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  1. MattyB

    Where to buy - Samsung S10E

    People of the Kennel, I want to buy a Samsung S10E, but i am a tight arse and i dont want to spend $1100. Anyone out there know of any good websites, that sell Aussie stock
  2. MattyB

    Smart Watches

    So my misses is getting me one for Christmas but i am unsure on what to get so i need help. I am an Android user, u have a Samsung S8+ I have looked at the Moto Watch as well as the Nixon, i haven't really looked at anything else
  3. MattyB

    Help with Adding GPS to a NEW Car

    So I bought a Honda HRV about 18 months ago, and it doesn't have a GPS, I thought I'd be happy to use my phone, but it's giving me the shits and now I want a Native GPS installed. I found a company that will do it but they want to charge $1100 Any ideas peeps
  4. MattyB

    To parents and soon to be parents

    I'm going to be a dad in September and the last few days I have been looking at baby things. Prams, Cots etc Can you tell me if you don't mind what type of pram and cot you have and what did you pay. I know people say the Bugaboo pram is the best but at $1700 it's just not happening. A...
  5. MattyB

    Belmore Souvlaki

    Are they Halal? I need to find a halal place is possible I usually buy from belmore but I need a halal option this time. Thanks peeps
  6. MattyB

    Cronulla Sharks set to offer Daly Cherry-Evans richest pay day in NRL history

    I feel for Michael Ennis, he has to deal with Barba, and maybe DCE as well Cronulla is in the process of putting forward a mammoth offer for Daly Cherry-Evans which would make the star halfback the highest-paid player in NRL history. Having just secured the services of Ben Barba from...
  7. MattyB

    Cabinet Makers, Joiners & Kitchen Builders

    I am looking to get a cabinet underneath my staircase, I have had a few quotes and so far the prices are nearly double What I thought I'd pay What I want is: Right hand side - Wine Rack approx. 1290mm wide Left hand side - small Broom closet approx. 450mm wide, next to that 3 doors...
  8. MattyB

    Adam Sandler Movie

    Is it an Adam Sandler movie where a fat lady eats Lobster in the toilet and has a reaction?
  9. MattyB

    Help I have Trovi

    So i clicked on some BS and now i have Trovi. I have gone to Chrome Settings and changed the homepage to Google.com.au but as soon as i close my browser it F**king comes back. All the websites i go to want me to download a tool to get rid of it, Avast Says I'm ok but know I'm not
  10. MattyB

    Benji Marhsall has signed a two and a half year deal with the St George Illawarra Dra

    Seems like he doesn't want to play with his ex team mates http://www.news.com.au/sport/nrl/benji-marhsall-has-signed-a-two-and-a-half-year-deal-with-the-st-george-illawarra-dragons/story-fndv36r0-1226911974443
  11. MattyB

    Folkes pays price for Dragons woes

    Looks like Folkes is out of a job again
  12. MattyB

    Mobile Phone Contract

    Is there anyway i can get rid of mine so i can ditch my iPhone5, i want a Samsung S4
  13. MattyB

    Playstation Network

    I forgot my password so i can't login online. It's correct on my PS3 but i want to send it in for repair and i need my login for when i get it back. any ideas?
  14. MattyB

    Melbourne Cup Stream

    Is it possible to Stream the cup tomorrow? We are going to kick the telemarketers and use there plasmas to stream, what site shoud we use? MattyB
  15. MattyB

    Playing Blue Ray Disks on my PS3

    I tried both Avatar and Star Wars and they don't display correctly. I have a Samsung rear Projection TV, 46 Inch, connected to me PS3 via RCA's The picture liikes likes it has been split, blue on the left side, yellow on the right hand side. It it just cause my TV is old and isn't...
  16. MattyB

    Are Kindles Any good

    I want to egt my mises a kindle, not sure if there any good, or even i can get one shipped here. anybody have one?
  17. MattyB

    PS3 & Need For Speed Shift Problem

    I am up to the Last Race Series on NFS, There 3 lots of races i need to complete, I win 2 of them, The Game should Load the last Race Series. But it doesn't, it freezes, i still hear the sound effects and music, but the game doesnt load, and eventually it turns off. I stopped playing NFS...
  18. MattyB

