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  1. habs

    An Insight To Mick Potter's Coaching - Fifth & Last Podcast.

    Zzzz. What fkn insight.
  2. habs

    News Ado Carr ruled out late changes

    so the same shit side from last week?
  3. habs

    Andrew Johns points to Roster Problems at Bulldogs

    Exactly what he said. Rewind what those fucks on 360 were saying when we picked up Vaughan and Dufty. They were calling it a masterstroke and good fortune.
  4. habs

    Michael Potter announced as interim Head Coach of the Bulldogs...

    Lmao at world series
  5. habs

    Andrew Symonds Dead

    Terrible news one of my fav players of all time.
  6. habs

    I hit up flanno sr on instagram

    Everyone from auburn is on the ‘superman’ juice, they don’t call it cheating they call it science. :)
  7. habs

    News ‘Wrong decision’: All Blacks legend Steve Hansen takes aim at Dogs board after Barrett axing

    Barrett should feel let down by mmBop Hansen and the Ferris wheel. Gus said it best - he watched and advised. The standards needed to lift. Their careers were on the line. He didn’t want to sack anyone. He wanted everyone to pull their heads in and set new standards.
  8. habs

    Naden signs with Tigers

    Some of them are literally perverts in public toilets. Didn’t mason savage one of them for being in a room full of naked footballers without an invitation?
  9. habs

    Rumour Dogs considering Cameron Smith

  10. habs

    Rumour Dogs considering Cameron Smith

    What up adz
  11. habs

    What is your favourite (CURRENT) TV Show

  12. habs

    News Josh Jackson Mid-Week Press Conference: Round 11 v Wests Tigers

    JJ's form hasn't been the best for a long long time. His captaincy on the field from what I see, hasn't been inspiring or motivating. That speech was all class and was a strong demonstration of his credentials as a club captain. What I would like to see is his role simplified on the field. Far...
  13. habs

    Opinion State of the roster for 2023

    We need a fullback and a 7 with a shitload of experience. No ifs or buts about it. We need strong generals not eeeny meaney short dick men.
  14. habs

    Rumour Adam Elliott to Knights

    Ur best post on the forum! Love it.
  15. habs

    Who should be our next Captain?

    Mahoney no question.
  16. habs

    naden out, who else should leave the kennel?

    You could make a case to move on about 20/30. The problem will be filling in half of those positions with juniors maybe we do not have.
  17. habs


    Lmao @ El Jannah.
  18. habs

    Is it time to privatise?

    Leagues club has enough money to buy this club 10 times over. Next thread.
  19. habs

    Opinion It’s the kick in the arse everyone needed

    Nek minnit tpj shows up to training to do extras. This is the kind of response we need from the players. For so long they have been playing and performing like a bunch of pussies.
  20. habs

    News Anthony Mundine makes shock offer to join Canterbury Bulldogs coaching staff

    Get choc in if it get us haas may mean we need to move thompson.
  21. habs

    Madge now?

  22. habs

    Trent Barrett: Dean Pay weighs in on latest Canterbury Bulldogs coach to leave club

    Its a different game now. On the money. Again not a slight on pay or barrett but there are players in their squads that are not putting in 100%. Club was very brave to axe barrett. Look at tigers and knights going no where.
  23. habs

    Is it time to privatise?

    We have a strong board dont pay any mind to those fucks on 360.
  24. habs

    Opinion Sack Dan Ferris - Dan Ferris has quit: official

    Thanks for posting article. Wooo its official then.
  25. habs

    Opinion Sack Dan Ferris - Dan Ferris has quit: official

    Anything official?
  26. habs


    Wont happen but we need to ask the question. Worst case he says no and we move on.
  27. habs

    Opinion Sack Dan Ferris - Dan Ferris has quit: official

    This dud was savaged by Anasta.
  28. habs

    News ‘Seismic ramifications’: Barrett’s recruits looking for the exit as Dolphins swoop

    Can someone tell me why a new team is preparing to cannabalise last year’s wooden spooners? Like how bad must the talent out there be. Which donkey approved this shit new team?
  29. habs

    News Arthur Laundy demands answers on Trent Barrett

    Love our chap’s involvement but maybe he didn’t see our last couple of games. If we had beaten raiders and knights we wouldn’t be in this position. Trent’s a great dude and proven top flight assistant, he’s just not a head coach for these gen z primadonnas. He also deserved better from his fake...
  30. habs

    Opinion Why do our players need to miss 2 days of training ?

