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  1. sviruch

    We need to move on from tonight's game and come together as Bulldogs fans!

    Dominos effect from the impetant management from the top who got us in this shit salary cap mess. Not defending pay but you he got these donkies to coach. The Rotation was terrible in the heat. Pay used 3 interchange players in my book that is idiotic. If your are paying big bux for Foran...
  2. sviruch

    Consolidated Klemmer Discussion

    He's no bulldog he's a dog cya
  3. sviruch

    Consolidated Klemmer Discussion

    Rip nrl
  4. sviruch

    News Dogs boss Lynne shows real bite in blast at NRL

    Thats my gal..[emoji23][emoji3]
  5. sviruch

    Canterbury Bulldogs lose key sponsor Jaycar over Mad Monday scandal

    They agreed to part ways months before this..the media are scums
  6. sviruch

    Mark Geyer on our side!

    Mark Geyer can’t believe the punishment handed down by the NRL to the Bulldogs over Mad Monday antics [https://cdn-newsapi-com-au]Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs have been slapped with a huge fine for their Mad Monday antics. Picture: Toby Zerna MARK Geyer has taken a strong stance in defence of...
  7. sviruch

    Forget Mad Monday it's Bad Monday

    I feel ya, I don't get mad but this is got me raging.. Dick pick poofs
  8. sviruch

    Our New Anthem

    The gunner song greatest team haha
  9. sviruch

    This will only unite pay and the team

    Yes spot on, fire up
  10. sviruch

    Adam Elliott and Asipeli Fine charged by NSW Police.

    Thanx for correcting my post... This is so wrong in many ways.
  11. sviruch

    Adam Elliott and Asipeli Fine charged by NSW Police.

    https://wwos.nine.com.au/nrl/nrl-canterbury-bulldogs-charged-by-police-after-mad-monday-celebrations/1ff918e3-75df-4d85-b2ab-c4a7ecc4c6d7 NSW Police charge Bulldogs pair after boozy Mad Monday celebrations By Melanie Dinjaski 37 minutes ago It is understood NSW Police have charged two...
  12. sviruch

    Sweet Caroline - Consolidated Mad Monday Saga Thread

    Move the club to england fuck this nrl
  13. sviruch

    Sweet Caroline - Consolidated Mad Monday Saga Thread

    Next time they should all be reading the paper with brown shit paint marks
  14. sviruch

    Round 25 - Bulldogs vs Sharks - Team List and Game Discussion Thread.

    Sleeping on the bulldogs should have sent a player off
  15. sviruch

    Bulldogs robbed as Fifita scores despite Feki being in touch.

    And the refs letting cronulla sleep on our players
  16. sviruch

    Squad for next year

    You forgot the forward from penrith CHN... Derrrrrrrr.
  17. sviruch

    The kennel at games.

    Lol but with my skill I'll put them to the sord
  18. sviruch

    The kennel at games.

    Lol haha I do have a comb over hair cut and 22 years experience as a wedding drummer. [emoji3][emoji3]
  19. sviruch

    The kennel at games.

    What do o have to do to enter the kennel supporters area with this Macedonian drum?
  20. sviruch

    Chris Smith

    I said before this guy will demand a starting spot soon. I watched him at Penrith he was very impressive and didn't get a chance at rorters. His energy in the last game was outstanding. Watch this space boys and girls.
  21. sviruch

    Brett Morris signs with Roosters

    Buy them all..so no one else can!
  22. sviruch

    NRL is a FAIL

    Nrls problem us the cap and betting agencies
  23. sviruch

    Michael Lichaa consolidated thread

    Hasler go fuck yourself
  24. sviruch

    How the F did we lose that one?

    I'm eating a large pizza.
  25. sviruch

    How the F did we lose that one?

    Haslet drop kick
  26. sviruch

    How the F did we lose that one?

    Message licha Instagram. Tell him to uppercut himself
  27. sviruch

    "The Bulldogs were sabotaged"

    They should pay cash for the shit they've done to my club.you scumbags.go fuck a monkey! Then I'll shit in your mouth.
  28. sviruch

    We were the highest scoring team in Rd.16

    Knights had only 2 man bench for most of the match, Settle my freind
  29. sviruch

    Rhyse Martin - Consolidated Thread

    He always kicked good on international duty. I knew this was coming
  30. sviruch

    Chris Smith

    Hey guys this young player was at the panthers not so long ago. Only made a couple appearances for Rorters. My tip RFM might have his hands full to regain his spot once he returns from injury. He should surprise many.
  31. sviruch


    Spot on brother
  32. sviruch

    Pay Free Pass 2018?

    Com on we lost by 2 points with these duds
  33. sviruch

    Marcelo Montoya needs to go.

