guys tonight I'm at the annual lj hooker awards night at star city and in contention to be the number 1 agent in nsw for number of sales after only 15 months being with them ,I'm definitely in the top 3 wish me luck guys that i get number 1
  35. doggieaaron

    Halves coach

    With the manly coaching staff about to get the punt we have to make a play to get andrew johns as our halves coach now is the time to strike ,josh r and moses would become superstars under his guidance
  36. doggieaaron


    Dont know if anyone seen the interview on sterlo i think the fullback chick for the jilaroos they call her the billy slater of the womens game mmm yum
  37. doggieaaron

    Sam kasiano looking trim

    Look how trim sam is looking ,apparently he's been training. The house down,big year from sammy i think.
  38. doggieaaron

    Jarryd Haynes future

  39. doggieaaron

    Bucks day tomorrow

    I have a mates bucks day tomorrow at randwick looking for ideas where too go if races are washed out - any pubs that are pumping during the day?
  40. doggieaaron

    Unusual betting

    Saw this ,i wonder how you collect haha
  41. doggieaaron

    Ryan tandy dead

  42. doggieaaron

    Another weidler special

  43. doggieaaron

    Fox sports tonight

    Just for everyones info ,the pre season teams segment has the dogs tonight ,i think its around 7.30 off memory
  44. doggieaaron

    Mundines cafe gets firebombed

    http://mobile.news.com.au/sport/boxing-mma/anthony-mundines-hurstville-boxa-bar-firebombed-in-overnight-attack/story-fndkzthy-1226759750652 Mmm I've got my suspicions
  45. doggieaaron

    Manly at its best lol

  46. doggieaaron

    Team des should pick with all players available

    1-barba 2-perret(on his last warning he was a gun last year) 3-lafai 4-jmoz 5-inu(he is great in the air much more suited to wing) 6-reynolds 7-hodgko 13-eastwood 12-jackson 11-frankie 10-tolman 9-ennis 8-graham Bench- kasiano/tim browne/halatau/finucane
  47. doggieaaron

    Raiders possibly terminating josh dugan

    Des is a fan of this guy
  48. doggieaaron

    Team vs eels

    1-perrett 2-turner 3-j moz 4-inu 5-low 6-reynolds 7keating 8-tolman 9-ennis 10-tapau 11-jackson 12-eastwood 13-halatau Bench-finucane/trex/klemmer/brown Perret more intensity from fb and trex needs to earn his starting spot he was ordinary against cowboys when we needed him