    Barrett will be a head coach somewhere eventually. It will take time. He will easily get an assistant role tomorrow.
  31. habs

    Will Hansen get the flick ?

    Braith was losing it about the fraud and how barrett hand picked up.
  32. habs

    100% Footy summary

    Did it go for long?
  33. habs

    Barrett's Assistant Coach

    will ferris and the other plod plod trainers still keep their jobs?
  34. habs

    News KIKAU’S Form Out Of This World

    He’s not the first backrower that makes a career out of running at halves and centres 1/4 of his size. Don’t get the jizzing.
  35. habs

    What's your gut feeling?

  36. habs

    Official Trent Barrett’s future consolidated thread

    I don’t see it. They’ll sack the waterboy and that trainer that needs a trainer. He will then clear out the assistants. Fake warning shot to barrett. They will put out some article about how our fitness is the worst. They’ll then sign the black beast to train and drink with the players.
  37. habs


    Saved the nrl lol. What garbage. The guy is an incompetent.
  38. habs

    News Bulldogs directors losing patience with struggling Barrett

    Now weirdo is sinking the boot in.
  39. habs

    Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs 2023 Lineup

    Hit the nail on the head. Barrett called their effort “Courageous” against the Knights. On another planet.
  40. habs

    Fitness/Conditioning and Rebuilds

  41. habs

    Which coach???

    You’re ready to become gay? Lol
  42. habs


    Shane perry. 2006 broncos. Form 1,6 and 9 of the semis tho.
  43. habs

    ILLUVIUM New Shorts Sponsor

    What do they actually do
  44. habs

    Official Round 10 v Knights Match Discussion

    This is how i watch now just tune in and out. Not worth it.
  45. habs

    Official Round 10 v Knights Match Discussion

    Guys stop watching. Its the only way.
  46. habs

    News Liam Martin knock back Panthers for a new deal

    Flicked it on again. A whole set of 1 out garbage
  47. habs

    Official Round 10 v Knights Match Discussion

    Came home from work. Turned it on. We were packing a scrum. Dufty knocks on cold on play 0 10 out. I turned it off. Fuck this garbage.
  48. habs

    Other News Source Cameron Munster

    Munster will go to the highest bidder 100%
  49. habs

    Since were digging our way out.. CBB Worst 17!

    Way more flops than that lineup. You don't need players from the naughties.
  50. habs

    An article worth sharing

    You create threats on both sides of the player with the ball. Boring and simple but effectivez
  51. habs

    Official Round 10 v Knights Match Discussion

    Anyone else just turned off reading that lineup? Never had that feeling before.
  52. habs


    Hahahahaha. Its all in the context. And if you aint down with that, i got two words for you..
  53. habs


    Bottom half only because of the garbage around him. If we were say a top 8 side not saying he’d be picked but he would be in the mix for the rep sides. Its such a shame.
  54. habs

    Meaney signs with Storm

    Not sure what we have lost. Saw him play for the storm a few times. Not too different with us. On the end of a 5 star backline. Mitch Brown would look just as good.
  55. habs

    News Jeremy Marshall-King Bulldog hits open market with writing on wall for Belmore future

    has improved but not good enough too slow and takes the wrong options far too often.
  56. habs

    Phenomenal Effort By Sharks

    they were playing the warriors though
  57. habs

    Meaney signs with Storm

  58. habs


    Suck itt
  59. habs

    Opinion Brent Naden

  60. habs

    News Jeremy Marshall-King has hit the open market as he considers his long-term playing future

