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  1. Bad Billy

    Rugby Australia set to axe CEO Raelene Castle

    Rugby Australia set to axe CEO Raelene Castle and bring in former skipper Phil Kearns Rugby: Under fire Rugby Australia CEO Raelene Castle calls on rugby fans to help the code survive financially. Time looks to have run out on Raelene Castle’s tenure as Rugby Australia CEO. Reports have...
  2. Bad Billy

    Broken shoulder

    Thought I broke my neck today. 6 hours on a spinal board in a neck brace a couple of X-rays and CT scans later, Turns out, I broke the ball completely off my shoulder.
  3. Bad Billy

    Other News Source Teddy’s done his pec

    Anyone else hearing this ?
  4. Bad Billy

    News The BBC (lol)

    Porn company launches $10m bid to rename Miami’s NBA stadium ... and it’s no stunt https://www.news.com.au/sport/sports-life/porn-company-launches-10m-bid-to-rename-miamis-nba-stadium-and-its-no-stunt/news-story/c4e58caeeeb745aa95a25abbc5de4cdd This should definitely happen.
  5. Bad Billy

    News Former PM Bob Hawke passes away aged 89.

  6. Bad Billy

    News Samsung scraps galaxy fold launch

    https://www.news.com.au/finance/business/retail/samsung-galaxy-fold-launch-cancelled-with-just-days-to-go-after-bendy-screen-breaks/news-story/0f1b8017e7c3e42a7cf60e6f21d2fee9 Who didn’t see this coming. You can’t bend a screen repeatedly and expect it to continue to work for a reasonable...
  7. Bad Billy

    News Bennet and Kent bitch to media.

  8. Bad Billy

    Eyesight test

    Have a go. Post your results. https://www.news.com.au/national/rush-hour/rush-hour-man-vomits-after-making-sickening-discovery-inside-inflight-meal/live-coverage/81993f2200bc229364dafcc55f5a30cc
  9. Bad Billy

    News Topless Sydney protests call on Australia to take in Saudi teen

    A group of topless women held a protest in Sydney’s CBD this morning, in solidarity with a Saudi teenager who fled her family and sought asylum in Australia. Four young women stood outside the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Martin Place this morning, wearing nothing but jeans, holding signs above...
  10. Bad Billy

    Kayo sports

    anyone getting this ? Seems like a good option for anyone who has foxtel mainly for the sports. $25/month for everything. https://help.kayosports.com.au/s/article/What-content-is-available-as-part-of-your-Kayo-subscription
  11. Bad Billy

    Just got this google add on the kennel

    WTF ??
  12. Bad Billy

    Origin air. Lol.

  13. Bad Billy

    Wests Tigers marquee man Josh Reynolds set to return against Bulldogs

    JOSH Reynolds is preparing for an emotional showdown against former NRL club Canterbury on Sunday after overcoming a shoulder injury. The Wests Tiger marquee recruit is set to play his second game for the joint venture after an injury interrupted start to 2018. Reynolds departed his junior...
  14. Bad Billy

    Press conference

    What is this “inside pass” shit ? Now you can’t even watch a press conference without signing up to some bullshit ? The NRL has sold itself like a 2bit whore.
  15. Bad Billy

    The statistics that have defined your team’s performance so far in the 2018 NRL season

    from news.com; CANTERBURY (14th) Have no problem carting the ball down field with the fourth most running metres, but can’t do anything with it while there with the worst red-zone ratio in the league. Attacking record worse at this point this year than last.
  16. Bad Billy

    MG's bonkers halves idea.

    THE battling Bulldogs are averaging less than 15 points a game in season 2018 and former NRL player Mark Geyer says it’s time for drastic change. A 6-0 defeat against the Roosters last Thursday sees Dean Pay’s side stuck in 14th position and Geyer believes Kieran Foran’s lack of impact in the...
  17. Bad Billy

    Just painful

    All the media hype had got me intrigued. Just watched a game of WAFL. Fuck me ! I’d rather be towed down the street....on my face.....by my anus hairs, than watch another. 3rd quarter, 20-15 !! 3 goals to 2 !! It’s just terrible. I watched a woman attempt a shot at goal, on the run, at the...
  18. Bad Billy

    Aaron Woods: Hair today gone tomorrow

    HE earned comparisons with a popular female children’s TV show character. And the vertically challenged bad guy in kids movie Shrek. But Test prop Aaron Woods says he is ready to stand tall against a fired up Sydney Roosters pack in Canterbury’s NRL round two clash at Allianz Stadium on Friday...
  19. Bad Billy

    Castle named as new Australian Rugby Union CEO.

