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  1. Bad Billy

    News Why Luke Thompson, perhaps the best prop in the world, can save Canterbury’s ailing season

    That would’ve been orchestrated by his manager and the dogs, to force their hand and release him.
  2. Bad Billy

    Bogan kid names

    Fuck you. I’m Stevo.
  3. Bad Billy

    Bogan kid names

    Shane. 100%
  4. Bad Billy

    2004 signed gf jersey

    That’s me, top right.
  5. Bad Billy

    No one outside the club wants to play under pay

    Every...fucken...thread. This place has gone to shit. Another 5 page shit fight between 4 or 5 people.
  6. Bad Billy

    NBN Plans / Modems

    I’m interested in upgrading the shitbox Modem southern phone gave me with my FTTN connection.
  7. Bad Billy

    Opinion Would Sailor be a good acquisition for our club??

    Theres a reason they’re a spoon team. Mary can’t spot talent. Sailor’s a good’un.
  8. Bad Billy

    News Smith to miss Roosters match

    I wouldn’t be playing Harper, now that he’s leaving. Bring Wakeham in, and play Lewis in center. Or just straight swap with dutchie.
  9. Bad Billy

    An official declaration of the cessation of pleasantries.

    Hmm.. Scratching at crabs might explain all the dropped ball.
  10. Bad Billy

    News Foran happy to take pay cut

    Yea, I’d absolutely start lower.
  11. Bad Billy

    News Foran happy to take pay cut

    No shit, your going to take a pay cut. Any club willing to pay more than $500k for this guy is insane and can have him.
  12. Bad Billy

    An official declaration of the cessation of pleasantries.

    I hope tedesco catches covid in a gangbang with JWH, the Morris boys, Toupou and Kearey, and they’re all forced to self isolate.
  13. Bad Billy

    BREAKING: Reynolds fails drug test

    Ive paid it on the last day, after forgetting about it.
  14. Bad Billy

    BREAKING: Reynolds fails drug test

    Exactly. People should keep their cool till they’ve got all the facts. the only thing Reynolds is guilty of, is not paying his license fee on time. his response to rothfield the drunkard was classic.
  15. Bad Billy

    News RFM to extend contract

    Should be IMO. no one is playing well enough on our team to warrant a long term deal. Might've been instigated by him, too. Maybe he's not 100% sold on the direction we're heading.
  16. Bad Billy

    Opinion Josh Jackson

    Needs to move to the middle. Edge forwards need to be able to play like centres or a forward in today's game. More so, now with the 6 again rule.
  17. Bad Billy

    News Battlers eye Bennett

    Fuck Bennett.
  18. Bad Billy

    Dean pay

    because the Roosters, Broncos and Storm play with a cap that is 30% more then anyone else in the comp.
  19. Bad Billy

    Have you lost faith in this board?

    I still have faith. Most of my complaints are somewhat out of the boards control. (unless you want to fire a coach every time you don't make the finals) I personally, think they're delivering on most of what they promised, which was to get the cap under control and focus on the junior pathways...
  20. Bad Billy

    News COACH Pay will make up to six alterations to the team which lost to Manly

    smith is a winger. why insist on playing him at centre
  21. Bad Billy

    News Canterbury coach Dean Pay talks about claims he is facing the sack

    I think there’s more than a couple of people on here, that still have some growing up to do.
  22. Bad Billy

    News Foran looks to repay NRL debt to Bulldogs

    This story...again.
  23. Bad Billy

    Shaking head at NRL investigation into handshake

    Wow. Get a load of this guy?? If he were a cop he’d shoot people for not using their exit blinker on roundabouts.
  24. Bad Billy

    Shaking head at NRL investigation into handshake

    The club have given us many things to kick them for over the last 20 years, this isn’t one of them.
  25. Bad Billy

    Shaking head at NRL investigation into handshake

    I hope you’re self-isolating.
  26. Bad Billy

    Shaking head at NRL investigation into handshake

    It’s not a double standard. No one is saying he should be exempt. we’re saying it should be seen for what it is, a slip-up nothing more. ***** are going on like baa was licking players faces while getting head from an infected schoolgirl.
  27. Bad Billy

    Shaking head at NRL investigation into handshake

    Lol. Same as spending a week sleeping with 4 strangers? You ***** are out of your minds.
  28. Bad Billy

    Shaking head at NRL investigation into handshake

    You ***** giving the club shit over this need to pull you fucken heads in. It’s a reflex action. I’ve nearly shaken 100 ***** hands in the last couple of months. You don’t unlearn a life long behavior overnight. besides, it was a FUCKING HANDSHAKE, he wasn’t licking their faces. You ***** are...
  29. Bad Billy

    Shaking head at NRL investigation into handshake

    Lol. What a fucken beat-up.
  30. Bad Billy

    Opinion Isaiah Tass?