    Apple Macbook Ayr

    I think i want one. Are MAC's good? All i do is download music and facebook, so has to be able to isntall uTorrent, i store a lot of my stuff on an external drive so storage isn't an issue. I only looked at it cause it's thin. Is it worth it :confused:
  19. MattyB

    Using the Internet with My Set Top Box

    If i connect the NET to my PVR, will i still need to add time to the end of shows so i don't miss them, or will the PVR know it goes over if it's connected to the NET. MB
  20. MattyB

    How do i get my Router Password

    I have forgotten my password for my router. I remember i changed it, but cause i am a duma$$ i forget what it was, and i want to get my Router Password so i can connect it to my Wii
  21. MattyB

    TIVO vs IQ vs PVR

    What's the difference, al i want is to record my shows. I am told not to get TIVO as i am unable to fast forward the advertisements, BUT how can a PVR not let me FF something i have recorded? I am tyold to go for a Beyondwiz P1, not the freeview version. What's makes the freeview versions...
  22. MattyB

    Thsi Laptop Any good?

  23. MattyB


    Looks like it's down, maybe for good this time. Is there anyting out there that's similar?
  24. MattyB

    Connecting a laptop to a TV

    I have stuff i have downloaded that i want to watch on TV, cause my laptop screen is too small to enjoy it, can i connect it to me TV to watch movies? TV is a rear Projection, not an LCD or Plasma
  25. MattyB

    Strata Companies & there rights

    I asked to have a kitten, they said no as a 2 vedroom unit with a large lounge room and dining is too small for a kitten :( If i ignore the fact that they said no, what can they do if i get one and they find out?
  26. MattyB

    Builder Type People

    I just finished putting up a towel rack in my bathroom, but the bugger doesn't stay on the wall. The little blue plugs keep popping out cause it's not in there tight enough, how do i fix it, bigger screws in the blue plugs? MB
  27. MattyB

    How do i save this picture?

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/13639096@N06/1866463135/in/pool-territory I want to tell a mate that is overseas that his car is burnt out. How do i save it MattyB
  28. MattyB

    Kennel 2008 Tipping Comp Winners

    Please PM me your contact details and i'll get DJ1 to contact you to organise your prize. MattyB 1 (1) 255 MattyB013 2 (2) 251 ROFLCOPTERSAURUS 3 (3) 247 Big Bad Barry Ward *
  29. MattyB

    Commander telco assets sold to private equity group

    for anyone that's working in the CPE market :) New owner, Commander Telecom Group, will continue existing core products and services and retain the Commander franchise network Commander’s telecoms business has been sold to a consortium of telco investors for an undisclosed sum. In a...
  30. MattyB

    For the loser

    That would not move out of my way when i was driving doewn a lane way in lilyfield and smashed my mirror, be careful. I'm going to find you and run you over you farking carnt! You arc up me after you break my mirror only cause there's 15 or more of you there and only me and my girl in my...
  31. MattyB

    How To Handle Irritating Airplane Seat Mates

    HOW TO HANDLE IRRITATING AIRPLANE SEAT MATES If you are sitting next to someone who irritates you on a plane or train follow these instructions: (and maybe say goodbye!). 1. Quietly and calmly open up your laptop case. 2. Remove your laptop. 3. Start up...
  32. MattyB

    Pietersen named as captain

    as much as i hate him cause he is an awesome player, good on him. He has done very well
  33. MattyB

    Attention Mac Users

    I need iPhoto. It's for her Mum's PC, i advised there a piece of excrement but she didnt agree. How the hell can i get it? All i can find are updates
  34. MattyB


    Rocks, i am so full! Can't wait to go there again
  35. MattyB

    Jack Gibson, Has Passed Away

    Another League Great gone. RIP! Passed Away this evening, just heard it while they are parading the centenary Team
  36. MattyB

    Nintendo Wii

    And MArio Cart are bloody awesome, i cant stop playing
  37. MattyB

    Score updates???

    Post them here. Come on dogs, 15 Minutes into the game, nil all
  38. MattyB

    Join this facbook Group!

