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    Opinion SOS Shane Flanagan

    He has 1 thing more Barrett the flop never will, a PREMIERSHIP!
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    Opinion Game Changer

    Game changer was that flop knockonbour dropping the ball cold trying to play it when we lead 10 nil just before halftime. Probably 1st time he touched it all game then he drops the interception next set of six then we only lead by 4 at the break
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    Opinion Sack Barrett thread

    Dumb fuck leaves BBO on the bench until 7 minutes to go when chasing points. Fuck me JMK ain’t a hookers asshole
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    The Tennis Thread

    Nothing disgusting about a patriotic home crowd, another cake walk win your right about, because she was just to good. 3 Grand slams is a huge achievement, she beat everyone put in front of her 3 times now. What have you done in life? She is one of the best sport stars we have in this country...
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    The Consolidated NFL Thread

    Sofi to be painted red next week
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    The Consolidated NFL Thread

    Yeah our offence sucked balls, but we held the so-called messiah Rodgers to just 10 points. What is that 0-4 for him against us in playoffs? After he said we would be sorry for not drafting him. As I said that’s what I love about this team, they still find a way to win. Jimmy G is shit, if we...
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    The Consolidated NFL Thread

    Todays game is a prime example of why I love the 49ers. They remind me of the mighty doggies so much. Behind in a match they were not supposed to win, playing terrible, but yet never gave up and somehow managed to pull off an unlikely win. We’re not the most flashy team but our defence is like...
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    The Consolidated NFL Thread

    Or your kicker missing right on half time.
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    No Source Max King to sign

    Officially signed club just sent out email
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    United Australia Party

    Palmer don’t believe in anything but Palmer. He has jumped on the back of Kelly making headlines and is hoping to score votes off the back of it. Kelly may win him a couple of seats off the back of his COVID stance, once that happens palmer will change the narrative and do what he wants...
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    United Australia Party

    No chance with that fat fuck Palmer in charge, the bloke is an attention seeking clown. The only reason he is gaining members (if what he tells you is true) is because of the recent text messages sent out to everyone whilst stuck in lockdown. The tosser is wasting millions like the last...
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    Official Lachlan Lewis sacked

    He already killed his own career by the way he plays, hence why he has no contract anywhere next year.
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    fitness of keiren foran

    He’s not the sole playmaker at manly, he just sits back and let’s dce and turbo run the show. Where with us he was the only half doing anything and was constantly targeted by opposing teams coping a hammering every week.
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    Official Round 18 Bulldogs V Rabbitohs - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    Only on while Katoa was off for hia check
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    Elliot and Hopoate

    All good bro, had a few myself watching that rubbish. Elliott’s penalty turned the game right around and we lost control from that point on. Hoppa has been good in the past but he is finished, he is trying to hard to make himself look good and get another contract. We have a weapon in cotric on...
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    Elliot and Hopoate

    Played plenty champ, watch the replay he bombed 3 tries by being a hog, pass the ball to cotric and he scores 3 tries today. He even bombed another one where cotric scores the next play from dummy half. Look at the last raiders try, him rushing in and missing the tackle leads to the try.
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    Strike #1 - Mr Barrett

    Yeah it is, he gave the clown a call and talked him into staying at the club last year when he was gonna leave
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    Elliot and Hopoate

    Plus that useless flog elliott giving that penalty away from the kick was the turning point, fuck I hope we send the flop to melbourne for the cheese
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    Elliot and Hopoate

    Hoppa bombed 3 tries by being a hog, pass the fucking ball to cotric early and we win
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    Opinion Barrett Emotional Reaction After Win

    What a night, went to the game, sat just behind the boys on the bench. Baz could not sit still the whole 80 minutes. He is the man to take us to our next premiership, he rode every play with passion. More than pay or hasler ever did. The statement that got me the most was in his presser...
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    Opinion Matt Burton

    Wrong Brian fletcher, panthers ceo fletcher, not fletch and Hindy fletcher morons.
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    Opinion Matt Burton

    Fuck them, as brandy said on nrl 360, a contract is a contract and rugby league ain’t fair, he signed the contract and that’s where he stays.
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    And not 1 right yet.
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    Opinion Nick Cotric

    Drop the ball coming off our line every match leading to a try.
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    Round 1 Bulldogs V Knights - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    Ain’t no sutton there champ
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    Pay to be spared the axe for now... but Bulldogs’ $3m headache remains

    We are the titans with you mate coaching this team
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    Pay to be spared the axe for now... but Bulldogs’ $3m headache remains

