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  1. south of heaven

    R.i.p Charlie watts

    Bummer I'll be playing exile on main St today. Dude had balls and class Once on tour mick Jagger came back to the hotel blind drunk demanding to know where his drummer was at 2 am, Charlie got up Put on his suit brushed his hair walked down punched Jagger in the face and said , " I'm not...
  2. south of heaven

    Super blood moon tonight

    Its started
  3. south of heaven

    ATTN ALL: Regarding Sir Col the Mushroom

    Sir col isn't doing so well ,been informed by @Poppa and had a bit of a yarn so put your well wishes here so he knows the kennel is thinking of him . Just had a quick chat with him and was told to tell you all .he is looking foward to the parra dogs game coming up and even if he is dead ( his...
  4. south of heaven

    Prince Philip dead at 99

    Love him or hate him, he's not getting a letter from the queen now
  5. south of heaven

    Where's @Lov_Dog?

    She's gone missing, hope all is well
  6. south of heaven

    Quaden Bayles

    Ok I'm going there, now I'm not buying into the whole he is 18 thing or don't deny he was having a rough time. But is this the right way to deal with things and what bar is it setting? Do the parents really have the kids best interest at heart or they can see an opportunity to cash in...
  7. south of heaven

    South Korea?

    Anyone been ? Any feedback thinking about stopping there on way to Japan in April
  8. south of heaven

    Where's wally ?

  9. south of heaven

    Rip bill collins

    Anyone over 35 should rember a time when you used to put the tv on to watch a movie and old bill was there doing his thing before the movie
  10. south of heaven

    Midget peodo avoids jail because........

  11. south of heaven

    Milking it

    The photos are a bit creepy but to be fair id probably pretend im autistic just to hang of that tit a bit longer. https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/parenting/kids/mum-cruelly-trolled-and-branded-a-paedophile-for-breastfeeding-fouryearold-autistic-son/news-story/71d22efa73dc7fc72ca31449f309d8e6
  12. south of heaven

    Meteor shower

    Tonight 1130 Hope its a good one
  13. south of heaven

    Lol renae Lawrence

    Will be released from bali prison, as soon as she hits Sydney will be arrested lol. Bali Nine drug smuggler Renae Lawrence is reportedly set to be arrested when she lands in Sydney next week after she spent more than 13 years behind bars in Indonesia. The Daily Telegraph reports that police...
  14. south of heaven

    Getting kfc in Palestine

    It's not as easy for the Palestinians in the isolated Gaza strip, but the Colonel finds a way. Ordering KFC in Gaza requires making an international telephone order and wire transfer, then waiting for an Egyptian taxi driver to pick it up from a KFC in the Sinai, who hands it over to a courier...
  15. south of heaven

    Us lotto 1.6 billion

    Fuck me thats some coin. Seriously what the fuck would you do with that .
  16. south of heaven

    He hindu nothing

    Welcome back @Indiandog We missed you ,where the fuck have you been
  17. south of heaven

    So Greenberg where are you?

    Less than 24hrs after mad Monday you came out and said " there will be fines " and you demand a report on your desk with in 24 hrs. This was a private function where absolutely not 1 complaint was made. Its been a few days since the souths story came out about a women that has made a complaint...
  18. south of heaven

    Why do people leave stickers on the hat?

    I don't understand it what the fuck is the go with it .is there any real reason for it? Its got me stumped
  19. south of heaven

    Perth origin road trip?

    Seriously thinking bout it . was living a 10 minute walk to the stadium earlier this year it looks shit hot . Friday morning fly out, go to fremantle Friday uber down the ship and dock before 3pm Its a good 3 hrs of entertainment, go back to fremantle run amok, hit rottnest island on the sat...
  20. south of heaven

    Cnc router laser cutting ?

    I may of asked this before but i cant remember does anyone have one or know how to use them ?
  21. south of heaven

    Wtf !!!!!!!!!!

  22. south of heaven

    Another shooting 27 dead

    Someone shot up a church killed a bunch of peoples lots dead , will be overshadowed by kevin spacey sucking off sleeping people.
  23. south of heaven

    7 weeks till xmas

    Year has flown by , now the silly season is apon us. everyone organizated this year or going to leave it all to the last minute?
  24. south of heaven

    R.I.P Tom Petty

    He was my go to for mellow shit
  25. south of heaven

    Afl has got some balls , listen up nrl

    AFL boss Gillon McLachlan says the league will consider stripping accreditation from journalists if they “make things up”. McLachlan said the AFL agreed with Nathan Buckley’s left-field suggestion after a report Ross Lyon had approached the Pies about coaching them. Eddie McGuire fuming: ‘It...
  26. south of heaven

    R.i.p les Murray

  27. south of heaven

    Good times

    Just a distraction on what's currently going on. Enjoy https://youtu.be/tPxjih5MVBo *note the last try McGrady on hasler hehe couldn't help myself. https://youtu.be/tPxjih5MVBo
  28. south of heaven


    What an effort thanks boys that's what we want .thats having a fucking go thank you. Even with some usless reffing.
  29. south of heaven

    Has anyone put pen to paper ?