    I CANT WAIT TO SEE 'SBW' HIT WILLIE MASON WITH THE FAMOUS SHOULDER! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8995444393
  39. MattyB

    Roberts & Holdsworth

    DJ is playing OK, Roberts though is playing very well. Great Defence and some big tackles, i hope he keeps it up
  40. MattyB

    Matthew Hayden reprimanded

    Was announced on the news that he was sacked after the hearing, what a joke
  41. MattyB

    Kennel Tipping Comp

    The Kennel would like to invite you to join the FREE Kennel Tipping Comp: Logon to www.oztips.com to register Comp number:127034 Password: bulldogs 2 Points for a correct tip, 3 Bonus if you get a perfect round. 1 Point for correctly tipping in finals and State Of Origin. Prizes...
  42. MattyB

    My NEW PC

    Bought a ew PC from The Nashman. Farking love it, screen is enormous, it's so hard t get used to, well i was using a 17 inch CRT so its a huge change to go to a 22 inch Wide. Anyhoo, Thanks Again Mate MB :D
  43. MattyB

    An Aussie Goes Bolly

    What a top show, some Aussie dude goes to India to watch Cricket of course and the things he hets up to are a classic..... Gettng a part in a Bollywood film, lol and nearly getting into a fight at a game, anyone watch it
  44. MattyB

    I'm after an LCD TV

    32 Inch is enough, Good guys are rubbish, $200-$300 more then bing Lee. Am i right in saying the Soniq, PAlsonic and the otherr lesser known brands are not any good, it'sbetter to spend the extra 100 or whatever to get a known brand. Or doesn't it matter MB
  45. MattyB

    Need For Speed Pro street

    anyone got it. Reviews were awesome except that it can get a little boring towards the end cause it's mostly track racing, i like it though. different to the last one. most Wanted will always be the BEST
  46. MattyB

    How hard is it to get a Taxi in the city

    Had my wor Xmas party, heaps of food and drinks. Was a great night, about 1am we decided to go home. We didn't get a Taxi cause they hardly stoipped and when they did you'd tell them where you were going and they would drive away, so much so i spoke to a few Journos from the Sun Heals i...
  47. MattyB

    What about Utai

    My Fave. Has he said like many other years he has to have an op on his Ankle??? Haven't heard crap from him in ages, I still rate him!
  48. MattyB

    Marble Cannon Game for Nokia Phone

    I want it, a mate has it on his Nokia 6110. Anyone know where i can get it, all the sites i use dont have it
  49. MattyB

    World Poker Tour!! *Spoilers*

    Aussie Joe Hashem does it again. $2.2 Million prize money Wins the Final hand with Aces. the guy he was playing against, Jim (Mr Football) was winning 4 hands previously, Joe raised him all in and he folded, if he caled he would have hamered Joe. That's Poker. Congrats Joe
  50. MattyB


    Doodieman gave me the idea, my result was: I love Optus Cable, downloaded a file @ 1.2 Meg a second last night
  51. MattyB

    Is our Game live?

    I just got an email from NRL.com saying it is, but in todays paper it says we aren't. What is it?
  52. MattyB

    Renascent Bulldogs surge into top eight

    Renascent Bulldogs surge into top eight The Bulldogs ended their exile from the NRL top eight with a come-from-behind win over the Sharks on Sunday afternoon, raising the roof in an unrelenting second-half performance to clinch a thrilling 14-12 victory at Toyota Park. After trailing...
  53. MattyB

    The Best thing about last nights game

    Was Seeing Chris Anderson snapping it in the Coaches Box. Your finished old man!
  54. MattyB

    Tech heads await iPhone

    THE hype surrounding Apple's upcoming iPhone is abundantly clear, but its success and charges are still up in the air. Will the gadget - which triples as a mobile phone, iPod media player and a wireless web device - be as "revolutionary'' as Apple CEO Steve Jobs has claimed? Even if the...
  55. MattyB

    JustSaw on Sports tonight

    Dragons are expected to Sign Lote After his Drug ban ends. Dragons need something to help them but he would be way too expensive
  56. MattyB


