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  1. Dognacious

    Rd 10 vs Knights 3-2-1

    No votes this week. Nobody in the mood to vote. The match that killed Baz.
  2. Dognacious

    Rd 1 vs Cowboys 3-2-1

    3- Thompson 2- Dufty 1- King, Okunbor
  3. Dognacious

    Kennel player of the year - 2022

    2022 Kennel player of the year ladder After round 14 Matt Burton 18 Tevita Pangai Junior 17 Josh Ado Carr 8 Jacob Kiraz 7 Matt Dufty 6 Luke Thompson 6 Paul Vaughan 5 Kyle Flanagan 5 Max King 4 Corey Waddell 3 Jake Averillo 2 Brandon Wakeham 1 All time records for most vote points in a round...
  4. Dognacious

    Ladder Prediction Comp 2022

    The 2022 ladder predictor competition thread. A Kennel title and premium membership is the prize for the winner as usual. Status: Closed Scoring 20pts - 1st in the correct position 15pts - 2nd in the correct position 14pts - 3rd in the correct position 13pts - 4th in the correct position...
  5. Dognacious

    Official Supercoach & other comps 2022

    As usual there there will be titles and premium Kennel memberships, for registered with The Kennel players who win these comps below. While you can post join info to your own comps in this discussion thread, only the ones in this post are eligible for Kennel prizes. Supercoach H2H League...
  6. Dognacious

    2021 sucked. Bring on 2022!

    2021 I never liked you. Always trying to ruin everyone's good time. Fuck off, and don't let the door hit you.... Leave your 2021 goodbye messages here
  7. Dognacious

    Rd 23 Dogs vs Knights 3-2-1

    3- Lewis 2- Jackson, Meaney 1- Thompson
  8. Dognacious

    Rd 13 Dogs vs Bye

    Bye round
  9. Dognacious

    Rd 11 Dogs vs Titans 3-2-1

    No votes this week
  10. Dognacious

    Rd 12 Dogs vs Panthers 3-2-1

    3- Averillo 2- Thompson 1- Elliott, Doorey
  11. Dognacious

    Rd 9 Dogs vs Dragons 3-2-1

    3- Thompson 2- DWZ 1- Meaney
  12. Dognacious

    Rd 10 Dogs vs Raiders 3-2-1

    3- Averillo 2- DWZ 1- Meaney, Thompson
  13. Dognacious

    Rd 3 Dogs vs Broncos 3-2-1

    Yeh I know... Anyway... 3- Meaney 2- Elliott 1- Jackson
  14. Dognacious

    Rd 1 Dogs vs Knights 3-2-1

    3- Cotric 2- Flanagan 1- Ogden Despite the loss, good signs from our new recruits.
  15. Dognacious

    Official Ladder Predictor Comp 2021

    UPDATED: All ladders have been captured now, and i will post the current comp ladder after each round in this thread. The current competition ladder is on Page 3 of this thread Entries are closed, and changes to existing ladders are not affecting entries since the start of round 1. Scoring...
  16. Dognacious

    Official Supercoach & other Comps Discussion 2021

    The final comps winners for 2021 are: SC Draft Champion - Troopsalute SC H2H Champion - Bulldogsteve SC Top Scorer - Mitch Conner (aka Mosh Potatoes) Fantasy Champion - bradyk Ladder Champion - Wendog33 Tipping Champion - Motorhead
  17. Dognacious

    Rd 20 Dogs vs Panthers 3-2-1

    3- Thompson (even though he missed tackles and the eye thing, still our best) 2- RFM 1- JMK We were just outclassed. This side will be nothing like who we send out round 1 next year i feel
  18. Dognacious

    Rd 18 Dogs vs Sea Eagles 3-2-1

    No tally taken this round
  19. Dognacious

    Rd 19 Dogs vs Rabbitohs 3-2-1

    3- Hopoate 2- Okunbor 1- C Smith, RFM Thompson was decent, if it wasnt for a few bad miss tackles by him he would have got points.
  20. Dognacious

    Rd 17 Dogs vs Titans 3-2-1

    No tally this round
  21. Dognacious

    Rd 16 Dogs vs Raiders 3-2-1

    No tally this round
  22. Dognacious

    Rd 15 Dogs vs Warriors 3-2-1

    No tally this round
  23. Dognacious

    Rd 13 Dogs vs Storm

    No tally this week
  24. Dognacious

    Rd 12 Dogs vs Eels 3-2-1

    No tally for this week
  25. Dognacious

    Injuries in 2020

    Is it just me or is there a lot more injuries this year than ever before? And is it because of the break due to covid, or is it due to the new 6 again rule making the game faster? Or is it just bad luck? Looking at the NRL injury ward, I've never seen anything like it before.
  26. Dognacious