    Is there any official statements from the club regarding woods or foran at all ?
  30. south of heaven

    possible power outage nsw

    RESIDENTS in NSW and the ACT are being asked to switch off appliances between 3.30pm and 5.30pm tonight to avoid rolling blackouts across the state. As residents suffer through a heatwave, the state government has asked residents to run their airconditioners no lower than 26C, as authorities...
  31. south of heaven

    Kennel Battlefield 1 Squad?

    whos up for a bit of bf1 tonight , get a kennel sqaud in the trenches and fuck shit up and swear our little hearts out ?
  32. south of heaven

    new years resolutions

    so whats yours heres mine 1.loose more hair 2.get more greys 3. get fatter 4.not finish unfinished projects 5.take a shit. 6.start a sack des thread 7. start a sack raelene thread. 8.turn off a bulldogs game in disgust 9.abuse more shit **** cyclists 10.get my 97 year nona to say...
  33. south of heaven

    big earthquake png

    apparently a big 1 hit png just now
  34. south of heaven

    Black jelly beans why ?

    Just in Bunnings and got my tin of jelly beans i didnt buy no dulux though and im spending more time digging through pissing the black bastards off. Nothing worse than getting a fresh mitful of jelly beans and having a chew when the dreaded black bean gets in amongst it and ruins the flavour...
  35. south of heaven

    Xbox1s ?

    Anyone got 1 and is there any real difference? How much content is now available on 4k and is worth it just yet.
  36. south of heaven

    The positive for 2017

    You know nothing will change after tonight so you can now work out what you can do with an extra 34.6666 hours in the regular season thats almost a full working week of things that can be accomplished without getting stressed over what these clowns feed us .
  37. south of heaven

    To the powers that be

    Take a real long hard look at this picture . This is the fucking bulldogs us fans want ,we are here for life you ***** are here till the paycheck dries up.have some fucking balls and make some decisions we want our dogs back now!!!!!
  38. south of heaven

    Jetpack joyride?

    Who plays this? whats your highest score? Whats your prefered vehicles ect ect. Discuss
  39. south of heaven

    Pure filthy scum

    A man accused of repeatedly pricking a baby boy with a safety pin and hitting him in the head with a phone while on a train north of Sydney was on parole for several assaults, a court has heard. Police said the 22-year-old man Brendon Duncan "cannot restrain himself" when requesting bail be...
  40. south of heaven


    Play this game to piss your mrs off , google it for much laughter .i bumped into a Japanese dude this morning and said kancho he cracked up and said he does it to his wife
  41. south of heaven

    The secret to world peace

    Boobs sausages and farts Every country has their own style of sausages ,every women has boobs every man loves boobs (even homos can acknowledge this its written somewhere in some book ) from a baby to 110 year old will laugh at a fart . So lets United for world peace and have bbqs talk...
  42. south of heaven

    Roll call

    Whos going tonight anyone up for kennel meet up beforehand ?
  43. south of heaven

    Unite for dropbear

    Our favorite eel is unfortunately back in hospital .is there any suggestions what we can do to try to help lift his spirit's and let him know we are thinking of him . Since dropbear has come to the kennel he has been a true champion , and has always put others before himself and...
  44. south of heaven

    Thanks boys

    All i want is the team to turn up every week and have a go. I could not give a shit about how crap the other team was or what more we could of done.im just going to enjoy this win thanks dogs
  45. south of heaven

    Now heres a game.

    Shoulder charges yes Hit high why not Get through their defense sure punch kick do what ever. Concussions rule what the fuck is that
  46. south of heaven

    The truth mr I were you in Poland ?

    Between 1939 to 45 there has been allegations and i must say the photographic evidence is quite plausible
  47. south of heaven

    NBN rubbish

    So i get connected to nbn the other day. All excited thinking would get supersonic speeds that could blow shit up . Nup fucking rubbish slower than hokk in open space. Why do i have to pay for a service thats gayer than the previous service. Anyone else have gay internerd...
  48. south of heaven

    The longest you have ever worked ?