    A mate just called asking if i want to go to the Game in a private Box? HELL YEAH Yay for me
  57. MattyB

    Vandals go nuts in Quarry

    VANDALS have hot-wired a front-end loader and run amok in a Perth quarry, upending massive earthmoving equipment and dumping an excavator in a lake. Police say the damage bill will amount to almost $3 million for recovery, loss of equipment and down time at the massive Cockburn Cement quarry...
  58. MattyB

    Video Files Out Of Sync

    I download heaps of videos and burn them to Disc so i can wath them on my TV. LAtely there out of sync after i burn them, and today i checked what i have left to burn and 8 of the 12 i have left are out of sync. When i play them on my desktop they are a little slow but the video and Audio...
  59. MattyB

    Moto GP

    Damn im obsessed, I have always been a Rossi Fan, now heis a yamaha rider i love him. But Stoner is an Aussie, so im torn. Moto GP is on Fox 2 now!
  60. MattyB

    The Catchment Area

    Where is it? Is it possible to check if has had rain, i know the media and everyone else says it hasnt bit i wanna see MB
  61. MattyB

    Some people are not very nice.

    I went to bed tonight about 11, a mate calls and says he needs to be picked up cause he is so drunk he can't get home in a Taxi cause he is too wasted. Anyway, i pick him up in the city (Why i have no idea) He goes to some girls place in Northbridge (North Side) turns out i know her from my...
  62. MattyB

    If you are Chosen for City or Country

    Are you eligible for Origin Selection? I heard that you are not! MB
  63. MattyB

    Favourite Food

    Mine has to be My Mum's Cannelloni. She is making it now, nothing tastes better!!! Man im hungry MB
  64. MattyB

    Dogs Players - You Rock

    A few weeks ago, the guy that owns the Chemist my Dad goes to tells Dad he sees Willie All the time cause he comes in with Koups. My Dad asked if he could sign a new Top for My Neice for her birthday, the guy said leave it with me ill see what i can do. Today he sent it back with the whole...
  65. MattyB

    Ireland Beats the Bangers

    Full Scorecard here: http://content-www.cricinfo.com/ci/engine/current/match/247498.html?CMP=OTC-GCN
  66. MattyB

    Saturdays Game & Parking

    Anyone that went last week, how was the parking? A friend told me that due to the Easter Show you can't drive cause there isn't any parking. MB
  67. MattyB

    Attention All Users

    All Users Recently users have been posting in threads and have found a way around the Swear Filter, this is not acceptable and any users seen doing this will not be served with an Infraction but will be banned for 7 days. Upon your return if it continues your ban will be permanent. As a...
  68. MattyB

    BB's Vesna in double trouble

    BB's Vesna in double trouble Sydney Confidential April 04, 2007 Article from: The Daily Telegraph BIG Brother 05's ditzy hairdresser, Vesna Tosevska was nabbed for drink driving on Sunday - twice in 90 minutes. Voluptuous Vesna said an empty stomach had contributed to her two...
  69. MattyB

    For the Non-Christians

    What does Easter and other religuis holidays mean for you, is it just another day?? I'm not having a go, i just wanna know. MB
  70. MattyB

    MSN - Attention All Members

    My MSN has been hijacked, (Long Story) if anyone claiming to be me talks to you on MSN tonight. It isn't me!! MB
  71. MattyB

    India on brink

    Sri Lanka has defeated India in its Group B clash by 69 runs, with India's hopes of progressing to the Super Eight series now depending on Bermuda to defeat Bangladesh. India was bowled out by the Sri Lankans for 185 in the 44th over, with Rahul Dravid (60) and Virender Sehwag (48) top...
  72. MattyB

    LG flummoxed by digital freeze

    LG flummoxed by digital freeze Asher Moses March 19, 2007 Television manufacturer LG has failed to determine the source of a glitch in some of its televisions, which caused them to freeze when screening Nine Network's programs, despite being notified of the problem three weeks ago. The...
  73. MattyB

    Fold Or Scrunch

    Personally i feel that all Scrunchers are Freaks and you should go back to Tasmania, but for the purpose of this thread, ill keep an open mind. Scrunch Or Fold, Me i am a Folder.
  74. MattyB

