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  1. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion Dolphin Watching

    Is Sean O'Sullivan signing confirmed? Or was that just a rumour?
  2. S.B.W_Jnr

    Official Team List Round 12 v Dragons + Match Discussion

    Schoupp I don't mind there but Averillo? Surely someone else can offer more.
  3. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion Credence Toia

    I reckon a real solid preseason training will get him going for a start next year. Wouldn't want to rush him now.
  4. S.B.W_Jnr

    Corey Allan

    You mean averillo out who offers nothing
  5. S.B.W_Jnr

    Corey Allan

    I still think Kiraz should be in the centres
  6. S.B.W_Jnr

    Official Matt dufty

    Toia needs to put size on he's too light I think next year he'll get a go.
  7. S.B.W_Jnr

    Here's the thing about 2024

    The only way we will see progress and be successful again is investing in the Juniors we have lacked that for a while now.
  8. S.B.W_Jnr

    Official Gus on Twitter

    Barrett no longer at the dogs is because of Gus not the board. When Gus got involved weeks ago during training and won that's when it all changed for Barrett. Had he won against the knights he would be still coach this week. This was Gus decision.
  9. S.B.W_Jnr

    Rumour Dogs considering Cameron Smith

    BBO dropped to nsw cup ?
  10. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion Dolphin Watching

    They should take JMK
  11. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion Brent Naden

    Give back Panthers Naden and take Taylan May
  12. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion Brent Naden

    Allan for naden when fit and kiraz for Averillo when eligible. We will see better results on that side. 1.Dufty 2. Allen 3. Kiraz 4. Schoupp 5. Addo-Carr
  13. S.B.W_Jnr

    Official Injury updates

    What's the latest update on the injury list ? Would like to know on Allen and rfm
  14. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion Averillo

    Needs time in Reggie's. I'd bring someone else in. Kiraz would be good obviously that won't happen until after rd 11. Maybe alamoti until Kiraz comes available.
  15. S.B.W_Jnr

    Round 8 Team V Roosters Match Discussion

    Let's hope bbo gets on earlier not the last 7 minutes!
  16. S.B.W_Jnr

    News Josh Jackson’s career at crossroads as Phil Gould eyes Bulldogs overhaul

    Would it be a stupid move or a good move to have JMK at lock and bring Cook into the hooker role and give BBO more minutes? Just thinking about it like Jackson is too slow maybe Jeremy can handle that role quicker and he works hard in defence. Just a thought.
  17. S.B.W_Jnr

    Im sick of Barrett saying “80 minute performance”

    Start by explaining why was Bailey biondi-odo put on in the last 7 minutes ! The kid should of played at least 20 minutes last night.
  18. S.B.W_Jnr

    News Bulldogs left with Dufty dilemma as contract call approaches

    If the club were to extend I would put a clause of a total man of the match points in his contract example if he gets total of 15 points a year he'd get 50k on top of his contract (just an example)
  19. S.B.W_Jnr

    Bronson xerri ??

    I'd give a contract he's better than what we have.
  20. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion How will Flanagan go today?

    I'm going to think positive I believe he can do it. It's all in the mind! You can do it kyle!
  21. S.B.W_Jnr

    Ryan Sutton To The Dogs

    Nothing special barely gets involved in attack. Wouldn't spend more than 250-300k.
  22. S.B.W_Jnr

    News Is Exiled Halfback Actually The Answer To Barrett’s Problems? (Taken from facebook)

    Lol Lachlan Was our best half last year what he did in one game is what flano did the whole season
  23. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion SOS Shane Flanagan

    1. Dufty 7. Wakeham 9. JMK Vs 1. Paps 7. Hughes 9. Grant What did you guys expect? We were in their half and couldn't score we've improved a lot from last year but we don't have the players in key positions until next year but we still need a decent half back. I'd keep the same line up...
  24. S.B.W_Jnr

    Official Round 4 v Storm Match Discussion

    Mate I used to get annoyed when inu was playing centres when his best was on the wing then we had cotric playing centres same thing his best was on the wing. Naden ain't a centre not hard ! Burns should partner with Josh addo-carr and schoupp centre and naden on the wing and if Barrett wants...
  25. S.B.W_Jnr

    Official Round 4 v Storm Match Discussion

    Me I would have Naden on the wing, try averillo in the centers or keep schoupp there and have burns in the centers as well. Have Cook starting 9 and BBO as the half. JMK off the bench. That's what barrett should be experimenting.
  26. S.B.W_Jnr

    HMAS Knockonbur

    Allen in next week or move naden to the wing and bring schoupp
  27. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion Your preferred playmaker

    No one mention about bringing back Lewis to the club lol that video clearly shows how much better we played with Lewis at half than the rest who wore the no7 lol he really should use that video to get a good contract overseas. If jmk is injured I would start BBO at half put cook at 9 and have...
  28. S.B.W_Jnr

    Official Round 1 v Cowboys match discussion

    What should be round 1 line up 1. Matt Duffy 2. Brent Naden 3. Braidon Burns 4. Jake Averillo 5. Josh Addo-Carr 6. Matt Burton 7. Bailey Biondi-Odo 8. Luke Thompson 9. Josh Cook 10. Paul Vaughan 11. Jack Hetherington 12. Josh Jackson 13. Tevita Pangai Junior 14. Jeremy Marshall-King...
  29. S.B.W_Jnr

    George Williams ?

