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  1. MP4 - Eedz

    ATTN: People who like Art and doodling

    G'day people, Happy Australia Day for yesterday I started a Community page on Facebook which can be a little fun of artisy people It's called "Love Your Doodle" (I'm hilarious I know). So you pretty much post an image of your doodling work (good or bad, something you created while on the...
  2. MP4 - Eedz

    Happy B'Day G.R.O.N.I.C

    LOL I just noticed an old fake account of mine is having a B'Day (shares the same B'Day as my sister haha) Happy B'Day buddy, good times I know it sounds silly now but alter ego's and fake accounts where "trending" back in the day haha :p
  3. MP4 - Eedz

    New Film - Filth

    Anyone who hasn't seen it, and enjoys UK Dark Humour similar to Snatch, Lock Stock do yourselves a favour and watch this... Scottish Film James McAvoy is awesome in it! Anyone else seen it? Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  4. MP4 - Eedz

    For Sale: Taylormade Rocketballz Iron Set

    I'm selling my spare iron set, hardly ever gets used. Still in great condition Like this set http://www.globalgolf.com/product/golfclub/-/pid--1022885/iron-set/taylor-made/rocketballz.aspx?gd=2 9,8,7,6,4 PW, SW (missing 5 Iron) For Sale: $200 For an Extra $100 I have a driver...
  5. MP4 - Eedz

    Glow Run

    http://www.glowrun.com.au/content/sydney/gjgu2w Night Run in the City, with glow in the dark gear on from what I understand Looks pretty cool, me and the boys are going to do it. If anyone is keen... check it out. $50 entry :)
  6. MP4 - Eedz

    6 Month PAID Deal ....

    Can a bloke like Reni Maitua sue Cronulla for 2 YRS Income PLUS damages ? His crime was no different to these players (probably less severe if anything) yet he was banned for 2 YRS, contract terminated, reputation ruined.
  7. MP4 - Eedz

    Inside the Actors Studio Questionnaire

    James Lipton's 10 Questions from some famous french dude he asks the guests on Inside the Actors Studio What would be your answers 1. What is your favourite word ? 2. What is your least favourite word ? 3. What turns you on ? 4. What turns you off ? 5. What sound or noise do...
  8. MP4 - Eedz

    TV Shows 2012 chitchat

    I'm currently watching SOA The Walking Dead (starts this month) Dexter (just started, ep 2 tonight I think) How I Met Your Mother (starting to get over it) The Big Bang Theory (starting to get over it) Modern Family and I'm hanging out for Justified Season 4 and Game of Thrones...
  9. MP4 - Eedz

    Night before the game ?

    Considering most the boys got asked, thought I'd throw it to the kennelers What are you doing the night before the game ?
  10. MP4 - Eedz

    All this talk about our GF inexperience ...

    Melbourne haven't been in a GF for a few years now. Just how much more experience do they have over us ? They've got alot of new guys in the backline, Widdop is new, Hinchcliffe etc I don't really know the stats but I wouldn't imagine it would be a whole lot more than us ... not nearly...
  11. MP4 - Eedz

    Thinking Outside The Box Thread

    This thread is an opportunity to brain fart ideas that may potentially be good ideas for the Club/Team/Supporters etc My idea :( Why doesn't the club GIVE AWAY 1 Year General Admission Membership Deals with every $300 spent in the team store ? You have a 84,000 Seat Stadium with...
  12. MP4 - Eedz

    The day is taking forever !!!

    Is it just me ?? FFS Can't fkn wait for Big Sammy's first run at Jason King Battle of the centres, Matai, Lyon V Morris, Inu Reynolds and Ennis running a muck Benny Barba and Brett Stewart hitting open spacings
  13. MP4 - Eedz

    Daley NSW Origin Coach

    Just heard it on the radio
  14. MP4 - Eedz

    Golden Goal Kickoff Idea

    Even @ 80 minutes, each team gets 1 point, then we go into Golden Goal Kick Off (maybe start from the centre, work to difficult side of each kicker i.e. left for left footer). 1. I think it would add a good element to the build up of your team. Players like El Masri wouldn't have to rely on...
  15. MP4 - Eedz

    LOSS vs MOMENTUM your opinion

    Everyone says you need a loss to lose the expectation of a loss (I think that makes sense :p) BUT You also need confidence and momentum going into the Finals What's you preference going into the Canberra and Roosters Games, keeping in mind a Minor Premiership is on the line (might not...
  16. MP4 - Eedz

    The Mister-E Thread

    Moe I wanna lick you all over you sxc b!tch ps if I get white font pity posted, that would suck :(
  17. MP4 - Eedz

    Hypothetical: Storm, Souths lose. We win ...