    Rd 10 Dogs vs Dragons 3-2-1

    3- Thompson 2- Meaney 1- Foran (would have been more if he played more than 1 half)
  27. Dognacious

    Rd 9 Dogs vs Broncos 3-2-1

    No votes this week. Not unusual when we lose
  28. Dognacious

    Rd 8 Dogs vs Rabbitohs 3-2-1

    No votes this week. Not unusual when we lose
  29. Dognacious

    Rd 6 Dogs vs Sharks 3-2-1

    No votes this week. Not unusual when we lose
  30. Dognacious

    Rd 5 Dogs vs Roosters 3-2-1

    No votes. Not unusual when we lose.
  31. Dognacious

    Pick the 2020 final ladder competition

    Scoring (points per correct pick) 10pts - 1st in the correct position 7pts - 16th in the correct position 6pts - 2nd, 3rd or 4th in the correct position 5pts - 5th, 6th , 7th, or 8th in the correct position 4pts - 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th or 15th in the correct position 0pts -...
  32. Dognacious

    Account or Signup issues

    Please post in this thread what your account issue is For example, the top 3 issues: -"I need my password reset, because im locked out" -"I am still awaiting approval, when will it be done?" -"I was denied a new account and think its wrong because...." Tell us the problem and we will look...
  33. Dognacious

    If your signup attempt was rejected

    If you tried to sign up to be a member of the kennel, and were denied with no reason given, or a reason you do not understand, it was probably because you met too many high risk criteria of which there are a number of. We do get a lot of spam attempts and banned people trying to sign up again...
  34. Dognacious

    Official Supercoach, Fantasy & Tipping Discussion 2020

    Kennel Titles 2020 Gratz to the winners! SC H2H Champion - Freakzilla SC Top Scorer - Natboy SC League Winner - Natboy, Artybulldogs 26, Pain in the Haas SC Draft Champion - Bulldogs09 NRLF H2H Champion - Stonks (NRLF = NRL fantasy) Tipping Champion - Moey Ladder Champion - DogsOfWar1704...
  35. Dognacious

    New year's Sydney fireworks

    Do u think they need to be cancelled due to the fire ban/risk? I think it's ok to go ahead because it's in the inner city. Not much bush there. It's not like they are having them at Heathcote. Media are carrying on that it's creating a class division between rural and city people and stuff...
  36. Dognacious

    Rd 24 vs Cowboys 3-2-1

    Loss to Cows, no votes taken
  37. Dognacious

    Rd 19 vs Roosters 3-2-1

    A small loss to roosters. Nobody voted
  38. Dognacious

    Rd 18 vs Broncos 3-2-1

    A big loss to Broncos at Suncorp and nobody voted. Bad year for that.
  39. Dognacious

    Rd 16 vs Bye

    We won 2 pts
  40. Dognacious

    Rd 14 vs Roosters 3-2-1

    A big loss to the rorters and again nobody voted.
  41. Dognacious

    Rd 13 vs Dragons 3-2-1

    A big loss to the merge and nobody wants to vote this week. That kind of year.
  42. Dognacious

    Rd 11 vs Storm 3-2-1

    A bad loss to storm and nobody wanted to vote this week.
  43. Dognacious

    Rd 9 vs Knights 3-2-1

    Big loss to knights this week, nobody voted, which isnt uncommon with losses.
  44. Dognacious

    Rd 8 vs Manly 3-2-1

    Was a loss at Brooky, nobody felt like voting this week
  45. Dognacious

    Official Round 22: Bulldogs vs Rabbitohs discussion thread

    Broadcast : Channel 9 from 7PM, Fox
  46. Dognacious

    Rd 2 vs Eels 3-2-1

    No 3-2-1 this round. After 2 big losses nobody wanted to give the booys any points lol
  47. Dognacious

    News We've got to change: NRL CEO Todd Greenberg

    'We've got to change': NRL CEO Todd Greenberg floats idea of relocation to secure future of rugby league By George Vlotis https://wwos.nine.com.au/nrl/todd-greenberg-says-relocation-must-be-considered-if-league-is-to-grow/ab5cfbff-dfe1-4d00-a483-2cb52c842cb9#close NRL CEO Todd Greenberg has...
  48. Dognacious