    Widdop for a year or two before we get or develop somone long term to replace him.
  30. S.B.W_Jnr

    Your Halfback?

    I'd get widdop for now on a year or two contract and develop BBO into a half back for the long term.
  31. S.B.W_Jnr

    SMH Article

    Ray dib copt a lot towards the end of his time but I truly believe he wasn't the issue. Castle and Hasler are to blame for a lot of this mess. I think if the dogs landed Moses and Tedesco dogs things would of been a lot different.
  32. S.B.W_Jnr

    News Lachlan Lewis emerges as social media sensation

    I would prefer him over flano any day.
  33. S.B.W_Jnr

    Josh Addo-Carr is the most talented winger the Bulldogs have ever had

    Also if you were to put Brett Morris brain into okunbor head he'd be the best winger in the comp. Burns me with his dumb decisions on the field!
  34. S.B.W_Jnr

    Josh Addo-Carr is the most talented winger the Bulldogs have ever had

    Rona on the wing Inu on the wing El masri Utai at his peak Brett Morris All these players were good for us. It's a shame we didnt get to see much of Cotric especially now that dogs have better players on the field.
  35. S.B.W_Jnr

    Dolphins snap up Jamayne Isaako

    Soccer has grown more and also kids are more into playing playstation and xbox while we were growing up we'd be playing footy in our backyards or playing on the weekends club footy.
  36. S.B.W_Jnr

    Official 2 spots to be filled

    Seems like he's got more skills than Lachlan Lewis can he tackle?
  37. S.B.W_Jnr

    Official Gus on Twitter

    I'd keep BBO any day of the week can have him play in the halves or hooker and can defend.
  38. S.B.W_Jnr

    Issac lumelume

    Seen the highlights of his last game, don't think this is a smart signing, has too many errors in his game and runs in off the line in defence!
  39. S.B.W_Jnr

    News Parramatta Eels poach Canterbury Bulldogs star

    Him and Renouf were a disappointment a change of club is good for them and the club they're with.
  40. S.B.W_Jnr

    Every team's strongest 17 for 2022

    Maybe our best wingers we've had since perrett and inu days.
  41. S.B.W_Jnr

    Official Dogs sign Reed Mahoney (4 year deal)

    Next year TBAZ has his opportunity to prove he's capable as a coach. If he fails who would come available to take over?
  42. S.B.W_Jnr

    Official Dogs sign Reed Mahoney (4 year deal)

    Fainu would be a good pick up, I know with the off field issues going on atm but I remember watching him play couple of years ago he was going well for Manly and would come cheap?
  43. S.B.W_Jnr

    News Josh Ralph

    Loan out will work for both parties
  44. S.B.W_Jnr

    News Josh Ralph

    I think loan out flanno overseas for a player swap would be good maybe for one of the halves from St Helens? There's lomax, Theo and that young kid dodd one of them would be good for a swap?
  45. S.B.W_Jnr

    Max King

    He has a lazy attitude.
  46. S.B.W_Jnr

    News One big missing piece of the puzzle for Canterbury Bulldogs, Andrew Johns says

    Okay so if we're that desperate for a half, thoughts on widdop? Wanted to come back to Australia? Or One of the halves from St Helens is good as well or James Maloney?
  47. S.B.W_Jnr

    Official Gus on Twitter

    Someone ask Gould if he could sign a player from the Superleague who would it be?
  48. S.B.W_Jnr

    News 2021 Team Reviews: The Bulldogs playmaking woes | NRL on Nine

    Ash Taylor? Come in cheap maybe needs a new club like Cartwright who played well this year for the eels..
  49. S.B.W_Jnr

    News 2021 Team Reviews: The Bulldogs playmaking woes | NRL on Nine

    Who is available and is worth it? Besides Pearce...
  50. S.B.W_Jnr

    Official John Asiata joins the Bulldogs

    Gus must have another signing up his sleeve, to sign Asiata must of got him on the cheap because I would of thought they'd go for Peachy for Elliots money.. Unless they're going to use Elliots money to upgrade Burton's contract?
  51. S.B.W_Jnr

    The I’m sorry Jayden Okunbor thread

    That run in off the wing in defence kills me bro just mark your man let your inside man worry about him. Oft burns me!
  52. S.B.W_Jnr