    And it's not unlikely, Melbourne are playing Brisbane @ Brisbane (do or die game for Brisbane) Souths are playing Cronulla @ Cronulla (do or die game for Cronulla) We'll have the Minor Premiership secured What does Des Hasler/YOU do going into Rd 25 and 26 against rubbish teams ??
  18. MP4 - Eedz

    The Dark Knight Rises !!

    I'm a zombie atm caught 2 hours sleep last night after catching the midnight section WELL WORTH IT !!! Awesome Movie !!! Anyone else see it ?
  19. MP4 - Eedz

    Sonny Bill Williams to return to the NRL ....

    Sonny Bill Williams to return to the NRL .... Clark Kent, Daily Planet, Metropolis ... as a hologram Sonny Bill's manager Khoder Nassar was so moved by Tupac Shakur's Coachella performance he has contacted NRL CEO David "ah" Gallop regarding a one off appearance to derail Queenslands 7th...
  20. MP4 - Eedz

    Nicknames you give NRL Players ...

    Catrius is a common one for Darious Boyd KE has a mountain of them lol What are some nicknames you give players ?
  21. MP4 - Eedz

    If were the opposite sex for 1 day ...

    What would be the ... 1st thing you would do ? The last thing you would do ? The first person you would tell ? The one thing you would NEVER do ? The first thing you would say ?
  22. MP4 - Eedz

    YOUR Favourite Arnotts Assorted Creams

    Poll cumming also a voting poll is on the way
  23. MP4 - Eedz

    LOL Sandow, regarding Dragons halves

    I'll find the article, basically says they are not a threat this weekend :p
  24. MP4 - Eedz

    Away ANZ Game Army seating ?

    Why do we seat behind the sticks ? niff nuff said
  25. MP4 - Eedz

    Attn: Polar Bear

    Your location is the SEX :p What would you rate your time in "EDEN, SYDNEY" on a scale of 1 to 5 ? :p :p :p
  26. MP4 - Eedz

    Fanatics Can Be Spastics

    What right do we have to judge whether a player should do what's best for his family ? Really ? and don't start with what about Sonny Bill, cause that dog signed and walked out mid season in the middle of the night like a dog. But if a player has worked hard, done right by everyone...
  27. MP4 - Eedz

    Proffer a suggestion, username name colour related

    The next time TK gets a revamp can we please have female usernames in pink or red and male ones in blue ??
  28. MP4 - Eedz

    YOUR Favourite Player

    Who's your favourite and why ? I always cop sh!t cause my favourite player has always been Lance Hohaia - Hohaia - Tough, plays above his weight, consistent. Great guy as proven this week when he worked hard with the junior fullback while he was dropped. All rounder, love him !!!
  29. MP4 - Eedz

    Why did this remind me of Mitch haha new movie Hesher

    Joseph Gordon Levitt, Natalie Portman looks interesting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9h2TnjWgzcTBH
  30. MP4 - Eedz

    Do you find you demand perfection ?

    Let's give benny a run for his money shall we :p Simple question ... From the players, from the coach ... I'm asking this because this place turns into a cesspool of "drop this player, drop that player" garbage the second we lose a game and this ONLY happens when we lose a game ...
  31. MP4 - Eedz

    FYI Man's Weekly Breakdown of Expenses

    - Hair Cut $20.00 every 3 weeks say - $7 a week - Hair Gel New Wave 2 a year say 20cents a week - Sprays 5 Rexonas a year say - 65cents a week - Use the girls shampoo and conditioner - FREE - Addidas Shower Gel 10 a year say - $1.30 a week - K-Mart Hair Clippers $40 will last 3 years say -...
  32. MP4 - Eedz

    Weekly Breakdown of Girl Expenses ...

