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  1. jen

    Official devo thread. Fml!

    I am having quite possibly the biggest cry of my life right about now. This is a billion times worst than netball.
  2. jen

    Thank you Ebay!! Hey guys, Anyone tried one of these?

    http://cgi.ebay.com.au/LOUD-Supporters-Stadium-Air-Horn-gr8-at-Football-Soccer_W0QQitemZ290344862516QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_15?hash=item4399e70334&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14 Just looking to out-noise the knights, ebaying for ideas.
  3. jen

    Tickets for next week?

    So im doing this sydney trip again from mudgee for the finals, and i was wondering if you could help me out, wanting to sit in with the army, whats the go with tickets? x
  4. jen

    I remember once hazem sent me a letter..

    I was about 13. It was when he was doing city country and appeared at harvey norman in Mudgee, where i live. So i left school early to go to a signing, Took him some chocolates from mudgee,wrote him a letter and got a photo with him, which im pretty sure i started crying in because i was...
  5. jen

    Last minute tickets!!!

    Hey guys!! Was wondering if theres any kennel tickets anyone could get me for this sunday. My friend and i have just decided that were heading down from Mudgee and we cant miss this game, coming for my 19th birthday!!! Would love to be sitting in with you guys & will pay cash @ the game...
  6. jen

    I SHOULD be at the game right now..

    But a bloody coal truck overturned and got 30 tonns of coal on the highway, im so angry! Stuck in traffic for an hour before they told us the road wasnt going to be open for another 3 hours. Anyone else get caught out?
  7. jen

    Signs & Banners For Friday Night?

    Am heading up from Mudgee @ lunchtime on Friday =] Thinking of making a banner tonight, Any ideas?
  8. jen

    Help needed With Bulldogs vs. Knights seating!

    Where do we usually sit? I havent been anywhere but anz so im not sure where the best spot is/where all the dogs supporters sit. Am travelling up from Mudgee to come so i really want to be with the army =] Do we get a designated area?
  9. jen

    Just wondering, Was the tackle on idris put on report last night?

    Silly question, But i think i must have missed it, but i didnt even see the dragoons player get spoken to??
  10. jen

    Anyone Registered to Be on the New NRL ad for 2009?

    Just got a call then, sounds like fun. Anyone else going?
  11. jen

    Sonny, How could you be so ****ing selfish?

    Yeah ok, fair enough YOU wanted more money and you went for it, whatever, as if i'd care-because im not a fan of yours anymore, so it doesnt concern me. What concerns me are the players we lost because of YOU. Think about it, would we have retained more of our stars if we didnt have that...
  12. jen

    Still sitting on 4069 members...Will we make the 10k?

    Cant expect much more with the way weve been playing though.. I'll be a member next season as ill be out of school and ill have the time to travel down to sydney every few weekends.. think we'll do the 10k by 2010?
  13. jen

    F***. Cranky Thread.

    No explanation required, f*** that s***. Losing to the rooters is one thing. Losing to them without a heap of players. Once again, F***.
  14. jen

    Bulldogs Feel-Good Thread

    So times havent been so great for us latley.. But i just watched this, and it made me smile, kinda made me sad too.. but it makes you feel good, we know we can do it again.. maybe not this year, but 2009's looking pretty sweet.. take a geeze at this guys and remember just how good it is, its not...
  15. jen

    Your thoughts on this saturday?

    Having some of the boys over to watch the game, just wondering what everyone elses thoughts on our chances are? xjen
  16. jen

    Injury List?

    Whos out and for how long? Link isnt working for me on the dogs site. Cheers =]
  17. jen

    Re-sign Corey Hughes Petition

    http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/CoreyHughes Read, if you agree, sign. Hope this gets heard hey:) Thanks guys xo
  18. jen

    Anyone Feel a moderation of Hopelessness towards all this?

    I just feel like theres something we can do, i mean apart from supporting our boys throughout it all, surley we can have our voices heard, if the boys and club operate for us the fans, then they would have pulled themselves together by now. I just want to do something to help, but i cant think...
  19. jen

    City vs Country?

    Wheres it being held this year? and whos captaining the city team? cheeeers =]
  20. jen

    Our Announcer at ANZ stadium.

    Dunno about you guys, but i find him very boring and dreary.. we need someone to fire up the crowd a little bit, play a bit more music etc etc. People talk about how our atmosphere and etc as fans is starting to lack, so maybe that would help? Kind of like the cowboys announcer, just not as in...
  21. jen

    Something that Pissed me off more than losing to the roosters

    Was the fact in my area, the chants i started with a few other guys didnt pick up with our fans, they didnt last. We were out chanted by the roosters supporters every time, i ended up standing up on my seat and yelling that we need to support our boys and make some noise, were here as fns and...
  22. jen

    MY BANNER-ALMOST DONE. Tis' Kinda Crap. =)

    Its all done in glitter, and im gunna finish it off with HAZEM at the end.
  23. jen

    Pimping My Mums car Bulldogs Style

    So my mum and dad are swapping cars for the day and dad and i are putting streamers etc on the car , is that allowed? like would the po po have a problem with it?
  24. jen

    Anyone Catch Us On The News?