    I don’t see any reason to drop Meaney. Just play him at FB, move DWZ to centre and smith back to the wing where they belong.
  31. Bad Billy

    News Dean Pay’s future ‘on Bulldogs radar’ as Kent fumes he was set up to fail

    If pay was picking the best team every week and playing them in their best positions, then you could blame the board and recruitment. I honestly believe he’s left the board no choice. They swept in, promising a wave of change. They won’t go to another election, with nothing to show.
  32. Bad Billy

    Official Round 4 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Discussion Thread

    An ass whipping at the hands of a shit team like the dragons, might be just the catalyst needed for the board to step in.
  33. Bad Billy

    News Bulldogs coach Dean Pay denies senior players wishes for mass changes

    Whoever made those suggestions, should probably be coaching the side.
  34. Bad Billy

    News Canterbury Bulldogs coach Dean Pay facing axe ahead of St George Illawarra Dragons clash

    I still remember that ‘95 team. SBW, mason, maitua, shrek, shifty, bobcat and general. What a team.
  35. Bad Billy

    The Ultimate Cripple Fight This Week

    If we lose this one... that’ll fucken do me.
  36. Bad Billy

    News Ennis sprays bulldogs halfs

    It’s painfully obvious that Meaney needs to go to FB. Smith needs to go to wing. DWZ needs to go to centre or wing. Pay needs to make this happen, immediately.
  37. Bad Billy

    News Ennis sprays bulldogs halfs

    Fkn Reynolds?? Please. We have halves. Wakeham, averillo, and cogger are all capable. Especially if we can keep foz fit for a year. Reynolds can be in charge of paining the banners.
  38. Bad Billy

    Official Round 3 - Bulldogs vs Sea Eagles - Discussion Thread

    Fkn tolman. Why hasn’t hasler made him an offer?
  39. Bad Billy

    Official Round 3 - Bulldogs vs Sea Eagles - Discussion Thread

    I’m with you on this. I know it’s only considered cool to be outraged at everything nowadays, but honestly, I’m just pumped to see my team go round again.
  40. Bad Billy

    New rule changes - How will it affect our team?

    I think it’ll help us marginally in attack but catastrophically cripple us in defense.
  41. Bad Billy

    News Just trying to create headlines’: Gallen unleashes on ASADA over timing of Xerri results

    I’m with Gallen on this. There’s no excuse for what Xerri’s done and he’ll pay the price for it. But the test was taken 6 months ago. Can anyone explain that delay? I reckon because the season was suspended, ASADA sat on the results to guarantee maximum impact.
  42. Bad Billy

    Official Round 3 - Bulldogs vs Sea Eagles - Discussion Thread

    TBH, I don’t even care who’s playing, I’d watch the Donnie Dingo’s dongers vs Rocky rock spiders at this point. Just give me some footy!
  43. Bad Billy

    Why do you follow the Bulldogs?

    CB born and bred. Born in Bankstown. Raised in Bass Hill. Schooled in Chester Hill/Sefton.
  44. Bad Billy

    News Is Pay having a fluffy?

    Pay won’t rest anybody. His career is on the line this year. If anything he’s, more likely to play people injured
  45. Bad Billy

    Erin Molan

  46. Bad Billy

    Erin Molan

  47. Bad Billy

    Bryce Cartwright granted exemption based on medical grounds

    I didn’t know already being retarded was grounds for a medical exemption?
  48. Bad Billy

    News Bulldogs star tees off in anti-vax critics as NSW makes stand-down call

    I’m beginning to think not vaccinating causes autism. Someone should fuck this dickhead off before he makes the rest of our players stupid.
  49. Bad Billy

    Bryce Cartwright Saga

    That guy is an A grade, space cadet.
  50. Bad Billy

    Bryce Cartwright Saga

    No one is arguing that the flu shot is effective against corona, it had been identified that people with compromised immunities, like the elderly, cancer patients or someone who has, or has recently had the flu are not only more likely to get corona but more likely to require medical...
  51. Bad Billy

    Bryce Cartwright Saga

    You’re completely missing the point. All players being vaccinated against the flu was part of the plan the NRL had approved by the federal and state governments. Players not being vaccinated may be cause to revoke the approval to restart. This is not a wider “vaccinations are good”...
  52. Bad Billy

    Bryce Cartwright Saga

    He does have a choice. vaccine and play a game for a living or, no vaccine and pick up a shovel.
  53. Bad Billy

    News Albury council denies Storm NRL training

    It wouldnt hurt the town in the slightest. Surely a feel good story about the hospitality of the town and regular mentions in the paper as the foster home of the Storm, would only serve to help the town when lockdowns are eased. Fkn idiots.
  54. Bad Billy

    Dean Pay on 2SM

    We looked dangerous against Parra. In fact we looked a way better side, both in attack and defense, than them and they’re fancied to win the comp.
  55. Bad Billy

    Dean Pay on 2SM

    If we make the 8 with this team, we’ll have to compete with the Christians of the world, ‘cause Jesus couldn't make the 8 with this squad.
  56. Bad Billy

    Where are the bulldogs?

    Maybe elliot’s got the rona?
  57. Bad Billy

    Dean Pay on 2SM

    Nah, wasn’t me. But you’re right, anyway.
  58. Bad Billy

    Social Media Return for Reynolds??