    Can you guys give me like an average weekly or fortnightly break down of Beauty Expenses I'm talking all the stuff a guy would not be purchasing to share between the two - Make Up - Hair - Nails - Beauty Therapy (waxing, facials, spray tans whatever) - Exfoliating stuff -...
  33. MP4 - Eedz

    I think my girlfriend is cheating on me ...

    she keeps yelling out another man's name in bed :( Who the hell is Rape ????
  34. MP4 - Eedz

    MP4's Movie Trivia - Rocky I Related NOTE for hardcore Rocky fans

    1. What is the name of my pet dog ? 2. If Rocky's pets could ________ he wouldn't need to do any of this ? 3. What did Rocky Balboa & Rocky Marciano NOT have in common ? 4. What is the name of the little slutty girl Rocky tries to educate ? 5. What is Apollo's response to Duke not...
  35. MP4 - Eedz

    MP4's Movie Trivia - Kennel Related

    1. Which 1989 movie starred a German Sheppard named Jerry Lee ? 2. Chuck Norris starred in which 1995 movie where he's partner was a dog ? 3. Which 1992 feel good Dog classic was named after a famous musical composer 4. ______ & Me was a 2008 movie ? 5. What bred of Dog is used in the movie...
  36. MP4 - Eedz

    2011 - Up Coming Movies

    Immortals - Mickey Rourke, Henry Cavill, Stephen Dorff Looks like the most interesting movie of 2011 IMO, one to watch out for !!! Based on Ancient Greek Warriors etc Weapon - Jean Claude Van Damme, Scott Adkins Going to be a awesome fighting movie, Boyka V Van Damme NICE Kick ass...
  37. MP4 - Eedz

    Work was pretty full on today ...

    going home Enjoy my stewpid threads lol
  38. MP4 - Eedz

    Don't you hate it when ....

    you make a post, exit and release someone posted JUST after you and it went onto a new page and now you KNOW nobody is gonna read your post :( Hate that ... am I alone ?
  39. MP4 - Eedz

    The thing which SHOULD disturb us about porno's

    You actually sit there looking at another mans balls and bits, .. close up of his ass and stuff while at the same time actually you know, enjoying yourself Am I the only one who finds that too be extremely disturbing when you think about it ? I avoid looking at a bloke at the gym, but a...
  40. MP4 - Eedz

    Funny Phases you've been through ?

    What are some funny phases you've been through which make you giggle thinking back on em ? I remember I brought a skateboard once el oo fking el to the whole 3 minutes I skated infront of my house and up and down the hall way I brought 20 seasons of The Simpsons thinking I can find my...
  41. MP4 - Eedz

    Question to people with old dogs logo tattoo, or know anyone with it ?

    What's the general feeling ? I'd be alittle upset tbh, it's like spending a sh!t load on a VZ model holden only for the newer one to have the flares and stuff ... You still love your car, but it's like I want those flares :( PS if it bothers you get 04 outlined around it and it can be a...
  42. MP4 - Eedz

    K ey to a successful K ennel Thread

    add the letters K & E ;) This thread is gonna be twice as successful as any other :p
  43. MP4 - Eedz

    Parramatta Footage during the 90s

    We were talking about this the other day, how Parramatta have literally achieved NOTHING in their history besides the 80's We thought about the decades besides the 80s and you know how you ALWAYS see footage of old games, on Footy Shows, Roast etc etc Do any of you EVER remember seeing...
  44. MP4 - Eedz

    the official What ever happened to the 'Official" Threads ?

    There use to be heaps of them ? What happened ... i.e "The Official ...... Thread" ... ps you probably could have managed without my 'i.e' but anywho I like being called a whore by Dalger
  45. MP4 - Eedz

    The "Is it just me..." thread

    Is it just me ... or can you actually smell the window washer fluid when you're driving and you use the wiper fluid n wipe ? I swear I can smell it, all windows down, air OFF
  46. MP4 - Eedz

    Kennel Hall of Fame - 5 Inductee's

    List your Top 5 Most Invaluable Kenneler's over the years to be Inducted in the Kennel Hall of Fame. Just looking back over the years a lot have come and gone (and come back again) but who do you rate the most Invaluable, with reason ?? My Top 5 (no particular order) 1. MrCharisma - Old...
  47. MP4 - Eedz

    Gower eyes return to where it all began

    Gower eyes return to where it all began Brad Walter April 1, 2011 FORMER Test star Craig Gower is considering a return to the NRL and he could be joined next year by Bulldogs-bound England prop James Graham. Gower, who has been playing rugby union in France's Top 14, is off contract at...
  48. MP4 - Eedz

    Correct me if I'm wrong BUT 4 rounds in ...