    Round 13: Dogs vs Bye 3-2-1

    We won!!! But it was tight.
  49. Dognacious

    Round 7: Dogs vs Roosters 3-2-1

    We were shit and nobody felt like voting. Happened about 5 times in 2017.
  50. Dognacious

    Round 5: Dogs vs Raiders 3-2-1

    Despite the result, have to have the 3-2-1 3- Foran 2- Klemmer 1- Mbye Didnt realy know who to give the 1 to, but Mbye was 3rd in our side in fantasy league points this week, so i picked him for that.
  51. Dognacious

    Round 4: Dogs vs Souths 3-2-1

    Considering the refs and mbye gone causing a major reshuffle 5 minutes in, we went ok. Only criticism i have of players was too many errors from a few of our bench players in the second half. Our attack needs mbye too. 3- RFM 2- Lichaa 1- JMoz Mention: Hopoate
  52. Dognacious

    Round 1: Dogs vs Storm 3-2-1

    Thought it would be a hard ask first up against the premiers with a new side & coach, and it was. But there were good players 3- MBye 2- RFM 1- Foz
  53. Dognacious

    How are Sydneysiders dealing with the heat?

    I grew up (first 18 years) in Sydney and i cannot remember it ever being 43 in Sydney and almost 48 in Penrith. Up here on the GC we were whinging about 33 degrees being hot today. 43 is ridiculous.
  54. Dognacious

    Round 25 Non Bulldogs NRL games discussion

    We start the round with an 11 second try to Eels vs Broncos. Wow
  55. Dognacious

    How long do you think Des will last - Poll

    What do you think will happen with Des?
  56. Dognacious

    R15 Dogs vs Bye

    In a tight one we got the points
  57. Dognacious

    R13 Dogs vs Panthers 3-2-1

    38-0 loss. Votes didnt happen. :anguished:
  58. Dognacious

    R12 Dogs vs Sharks 3-2-1

    Too much crying for voting this round. No votes taken. We lost 9-8
  59. Dognacious

    R10 Dogs vs Cowboys 3-2-1

    No votes happened. Big losses tend to make that happen
  60. Dognacious

    R11 Dogs vs Roosters 3-2-1

    3- Holland 2- Jackson 1- Frawley
  61. Dognacious

    Frawley leads Dogs to NRL win over Knights

    By Steve Zemek Canterbury coach Des Hasler admits back-up half Matt Frawley is pushing to wear the No.7 permanently after steering the Dogs to a scratchy 22-12 NRL win over Newcastle. When the chips were down, it was Frawley who, in just his second first grade game, sparked the Dogs to life in...
  62. Dognacious

    R1 Dogs vs Storm 3-2-1

    Shitty conditions vs the best defence in the league didnt let many stand out in attack. Defence was decent they didnt score a try the last 75 minutes. The bad start fkd us. 3- RFM 2- Reynolds 1- Kasiano
  63. Dognacious

    Previous Years Results

    Kennel Player of the Year 2017 - Final Standings JOSH JACKSON is our Kennel Player of the Year 2017. Josh Jackson 14 William Hopoate 11 David Klemmer 9 Michael Lichaa 7 Raymond Faitala-Mariner 7 James Graham 7 Marcelo Montoya 6 Moses Mbye 5 Adam Elliott 5 Matt Frawley 5 Brenko Lee 3 Josh...
  64. Dognacious

    How it works

    How it works Each round the top 3 vote point scoring players in the corresponding 3-2-1 thread will get 3, 2 or 1 points for the round, which goes towards their season tally. How votes are counted In the 3-2-1 threads each round: -multiple player votes for the same points count, within...
  65. Dognacious

    Round 2: Dogs vs Panthers Match thread

    Team list is here http://www.thekennel.net.au/forum/index.php?threads/round-2-nrl-nswc-nyc-team-lists.101068/#post-2900494 Go dogggiiees!
  66. Dognacious

    RLW_Mole vs The Hayne Plane

  67. Dognacious

    Dogs Vs Souths 3-2-1

    3. Kasiano 2. Cook (nice game since he hasnt played FG this year!) 1. Pritchard/Hodkinson
  68. Dognacious

    Dogs vs Rooster 2004 GF on Fox now @ 2pm

    May be replayed another time this week since we play roosters this week, so watch out for it if you missed it.
  69. Dognacious

    How scary will 2015 Origin Series time be?