    RAELENE Castle will become the first woman to run a football code in Australia when she is formally announced as the ARU’s new chief executive on Tuesday. The former NRL Bulldogs boss beat out former Wallabies captain Phil Kearns for the top job, one of the toughest roles in Australia’s...
  20. Bad Billy

    Jarryd Hayne’s $180,000 Eels handshake

    November 21, 20178:20am JARRYD Hayne will reportedly join the Parramatta Eels in 2018, but won’t ask for a release from the Gold Coast Titans until January. Reports surfaced earlier this month suggesting the representative fullback wanted out of the Queensland club so he could move back to...
  21. Bad Billy

    Boystown now Yourtown

    Anyone else noticed this ? Why ? It’s just a name that reflects their beginnings. Did actually think that if you went there with your daughter for help they’d turn you away because she doesn’t have a dick ? We keep this up, soon it’ll be illegal to be a boy. We’ll have bins full of dicks at the...
  22. Bad Billy

    Philosophy/ motivationals

    anybody else into this shit ? I’ve got pages of crap I’ve written down over the years. Post what inspires you; You consider yourself to be only one thread of those which are in the tunic. Well then it was fitting for you to take care how you should be like the rest of men, just as the thread...
  23. Bad Billy

    Bathurst 2017

    whos watching ? Fast track this year. I remember when they were doing 2:13's, not that long ago. I remember when murph did his "lap of the gods" 2:06.8. Now 2:03's ?? Wtf ?? Won't be long till we're seeing 1m something. Oh yea, and rain expected. Go Holden.
  24. Bad Billy

    Turvey reappointed to the board

    just broke on 9 news.
  25. Bad Billy

    Gay marriage plebiscite - Result YES to SSM

    What's your position, and why ? Personally, while I'm not fussed either way, I'm not entirely sure what this will achieve. Gay couples already have the same legal rights and obligations as married and de-facto couples. Regardless of the result, churches won't be forced to marry gay couples...
  26. Bad Billy

    Les Murray dead

    Les Murray dead aged 71 AUSTRALIAN football icon Les Murray has died aged 71. The legendary commentator and broadcaster was for so long the voice of football in this country as a fixture on SBS. Murray is survived by his two daughters. CEO and managing director of SBS Michael Ebeid was quick...
  27. Bad Billy

    meme thread

    see something funny ? Post it here;
  28. Bad Billy

    White skittles

    I think it's an LGBTI thing. They've also been accused of promoting white supremacy. (Lol) But I think they should be like this forever more. I like the idea of the flavor being a mystery and it'll stop the fucken missus picking out all the green and purple ones.
  29. Bad Billy

    Gotenks is famous

  30. Bad Billy

    Push to have vegan option at bunnings sausage sizzle.

    https://www.change.org/p/bunnings-make-vegan-sausages-a-option-at-all-sausage-sizzles Get fucked, hippie *****. It's a sausage sizzle. By definition it must contain sausages. Not some tofu bullshit rolled to look like a sausage. You want a vegan option? I'll make you a bread sandwich.
  31. Bad Billy

    Paul Kent on rep weekend

    NRL suffering from overstacked schedule that puts club football at risk Paul Kent SOMETIME before 9am Monday, Brad Fittler, the City coach, got a tremendous headache when he realised he could not do the simplest of tasks like pick a football team. Short of walking to the front door and tossing...
  32. Bad Billy

    It's gotta be tedesco

    Watching that second half yesterday made me a believer. Whilst there are many holes in this roster there's only one that needs to be filled. Watching b-moz at the back, gave me wood. Frawley at half, mbye at hooker is plenty good enough, with a potent fb. B-moz might be able to survive this...
  33. Bad Billy

    Waddyou people do ?