    Every team gets the same calls, You don’t see teams coached by Bellamy or Robinson repeatedly do the same silly shit week after week because they are real coaches and make their players accountable, not just making the same lame excuses for 3 years. We tried hard , 50 1st grade games blah blah blah.
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    Pay to be spared the axe for now... but Bulldogs’ $3m headache remains

    So the roosters game was good was it? It was over after 10 minutes, Roosters took the foot off the pedal and already had 1 eye on the eels game. We were diabolical, close to the worst start to a Bulldogs game I’ve seen in over 30 years.
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    Pay to be spared the axe for now... but Bulldogs’ $3m headache remains

    Neither is Pay a rebuilding coach, we are seeing that now. What bigger mess can Bennett or anyone else for that matter leave us in that we’re not already in?
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    Pay to be spared the axe for now... but Bulldogs’ $3m headache remains

    Couple of wins a year? Have you seen where we are? Equal last with 1 win almost halfway through the season, that’s where we are, keep riding deans dick and that’s where we will stay.
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    Pay to be spared the axe for now... but Bulldogs’ $3m headache remains

    Yes the club was screwed by des, dib and co, but Pay knew what he signed up for. Never pretty is pretty much right, we are shit, we are so unfit and slow we are the laughing stock of the Nrl. Why are we so far behind at the start of every year with our fitness levels? That ain’t got nothing...
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    Pay to be spared the axe for now... but Bulldogs’ $3m headache remains

    Who gives a shit where “we are expected to finish” anything other than a premiership is a fail. Since when have the Bulldogs settled for mediocrity? In or around the 8 is not good enough! Pay will never get us there, he wanted to get Reynolds back, that shows what he will do with our “war...
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    Consolidated Pay Thread

    Wrong! McCracken, Pay, Smith and Dymock all originally signed super league contracts to stay with the Bulldogs. McCracken was influential in all 4 getting an Arl deal for double the amount super league were paying. This is what caused the huge rift in the team in 95 and was why McCracken never...
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    Social Media Jordan Rapana

    Code of conduct is part of every Nrl contract, so once he signs the contract he agrees to the code of conduct.
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    Social Media Jordan Rapana

    Okunbor won’t be here next week so it won’t matter what he can learn
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    Official Round 1 - Bulldogs vs Eels - Discussion Thread

    No smoke screen, Averillo 18th man in final team list.
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    The Consolidated NFL Thread

    Mahomes ain’t that great. 49ers choked. The running game was killing the chiefs, why the fuck would they go away from that and start throwing Hail Marys at 2 and 5 just past halfway at the 2 minute warning? Run the ball and they win the superbowl, chiefs don’t get a look in.
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    Red Pill or Blue Pill?

    Red pill every time, just to see and hug my mother again, no money in the world could come close to that feeling.
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    Addo Carr

    The only thing Lewis has is defence, he ain’t got close to an A grade for anything, His attack is a big fat F unless you class throwing a cut out pass to the 5th row in the crowd great attack.
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    Great win. Champagne o’clock.

    Same shit as last year, to little to late. Won a game against a team down to 15 men after 20 minutes, score a 85 metre intercept try and tigers miss 2 goals. Got nothing to do with us being good, Tigers were horrible missing Farah.
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    Round 17 Injuries - Tolman and Sue

    Just wondering what happened to Tolman tonight? I can’t recall seeing him in the 2nd half tonight and I must say we looked a hell of a lot better without him getting in the way when we were attacking inside the knights half. When was the last game we scored 3 tries in the 2nd half? Also...
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    Is there something wrong with Napa?

    Yeah he’s soft
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    RUMOUR - Rhyse Martin to Super League effective immediately

    Deadline is midnight tonight, we have to have a full 30 man squad by the end of June 30, so with Rhyse gone we have 1 spot to fill by midnight. New signing or are they gonna promote someone else from Canterbury cup?
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    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Flano linked to dogs

    Don’t count on them clowns, they will tell him he can coach again in 2021, 6 rounds into 2021.
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    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Flano linked to dogs

    Watch our numbers half if we keep pay! Numbers are already down on last year. Many people say look at the immense damage the bulldogs did last year with mad Monday. I hope he does find something better to do, coach the Bulldogs, at least he won’t take shit off the players, refs, and media. He...
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    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Flano linked to dogs

    Derail us from what? We’re coming last, can’t be any worse!
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    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Flano linked to dogs

    What a load of shit! You dribbled similar shit about us losing 3rd party deals if dib and co were sent packing from the board. What happened there? That’s right, there were no 3rd party deals to begin with. U dribbled that if a new board took over we would struggle to get sponsors, we had...
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    Consolidated Pay Thread