    Maybe Reynolds can come back on the staff? Kicking coach? Anyone?
  59. Bad Billy

    8 sales this week

    ****’s probably earnt more than I’ll earn all year. Congratulations brother.
  60. Bad Billy


    That’s fucked up. They should just cremate their dead.
  61. Bad Billy


    That’s because no one wants to go there. Not even viruses.
  62. Bad Billy


    Shifting blame? Who dafuq else’s fault is it? Bats?
  63. Bad Billy


    Let them gather supplies, I’ll just be the toughest guy on the block.
  64. Bad Billy


    It probably has to do with the rate of cell growth. Small kids have cells which multiply at a faster rate, which means they will have infinite numbers of mutations, many of which can’t be passed on.
  65. Bad Billy


    “Distance learning” is a massive disadvantage for any student, especially year 12. Anyone who doesn’t think so, is toeing the teachers union line and won’t be convinced.
  66. Bad Billy

    2004 NRL Premiers Cookies

  67. Bad Billy

    What are your ideas to entertain oneself while in isolation?

    I built something like that a couple of years ago. Used a PC power supply to run a cooling fan, a mechless headunit, and two 6x9’s. Excellent when working in the yard or garage and way better than one of those Bluetooth speakers you get from jb hifi. The only drawback with using a power supply...
  68. Bad Billy

    Virgin Australia goes into administration

    They were already $5b in debt before the corona virus. what are the odds of them being able to pay back a $1b loan, now?
  69. Bad Billy

    DOOM BREAK: Quarantine Cooking Thread

    Nah, he awesome. If you can get past his voice. Sam the cooking guy. Binging with babish. Food wishes. All things barbecue.
  70. Bad Billy

    DOOM BREAK: Quarantine Cooking Thread

    I always inject. Beef stock. Horses for courses, I suppose.
  71. Bad Billy

    DOOM BREAK: Quarantine Cooking Thread

    I’ve made chef john’s prison meatloaf (food wishes) and the same thing happened. I thought it’d be shit but it was amazing. One of my go-to recipes now.
  72. Bad Billy

    Jayden Okunbor to appeal NRL deregistration for schoolgirl sex scandal

    The reason they parents didn’t complain, is because they know their daughters, and fucking 25yo strangers is completely in character for them.
  73. Bad Billy

    2021 off contract list

    Everyone, here’s a secret list of off contract players that one of my special contacts downloaded from a public website. Keep it between us.
  74. Bad Billy

    Opinion Best Bulldogs team not to win it

    I reckon the ‘02 team beats the ‘04 team. In fact, I reckon ‘02 may be the best team, across the board, that the bulldogs have ever fielded.
  75. Bad Billy

    Did anyone else watch Braith Anasta talking about the Bulldogs?

    Hindsight’s 20/20. In ‘04, no one could’ve seen Anasta and mason leaving us for the roosters and SBW slipping out like a dog.
  76. Bad Billy

    Membership Pledge

    Well, they wouldn’t be offering “pledge” as an option, unless you had other options.
  77. Bad Billy

    Membership Pledge

    I don’t get it? If footy gets played, you’re getting what you payed for. If it gets canned, you have already spent it, anyway.
  78. Bad Billy

    Pay Admits Time Running Out

    Absolutely, it does. I’m not a Pay fanboy, by any stretch. Just pointing out that some of the arguments against him are flawed. If he was to go tomorrow, I wouldn’t be fussed.
  79. Bad Billy

    Pay Admits Time Running Out

    Win percentage, means absolutely nothing unless you’ve got a team that can win.
  80. Bad Billy

    News Supermarket boss’s blunt reply to toilet paper hoarder wanting refund

    I wouldn’t be surprised. Plenty of people looking for their 15 seconds in this crisis.
  81. Bad Billy

    Pay Admits Time Running Out

    All the coaches you speak of, coached without a cap or above it and we were one of the richest clubs in the comp. There was no excuse. Pay has to do it with about 80% of the cap and 4 or 5 players he wouldn’t have if he could choose. If he doesn’t make the finals next year, nothing will save him.
  82. Bad Billy

    Pay Admits Time Running Out

    This place, if pay gets an extension.
  83. Bad Billy

    Tim lafai

    Let me clarify, men can get one for yelling too loudly.
  84. Bad Billy

    Tim lafai

    You can get an AVO for yelling too loudly.
  85. Bad Billy

    Jayden Okunbor to appeal NRL deregistration for schoolgirl sex scandal

    This guy. Comparing a guy throwing his wife down some stars, to having a root with someone of age, who is still in school?
  86. Bad Billy

    DOOM BREAK: Quarantine Fun Thread

    This is a good one.
  87. Bad Billy

    News Injury update: Stimson to undergo surgery

    I agree with this. The winner of this season will never be a true premier, and we couldn’t win it anyway. Keep the money. Roll it over to next season.
  88. Bad Billy

    News Injury update: Stimson to undergo surgery

    Montoya will never play FG again. His knee is fucked. And he was below average before the injury.
  89. Bad Billy

    5g a health hazard

    Peoples lack of basic understanding of radiation, yet willingness to speak with authority on the subject, astounds me.
  90. Bad Billy

    Swift response to sex scandal reopens door to Rashays-Bulldogs deal

    Fuck this ****. Parra can have him.