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  1. Toyntman

    Happy 18th :P

    Happy 18th :P
  2. Toyntman

    Hodges Out ... Idris Will Relish in the opportunity.

    Hey all that are still floating about on the site during the pre-season, just read that Justin Hodges has done some big damage to his Achilles Tendon. This would lead me to believe that Big Jamal Idris, will be the man to take on the NRL All stars backline from the available position in the...
  3. Toyntman

    Golden Try, not Golden Point.

    **** that ****, I reckon golden try is the go. And it can go for 20 minutes, 10 minute halves, and whoever has any points will win the game, ie, field goals and penalty goals. If the scores are tied, draw!
  4. Toyntman

    Morris boys to launch a twin assault

    Be good to see them both in there, I feckin hate Hodges. These boys are guns!
  5. Toyntman

    Hagan: Parra should sign Thurston

    Haha Thurston, nobody is going to be ever able to afford the champ, he has just become to good, Best of luck in French Rugby JT...
  6. Toyntman

    Ben Barba [merged]

    One game, dont be ridiculous, the fella has played in the team to get them to the grand final, he blitzed them in many areas, he has scored 31 tries this year alone. He has the buzz lol. Holdsworth is not a bad NRL player either to many of your dislikings, he can step up to the plate when...
  7. Toyntman

    Ben Barba [merged]

    I like your idea on picking someone strong and fast for a winger. Thats what they are all leaning towards. But just on the Barba, he has teammates to help him tackle, he was smart enough to be in the right place at the right time, he has a footy head. And that spark that he could add might go...
  8. Toyntman

    Ben Barba [merged]

    Mate look who Steve Turner played in a team with, the worlds best center, have a sook somewhere else lol. Morris can be in the 3 and play with Goodwin, the number doesnt mean **** lol. And Roberts would be a ideal lock, he can play the ball and run the fringe, ideally he will be playing the same...
  9. Toyntman

    Ben Barba [merged]

    Also Barba can't be that bad in defence, if he has been playing in a team that is not only scoring alot of points, but letting none in. Have a look at a few of their wins, they have battered the opponents and kept them scoreless a few times. He is looking like an X Factor.
  10. Toyntman

    Ben Barba [merged]

    Just a thought, I would say Barba would need to be on the park for a while to get into the contest, how about a Bulldogs team of 2010 that looks like this; 1. Patten 2. Ta Kilifi 3. Morris 4. Idris 5. Goodwin 6. Barba 7. Kimmorely 8. Hannant 9. Ennis 10. Hodgson 11. Stagg 12. Ryan...
  11. Toyntman

    Best bulldog player in 09

    There were no stand outs just to be honest, the game is a team sport, much like the club has became the individual came third and that was how the bulldogs played all year. Stuck together as a unit and they all went so well.
  12. Toyntman

    Barba leads bulls to grand final victory

    Right, I am just gonna say it, For a kid to have a quiet game and score three tries, I reckon get him in there at first grade level, he should have the number 17 Jersey as a bolted dpot at least, like it or not, quiet game and 3 tries is enough to turn or even win a game. This kid is a machine...
  13. Toyntman

    Lets not get ahead of ourselves...

    It is a good point you have stated, it is going to be an intense game. All they can do is go out and do their best, the bodies will be on the line like each week, just have to hope they put in 100% and come out on top, it is a bonus if they come out with no injuries. We would have one more day...
  14. Toyntman

    Lets not get ahead of ourselves...

    Good call Kizza!
  15. Toyntman

    tix sales so far????????

    I thought Newcastle where louder than our Blue and Whites the other week, this is a call to arms, how about we bring the house down this weekend? We need to be more vocal haha. Can't wait!
  16. Toyntman

    Lets not get ahead of ourselves...

    They are professional athletes, dont be concerned about them being tired for the Grand Final, you dont think the Storm or Broncos will be bashing each other too by any chance? They are all on level ground and it is anyones game.
  17. Toyntman

    Lets not get ahead of ourselves...

    Haha stop being pussies. Hayne is one man, Start being afraid of their whole team, thats why they are in the position they are, stopping Hayne is one little thing, they need to worry about their own game and put some points on the Eels instead of worrying about the impact of one player.
  18. Toyntman

    Bring on the Bulldogs!

    I have been sniffing that premiership all year, all of these other tossers are to full of themselves to get a bit excited!
  19. Toyntman

    Repeat of '98?

    Parramatta are playing better than anyone in the competition.
  20. Toyntman

    Repeat of '98?

    Pfft **** that! We lost in 1998! Got smashed, sounds like a real good idea. Maybe Parra or the Titans will knock us out and we wont have to worry about that.
  21. Toyntman

    What does everyone think about playing St George in the Grand Final?

    Hey ********, What is your claim to fame, are you a superstar. Don't think so, get a life ******, you really are a big someone on the internet forum board, not really the greatest thing life has to offer. Eat **** clown! Same in 2004, the bandwagon, sounds like you are a true campaigner...
  22. Toyntman

    What does everyone think about playing St George in the Grand Final?

    Haha yes thats what I was talking about, If the Titans pull a few together, and they defeat us, that will lead to a realy ordinary Grand Final, I hate it when there are no NSW teams in there, cant stand all of these QLD and Storm games. Good Manly are gone to, was over seeing them lol.
  23. Toyntman

    What does everyone think about playing St George in the Grand Final?

    We have a bloody good team this year, what they have went through so far makes me believe they are deservant of the title, and to be honest I cant see anyone taking them down, they can put it to any team left in the comp if they are switched on. I say good luck to them, they do deserve all they...
  24. Toyntman

    If we play parra?

    How are they better man on man just? Their fullback, player of the year, we have Patten, doesn't get the wraps but he is as quality a fullback as Hayne. Wings, Grothe and Goodwin, Goodwin gets the dough here. Other wingers are the two oldies, both about equal these days. Centres are good either...
  25. Toyntman

    What does everyone think about playing St George in the Grand Final?

    I would also like to just make it too, but I would not be that interested in watching another grand final with the Storm or Broncos, I am sick of seeing them at the end of the year lol.
  26. Toyntman

    What does everyone think about playing St George in the Grand Final?

    I know some are eagerly hoping that they choke, and bow out in this weekends action. But I for one want to play them and get some back against them, another dig at them lol. What are your thoughts? I also think they have a team that can make it there.
  27. Toyntman

    If we play parra?

    Hey fool, Fek up! The Bulldogs will end up flogging Parra, forwards running at BK, Stagg will just clean em up, Don't really know if Parras pack could last out a game if they get immense pressure put on them by a dominant forward pack. They will probably lose to the Titans. To the Parramatta...
  28. Toyntman

    If we play parra?

    To defeat Parra, nothing to out of the ordinary needs to be done. Need to have a great line with the kick-chase, play them in their own half, force them into their corners and hold them there. Tackling techiques need to be effective at locking up the ball to prevent their offloads and second...
  29. Toyntman

    Jen, Ya *****! :P I have got ontp The Kennel now. :)

    Jen, Ya *****! :P I have got ontp The Kennel now. :)
  30. Toyntman

    Wooah look who it is, it is Billy :P How you going Bob mate?

    Wooah look who it is, it is Billy :P How you going Bob mate?
  31. Toyntman

    Do we play on Friday or Saturday in week 3

    Pretty sure it is the Saturday, it is already worked out that we will be playing Parramatta or the Titans on the Saturday night at ANZ. :P