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  1. Roger the alien

    Salary cap increase

    https://www.theage.com.au/sport/nrl/nrl-salary-cap-magic-number-to-reach-historic-milestone-20220609-p5aslu.html Let the bidding wars begin
  2. Roger the alien

    Round 11 changes

    Here we go lads and ladies, how many changes should we make.
  3. Roger the alien

    No Source Josh Schuster

    This is not a rumour and yes I know he's not off contract so clam down everyone. Just wondering what peoples thoughts would be on a potential Burton/Schuster halves combo?
  4. Roger the alien

    Bold predictions

    Let's hear some bold predictions for the Bulldogs for season 2022. Could be anything from. where you think we'll realistically finish on the ladder? A breakout player? The kennels new whipping boy? Another shock signing or release?