    UNDEFEATED ... have we been favourites by the betting agencies at all this year ??? p.s thanks to these betting scandal articles I'm calling Sports Tab a "betting agency" gay :(
  49. MP4 - Eedz

    How good is your imagination ?

    Can you picture three dice in your hand ? if Yes, read on *look at the them, visualise them .... NOW Pick the first one up, and put it to your nose .... Does that remind you of your first fark ? (assuming) No ... Okay Pick the second one up, and put it to your chin .... Does that...
  50. MP4 - Eedz

    TRUE Player Match Up

    Kick Returns Barba V Melbourne Chasers Slater V Bulldogs Chasers Forwards V Forwards Tolman & Paea V Proctor & Blair Hookers V Middle of the Ruck Ennis V Melbourne Ruck Smith V Bulldogs Ruck Centre combo V Centre Combo Idris & Goodwin V Neilson & O'Niell Lafai & Turner...
  51. MP4 - Eedz

    Kennel "Spot The Difference" Game

    A young handsome Dalger features in Part 1, Spot the 10 differences and win a Kennel Prize (courtesy of the Kennel Mod Team :p)
  52. MP4 - Eedz

    Is Rodzilla working today ?

    Could it be ...
  53. MP4 - Eedz

    No headache is nice !!

    FFS stop saying it *crosses arms and looks away*
  54. MP4 - Eedz

    Screen shots of old school Kennel display screen

    Does any one have screen shots of the Kennel display/layout/format from years ago ? I can't for the life of me remember what it looked like, I know we went through a few changes over the years ... just curious if anyone has any ?
  55. MP4 - Eedz

    F1 Tipping Comp

    We had abit of fun with this years ago Thought we should redo it !!! http://www.f1tipping.com/Register.aspx?league=1206 Register then "Join a League" Our League name is "Kennel-F1" Join and put your tips in TODAY !!!!!
  56. MP4 - Eedz

    Katt Williams time again ...

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1Bsee_sx4A&feature=fvwrel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0u-wYlcxbMY Murdered Murdered who ?
  57. MP4 - Eedz

    Your favourite McDonald Happy Meal toy ...

    I'm talking old school My favourite were the X-Men cars, you could join them at the wheel CLASSIC The old Batman ones were cool too
  58. MP4 - Eedz

    So we're 2 weeks in now ... questions have been answered

    What are your feelings *touches the side of your face* Expectations For Year - Rd 3 - Roosters - Coach Kevin Moore - Ben Barba- Steve Turner - Jamal Idris - Tim Lafai - Bryson Goodwin - Kris Keating - Trent Hodkinson - Sam Kasiano - Michael Ennis - Aiden...
  59. MP4 - Eedz


    I was down but I no longer am
  60. MP4 - Eedz

    I think you're hot !!!!

    Aye chi wawa ! AYE CHI WHAT ???? WAAAAAA WAAAAAAA !!!!!
  61. MP4 - Eedz

    Dear Kevin Moore you have been brilliant this year !!

    I'm very very happy to be proven VERY VERY wrong tbh I rated Keating, but I felt Moore made a mistake with Roberts ... BUT Moore was right Moore has been SPOT FKING ON this year so far Very surprising selections - playing Lafai, keeping Barba at fullback, sticking with our youth...
  62. MP4 - Eedz

    Check out my post count

    \m/ V \m/ Illuminati running through my body like a 12 gauge shotty :p
  63. MP4 - Eedz

    Gangs of Kennel I

    Recruitment Time The Edenators - who's with me !!!
  64. MP4 - Eedz

    Kennel Rap Off !!!