    Was looking through old threads and realized how current kennelers don't know as much about eachother as the old kennelers did. So; What do you do for a living ?
  34. Bad Billy

    Dean Pay mega thread

    BY PAUL KENT THE danger for Des Hasler is his team no longer practises his philosophy. It is a shift in ground that can be the great death rattle for coaches. Hasler has clear ideas how football teams should play. They were unconventional but all his. He chiselled this formula in stone after...
  35. Bad Billy

    Brett Kimmorley's wife has passed away

    sad news being reported by the major news stations and confirmed on the Bulldogs Twitter. Devastating for his family. RIP
  36. Bad Billy

    Matt Scott ruled out for season

    MATT Scott has officially been ruled out for the rest of the NRL season, after the Cowboys confirmed he tore his ACL in Friday’s win over the Broncos. The veteran forward will undergo surgery on his knee following the devastating injury, suffered in the second half of the derby clash. It is a...
  37. Bad Billy

    NRL mates rally around Noel Cleal after devastating bushfires

    THIS is the heartwarming story about Aussie footy mates rallying around an old bushie in need. Noel ”Crusher” Cleal, born and bred in the country, had fire rip through his 200 acres in Pappinbarra, 20km northwest from Wauchope, last Sunday, causing $80,000 worth of damage. Told of Cleal’s...
  38. Bad Billy

    Dogs on 9 news

    Dogs on 9 news soon. I'm assuming talking more shit about how amazing they're gonna be this year.
  39. Bad Billy

    Mighty car mods

    Does anyone watch this show ? https://www.youtube.com/mightycarmods 2 Aussie mates, fucken around with cars on their driveway ? Im hooked. Massively. I'm not afraid to say I'm a car guy and have always been.
  40. Bad Billy

    Model complains of ‘jaw ache’ after vowing to perform sex acts on 19 million voters

    Ahhhh, the mother country..... A PATRIOTIC model is complaining of jaw ache after vowing to perform oral sex on 19 million men who voted “No” in the recent Italian referendum. Paola Saulino, 27, has so far fellated around 400 politically active gents as part of her nationwide “Pompa (pump)...
  41. Bad Billy

    Imagine being married to this uber bitch

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you amber sherlock, tv news' Mariah Carey. http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/current-affairs/go-and-grab-a-jacket-nine-newsreader-amber-sherlock-blasts-colleague-for-wearing-similar-outfit/news-story/aecb9a824df9521b826432903a081098
  42. Bad Billy

    Southerly change appreciation thread

    Dont know what happened to the last one. But I'm betting we'll be using this one a fair bit this summer. 9:00pm tonight. Bring it on !
  43. Bad Billy

    Gold Coast mother facing charges including rape over allegations involving her daughter granted bail

    A GOLD Coast mother accused of tying up her nine-year-old daughter, dressing the child in a “Playboy” outfit and allowing men to rape her has been granted bail after almost three months behind bars. The 37-year-old woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was arrested in September...
  44. Bad Billy

    Kangaroos prop David Klemmer thriving under Mal Meninga in Four Nations tilt

    KANGAROOS firebrand David Klemmer says he has been empowered by his first taste of Mal Meninga’s coaching style. Klemmer has offered up an insight into Meninga who is in the midst of his first tour as national coach. While Klemmer had played against a Meninga-coached Queensland side, he has...
  45. Bad Billy


    does anyone on here ride scooters ? I've been riding my kids micro rocket that he got for his 4th bday. And I've got to say, I'm loving it. Now I want a scooter. I've been researching adult scooters and found the xooter street. They're supposed to be the shit for "fully grown kids"...
  46. Bad Billy

    NRL Holden Cup under-20s competition to end in season 2017

    THE NRL’s under-20s competition will be scrapped at the end of next year, Australian Rugby League Commission chairman John Grant has confirmed. The youth competition has been on borrowed time since former NRL head of strategy Shane Richardson’s whole-of-game review last year but there was...
  47. Bad Billy

    That's one crazy bitch !

    http://thechive.com/2016/10/25/theres-crazy-then-theres-this-monstrosity-of-a-neighbor-video/ Wtf ?? So much anger.
  48. Bad Billy