    News Bulldogs cap bites

    That's a That's around 2 Mil there at least
  53. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion Josh Morris retirement

    Couldn't we get him on a loan for the last game or his he injured?
  54. S.B.W_Jnr

    Official Adam Elliott and Bulldogs part ways

    Enough is enough he needs to go. The end.
  55. S.B.W_Jnr

    Rumour Jeremiah Nanai

    So is this player any good?
  56. S.B.W_Jnr

    Lewis > Averillo and Flanagan

    Look I reckon he's a not too bad of back up half, would keep him over wakeham and Flanagan that's about it, I love his passion and his defence.
  57. S.B.W_Jnr

    Rumour Katoa linked with St Helens for 2022

    Oh dam! Thanks for That
  58. S.B.W_Jnr

    Rumour Katoa linked with St Helens for 2022

    If we can't have anyone good next year, I reckon get James Roby for a 1 year + 1 year club option. If he can get an early release.
  59. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion Could the Fox be our rockstar fullback?

    I'm kinda over wingers wanting to play fullback and centre. Stick to wing and that's it. Seen inu move from wing to centre, Hopa and Cotric as well they ain't no center. Stay on the wing!
  60. S.B.W_Jnr

    Luke Thompson consolidated thread

    Lol what a loud of crap
  61. S.B.W_Jnr

    News Who is he and why haven't we signed him?

    Dogs either need a half or hooker because this kid can play both hopefully these next few games we can tell where he is best suited for next year. Burton, Odo and Dufty looks like will be seeing lots of points next year!
  62. S.B.W_Jnr

    Renouf atoni signs with roosters

    Lazy attitude. Has the ability but doesn't have the heart. Maybe roosters can bring it out of him, will wait and see.
  63. S.B.W_Jnr

    Rumour Josh Stucky

    That's good that our scouts are doing there jobs unlike cleal.
  64. S.B.W_Jnr


    Would of preferred to have kept Josh Morris over him.
  65. S.B.W_Jnr

    NRL 2021, transfer market: Kyle Flanagan rubbishes Super League rumours,

    Okay how about a trade or a player loan swap Flanagan for Lomax at St Helens?
  66. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion Where do we play Cotric next year?

    It will be Cotric vs Allen vs Okunbor for the wing spot.
  67. S.B.W_Jnr

    Possible 2022 starting side

    BBo preferred position is in the halves, really liked what I saw from him at hooker, has anyone seen him play in the halves in the lower grades? Kinda reminds me of a Barba type of player.
  68. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion 2022 SPINE

    1. Matt Dufty 2 JAC 3 Brent Naden 4 Cotric/schoupp/Almotti 5 Okunbor/Cotric/Allan 6 Jake Averillo (personally I'd go Lewis) 7 Matt Burton 8 Paul Vaughan (to be signed) 9 Jeremy Marshall-King 10 Luke Thompson 11 RFM 12 Josh Jackson 13 TPJ (to be signed) 14 Baily Biondi-Odo 15 Jack Hetherington...
  69. S.B.W_Jnr

    Merge clubs to Compete

    We should take North Sydney bears and have them as our feeder club when the clubs contract is up with the roosters? And invest in the central coast area, while that's happening push for a stadium in Liverpool and grow the junior base out south west as well. Also is it possible to have a feeder...
  70. S.B.W_Jnr

    Shaun Johnson consolidated thread

    I reckon England would be good for him. Maybe we can get a player in return?
  71. S.B.W_Jnr

    Official Dallin Watene-Zelezniak signs with New Zealand Warriors

    Since we've lost DWZ what are your thoughts of signing Reuben Garrick from manly. A decent goal kicker, can play wing and fullback he's good in both positions.
  72. S.B.W_Jnr

    If no Cheese, who the hell do we sign at 9?

    James Roby on a one year plus option of another year in the clubs favour so during that time we find a decent hooker next year for 23 onwards but only if we fail on Clarke and cheese.
  73. S.B.W_Jnr

    Official Round 12 Bulldogs V Panthers - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    I don't know something about Atoni he doesn't involve himself much both in defence and attack very lazy attitude maybe a new club would change that its a shame he has so much potential but he really burns me with his effort.
  74. S.B.W_Jnr

    Avo at 1?

    To be honest when I see Cotric at centre it reminds me of the time hasler moved inu from the wing to centre. Cotric to wing.
  75. S.B.W_Jnr

    Official Round 10 Bulldogs V Raiders - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    I think Meany will go to fullback at some point
  76. S.B.W_Jnr

    What's the answer to fixing our problems ?

    We just need to be patient and focus on the juniors and recruit players that will develop into good players. No need to continue to spend overs just so we can have a short term success. Believe in the process. We signings like what parra did with the forward from warriors that'd be good.
  77. S.B.W_Jnr

    Tevita Pangai Junior

    Fledger is good from what I seen last year, is he not. Playing good? I would look at him as well for the right price
  78. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion Where would you prefer to watch the bulk of our games?

