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  1. Alan79

    The Funny Picture/Meme Thread

    It's like one of those magic eye pictures I think. There's one there.
  2. Alan79

    The Funny Picture/Meme Thread

    Took me five minutes to notice the bike in the picture
  3. Alan79

    News Flock Of Bulldogs Poll -Who’s Coming

    It'd require 16 hours of driving in a 24 hour period from me, so highly unlikely I'll be there.
  4. Alan79

    Latest Census results

    The vacant dwellings is a negative gearing thing apparently. Some people get a better return on their money if they leave the investment property vacant. Pretty fucked up when we have housing shortages.
  5. Alan79

    Matt Burton | Consolidated thread

    I'm not sure if it's just the shit of a mood I'm in today, but booze Rotguts opinion isn't worth a square of my used toilet paper. Really wish he'd succumb to alcohol poisoning already. And as much as I'm not a fan of Anasta since hearing about shit he pulled while at the club, he's in a much...
  6. Alan79

    News Bulldogs still eyeing top 8 finish

    I'm not expecting a finals campaign for the NRL side. Doesn't mean I'd be happy to hear that the team were ruling it out.
  7. Alan79

    News Bulldogs hard man Luke Thompson rushes home to England 'in an emotional state' to deal with a mystery family issue

    I hope the big fella is ok. I don't understand the hatred for him. In spite of people rubbishing him as a player, he's been ok in a side that's hardly been setting the world on fire. Arguably his biggest strength would be his pace in broken play from his highlights vids. He's a workhorse that...
  8. Alan79

    Former Panther Matt Burton

    The media should be happy to label anyone in a dog's jersey a bomber. But not so much if it's in a positive context.
  9. Alan79

    Opinion Would you wait til 2024 if we can get Todd Payten ?

    I tend to lean towards judging after we make signings. Most opinions in here aren't worth squat to the club's decision making process. I'm a bit off the game at present though. Nice that we've had a couple of wins, but the 6 again rule really has me thinking that refs have way too much...
  10. Alan79

    What are some items or places you loved growing up?

    Didn't really matter where it was, if there was a creek I'd be there terrorising the local frog and tadpole population as well as the lizards. Still love natural waterways and terrorise the local fish populations from the comfort of my kayak when I can find the time. My favourite childhood toys...
  11. Alan79

    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

    Finished watching it about 15 minutes ago. Wrapped things up well enough. I don't know what they'd base a second season on aside from potentially helping to set up the resistance network. Unless they decide to send him off on some stand alone adventures like the Mandalorian. But if they do go...
  12. Alan79

    News The Bulldogs in danger of losing sponsor

    I doubt the club is interested in renewing the sponsorship given the fact that Laundy has done little but offer regular criticism of us. Seems like a fairly pointless article. The media don't really want to bring attention to our rise in form. So they've got to be creative to keep finding...
  13. Alan79

    Justin Holbrook

    I honestly think there's a few sides that are just cursed. The Titans despite often having some decent cattle just rarely seem to find form. The Warriors are another team in that boat. So I think that Holbrook might actually have some coaching ability. Another part of me still thinks that the...
  14. Alan79

    Who stars in a movie about the 2022 Bulldogs side?

    If I'd known this movie was being made I'd have taken my shit on the ground instead of in the loo and I'd have been able to earn a fee as the agent for it to play either of the Suttons
  15. Alan79

    Does Baz look at himself and wonder “wow I’m rubbish”

    He might have lacked the vision to turn us into a winning team, but from all reports it wasn't due to a poor work ethic. He's not the first nor will he be the last coach that lacks the ability to make it work, so I'll give him respect for at least trying when others wouldn't touch the club with...
  16. Alan79

    Pope Francis resigning?

    Pity if he's on his way out. Seems like the most tolerant/accepting pope I've seen in my lifetime. Still think that the institution of Catholicism need to come clean on all peadophilia. But I think they're financially motivated not to.
  17. Alan79

    From last to 13th

    As much as I'd love to see us playing finals footy, it's just nice to not be confident that we'll lose every week on the run to the end of the season.
  18. Alan79

    Movie Discussion

    Not yet. As others have mentioned, Disney will probably do a series in their quest to milk it for all it's worth though.
  19. Alan79