    James Graham stunned the Bulldogs would try to move on coach Des Hasler

    CANTERBURY skipper James Graham admits he was stunned when he heard Des Hasler was almost forced out of the club and says the Bulldogs couldn’t have a better coach to lead them. Graham, who’s in the UK preparing for England’s Four Nations opener against New Zealand this weekend, was about to...
  49. Bad Billy

    Corey Parker at V8s

    just saw Corey Parker on the Gold Coast v8 supercars coverage. Never wanted someone to get run over by a stadium supertruck, this much.
  50. Bad Billy


    where is he ? Did he get assholed ? Or did he just get sick of the abuse ?
  51. Bad Billy

    20-year-old student auctions virginity online

    ‘Why should I wait any longer?’: 20-year-old student auctions virginity online for $230,000 A STUDENT is auctioning her virginity online so that she can raise enough money to study abroad. Ariana, 20, from Russia, is selling her virginity on an escort site — with bids starting at £130,500...
  52. Bad Billy

    Gofundme protest

    A brilliant idea was raised in another thread by the great @south of heaven to divert, would be membership money, to a more worthy cause. We could set up a gofundme page dedicated to donations from Bulldogs fans that would be otherwise used for purchasing memberships. The money would then be...
  53. Bad Billy

    popcherry ?

    just got this ad on the kennel. Is that really the name of the brand ?? WTF ??
  54. Bad Billy

    David Klemmer and James Graham cleared by the match review committee.

    not that it's going to matter, next week when we get analed by Penrith
  55. Bad Billy

    Boycott Friday night

    There's no other way to get the point across. The club doesn't listen. if you send an email you'll get a standard response. If you comment in the newspaper or on fan forums, you're "insignificant". But.... If 10000 fans are missing and the kennel is empty, they will be embarrassed, the media...
  56. Bad Billy

    What do you shave with ?

    I've just started using a DE razor.... And I'm wondering, why people stopped using these things ? Gives me the best shave I've ever had (shaving with the grain feels like a shave against the grain with my old Mach 3) No irritation due to the instrument-like sharpness of the blade. Has 2...
  57. Bad Billy

    Bulldogs to decide if former Kangaroo Brett Morris will contest Four Nations

    CANTERBURY flyer Brett Morris has revealed Bulldogs officials will determine if he is available for an Australian recall, saying: “That decision will be totally up to my club”. Now eight weeks into his return from a serious knee injury, Morris is firming for a return to the Kangaroos side that...
  58. Bad Billy

    Bulldogs could switch Brett Morris to No.1 with Will Hopoate to miss two finals matches on Sundays

    PRESSURE is mounting on Des Hasler to switch Brett Morris to No.1, with William Hopoate to miss as many as two finals matches because of his religiously motivated refusal to play on Sundays. With the Bulldogs cementing their place in the top four with a golden point get-out-of-jail win against...
  59. Bad Billy

    Why the Bulldogs never quit

    WANT to know what keeps Josh Reynolds going? Uncle Matt. And his fight. One which, right know, sees the brother of his mum Nicole laying in a Sydney hospital, battling cancer. Uncle Matt is why Reynolds got the Bulldogs home against Manly on Thursday night. And why, in those 14 years since...
  60. Bad Billy

    Des Hasler has bitten back at his side’s critics after unconvincing win against Dragons, Knights

    CANTERBURY coach Des Hasler has bitten back at his side’s critics, brushing off claims they’re shaping as NRL also-rans. The Bulldogs are right in the mix, placed fourth with four regular rounds to play but have copped criticism after unconvincing wins over strugglers St George Illawarra and...
  61. Bad Billy

    Blogging with the boss

    Thanks for the feedback.
  62. Bad Billy

    Summary of all Bulldogs discussion threads

    We're fucked ! We have no idea in attack. We're fat and lazy. Haslers a fucken idiot ! ------------------------------------------------ We're the best. Haslers a supercoach. I go to all the games and help the Bulldogs win ! Go Bulldogs ! ------------------------------------------------ You're a...
  63. Bad Billy

    Southy, Assassin and kormatta

    Start saving.
  64. Bad Billy

    Boycott the Tigers game

    As the title says. We have very few ways to express our displeasure, this is one. I'm a season member, so they've already got my money, but it'd still be embarrassing for the club if 2000 people turn up and they're all tigers fans. Send a message.
  65. Bad Billy

    KE....get in here.