    In memory of Nate Dogg lets rap .... old skool Hay ho motha farkaz down lo on your mothaz mp4's on the mic dalger anals book bennys abit of sook but i love my home boy g thugin 18hundred REPRESENT Word !!!
  65. MP4 - Eedz

    Got a joke for you all (excl Dalger cause nothings new with him :p)

    Two blokes are on the piss at a pub, one bloke turns to the other and says "I farked your mum last night, real hard. I farked her up the ass, doggy, missionary I went to town on her ... I licked her ass as she fingered mine, gagged the fark out of her and then, I blew all over her face" The...
  66. MP4 - Eedz

    Your Profile ... if you haven't seen it in ages

    I went into my profile after maybe 2 years el oo el My location was still Penrith bohahahahahaha only losers live there :p My signature, I have NO FKING IDEA where it came from or why I found it funny at ANY time My occupation was Student, hehe AND some of my other details reminded...
  67. MP4 - Eedz

    What's your former username (Done before I know cbf searching)

    I haven't been on here for sometime What was your previous Username ? Kennel Commie, D10, others ? Please merge if you MUST reduce the archive threads from 2394945 to 2394944
  68. MP4 - Eedz

    How much cocaine does Charlie Sheen take ?

    Enough to kill Two and a Half Men BAZINGA :p
  69. MP4 - Eedz

    Kennel Draw Off !!!

    After seeing Pillow's RIDONKULOUS art work, I think a Kennel Draw Off would be pretty cool idea. We might even frame all the artworks together in the end and get everyone in the Kennel Army to sign it and sent to the club or toss em whatever ... no biggee Rules - 1. A4 drawing 2...
  70. MP4 - Eedz

    Lookalike Ed Harris Anthony Hopkins

  71. MP4 - Eedz

    Lookalike Paul Walker Chris Pine

  72. MP4 - Eedz

    RIP Pete Postlethwaite

    Crazy old sckool actor, from The Usual Suspects, Amistad, In The Name of the Father, Romeo & Juliet, Brassed Off ... more recently The Town, Inception etc Pete Postlethwaite died in a in Shropshire, England, hospital Sunday after a lengthy fight with cancer. The actor was 64. An Oscar...
  73. MP4 - Eedz

    Lookalike Game - Steven Seagal Jim Belushi Powers Boothe :p

    Kinda easy, but its interesting cause they don't look alike BUT getting it wrong would make you look silly :p :p
  74. MP4 - Eedz

    Kennel(er) Memories ...

    Me and KE were chit chatting a few weeks ago about funny kennel moments and kennelers etc in the past I'll start by sharing a few moments we found funny ... please feel free to jump in and add 1. DX "Suck it" gangs lol ... mitch would lose his sh!t over it hahaha 2. What Would You Do...
  75. MP4 - Eedz

    Monaghan would laugh at this joke :p

    A fellow walks into a bar, notices a very large jar on the counter, and sees that it's filled to the brim with $10 bills. He guesses there must be more than ten thousand dollars in it. He approaches the bartender and asks, 'What's with the money in the jar?' 'Well......you pay $10...
  76. MP4 - Eedz

    "Ded" "Deded" ???

    Who came up with this ? and why am I pronouncing it in my head the way Chris Tucker says dead in Rush Hour ?
  77. MP4 - Eedz

    Petition Undisputed IV Facebook page

    Join me people !!! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Boyka-Undisputed-IV/117178401678574 Like this page or risk death by Uri Boyka
  78. MP4 - Eedz

    Fans of Undisputed II & III Scott Adkins is ...

    starring with Jean Claude Van Damme in Weapon !!! and for those who don't know about Scott Adkins AND/OR Undisputed II & III ... I'd say shot yourself but noone should die before watching these movies .. so do that !!!
  79. MP4 - Eedz

    ATTN: Spell Check Hero's ... we get it you can spell, but is it important ?

    Only great minds can read this, This is weird, but interesting! If you can raed this, you have a sgtrane mnid too Can you raed this? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can. I cdnuolt blveiee that I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd what I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid...
  80. MP4 - Eedz

    Can we do a breakdown of the Broncos 2011 roster + salary ?

    and by we I don't mean me :p although Im happy to toss in figures once the list has presented itself :p
  81. MP4 - Eedz

    Lame Joke III

    A guy walks into a bar holding a piece of asphalt. How goes to the bartender, "I'll have one beer ... and one for the road" ha ha ha NICE MP4-Cool faaaaaaaak yeaaaaa
  82. MP4 - Eedz

    Something for Fui Fui to try out

    Bruce and Trevor are Kiwi beggars. They beg in different areas of Bondi... Bruce begs just as long as Trevor but only collects $ 2 to $ 3 every day. Trevor brings home a suitcase FULL of $ 10 notes, drives a Mercedes, lives in a mortgage-free house and has a lot of money to spend. Bruce...
  83. MP4 - Eedz