    Opinion Nick Meaney

    Posting a thread doesn't make you a somebody unless it's a really fucking good thread. I liked Meaney and his partner in crime, (Cogger) that we recruited from Newcastle, but I know they weren't rep standard. Same boat for me. In a team that had as much attack as a vegan having to kill a...
  20. Alan79

    The Funny Picture/Meme Thread

    I just hope he washes his hands before handling food. I was at a bar last week that made toasties and asked the waitress if she gives handjobs for cash. She said she did, so I told her to please wash her hands and make me a toasty.
  21. Alan79

    Official Bulldogs to receive funding for State-of-the-Art Centre of Excellence at Belmore Sports Ground

    Screams of Perrottet clinging to his job. In saying that, if it benefits the community, it's preferable to crap like money being thrown at companies worth billions to create new mines to facilitate the export of our resources while barely paying tax. The recent election results have seemingly...
  22. Alan79

    Movie Discussion

    In response to you both, that's why the Mandalorian is so much better received. They just didn't have to conform to pre existing timelines or head to specific destinations. Bobba Fett also had some shackles for die hard star wars fans. I don't know if Disney are best served by trying to bring...
  23. Alan79

    Movie Discussion

    I have mixed feelings about the series so far. She's a decent character, but a bit of a contradiction on herself. I've also had moments where I find the supposed levels of intelligence comparison between Leia and Obi Wan off putting (think of Obi slipping up in his forgetting to name Leia the...
  24. Alan79

    Another Shooting in US..Oklahoma

    A whole country full of mcgyvers. What could possibly go wrong there.
  25. Alan79

    The Funny Picture/Meme Thread

    It's the sixth time today he's tried to swim with no success.
  26. Alan79

    News Job of the YEAR!!!!!

    I was saying I'd be back at the desk for 27 minutes feeling like I was being judged. Poorly worded it though
  27. Alan79

    News Job of the YEAR!!!!!

    Who needs ten to twelve masturbation sessions right? I wouldn't complain about the half hour break, but it'd be a bit uncomfortable to go back to the desk with my workmates knowing if just had a tug for 27 minutes.
  28. Alan79

    News Jacob Kiraz, Corey Allen verbal altercation that ignited Bulldogs,

    It's always huge for clubs to have those passionate players that aren't afraid to speak up and tell their team mates to put in.
  29. Alan79

    Opinion Potter should be our coach!

    I'm not going to be making calls for any particular coach at this stage. But if Potter manages to keep the form up after this and snares a decent number of wins to close out the season, he's going to be doing his career a big favour whether it's potentially getting a chance to coach us for a few...
  30. Alan79

    Averillo Haters

    The real test for him comes when opposition coaches have had time to pick apart his strengths and weaknesses. I've seen plenty of players have a handful of good quality games before their flaws are exposed. Think of guys like Christian Chrighton. First few games everyone was like Ermagerd...
  31. Alan79

    How good is max king?

    He's rubbish. He can't even do a backflip after doing something good. Aside from that he doesn't have a beard or hectic tats. If all he has is quality go forward, a good offload and very solid defence on the back of a big motor, I don't see what the fuss is.
  32. Alan79

    What I want vs tigers

    I didn't see the game since I was working. But we really need to string a few together if we're going to resurrect the season even from a point of view of instilling some pride in the squad.
  33. Alan79

    Sack Fittler

    Getting sick of the speculation. But I'll dead set throw a fucking tantrum if Fittler is named, I'll drive to Belmore and throw handfuls of shit at any board member that I can reach.
  34. Alan79

    Opinion Fckd up world

    You just hope Karma has its way with them
  35. Alan79

    Opinion Fckd up world

    It is indeed fucked up. Saddest part is how many people jumped in to help the original guy beat up the woman.
  36. Alan79

    Opinion 25 years since Super League

    The players should show their gratitude. Prior to the super league war they were earning peanuts.
  37. Alan79

    The Funny Picture/Meme Thread

    Not sure I do either. But I'm guessing that it's reflective of the $11 per lettuce price at present that he's on an expensive boat maybe.
  38. Alan79

    The Funny Picture/Meme Thread

    Yep me too. Always have shop staff suspecting I'm stealing a cashew.
  39. Alan79

    Opinion Hannay? Please be bs

    Don't give these stories any oxygen. Time will give us the answer to who our next coach will be. These stories aren't worth the effort to read or listen to.
  40. Alan79