    Possible players for origin next year, some probable: Morris, Morris, Hod, Reynolds, TRex, Jackson. I hope none of them get picked. But you know at very least the Mozzes will be. We will be tested at origin time again next year, maybe worse than this year, and we all know how that went. They...
  70. Dognacious

    Dogs Vs Sea Eagles - Finals Week 2 Match Thread

    Getting close now!!! Come on Doggies!!!! Team List Note: the numbers on players backs may be different than below in some cases. The Dogs website still hasnt put the team list up with their numbers yet. 1 Sam Perrett 2 Corey Thompson 3 Josh Morris 4 Tim Lafai 5 Mitch Brown 6 Josh Reynolds 7...
  71. Dognacious

    Dogs Vs Storm 2014 Elimination Final Match Thread

    And the moment of truth is upon us! Go doggies! Bulldogs Team Source: http://www.bulldogs.com.au/team/team-list.html 1. Sam Perrett 2. Corey Thompson 3. Josh Morris 4. Tim Lafai 5. Mitch Brown 6. Josh Reynolds 7. Trent Hodkinson 8. Aiden Tolman 9. Michael Ennis 10. James Graham 11. Josh...
  72. Dognacious

    Add to the sentence 3 words at a time

    Ok now we did the add 1 word to make a sentence thing for a bit, lets try using 3 at a time, it may be easier to make it flow. Its starts with my next post.
  73. Dognacious

    Discussion Thread Round 8 - Bulldogs Vs Knights

    Saturday Night 7.30 @ ANZ. I think we will like playing a weaker team than the last 3, Dogs by 16!
  74. Dognacious

    Where will we finish in 2014?

    Where will we finish on the ladder in 2014? I reckon 3rd behind Roosters and Souths. Storm have an aging big 3 and i see them slipping. Manly may be 4th. And the spoon will go to Tigers IMO. They will have to hold off a stern challenge from Canberra.
  75. Dognacious

    Chase Stanley signing?

    I searched this forum and was surprised not to see a thread or 6 about this. I saw it by accident when looking at the bnw website for the first time in ages. It isnt new news, it happened last month, apparently. WTF.... are we letting Lafai go to get Stanley? I dont get it? The story... (i...
  76. Dognacious

    Lachlan Burr to debut vs Penriff

    Lachlan Burr to debut for the FG side this week. The full side isnt in printed form yet, and im too lazy to narrate it from the video, but you can see it here http://www.bulldogs.com.au/news-display/Team-Announcement-Lachlan-Burr-to-make-NRL-Debut/83034 How do you think he will go?
  77. Dognacious

    3-2-1 Dogs vs St George Rnd 21

    3- Ennis 2- Hodkinson 1- Trex (OMG he made it to my 3-2-1 list!) Lots of players went well. St George put everything into the first 50 minutes but couldn't sustain it. They were a mathematical chance to stay in the top 8 race, at home. They had motivation. they went too hard too early and...
  78. Dognacious

    3-2-1 Dogs Vs Broncos

    3- Tolman 2- Pritchard 1. Ennis Good solid win by the boys in greasy conditions. Broncos werent soft.
  79. Dognacious

    3-2-1 Bulldogs Vs Warriors

    3- Hodkinson 2- Ennis 1- Morris/Graham Hodkinson has a good kicking game, kicks goals like El Magic so far, has good defence and is threatening in attack. Poor KK. Im sure Graham would have had a lot to do with pumping the boys up to overcome a 16-0 deficit. His mere presence lifts the team.
  80. Dognacious

    A week is a long time in the NRL

    Reality Check! Before you all go mad writing us off and bagging everyone from Des to the cleaners, consider the following: 2012 Round 6 Souths 20 Bulldogs 10 LOSS Round 7 Storm 12 Bulldogs 6 LOSS Round 8 Manly 12 Bulldogs 10 LOSS Reasons Our backs were falling like flies and we had not yet...
  81. Dognacious

    Round 4: Bulldogs vs Souths Live Match Thread

    Getting close now. Thread for folks like me with Fox, anyone at the game or anyone who just wants to keep track of proceedings. Bulldogs vs Souths Barba back Pritchard back Souths undefeated so far Bulldogs in good form considering they were without the above players and more Both teams at home...
  82. Dognacious

    GF 2012: Dogs Vs Storm Live Match Thread

    Its finally here. What we waited for all year. (and since 2004) Lets do this Doggiiiieeesssssss!!!!!!!!!
  83. Dognacious

    3-2-1 Dogs vs Rabbits

    3- Eastwood 2. Perrett 1. Graham/Tolman Generally good team performance though.
  84. Dognacious

    PF: Dogs Vs Souths Live Match Thread

    OK its getting close now. Time to book a spot in the GF. Come on Doggiesssssss!!!!!
  85. Dognacious

    3-2-1 Dogs Vs Manly

    3- Tolman 2- Morris 1- Ennis *edited my 1 point after watching the game a second time. Ennis was a man possessed in the second half after his long rest. Especially in defense. He fired the team up well too. We would have lost if he stayed off after the injury.
  86. Dognacious

    Back under the radar

    Seems Des has achieved getting us under the radar again with 1 loss in 13. Nice work Des. From Ninemsn... "Despite finishing first and second at the end of the NRL season, Canterbury and Melbourne aren't at the top of everyone's list when it comes to picking the grand final winners. Some of...
  87. Dognacious

    Are you people kidding me?