    Sunday afternoon Test

    Sunday afternoon Test By Steve Mascord March 07, 2007 Article from: AUSTRALIA will play only its second Sunday afternoon Test match in more than a decade against New Zealand in October. ARL chief executive Geoff Carr yesterday announced this year's second trans-Tasman Test would...
  75. MattyB

    League star on sex attack charge

    League star on sex attack charge Exclusive by Kara Lawrence March 06, 2007 Article from: FORMER Wests Tigers forward Anthony Laffranchi has been charged over the sexual assault of a woman at a team-mate's Five Dock unit. Laffranchi, 26, now with the Gold Coast Titans, voluntarily attended...
  76. MattyB

    Who Can Use Photoshop?

    OK, i need help in designing my next Tattoo, What i need someone to do is: Take the Lion from this flag: And stick in the middle of this Flag: Spanks You Very Much
  77. MattyB

    Car Wash Cafe's

    Anyone use them? I used to use them all the time but after going to one in Guilford i stopped cause they stuffed the button on my Bluetooth Car Kit and they wrecked my car mats. You cut a hole in the mat and have something that sticks into your carpet and then a bit that clips in the top to...
  78. MattyB

    We'll wipe away your smile

    We'll wipe away your smile By Dean Richie February 15, 2007 Article from: THE angry Gold Coast Titans last night promised winger Steve Turner a "bit of grief" this weekend in what could be the most hostile trial match in years. Tensions will be high when Turner lines up for the Melbourne...
  79. MattyB

    Lee injury sparks Cup scare

    Lee injury sparks Cup scare By Peter Badel in Wellington February 15, 2007 12:00 CHAMPION fast bowler Brett Lee has thrown a major scare into Australia's World Cup campaign after breaking down at training in Wellington today. Lee slipped on his ankle during training drills and was taken...
  80. MattyB

    DNA test shows Hanson's Middle Eastern heritage

    DNA test shows Hanson's Middle Eastern heritage February 11, 2007 FORMER One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, the outspoken proponent of polarising immigration policies, has discovered she is of Middle Eastern heritage. Ms Hanson said she was "amazed" and "mystified" to learn of her...
  81. MattyB

    Samsung's iPhone clone

    Samsung's iPhone clone February 11, 2007 Samsung's new Ultra Smart F700 mobile phone that features some of the sleek design and functions found in Apple's much-hyped iPhone. Samsung's new Ultra Smart F700 mobile phone that features some of the sleek design and functions found in...
  82. MattyB

    Australia's New Cricket coach is?

    Nielsen gets the nod Cricket Australia has named former South Australian wicketkeeper Tim Nielsen as new Australian cricket coach. Nielsen succeeds John Buchanan, whose highly successful stint has included the 2006-07 Ashes sweep and the 2003 World Cup, where Australia went undefeated...
  83. MattyB

    Slaughtered to boredom

    ONCE-COVETED tickets to the summer of cricket are selling for $5 as fans rush to be spared seeing another slaughter. Courtesy of England's meek surrender in both forms of the game, the tide of demand for tickets has emphatically turned. The Daily Telegraph yesterday witnessed four tickets to...
  84. MattyB

    Local PlayStation launch in March

    The PlayStation 3 (PS3) games console will go on sale in Australia on March 23, but only the more expensive $999 model will be offered, Sony said today. Sony had previously promised also to offer a $829 bundle, which had similar features but lacked memory card slots and wireless connectivity...
  85. MattyB

    Scare for Australia

    THIS was not the night for a sporting coup d'etat. While tennis' global dictator, Roger Federer, maintained the world's sporting order on the east coast, cricket's equivalent, Australia, snuffed out a proletariat uprising on the west, defeating a courageous New Zealand by eight runs at the WACA...
  86. MattyB

    Chaser Star Fleads Not Guilty

    COMEDIAN Chas Licciardello pleaded not guilty to offensive conduct today for allegedly trying to sell fake knuckledusters and a plastic knife at a Bulldogs rugby league match. Licciardello, 29, a star of the ABC's satirical program The Chaser's War on Everything, appeared in Sutherland Local...
  87. MattyB

