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    Sharks fans throwing items on the field

    Sharks fans were throwing items on the field at Latrell Mitchell as he lined up a shot at goal tonight, nothing been made of it on fox yet but if it was us they would be all over it. I bet Rothfield and the rest of the scum from news limited won’t say shit. Greenberg the dog won’t fine them for...
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    Where’s gotenks/ Marley

    Been very quiet from him recently, where has he been? Got a sneaking suspicion he has changed usernames again, can anyone confirm, maybe Cowboy campbell have any idea?
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    Finished hey?

    Whoever thinks there done, think again!
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    Finally joined the kennel

    Been reading the kennel for a few years now and decided to join. Hoping for a miracle that we can turn our season around and make a run for the first Sunday in October