    Whats the longest shift you have ever done in a day ? Ive done some long arse 18 to 20 hour days over time but never 24 hours straight but today this might change . So whats the longest day you have ever done ?
  49. south of heaven

    s7 and vr gear

    Anyone got 1 yet ? Just fucking around with this vr gear holy shit its fucking bizarre
  50. south of heaven

    rich kid of the pokies ?

    Is anyone else constantly getting this fukking add pop up with the little shit with crome teeth , dreads and holding a stack of money? I swear it boils my blood and I want to go on a murderous rage when I see the little ***** head.
  51. south of heaven

    dogs parra game whos in ?

    Whos going any kennel fuckers up for getting together before the game ?
  52. south of heaven

    since when did public schools cost so much ?

    Anyone else getting hammered with school stuff ? 5 weeks in or whatever I get an invoice from the boys high school for $565. Im thinking what the fuck is this theres an excursion in there for $260 for a fucking night or 2 then I get hit with fucking sporting fees and all this other bullshit...
  53. south of heaven

    Kennel BBQ / Meet & Greet #3

    27th feb sat whos in and where do we want it ? Lets get this shit rolling
  54. south of heaven

    old abandoned hospitals and insane asylums ?

    Anyone know where any cool ones are you can get access to in nsw ? Ive been cheeking out peat island ( near Brooklyn off the f3 ) and and its pretty well guarded and access is difficult , it has a really fukked up history hundreds of people have died (or been killed ) on there in the...
  55. south of heaven

    kids and face book

    The boy started high school today and asked when he got home if he can create a face book account .my words were "look face book is fukking gay " ( I gots in trouble for swearing but...) he did not fuss or carry on after I gave the "sensible dad speech " I pointed out the reasons why I don't...
  56. south of heaven

    I support this black man

  57. south of heaven

    * official* sbw and hayne to the Bulldogs in 2016

    Will never fukking happen !!!!!so have a safe and happy Christmas/ holiday and take care *****
  58. south of heaven

    the thread about nothing

    Can go off topic because nothing is the topic , its about anything everything or nothing take your pick
  59. south of heaven

    can/ should cops be able to handcuff kids ?

    So there is a school on my street and this kid came flying out, not sure exactly what happened but a few teachers had this kid on the ground and a few members of the public were gathering round . This kid was going absolutely ape shit ( im pretty sure he is in a special needs class ) . Nekk...
  60. south of heaven

    la linea ???

    Does anyone over 30 remember this show as a kid I just rediscovered the little angry wog lol http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hHXK1Lhrjks
  61. south of heaven

    corporate boxes any one ?

    So next year there be talk of dragging old man assman and mr 95 % to a game and getting a box ( we could do our live call from their assman they have internerd ) Anyways ill make it real simple who the fukk wants to go and make a night of it ?
  62. south of heaven

    xmas light decorating

    Yes im aware its only October (hey it's the offseason ) does anyone get carried away with it and go a bit overboard ? Ive started to pull mine all out and get the long process started Got 1 part of the top deck already done .I will be pulling out the lasers tonight and giving them a...
  63. south of heaven

    att. assassin

    I found your bird https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLyKpzKgyoM
  64. south of heaven

    roll call

    Who's going tonight ? Lets go dogs time to fire up
  65. south of heaven

    the kennel bbq no2

    Ok depending on numbers it be either my joint or across the road on the water front . This is before the titans game whos in ? For those on public transport its close to train station and bus stops either side also .
  66. south of heaven

    Shoutout & Thanks : One eyed eel forum

    I would like to thank "sticks and stones" and the one eyed eel forum for helping with Assassins cause : https://www.mycause.com.au/page/105992/eddiesnewheart We appreciate your promotion and donations. And if you ever got an eels brother or sister that's in need of help don't be shy to shout...
  67. south of heaven


    Hows every one else doing in this crappy weather ? Didn't sleep last night the wind was pounding the house. Watching power lines out front snapping and sparking up (it does look pretty cool ) trees are across the road.all the yachts out front getting tossed around sails snapping none...
  68. south of heaven

    mancave games room ideas

    After 12 months of pumping 1000s apon 1000s of dollars into our piece of shit lemon car (should of burnt the evil bastard of a thing) .ive finally drummed up enough work in the after hours to start this costly project bit by bit. Now heres the fun part where to start . 1. Tv to 4k or not...
  69. south of heaven

    dealing with deros

    So the kids come home from school today running up telling me a man was taking photos of the kids on the bus today.once hearing their story It sounded like they were telling the truth. But just to be sure went an asked a few neighbour's about this. Sure enough they were all saying the same...
  70. south of heaven


    Anyone watching this ? Some good stuff in it and its gory as ****
  71. south of heaven

    does anyone know anything about electronics and pneumatics ?