    Oh brother, your Maserati's mashed

    Oh brother, your Maserati's mashed Forklifts move a lot of old crates ... but can you count a $110,000 Maserati as an old crate? A building worker in Elizabeth Bay's exclusive Bilyard Avenue did this morning when he found the dark blue luxury car parked in a construction zone. But...
  88. MattyB

    Britney pregnant again

    Britney pregnant again January 18, 2007 - Article from: The Daily Telegraph BRITNEY Spears is pregnant again, according to the Hollywood rumour-mill. The fading pop princess - who already has two sons by her ex-hubby Kevin Federline and is now dating model Isaac Cohen - was reported to be...
  89. MattyB

    New Apple Iphone

    APPLE is hoping to bring its mystique to the mobile phone market with the confirmation that it will start selling a touchscreen-based mobile communication device under the iPhone moniker. Details of the device, which combines a mobile phone, a widescreen iPod and a desktop-class internet...
  90. MattyB

    Merry Christmas Indian Style!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owK5tHjL0aE Seriously Funny Stuff!
  91. MattyB

    Internet Plans

    What you got, who do you use. What are the speeds what are the limits and how much do you pay. I have moved out of my parents place and want a good internet company. Crappy thing is, i cant get cable where i moved, so i have to look at ADSL, so ill be wasting $35 on Line Rental each month...
  92. MattyB

    Abu Bakar Bashir's conviction overturned

    Indonesia's Supreme Court has overturned a guilty verdict against Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir for conspiracy in the deadly 2002 Bali bombings, a court spokesman said on Thursday. Some foreign governments accuse the cleric of having led a regional extremist group and the move is likely to...
  93. MattyB

    Dikko to join Kyle

    THE television presenter Ian "****o" ****son is poised to return to Ten, the network he quit at the height of his popularity as a judge on Australian Idol. The network is hoping he will return to Australian Idol. Ten is expected to announce ****son's appointment when his contract with...
  94. MattyB

    WILLIE Mason isn't just a tough guy on the footy field

    WILLIE Mason isn't just a tough guy on the footy field - ripping his shirt off and challenging onlookers to fight him after being booted out of a Bondi pub while celebrating the Kangaroos' win in the tri-series final. Photos of a shirtless Mason, standing over a man thought to be a friend with...
  95. MattyB

    Ruling Changes

    Ruling Changes www.bulldogs.com.au National Rugby League coaches and players today said the spirit of the game should outweigh the temptation to over-use video technology. In a positive review of the way the game is played, the coaches and players representing the NRL clubs examined a...
  96. MattyB

    Mobile Phone Websites

    I know a lot of you have different site or know of sites that have good prices for Phones. Can you list them for me, im looking for a new phone but I'd prefer not to update my contract as i am getting a $30 discount off my bill at the moment and if i upgrade ill lose it. I am after a Nokia...
  97. MattyB

    New Lynx Ad

    IT's the new "Big Ad". Lynx deodorant is being marketed though an online advertisement whose production is on similar scale to the well-known Carlton Draught beer promotion. In the ad, women in bikinis sprint through a forest and swim across the ocean to get to a man who's spraying himself...
  98. MattyB

    Speaking Kimmy's English

    Speaking Kimmy's English http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,20683093-5006009,00.html AUSTRALIAN TV's favourite mother and daughter, Kath and Kim, have won a place in the Australian lexicon with one of their unique expressions – muffin top. "I am totally up myself...
  99. MattyB

    Tiniest MP3 player revealed

    Tiniest MP3 player revealed November 01, 2006 Article from: http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,20681495-5001024,00.html THE tiniest iPod yet - the size of a matchbox - will go on sale worldwide on November 3, Apple Computer announced today. Apple has heralded the Shuffle...
  100. MattyB

    Nokia N80 & Tomtom Software

    http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Nokia-N80-BRAND-NEW-3G-TomTom-Nav-GPS-MORE-Sydney_W0QQitemZ330040406611QQihZ014QQcategoryZ129669QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Found that on Ebay, anyone here know how to get the software