    Has us training, Bit of Danny Williams and etc. Also said they dont want a repeat of what happened a few years back with the fights, apparently they got alot of police and dont want fans to get too firey-too late i say. My dad simply replied to that-"im taking my willie mason wig and burning it" lol
  25. jen

    Half Yearly YR12 Exams This Friday, 3.5 hour trip to sydney.. AND IM ****ING EXCITED!

    I am so amped about the rootsters game, going all out for it! Ive also got work the next day, so ive got a 3.5 hour drive back home after the game:)
  26. jen

    [[banners At The Roosters Game]]

    Willie-Big Cock, No Brains. Me and my friends like this one alot-but anyone else got any ideas? Anyone else doing a banner for this game in particular? cheers!
  27. jen

    Bulldogs Losing this weekend=Bounce Back Against the rooootsters?? Opinions?

    Not saying were going to loose-but ever noticed we dont usually win back to back? It takes a bit of a slap in the face for us to really burr up and give it 1000%? Hoping we win thsi weekend-aslong as we dont get too full of ourselves and talk ourselves up for the enxt match... Whos out for...
  28. jen

    Round 4, Bulldogs VS Roosters [[THESHOWDOWN]]

    Hey guys, Whats the news on this big match? Ive heard alot over the back turning, and supposed shirts? Are those shirts still availiable, and are people still doing he back turn thing? Thinking it will be a great match-i've got to travel a fair way to get there, but it'll be well worth it! x
  29. jen

    Who Has DEFFINATLEY left the club?

    :( ive just returned from being away, and i dont understand wtf is going on!? whos left, whow what where etc etc, everythings a ****ing shambles.
  30. jen

    Go The Storm!!

    I'll be rooting for them (in a non erotic sense) Today! Whats the news with both teams, any major injuries or suspensions etc? I dont want our boys gone just yet, we were pretty good last night
  31. jen

    Getting into the top eight!!

    Ok, im terrible at maths, so this is probably wrong, but anyway, from my wokring out, if we win by enough tonight we can make the eight? i did this yesterday but forgot to post it, anyhoo here goes ntohing: bunnies-16 points- -4 pts ----------------------------- top eight ^ knights- 16...
  32. jen

    ||| Petition To Keep Corey Hughes |||

    Ok, so i know some people dont want him, but i do, same with lots of other people, hes a great guy aswell as a great player. Pleaase sign guys, if he feels he has more to give, then i believe in him 100% http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/Hughsey/ thanks for your time guys =) xox
  33. jen

    Corey Hughes <3

    What a man.. I know theres been a fair bit of appreciation for him latley, but i just really wanted to say this.. Through everything over the years, hes stuck with the club, and now thyeve given him the sack, hes giving it all hes got. Hoping hell bring alot to the roosters this monday, thatd...
  34. jen

    Out With Malcom Noad.

    I've Had enough of him, now i really believe that you dont know what youve got till its gone.. i miss how we were as a club, the awesome admin we had, when our bench made other teams cower, i miss the family feel and the pride.. i miss the true cantebury bulldogs.. i know i sound like im having...
  35. jen

    Tonga Hasnt Been the same since his operation, Anyone else noticed?

    Im not bagging him out or anything, but it seems like hes alot more reserved with his playing now, doesnt try as much tricky stuff as he used to, might be lacking a bit of confidence? or is it just me..?
  36. jen

    How do you Think Hughes will go as Captain?

    Lol good old hughsey, i say good on him and congrads, i think he can pull it off. Hows the sharks pack looking anyone? ..i know the lineups kinda crazy, but its not really like other teams can build on it, who knows, might work really well
  37. jen

    Im Missing Tony Grimaldi:(

    Grimaldi.. what a player he was.. one of those generally nice selfless players, its such a shame what happened with his neck:(
  38. jen

    Anyone Here Going On the Bulldogs State Of Origin Cruise? Been on it previously??

    Just wondering what its like, how many of the bulldogs players go, and if theres any paticular age restriction on it? cheers.
  39. jen

    I Cant Handle Some Supporters Anymore!!

    ..its the most shameful thing ive ever read.. people blaming steve folks for our losses, certain players being targeted because they "suck"..people saying get rid of players that have put their heart and soul into the team, whove been there for years.. how effing heartless..no offense..but you...
  40. jen

    +x Anyone Have The final game of 2002 pictures when we swamped the field?? +x

    that pictre that says "united we stand" is awesome.. but other will do