    The standard of the comp

    Agree to a big extent. Size is king in the modern game. But like others have alluded to, if you don't make it into the NRL early in your career, there's little incentive to stick with the game. The NRL itself tried to increase their profit margins by creating a simple step from NYC to the NRL...
  41. Alan79

    Official Jack Hetherington signs with the Knights on a 3 year-deal from 2023

    I agree. Seen plenty of players cop less attention from the refs and judiciary for far worse incidents. As far as it all goes he's got aggression that can't be taught and speed to burn which is a really great rare attribute for a forward. If he'd been around when we had Shrek, Asotasi Price etc...
  42. Alan79

    Jack Hetherington

    None of those three are world beaters in terms of skill. But they'll all throw in a lot of effort which I appreciate. Sometimes that's enough to tip a game our way.
  43. Alan79

    Relationship Advice

    In some cases the third cow is only fair since you're taking one off his hands.
  44. Alan79

    The Funny Picture/Meme Thread

    One of those Cinderella situations. The slipper fits me right now. Fits me the Shrek belly ATM.
  45. Alan79

    How many times have you changed your username on TK? What was your previous name?

    I signed up close to the time the forum started under a name I don't recall. Lost the details after not logging in much. Then started this account. I was here when kennel cash was a thing.
  46. Alan79

    News Cameron Ciraldo

    I honestly don't care about these speculative articles. Thousands are going to be written with three clubs coach shopping right now. If you're managing a coaching candidate it's probably a good move to drum up interest in your client. But it could easily backfire if the clubs you're linking them...
  47. Alan79

    The Funny Picture/Meme Thread

    Only I may call me fat. We're not friends anymore. Just kidding I don't give a shit.
  48. Alan79

    Official Nathan Brown "Steps Away" From Warriors

    Hope he's not in discussions with the club. Fittler still comes in dead last on the coaches I don't want near our team list, but Brown is in competition with him for the spoon.
  49. Alan79

    Woolford shines on debut

    He's hardly set the world on fire between when we let him go and now. If he winds up being a late bloomer that goes on to representative footy, complain about it, but he's a depth player that's had a decent debut game after years in reserves. Seems like whinging for the sake of it.
  50. Alan79

    The Funny Picture/Meme Thread

  51. Alan79

    Opinion I was one who also wanted him at the dogs.

    I've always thought Johnson was fairly overrated. I'm not saying he didn't have skill. His running game at times has been great. But I think that's pretty much his main strength. Aside from a couple of years early in his career, he's not really been among the best halves for years.
  52. Alan79

    Rumour Calvin Klein Jeans

    Yep. I miss the days when you didn't need to be a skinny **** to wear a footy jersey. I'd still buy them these days if they didn't make me look like a watermelon smuggler. I'm glad they're catering for my body shape.
  53. Alan79

    ‘I leave every door ajar’: Blues coach won’t rule out sensational move to join Gus at Dogs

    I'm not sure if it was the same night but Fitter decided to play nude "guess who" after seeing some lady go into a hotel room. He stripped, knocked on her door and when she answered asked "don't you know who I am". Meanwhile she had her husband and child in the room. I think this was the same...
  54. Alan79

    Payne Haas requests immediate release

    As much as he's a good player. He's been hot and cold in matches I've seen him play. Fires up.in patches, but switches off for long periods too. You add to this the fact that he's agitated around his contract a few times now and it's got to be a bit distracting to the team. Some of the most...
  55. Alan79

    State of Origin - Bulldogs Edition

    I think the forward pack and halves for NSW would take it out. But that shows some classy players have repped our jersey.
  56. Alan79

    The Funny Picture/Meme Thread

    Only if you're a little deranged or heavily into the religious spiel IMO. By the same token I don't think there have been many children throughout history that have said I have a friend who nobody else can see, you should all worship them and judge others on what I think he's said. Adults...
  57. Alan79

    News Hetherington Gone

    I didn't mind him. Thought he copped it pretty bad from the judiciary compared to many others. His deficiencies can be coached, but his pace is something that you either have or don't. If the rest of the team is firing, a forward with the pace of an outside back can be a real asset.
  58. Alan79

    Like Thompson staggering deal revealed

    In all honesty a hooker that can time a pass to perfection will allow him to hit the line at Pace and we'll have that in Mahoney. I didn't read what this latest opinion piece is saying he's on money wise. But unless it comes direct from the player, manager or club it's a guess.
  59. Alan79

    Kayo sports Price raise

    In all honesty I got the shots with pay tv when they were giving better deals to new subscribers than customers of 4+ years. Rang to cancel and told them why when they decided now's a great time to offer better deals. Still told them to fuck off.
  60. Alan79

    Kayo sports Price raise

    I'm over the game at the moment and just checking scores. But I only watch dogs games. The price for 80 minutes of viewing a week was already too high in my opinion. It's always viewable at a pub somewhere.
  61. Alan79

    Social Media Turpin ?