    I agree you would think they would release him but it was Anasta that mentioned it so he may have inside word from the rorters about his contract, I think it’s either him or Flanagan that will be the coach in 2021. Demetriou worries me a bit, he was passed up at least once by the gronks as a...
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    Consolidated Pay Thread

    He would be way better than what we have, but heard during roosters game commentary recently he signed 2 year contract as roosters assistant coach with no get out clauses even if there is a nrl top job available. Supposedly his contract expires after 2020, so is he the one the club are looking...
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    Sack Dean Pay

    Maybe, but he was one of the best out there today, goes to show how bad the rest are.
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    Sack Dean Pay

    Hate to say it but maybe it’s time go after Flanagan, at least he will do whatever it takes to win. Sick of watching this shit, any team with Montoya and Holland as centres are no chance. The team is just completely underdone, by far the worst in the NRL. Yeah we looked good for the first 30 but...
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    Opinion My team change ideas

    1. Hoppa 2. Chrighton 3. Harawira-Naera 4. Harper 5. Smith 6. Foran 7. Lewis 8. Tolman 9. Jmk 10. Napa 11. Martin 12. RFM 13. Jacko 14. Elliott 15. Fualolo 16. Ogden 17. Holland
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    And some people on hear were blaming hoppa for Montoya’s problems last year. Just goes to show the guy has no idea in defence.
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    Official Bulldogs - 2018 NSW Cup Premiers

    Plus he is a lying dirty cheating **** like his dad, he didn’t score that try in the first half, held up, the ball never touched the ground. Lucky it didn’t cost us in the end.
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    Official Bulldogs - 2018 NSW Cup Premiers

    I bet the pissed old prick don’t report the poor sportsmanship from the jets captain refusing to give a runners up speech, he will somehow bag us and make moron or whatever his name is to look like a saint
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    2018 NSWRL Intrust Super Cup Discussion Thread (Season Ended) PREMIERS!!

    Stream ain’t working on nswrl site or ist just me?
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    Sharks fans throwing items on the field

    Sharks fans were throwing items on the field at Latrell Mitchell as he lined up a shot at goal tonight, nothing been made of it on fox yet but if it was us they would be all over it. I bet Rothfield and the rest of the scum from news limited won’t say shit. Greenberg the dog won’t fine them for...
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    Klemmer charged for late hit on Mbye

    Nope just Klemmer, Nrl can’t have him playing there pets the gronkos next week
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    Klemmer charged for late hit on Mbye

    Klemmer has been charged by match review committee, facing 1 match for early guilty plea or 2 match if he fights it and is unsuccessful.
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    Lachlan Lewis - Consolidated Thread

    As the title suggests, time for myself plus others on this forum to eat humble pie.I didn’t think Lachlan Lewis was up to first grade but I was wrong, he hasn’t put a foot wrong and deserves his spot in first grade.
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    Round 17 - Bulldogs vs Raiders - Team List and Game Discussion Thread.

    Croker is dead set average, but every time he plays us he looks like a superstar. Holland is shit, cost us possession with a shit play the ball then misses the one on one tackle to let croker score
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    Steve Turners weekly tips...

    He wouldn’t care what the nrl bosses think, he is leaving the nrl job to come back to the bulldogs full time.
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    Warren Smith is 100% right

    Shows how fucked the club was, dumbshits put us 12 months further behind to save there own asses and how did that go ray and des?
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    The case for Aaron Woods

    Trent Robinson said roosters not interested in Woods at press conference this morning
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    The biggest LOL

    Knowing hasbeen and dibshit he probably has a bullshit clause in his contract that if he plays a certain amount of games in first grade he gets a bonus
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    John Olive

    Only cause the decent players were not released to play by their clubs.
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    John Olive

    2nd hit up of the game the useless flog got dominated and driven backwards by the tigers and the amount of times he got in the way when we were attacking inside there 20 was a joke, reserve grade standard player at best.
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    Round 12 - Bulldogs vs Tigers - Team List and Game Discussion Thread.

    In, Elliott starting klemmer on bench again
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    5 players for 500K

    No one is stupid enough to want Lichaa
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    Sutton wears his Bronco badge proudly Again!

    Napa didn’t even get charged today for the tackle, goes to show how fucked the Sutton brothers are, cost the rorters a chance of winning and the match review committee saw nothing wrong with the tackle
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    Morris twins concede Bulldogs’ salary cap situation likely to force them out of the club

    The email said with Peter Beatie also to talk about the state of the game
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    Warren Smith(FOX)

    Not if your name is Gerard or Bernard Sutton, they would have called it a knock back some how.
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    Where is the press conference?