  66. Bad Billy

    I love gameday !

    I know it's only a trial, but I'm pumped to pull the jersey back on and watch the boys at our spiritual home. Best time of the year !
  67. Bad Billy

    NSW council amalgamations

    Just wondering what the kennelers' position is on this ? Good ? Bad ? How will they impact your local council ? What have you heard ? Me personally, I think it might be good. If anything it'll at least reduce the number of parasites that earn an income from stamping applications all day.
  68. Bad Billy

    Keep or discard klemmer ?

    Next contract he's gonna be worth a lot of money. So I think get rid of him so we can play our much cheaper reserve graders.
  69. Bad Billy

    NRL should hand keys to the Castle

    THE person who could easily run the NRL in Dave Smith’s old job is a woman. And we’re not talking about his chief operating officer Suzanne Young. One of the best candidates is Canterbury Bulldogs chief executive Raelene Castle. Castle was once sounded out to become chief executive of the All...
  70. Bad Billy

    Stadium trucks @ GC supercars.

    Anyone watching this ? Very entertaining. It's like a real life hot wheels track ! Jumps, cornering on 3 wheels and a mandatory "competition caution" at halfway to bunch everyone up again. Could only be American. Good stuff though.
  71. Bad Billy

    Moses Mbye says he wants to be the Bulldogs version of Johnathan Thurston in 2016

    MOSES Mbye is ready to be Canterbury’s version of Johnathan Thurston, with the young gun taking up goalkicking duties to flourish as the Bulldogs’ main man next season. Bulldogs halfback Trent Hodkinson’s departure to Newcastle in 2016 has opened the door for Mbye, who is taking inspiration...
  72. Bad Billy


    (German) In common use it means something to the effect of "A face badly in need of a fist" meaning this is a person that needs to be punched.
  73. Bad Billy

    Bathurst 2015

    No thread yet ? Holden or ford ? Lol pussy wagon already gone. Lap 12 !
  74. Bad Billy

    The kennel app

    Why has the app turned to shit ? Can't post photos or videos. Don't get notifications or pm's. WTF ??
  75. Bad Billy

    Who's going to Newcastle ?

    Who's in ? Where are we sitting ?
  76. Bad Billy

    Assuming Cook continues to play well, what happens to Reynolds ?

    I like Reynolds, I really do. But I think we'd be wasting a bench spot, carrying a utility. Cook is a real hooker, that plays like a hooker should. Good service, good running game and makes 40+ tackles. Harsh it may seem, IMO Reynolds should sit on the sidelines, support his team-mates and...
  77. Bad Billy

    Could Hodko go before June 30 ?

    It was mentioned on the radio last night. The Titans have lost elgey and now sezer and could make a play for an early release. Obviously the ball would still be in our court. Waddya reckon ? Is it possible ? Would you release him early ?
  78. Bad Billy

    New doom

    Anybody seen this yet ? Looks brilliant. http://youtu.be/71jriioiliA
  79. Bad Billy

    Klemmer and Jackos origin chances according to Sirro and Blocker

    DAVE Klemmer has been outed as the man to barge his way into a NSW Origin jersey this Sunday as eight forwards fight a Blues Royal Rumble. NSW great Paul Sironen told The Daily Telegraph Klemmer was “ready for Origin” -- and would play his way into the side against Country at McDonalds Park...
  80. Bad Billy

    ANZAC day

    Have a happy and safe ANZAC day. Enjoy yourselves, but remember what the day is about. "They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them."
  81. Bad Billy

    Richie Benaud passed away.

    Just heard it in breaking news. Sad day. R.I.P
  82. Bad Billy

    Tepai Moreoa

    From news.com Eels young gun forward Tepai Moreoa is also carrying a shoulder injury but the Parramatta camp is confident the rookie backrower will play against the Warriors. Are they serious ?? The way that kid was carrying his shoulder, he's going to play next week ? in Auckland too, with a...
  83. Bad Billy

    Logitech harmony ultimate one

    Has anybody here ever had a Logitech harmony universal remote ? I've never had a universal remote. I always thought they'd be a bit of a compromise and you'd need the old remote for some things. But this thing ? WOW !! Blew my mind. 15mins to setup, and it controls EVERYTHING even my cheap...
  84. Bad Billy

    Time for a new flag ?