    Terrible n slow
  34. sviruch

    Hollands Bench Role

    Johns laughed when he came on last week.look at his impact johns
  35. sviruch

    Lewis has to go to 1st grade

    Jacko gone backwards!
  36. sviruch

    What’s up with our wrestle?

    He's a working machine!
  37. sviruch

    Phil Gould

    Fox sports
  38. sviruch

    Filter on footy show!

    Had a go at us..... Laughed at Holland and questioned Deano why youd keep him on the bench until the 70th minute and his coaching abilities Mr fitler because he nearly won us the game..This guy is so butt hurt from 2004. They were carrying on unprofessionally.
  39. sviruch

    You’ll have both Klemmer & Woods during Origin.

    Klemmer most meters by any forward. Hell be picked
  40. sviruch

    "No more excuses" - Adam Elliott to media.

    He's been good today
  41. sviruch

    Money swang Canberra's way..

    Last 3 hours before kick off money all 4 raiders. Now I know why! Dog shit
  42. sviruch

    Recruitment Suggestions - Consolidated Thread

    jimmy dymock anyone?
  43. sviruch

    Marshall king

    Yeah a little. Haha good one
  44. sviruch

    Round 4 - Press Conference

    Feel sorry for pay
  45. sviruch

    Why the meltdown?

    We lost the game champ.we had it in our hands and South's pulled our pants down. Are you sure ur happy with that?
  46. sviruch

    Gambling …??? Corruption?

    At the start of the week we were $1.90 a peace with the rabbits. By the end of the week we blew out to $2.20.. And the way the game ended gave me sour grapes.. I can't help it but there's alot of corruption in gambling in the NRL. Fed up with this bullshit. I'm starting to give up with this game...
  47. sviruch

    Frawley gone

    Pay is trolling us guys!
  48. sviruch

    Why are people criticising Pay

    Give him another season and well judge then.
  49. sviruch

    R2 - Bulldogs vs Roosters - Team List & Discussion Thread

    We will lose our first 5 games!
  50. sviruch

    Tolman staying

    Oh nooooooo
  51. sviruch

    Great start but!!!

    JMK can tackle.
  52. sviruch

    Melbourne's tactics

    Did anyone notice Melbourne always putting us on our backs. 90% of the time we landed on our backs and also slowed the ruck all game. Why can't we wrestle like them and copy there game plan in defence?
  53. sviruch

    R1 - Bulldogs Vs Storm - Team List & Discussion Thread

    JMK will eventually take his spot!
  54. sviruch

    R1 - Bulldogs Vs Storm - Team List & Discussion Thread

    I hate it that Melbourne find young players that step up. Watching Cronk and the young halves that played tonight.. I honestly believe they are stronger this year. OK our defense was bad and needs fixing which I think well get fixed and the ball didn't bounce our way tonight
  55. sviruch

    R1 - Bulldogs Vs Storm - Team List & Discussion Thread

    Last year we lost at belmore by 4points this year we got belted. Difference is we played expansive football v dull ..hmm?
  56. sviruch

    2018 NSWRL Intrust Super Cup Discussion Thread (Season Ended) PREMIERS!!

    Really disappointed.whole team was rubbish.
  57. sviruch

    Steve Folkes passes away aged 59.

    Rip.. You'll always be remembered for our 04 gf win.
  58. sviruch

    Bulldogs vs Panthers Trial Info and Discussion

    Holland isnt good enough
  59. sviruch

    Bulldogs vs Panthers Trial Info and Discussion

    Lewis Carr Ogden been good.
  60. sviruch

    We need a goal kicker

    It will
  61. sviruch

    2018 Trial V Raiders (Legal Stream link in first post)

    Commentrary team I'm gonna king hit!
  62. sviruch

    Membership Numbers

    Current Bulldogs season membership down 22%, this is after appointing new Coach and major new signings. Surely this is then reflected in the upcoming Boardroom vote.. #NRL #Bulldogs Hmm... I know its early but Hasler and the old board has jammed us good... Your thoughts guys?
  63. sviruch

    Next for Cleeland

    Hope he gets a crack this year. https://www.nswrl.com.au/NRL-Next-For-Cleeland
  64. sviruch

    Bulldogs sign Warriors young gun

    The Warriors have a bad habit of letting many of their best young players slip through their fingers and that may be the case again with New Zealand 18s back rower Javvier Pitovao. The Bulldogs have signed Pitovao to a two year deal and he will start in the lower grades next season. Although...
  65. sviruch


    All look good in preseason training... Its when it's season starts our players go missing
  66. sviruch

    Dale Finucane from quiet kid signed unseen by Bulldogs to Storm leader

    Congratulations on your grand final win! Once a bulldog always a bulldog. Hassler u crazy old man and a bad coach. Good riddance..You lost our club a true champion..Ive meet this bloke numerous times a down to earth person. You Will only get better my friend! Enjoy..