    Liverpool is the way to go. Thought of it few years ago and I thought there should be another soccer team in the south West area and not long ago there's a new soccer team which could share the stadium in Liverpool with the dogs. Is it possible the club could own a soccer team? Like buy out the...
  79. S.B.W_Jnr

    SMH Capewell, Clarke and Naden

    He would go good in the superleague
  80. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion Coaches Available Now OR For 2022

    We need a couple of mid year signings
  81. S.B.W_Jnr

    What has happened with Hopoate

    Hahaha Daryl Clarke is a really good hooker, can't see why this would be the worst trade, hoppa way past it and we need a hooker.
  82. S.B.W_Jnr

    What has happened with Hopoate

    Player swap for a hooker? Mid year swap would be good. Hello Daryl Clarke!
  83. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion The To’omaga Jizz Train

    Well if he wants a contract next year or anyone to look at him he needs to be more involved with bloody aggression and yesterday apart from his mistake I think it's one of his best games he's played in first grade if not his best game.
  84. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion The To’omaga Jizz Train

    He played liked he was angry! Now that's what I like to see aggression! None of this soft crap. I think his early mistake got him fired up!
  85. S.B.W_Jnr

    Fox Sports Broncs offering 450K a season to Kurt Capewell

    All these signings will cap restrict broncos for the next few years. That's when you look at their upcoming players in their junior systems besides the ones they've resigned.
  86. S.B.W_Jnr

    Rumour Transfer Market: Dogs, Tigers battle to snare Panthers star

    Is he really that good? Haven't seen much of him.. He's also 25 years old, what's he worth?
  87. S.B.W_Jnr

    News Canterbury chairman insists Bulldogs won’t take shortcuts back to the top

    Right now we're frustrated because we haven't won. I rather invest in young upcoming players and sign a few good players and focus on the junior system like we have done before des came along with Noel cleal and stuffed all that up. I was a big fan of Mulholland as our recruitment officer he...
  88. S.B.W_Jnr

    John Morris

    I would bring him in as an assistant coach and another role as well, he would be an asset to the club also bring some players with him!
  89. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion Please Kyle Flanagan

    We need to be playing players in their actual positions and recruit players in the position they've played well in. I'm sick and tired of seeing a wingers wanting to play centre or fullback and the coaches make them decisions. Sign a bloody centre to play centre sign a winger to play wing. Also...
  90. S.B.W_Jnr

    IMAGINE !!!

    I miss the Morris boys they were so consistent week in week out hardly any errors in their game!
  91. S.B.W_Jnr

    2022 retention and recruitment

    Cotric on the wing addo carr on the wing. Allen in the centres and staggs
  92. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion Nico at 1 ?

    I reckon Allan to centre partner Cotric, Meany fullback or if DWZ removed his errors in his game I would have him there he did really well when he first came on board. New specialist centre (not a winger who wants to play centre pls) to partner with Josh Ado Carr. We've seen inu who played his...
  93. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion Nico at 1 ?

    If Corey Allen had speed he would be really good, too slow.
  94. S.B.W_Jnr

    2022 retention and recruitment

    Hahaha I wish we can wipe the whole list and start from scratch lol so embarrassing. I probably would keep Thompson as well not sure about his price yet to prove his worth. And maybe Elliot as 19th man got give him some credit but you're right cotric I would keep.
  95. S.B.W_Jnr

    2022 retention and recruitment

    To be honest haven't watched much him lately judging from from previous seasons he was going good.. We do need a quality forward.
  96. S.B.W_Jnr

    2022 retention and recruitment

    We don't want to spend too much money on players then screw us in the long run. My thoughts buy a good hooker if not buy James Roby and scout for an upcommer. Buy Tapau and a good centre. The rest we need to invest on the juniors and scout upcoming players.
  97. S.B.W_Jnr

    News Panthers reject latest swap deal offer from Bulldogs for Burton

    Can't the dogs swap him for that prop who plays for. St Helens? That would be an upgrade to what we have.
  98. S.B.W_Jnr

    We must stick together!

    We need to focus on the young players that haven't come through yet and also recruit upcommers. We pulled out players like barba, finucane, Jackson, tapau and klemmer through the system and noone has heard of them back then besides barba shined the most in the system. We should not only think of...
  99. S.B.W_Jnr

    Brandon Smith or bust

    I'd get James Roby for this year and next year and get an up comer off the bench who's young and willing to learn off skilled hooker. Amen
  100. S.B.W_Jnr

    Opinion A top class front rower

    Odgen and Atoni need a rocket up the arses I'm sick of seeing potential players who don't play with bloody aggression!! They absolutely burn me! Be hungry and play or just don't play at all.