    Ray Martin opinion piece on news.com today. http://www.news.com.au/national/australia-day/ray-martin-its-time-we-changed-the-flag/story-fnrcgk72-1227196535675 Views on the flag and a republic ? Personally, I'm not fussed, but more in favour of change. If anything, just to reflect a more...
  85. Bad Billy

    High school bullying victim gets sweet revenge

    A former victim of high school bullying was asked on a date by one of her taunters only to stand him up with an excellent note that has seen her showered with praise from all over the world. It all started eight years ago when UK student Lousia Manning, now 22, was bullied at high school where...
  86. Bad Billy

    Swearing on the kennel

    Why can't we just warn users that the kennel has adult content, Then just let everyone do and say as they please? You'd read nothing here, that you wouldn't hear at an NRL match, or hanging out with your mates. And the "censoring" that posters do leaves nothing to the imagination anyways...
  87. Bad Billy

    Bulldogs prop David Klemmer in line for selection for Australia’s Four Nations charge

    IF Canterbury prop David Klemmer is picked as a Kangaroos bolter on Tuesday, the first man he will have to thank will be teammate James Graham. But should Klemmer find himself in the Four Nations line-up when Australia tackles England on November 2, the 20-year-old won’t be doing his British...
  88. Bad Billy

    Israel folau's hair ??

    Wtf ??
  89. Bad Billy

    Greenberg cleared of wrongdoing over Tandy's football bets

    In the clear: Todd Greenberg has been cleared of any wrongdoing with regards to Ryan Tandy’s bets. Source: News Limited The NRL has cleared Todd Greenberg of any wrongdoing in connection to its investigation over late prop Ryan Tandy’s football wagers. Greenberg fell under scrutiny after issuing...
  90. Bad Billy

    Surely Jackson now ??

    Greg bird has been slapped with a grade 3 dangerous throw 4-6 weeks. If he cops the plea he'll miss origin 1 and 2. If he rolls the dice and loses he'll miss game 3 as well.
  91. Bad Billy

    Gallen reveals his preferred candidate for 5/8th is Josh Reynolds

    In a wide-ranging chat with a view to the upcoming series, Gallen identified Daniel Tupou and Tim Grant as possible bolters for the NSW squad and revealed his preferred candidate for the five-eighth role was Josh Reynolds. “Josh Reynolds had a period (in City-Country) for about 10 or 15 minutes...
  92. Bad Billy

    Kennel app lottery

    Why, when I select a thread on the kennel app, do I get various other threads ? It's turned into a lottery lately.
  93. Bad Billy

    Videocameraering ??

    Lol. Lara bingle is such an idiot ! She's Australia's Jessica Simpson.
  94. Bad Billy

    Mason caught DUI

    NEWCASTLE'S Willie Mason has been charged by police after being caught drink driving on his way to Knights training on Monday morning. Mason, 33, was stopped for a random breath test and taken to Newcastle Police Station where he was charged with a low-range offence. The ex-Australian and...
  95. Bad Billy

    Barba rejects "fight for life"

    BEN Barba's off-field issues have cost him at least $20,000 with the former Dally M winner knocking back an approach to pull on the gloves in the Fight For Life boxing event later this year. Organisers of the popular fight night, which sees rugby league’s best pugilists take on rugby union...
  96. Bad Billy

    Bathurst 2013

    Who's going for who ? Been watching qualifying and gotta say, I'm disappointed with these "cars of the future". The carrera cup cars are as fast as them. I know they wanted to make the competition fairer and entice more manufacturers but how can it be the premier racing class in Australia when...
  97. Bad Billy

    Anyone here had a PCL or ACL reconstruction ?

    Booked in for monday, PCL reconstruction and Meniscus tear repair. Just wondering about other peoples experiences. How bad did it hurt ? For how long ? How long till you could walk without crutches ? How long till you got rid of the brace ? How long till you could run again ? Anything...
  98. Bad Billy

    Lol, how do you like your zub ?

    6 inches, or 12 inches
  99. Bad Billy

    Footy show - how fat as Idris gotten ??

    Fuck me ! He's got fat ! Bigger than he ever was at the dogs.