    But but but, so many people here wanted to throw the kitchen sink at him last time he was off contract. I always find it amusing how much opinions on any one player can alter over the course of a year or two. It's also quite funny that any young player that shows a glimpse of form is seen as a...
  62. Alan79

    The Funny Picture/Meme Thread

    Can this thread remain focused on humour. I don't want to wade through pages of crap looking for a laugh.
  63. Alan79

    Opinion When will Matt Burton leave the Bulldogs?

    Aside from his initial comments saying he'd not renig on his contract for us here while all the speculation raged that he'd stay with Penrith, he was pretty quiet. So I don't think he's driven by media attention. So hopefully he's got the drive to be here when things turn around. His silence...
  64. Alan79

    Official Ray Warren Retires

    He's been in the commentary box for as long as I've followed football. It's the end of an era that began before I was born. Good luck in your next adventures Rabs.
  65. Alan79

    Rumour James Graham

    I'm not buying into whatever conspiracy theories around our next coaching staff might be. But as far as Ennis and Graham go, they were both incredibly passionate players for us and neither gave less than 100% on field for us. I was sad that both left the club in favour of soft cocks who had...
  66. Alan79

    The things that 'grind your gears' thread...

    Getting pretty sick of advertising seemingly aimed at blokes that makes me feel homophobic. Examples The tradie body spray ads where the two blokes are sniffing each other and now sharing a bath. The crappy bet with mates ad where the four blokes do everything together. That's a double whammy...
  67. Alan79

    Why no ‘rep player with half a clue’ would sign with Dogs

    I'm not clicking on the link. Is there an actual point to the article or is it just another turd having a dig at the club?
  68. Alan79

    Charlie Staines?

    I still remember the sense of sadness when saviour Staines signed a new deal with Penrith. Also recall the relief when it became clear that his good few games around his debut weren't what he was going to deliver week to week. Glad we didn't break the bank to sign him like many wanted, and if we...
  69. Alan79

    Bulldogs to miss no 1 target

    I may or may not have done that today.
  70. Alan79

    News Freddy’s loyalty questioned over ‘unbelievable’ Foxx snub as NSW coach explains bombshell call

    Anyone else hearing the rumour that JAC was dropped in spite. Hearing Fitter told Gus he'd like to coach us and Gus laughed at him and said he wouldn't have him coaching tadpoles on how to swim.
  71. Alan79

    News Freddy’s loyalty questioned over ‘unbelievable’ Foxx snub as NSW coach explains bombshell call

    I'm a bit sad for Addo-Carr but it's a huge joke that they've had Laurie (the team that wins needs to score more points) Daley and Freddy (knock on a woman's door naked at a hotel) Fittler, as the last pair of coaches. I'm not the least bit concerned with the origin series anymore anyway. Saw...
  72. Alan79

    Our attack with Barrett as coach compared to with Potter as coach in 2022

    It's probably reflective of the fact that I stopped watching some weeks ago. Between working too much and just generally being over the way the refs treated us whenever we get a roll on. But going off scorelines since Barrett left his role, it seems like our attack is improving. Probably too...
  73. Alan79


    Might have been me. I watched a decent portion of that presentation and wondered how he was going to go with getting his message across to some of the boofhrad footballers if the coaches he was trying to teach weren't getting it.
  74. Alan79

    Opinion Jamie Feeney

    He's got the early parts of a good resume. Wouldn't mind him as an assistant at this stage but too soon for him to be in a head coaches shoes.
  75. Alan79

    Other News Source Cameron Munster

    Payne Hass and Munster were both there inspecting the open house
  76. Alan79

    Scam messages

    That's the truth. He's been playing rugby league live on beginner level.
  77. Alan79

    News Four NRL players including son of Super League legend offered to clubs

    Seems like Tyran Smith has money issues and is desperate to get a few bigger commissions from his stable of talent more than anything.
  78. Alan79

    Upcoming Australian election thread.