    Im a bit astounded at the reaction to the loss vs raiders. 1 loss in 13 and ppl are losing their marbles. Why all the doubt over 1 loss? The close calls the few weeks before were nothing either, Tigers and Broncos, both were teams desperate to win as they, like the Raiders are on the fringes...
  88. Dognacious

    Dogs Vs Knights Match Thread Live

    They are running onto the field as i write this.... Come on Doooggsssss!!
  89. Dognacious

    3-2-1 Bulldogs Vs Manly

    3- Graham (official MOTM) he was awesome. I love this guy. hes so tough. 2- Perrett excellent game 1- Tolman workhorse
  90. Dognacious

    Bulldogs Vs Manly Live Match Thread !Spoilers!

    Close now. Cant wait. Bulldogs!!!!!!!! Dont read on if you are watching the delayed telecast.
  91. Dognacious

    2012 Ladder Predictor - What's your Final 8?

    Go to nrl.com and use their cool ladder predictor. You only need to / can predict games not played yet. http://www.nrl.com/TelstraPremiership/LadderPredictor/tabid/10868/Default.aspx Then post your results here. Here is my basic result (CBF typing all the stats) After 26 rounds: 1. Storm...
  92. Dognacious

    3-2-1 Tigers Vs Bulldogs

    3- Barba. Its latin for freak. 2- Morris. He is the batman. 2 tries 2 days after origin for the second time this year. 1- Reynolds. His usual brilliant self Good game in the end. Slow start but maybe some post bye lag there. Tigers usually do start matches well too. Once we get going our attack...
  93. Dognacious

    Rnd 16: Dogs Vs Storm Match Thread

    Here we go. Come on doggies!
  94. Dognacious

    Round 4: Bulldogs Vs Knights Discussion

    So what are our early thoughts on the upcoming match, early predictions etc. Based on our form and thiers, and the fact we are at home, im thinking we will put a big score on them. Despite having Bennett Knights do not impress me much this year at all so far. They need a lot more time, and...
  95. Dognacious

    Bulldogs start Hasler era with trial win

    http://wwos.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=8414021 Just 125 days after steering Manly to a second premiership, Des Hasler kick-started his new campaign at Canterbury on Saturday night with a 28-18 win over St George Illawarra at WIN Stadium.In stark contrast to his former club's 32-point loss...
  96. Dognacious

    2012 Predictions

    OK where will we finish in 2012? Choose one from the list.Also...What will the top 4 be? Who will win the spoon? Top 4 for me will be between Dogs/Storm/Tigers/Newcastle/Broncos. Canberra for the spoon.
  97. Dognacious

    Antivirus warning messages when accessing Kennel lately

    I get constant messages any time i change pages or post in the Kennel the last few days that tell me that it just blocked access to a malicious URL kokosina.in/1 as it is in a malicious URL database in Kaspersky (my antivirus). It only happens on the Kennel. Some link in the page code is...
  98. Dognacious

    When do u like your games?

    What time of the week do you prefer us to play games? Whether you attend or watch it on TV or both. Personally i hate Monday night footy. Have to wait all weekend to watch it. I prefer Friday night footy, good way to start the weekend, although it can be a double edged sword. If we lose it...
  99. Dognacious

    NRL 2011 Ladder Predictor results

    Go run the ladder predictor, then come back here and post your results. Heres the link http://www.nrl.com/TelstraPremiership/LadderPredictor/tabid/10868/Default.aspx Mine are as follows: After 26 rounds 1. Storm 44 pts 2. Manly 38 pts 3. Broncos 38 pts 4. St Merge 35 pts 5...
  100. Dognacious

    Who would you rather play Week 1 of the finals?

    Believe it can happen till its impossible. We win 4/6 and improve the F/A a lot we make the 8. If we win 5/6 the F/A may not matter, and 6/6, thats just short of top 4. I think we will finish 8th and play Storm. They are who i would rather play away though. So i want us to come 8th. Cowboys...