    Movie Line Trivia Survey Part II

    Part 2 1. You are my Shidoshi 2. Am I my brothers keeper ? Yes I am 3. Who ever told you, you could work with men ? 4. You stuffed her like a Thanksgiving Turkey 5. I am tired of all your lecturing, waiting for you to tell me I am ready, I am tired 6. Money talks, and bull**** runs a...
  84. MP4 - Eedz

    Movie Line Trivia Survey

    Movie line Trivia, these are a bit tricky 1. You know the Mister Mister lady, I think I just killed her 2. I wasn't trying to wreck Candy's life. I was trying to make mine better. 3. We can’t stop here, this is Bat Country 4. Please don’t disturb my friend, he’s dead tired 5. Is...
  85. MP4 - Eedz

    Attn Boots *dumb thread*

    I was scrolling my facebook and noticed this status this girl wrote. For some reason I thought of you lol "nothing shows a man's character more than what he chooses to laugh at" I think it reminded me of the time, you pissed yourself laughing at people falling off the Twin Towers lol
  86. MP4 - Eedz

    The 2015 Formula One Thread

    Gonna be a GREAT GREAT year .. haven't been this excited about F1 for a while now TBH Has an old school feel to it this, Schumacher is back Lotus and Sauber etc ... someone bring back Minardi please lol But seriously, Mclaren have Lewis and Button the last two champs Ferrari are...
  87. MP4 - Eedz

    Joke from K E

    Why do Pirates go on holidays ??? For some Aarrr and Aarrr hehe get it cause they make that noise but it also means r n r
  88. MP4 - Eedz

    Tiger Woods jokes, sorry if they've been posted

    "Crouching Tiger, hidden hydrant" That's the first time Tiger Woods has failed to drive 300 yards Tiger Woods crashed into a fire hydrant and a tree ... he couldn't decide between a wood and an iron. Perhaps Tiger should have used a driver Tiger's wife went for him after he...
  89. MP4 - Eedz

    Americans on Facebook .. lol

    I got some cousins overseas, and their American mates have the funniest posts example This was in response to a new car my cousin bought "nice guy u got da Genesis daaaaaaaaamn dawg..datz watz up" LOL
  90. MP4 - Eedz

    Why do we refer to the rain as a chick ???

    "She's scream'n down now" "Look at her go" makes NO sense ... its water
  91. MP4 - Eedz

    I JUST noticed Rami's sig ....

    has an I <3 Rami on it hehe Thats so cute :love: Where do you go ....
  92. MP4 - Eedz

    But why is the Rum gone ???

    Personally I think this is my best thread ever SPAM away ...
  93. MP4 - Eedz

    Can I just say (lookalike related)...

    if was to say Michael Ennis and John Travolta looked lookalike I would be FAIL and laughed at Rami does it and people are saying "yeah" "I guess so" "a little" double standards man :(
  94. MP4 - Eedz

    God love the Irish :p

    Where would we be without the Irish ? These workmen are installing bollards to stop nurses from parking on the pavement outside the Royal Hospital in Belfast ......... They are cleaning up at the end of the day. How long do you think it will be before they realise that they can't go...
  95. MP4 - Eedz

    Grandpa is HEALED joke :p

  96. MP4 - Eedz

    Reply with "I blame it on the boogie"

  97. MP4 - Eedz

    Look what I helped do lol

    Notice how many polls are on the page :slick::slick::slick:
  98. MP4 - Eedz

    Pump VS Mount Franklin

    I happen to have them both on my desk They do taste a little difference, but I can't pick which one I like more atm my Mount Franklin is abit colder, so it taste better but something tells me the Pump would taste abit better at the same temperature Anyway ... thanks for reading :o
  99. MP4 - Eedz

    LOL Goodwin

    Reading an article today in the paper Joel Reddy has been dating Goodwins sister for 3 years But last week Godowin messaged him saying "we are no longer friends" Reddy thought it was a joke but Godowin has ignored all his calls LOL His mind is on the job ;)
  100. MP4 - Eedz

    Little Joke for Boots LOL

    "Anyone with needs to be prayed over, come forward, to the front at the altar," the Preacher says. Leroy gets in line, and when it's his turn, the preacher asks: "Leroy, what do you want me to pray about for you."? Leroy replies: "Preacher, I need you to pray for my hearing." The...