    The economic model which the libs have been favouring for years is that you look after those at the top of the economic food chain and they'll happily let the money flow in down to the workers (useless eaters as has been thrown round in this thread). But it's a model that economists world wide...
  79. Alan79

    The Funny Picture/Meme Thread

  80. Alan79

    Another Mass Shooting in....

    Unfortunately this is completely true. As SOH said, without the majority of people having guns, most people have time to cool down and not go on killing sprees. If half the money invested in guns over there easspent on mental health services, they'd have a much safer country.
  81. Alan79

    The one good reason to be excited about Sunday

    I don't even play the "pick the team" game anymore. I'm here for the humour. I saw a joke begging to be born and delivered it.
  82. Alan79

    The one good reason to be excited about Sunday

    That's page 7 of the book "methods to keep the coach selecting you in the NRL" in action. I can guess now why he's got an NRL career.
  83. Alan79

    Upcoming Australian election thread.

    Depends on the business model and who the target market is. I know that the town I live in has seen plenty of people have to tighten their belts to the point where Target and Big W shut up shop. You'd think they were both stores where people on low budgets would rely on. But the reality of the...
  84. Alan79

    Upcoming Australian election thread.

    The ALP played this election incredibly strategically. Where they weren't going to win liberal voters they encouraged labour voters in these seats to vote teal or green and allocated their preferences that way. I assume that it was quid pro quo much like the lib/Mats have done for years with the...
  85. Alan79

    Lets Play, "Your No1 Pick-up line..."

    "I'll flirt with you as long as you're buying me drinks, if you get me drunk enough I may even let you seduce me" I don't claim it works, but it basically leaves them without a plan of attack for the night and vulnerable because you've stolen their thunder.
  86. Alan79

    News Kyle Flanagan on dad Shane’s coaching ambition

    Less talk more action please Kyle.
  87. Alan79

    Upcoming Australian election thread.

    Well I've heard he copped a ban from kids soccer games.
  88. Alan79

    News The Bulldogs in danger of losing sponsor

    I'm 100% sure that the club wouldn't be standing in the way of players approaching Laundy for mentorship. I just guess that very few have actually jumped at the opportunity. For the most part I'd guess that if they have a responsible manager they'd be getting some decent advice. But like many...
  89. Alan79

    Upcoming Australian election thread.

    The greens know they're up shit creek if they allow any other party to do a lot on environmental policy, so historically they've stood against bills they should've helped pass IMO.
  90. Alan79

    Upcoming Australian election thread.

    I think you're very dismissive of how much crap the Lib/Nat party did to get on the nose. When you have a complicit media it takes more than just wanting change for changes sake and this has been a landslide loss for them. Seats they've held since the 80's being lost is a pretty fair indication...
  91. Alan79

    News Matt burton comments on future

    Sounds to me like he's a long way from deciding his future and a bit pissed off that during his last season at Penrith and potentially for the rest of his time here he's going to have the turds in the media shoving cameras in his face in hopes of getting the scoop on his next move.
  92. Alan79

    Potter post match presser

    I think Potter might actually have a go at them when they need to be told off. Hopefully this translates to fitness getting up to standard and as was mentioned a few times, discipline being better.
  93. Alan79

    Anthony Milford

    He did bugger all while on a huge contract. He might be showing more interest now because he's chasing his next contract from a position where he's on much less coin. As much as he's got plenty of talent, his commitment seems sorely lacking.
  94. Alan79

    Upcoming Australian election thread.

    Hard to believe that was possible, but you're right.
  95. Alan79

    Upcoming Australian election thread.

    The only place I've actually heard anyone leaning towards the LNP is here. Get the impression that almost everyone else I've spoken with is leaning towards a labour vote. In saying that I do mostly speak with nurses and health care workers. So they've naturally got gripes with the LNP. I think...
  96. Alan79

    The Funny Picture/Meme Thread

    Depends on how it gets served to you.
  97. Alan79

    Upcoming Australian election thread.

    Yeah. Poor old Shorten copped a public hiding when he had nothing to answer for, as did Gillard. The media has notably been nicer to the liberals.
  98. Alan79

    Ryan Sutton To The Dogs

    Haven't seen Sutton play. But some of our under rated signings have been working out great for us. Big Ava has been good. King came with few raps and has played some strong football. One of the things I loved about the club through my teens and twenties was that we'd sign players that had shown...