    Yep very short press conference, good to see the change room after the match on Channel 9 with the boys enjoying the win, even Dean Pay having a beer with the boys. Don’t know why but Josh Reynolds was there hanging around as well.
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    Hollands Bench Role

    It looks to me that Montoya might be better suited to isp or Ron Massey cup
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    Renouf To'omaga

    Difference between the big boys and The isp and people wonder why pay was holding him back and others
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    Pay and Grimaldi

    Sorry SuperCoach you know all
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    Pay and Grimaldi

    Haslers wage by itself would have nearly blown our soft cap
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    Pay and Grimaldi

    It almost did, when Jackson came back on, it’s the best he has looked in attack running straight through there middle instead of tackling his ass off on the edge for the full 80
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    Pay and Grimaldi

    You could say the same about Eastwood and the mozzes, but they are thanks to des and dib
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    Consolidated Refs Thread

    If it was against the bulldogs I’m sure that would have been a knock back as well
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    Crazy Optical Illusion...

    Now that’s an optical illusion, just ask the Sutton’s
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    Marcelo Montoya needs to go.

    Montoya has no idea, he came running in on the broncos centre with 9 minutes to go, not even watching the ball, the ball hit him straight on the chest and he dropped it cold. If he had been watching the ball he would have taken the intercept and ran 80 meters to score and wrapping the game up...
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    Consolidated Refs Thread

    Off course he was interfered with, his dad Bennett has been fiddling with him for years. I suppose You think the gronkos deserved the win when u robbed the Tigers earlier this year as well? Do us all a favour and fuck off, u and the Sutton fucks are the only ***** that think the dogs weren’t...
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    Consolidated Refs Thread

    Anyone else notice the slimey prick laughing after he penalised klemmer for back chatting, just as Brisbane said they will take the shot for goal. Nothing but a cheat
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    Lewis has to go to 1st grade

    Exactly right, I can’t see the hype about Lewis, he didn’t organise shit, it was the same forward dominated play we see in first grade, the only difference being Nu Brown providing a hell of a lot better service than what Lichaa could ever provide. Let the broncos have Lewis, if he was as good...
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    NRL Round 8 | Non Bulldogs Team Lists & Discussions

    We couldn’t score in 80 minutes, yet the dragons score in the first minute
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    Des applying for Kiwi Coaching job? - UPDATE: Hasler has pulled out.

    Who’s Des gonna pick seeing he can’t select Tolman?
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    Give Cleeland a go

    Get thrown into touch like a rag doll at one stage against Newtown. Yet people reckon he can make the step up to first grade, he would be monstered like that every time
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    Give Cleeland a go

    Jmk ain’t a hooker, yes he can tackle but his passing game ain’t much better than lichaas.
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    Cogger watch

    All I can honestly ever see him being is a utility off the bench, I don’t think he has the passing game to be a starting Hooker, he is reserve grade quality who gives all he has, frankly his best ain’t good enough for the big time. His defence is great but no fucking idea in attack.
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    Cogger watch

    Good chance he will be in there first 2 choices now with Pearce looking like being gone for the season
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    Round 7 2017/2018

    No, seibold was there with Madge all along choosing players for this year, he had input into the team for this year and a lot of Souths supporters think he was told he was coaching Souths before the end of last year, pay came in November.
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    Cogger watch

    You mention dreams @scooby#doo, u thinking jmk is a first grade half, now that’s a dream.
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    Cogger watch

    What has jmk done in attack? Defence fantastic, but fmd the amount of times he goes himself instead of passing out wide is a joke, he is far from our answer in the halves. Hence our total points scored this week. What kind of a half has that much ball in the attacking zone with majority of it...
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    Bulldogs are on the way up: Pay

    Fuck me dead people in here have no fucking idea. What the fuck do you want the guy to do, he has inherited this team. What do you want him to do, go out in the press and bag the shit out of the team knowing he is stuck with the same squad next year after Hasler, Dib and Castle fucked our cap up...
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    Bulldogs are on the way up: Pay

    And why are our players so structured? One reason hasbeen, it’s gonna take pay some time to get the players he wants and to get rid of the stench left behind from super coach
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    Cogger watch

    Yes but he is only 20 not mid to late 20’s like our average half’s
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    Cogger watch

    He was injured almost all of last year, can’t be worse than Frawley