    A plodder from the pay era. All of pay’s juniors and signings were rubbish. Sink 50 games in bullshit.
  61. habs

    Opinion Not convinced we improve next year

    Same shit instead of losing 14-4 we lose 14-12. No confidence at all
  62. habs

    Opinion Matt Dufty

    So glad on one year deal. But where are we going to find a fullback
  63. habs

    Josh Jackson

    Plodder deluxe. Hope the dolphins sign him.
  64. habs


    I have not watched the replay. Saw it live. Knew we died then. Next parra. Cant be bothered digging up my posts.
  65. habs

    Opinion Players who need to go and be replaced

    A fair bit of junk to go.
  66. habs


    Played ok. Cant goals for shit. Has a lot to work on. Needs a good halves coach. Fatso and Barrett not ideal.
  67. habs

    Opinion Sack Barrett thread

    Stop fucking merging fresh threads into this
  68. habs

    Opinion Averillo

    Park footballer
  69. habs

    Luke Thompson starting at Prop.

    Cream puff forward of napa standard. F u k off.
  70. habs

    Official Round 9 v Raiders Match Discussion

    Stopped watching this soft garbage long time ago.
  71. habs

    Official Round 9 v Raiders Match Discussion

    This guy makes napa look competent.
  72. habs

    Official Round 9 v Raiders Match Discussion

    But hes a bulldogs legend
  73. habs


    Most of these comments including mine are over the top. There are some things we cannot escape though. We look unfit and underdone. Our forwards are fucking small and don’t dominate the ruck or tackle. Everything we do is low impact.Thank god for the imports King, Vaughan and TPJ otherwise we...
  74. habs

    Opinion Adam Elliott

    Did he even play a decent half of football with us at all?
  75. habs

    Gus on 100% Footy

    I expected Gus to go in there and tear the doors down after the piss poor folding against the broncos. The negative media and those agenda driven fucks on 360 can get fucked.
  76. habs

    News Vaughan eyeing new contact

    Without him against the roosters we lose. He has been immense for us after a slow start. Will probably get a small upgraded 2 year deal. We need his leadership especially for the young pups. We have not produced a quality prop for a long time.
  77. habs

    Shout out to Newcastle

    He looks so small compared to when he was with us. What happened to him?
  78. habs


    And in his 4 mins he is not that effective perhaps another forward would be better.
  79. habs

    3-2-1 vs Roosters

    3 Vaughan 2 Jac 1 TPJ
  80. habs

    News Josh Jackson tests positive to COVID

    He was missed. Not.
  81. habs

    Rumour We cant be beaten!!!

    Suck itttt
  82. habs

    News Gus Gould Opens First Bulldogs Training Session With Heartfelt Prayer To The Football Gods

    Expected better from the ‘toota. Didn’t laugh once.
  83. habs

    News Bulldogs sign Fijian Rugby Sevens player

    Too busy drinking
  84. habs

    The next 5 games

    We’re gonna get ready to suck it for next 5 rounds. DX style.
  85. habs

    Not 1 of our spine players are in the top 7 in the NRL at their position

    Need 2-3 rep quality players in the spine to do any damage.
  86. habs

    News Josh Jackson tests positive to COVID

    Lets see if the sharks will loan us tim the tolman. He can take the settlers, tackle anything that moves as the third man in tackler, or pass in slow motion just as effectively as whacko jacko.
  87. habs

    Rumour Barrett Gone

    This whole post is probably made up
  88. habs

    Barrett Stood Down!!

    Why is this garbage thread still alive
  89. habs

    Rumour Barrett Gone

    I just dont see us sacking a coach mid season with gus involved.
  90. habs

    News Josh Jackson’s career at crossroads as Phil Gould eyes Bulldogs overhaul

    Been at a crossroads for most part of the last decade.
  91. habs

    Opinion Jackson not at the Press Conference.

    Yeah exactly. We’re getting ready to suck it.