    Im making some special fx props and wanted to have it activated through a sensor light sensor so when some one walks past it triggers it off. Once the sensor has been tripped I want it to activate a sound system , a lighting setup , a smoke machine and a pneumatic device. Here is my...
  72. south of heaven

    re spraying and reupholster a car

    I have a piece of shit captiva that has been plagued by problems for years but as it stands the motor has been stripped .had a new timing belt, new aircon, new radiator , new fuel pump new water pump , new alternator you name it the **** of a thing has had it. Now im thinking after the...
  73. south of heaven

    help / garden lights pond lights

    I bought some pond lights to set up at home. Wasn't aware I needed a transformer so back to bunnings .I now got my transformer , 10 meters of cable screwed into the transformer . But how the hell do I connect the lights to the cable ? At the end of every pond lights has the 2 wires...
  74. south of heaven

    the rugby league show

    Been watching the Canadian rugby league show (puts the footy show to shame ) Here's the highlights of can vs jam reggae warriors crowd of 3000 in heavy rain is impressive. The can vs usa has a pretty decent crowd .and if you're wondering what nick youngquest is doing when he isn't...
  75. south of heaven

    quiting smoking

    So ive taking the plunge been planing for months . Had my last 1 this morning (then I heard a mates dad just died from smoking) so the fear has got me. Im on patches I hate them but still don't really feel like 1 .now I just got shit going thru my head thinking ill probably get cancer anyway...
  76. south of heaven

    best commentary on a game ever

  77. south of heaven

    the ben flower punch

    Heres what happened in the first 2 minutes of the super league g.f. https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&ei=YJA5VOyLOIb88AWP64DQAQ&url=http://www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3Db3UByo-4S2M&ved=0CCsQtwIwAw&usg=AFQjCNGozyPBVVf1XOtkqzQFZHk6ucaHWw
  78. south of heaven

    what the nrl can learn from super league

    After just watching the s.l. grandfinal, I was blown away with the differences to the nrl. 1. Video refs minimal ****king around 1 or 2 replays don't bother with frame by frame replays and got the job done well it was great to see quick decisions. 2 1 ref who had a decent job at the game ...
  79. south of heaven

    super league grandfinal

    Any one going to watch it ? Televised at 4am Sunday morn. An extra game of league to make the off season that bit faster is worth the earlier rise
  80. south of heaven

    how are we all feeling today? /thoughts on the future

    Hope everyone is doing ok , I'm still a bit bummed that we lost another gf but was grateful we made 1.after the tits game I had written our season off. Then we fired up in the semis but couldn't get the last 1 in.(at least my kids get to see there teamin a gf and thats cool ) But im more...
  81. south of heaven

    non sleepers grand final thread

    For all who those who wont be able to sleep or are up through out the night. Ill be fukked I was a total wreck the whole semis , now im excited but I wont be sleeping to well tonight.
  82. south of heaven

    gummo rabbit hate

  83. south of heaven

    Good morning everyone

    How good is waking up today **** yeah. What a ride it's been only a few weeks ago after a horrible back end of the season I honestly thought we would be cannon fodder if we made the semis, now we are in a gf. We are a passionate bunch of supporters and we go through some ups and downs , most of...
  84. south of heaven

    final season s.o.a.

    Tommorows 430 pm .let the brutality begin
  85. south of heaven

    bulldog no 5

    Mrs went for the scan today. bulldog no 5 is locked in a baking away ,due round about round 1 next year .The perch of the merch will kill me lol
  86. south of heaven

    to the bloke who put $50000 on manly

    Get a fukking dog up ya.....................
  87. south of heaven

    games room advice

    Making a games room and I'm upgrading a few things can't decide between ps4 or xbox 1 so I'm probably just going to go both.tv undecided about 2 42" Resonably priced screens or a decent 60 inch screen, Or even a projector. Any suggestions on tvs for gaming would be appreciated (as I have no...
  88. south of heaven

    Cooking goat

    Got me some goat , gonna eat me some goat. Any of you guys got some goat recipes I could try out Thanks
  89. south of heaven

    Has anyone ever repaired a

    Just wanted to know has anyone ever repaired the screen on an s3 or s4 before. Just got kit sent out today to tinker with, was wondering if it is a major pain in the ass, or certain tricks u need to know Cheers
  90. south of heaven

    cooking with the kennel

    Foods getting thrown around a bit on a few threads and we probably have the most multicultural crowd in the game so lets start throwing a few recipes out there
  91. south of heaven

    new old bulldog

    Hey all been reading this site for years though id finally join Been a dogs supporter for over 3 decades.just hear to discuss and support the dogs I dont have any inside knowledge I dont know any players I don't get into crap rumours. I support the squad we got But my blood is blue...