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  1. Papa Emeritus

    Almost 600 newborns get ‘Blue and White’ welcome

    It's about time we employed some new tactics to boost membership.
  2. Papa Emeritus

    The Tennis Thread

    The Government is weak as piss if they let this go. I mean I already knew that, but based on how Scummo was saying "no jab no come" etc you would assume he would at least try to enforce that. The thing that really makes my blood boil is how Djokovic is playing the system. He never intends to...
  3. Papa Emeritus

    Hamze family v Alameddine family

    There is no way the cops are just letting this play out, these families are obviously good at evading the police. The car involved in the latest shooting was stolen a while ago and the cops suspected it was stolen to be used in something like this but obviously they never found it...
  4. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Thoughts on signing Fergo 22/23

    I feel like permabanning @kap123 for merely suggesting signing this fuckwad.
  5. Papa Emeritus

    Addo Carr

    I saw Aaron Woods at Sydney Zoo a few weeks ago, I took a pic of him. He had a shirt on though, no homo.
  6. Papa Emeritus

    Official Supercoach & other comps 2022

    Every year I run a $20 winner takes all comp (next season will be the 9th annual comp), I generally need 1-2 people every year from people who opt not to play again for whatever reason. If anyone here is interested I will keep you in mind.
  7. Papa Emeritus

    News Blake Ferguson arrested in Japan with nose candy

    The Japanese do not fuck around with drugs. He will be in deep shit for this, I think the best he can hope for is being deported and banned from Japan.
  8. Papa Emeritus

    Frank Pritchard on life support

    Frank is a top guy, always has time for fans. I really hope he pulls through and I hope this convinces some people in his circles how important vaccines are. Sounds like from his wifes post that the entire family has it. Surely that has to make them question their choices. Amazing if it does...
  9. Papa Emeritus

    2022.... better or worse?

    I reckon it will be better. It is hard to get worse tbh. Everyone who wants to be vaxxed, is vaxxed. Virus is tearing through the country and now cannot be stopped so everyone will get it and it should boost immunity even further. Those with vaccines will be unlikely to be put out much, those...
  10. Papa Emeritus

    Attention: Fotis (NYE Fireworks Family)

    I went to bed at 11:55 and was out like a light. I couldn't be bothered staying up 20 more mins to watch the same fireworks as every year with terrible commentary. The 9pm Parra fireworks with my little family was enough.
  11. Papa Emeritus

    Why the Bulldogs?

    My Dad was English, no idea why he supported the Dogs (we initially lived in Richmond and then Beverley Hills, neither are dogs areas although Bevo isn't far) but he did and he used to take me to games at Belmore. I don't remember watching the games really but I loved playing on the hill. I...
  12. Papa Emeritus

    Erin Molan axed from 9’s NRL coverage

    She is in a weird position. Sometimes she is on screen next to Bracey and someone else and she literally does not say anything. Like I have seen full on segments where this happens and all she does it turn her head like someone at a tennis match. I dunno if that is her doing or management, but...
  13. Papa Emeritus

    Erin Molan axed from 9’s NRL coverage

    Channel 9 lost Yvonne and decided immediately that Erin was going to be their female saviour. Even when it was immediately clear that Erin knew absolutely fuck all about Rugby League, they doubled down and just kept flogging that horse.
  14. Papa Emeritus

    News Footy star Brett Finch charged with child abuse material

    I wonder if we will find out exactly what kinda shit he shared. I really wanna know how much I need to hate this shitbag.
  15. Papa Emeritus

    News NRL approaches Bulldogs and Tigers as governing body looks to build and own new stadium

    I know not all fans live in the Canterbury council (I live in Parra) but lets be honest, a very large chunk do. I would love if we played home games at Parra, I could walk there. But tonnes of fans complain about that when it happens as it is apparently so difficult to get to. Imagine how much...
  16. Papa Emeritus

    News NRL approaches Bulldogs and Tigers as governing body looks to build and own new stadium

    Like the location but the stadium sucks. It is an athletics stadium. We need a proper rectangular stadium where you are closer to the action. It would be fugging amazing. Imagine a Bankwest style stadium that was 60-80k capacity. Jizz.
  17. Papa Emeritus

    What would you do if we merged?

    Just out of curiosity, lets say the NRL decides we need to cull some Sydney teams and we get swept up in it. If we did I would say the Wests Tigers is a likely choice for us to merge with (assuming Penrith would merge with Parramatta), but maybe we would merge with one of those as well. What...
  18. Papa Emeritus

    News NRL approaches Bulldogs and Tigers as governing body looks to build and own new stadium

    Government often chips in for privately owned places that the public uses.
  19. Papa Emeritus

    News NRL approaches Bulldogs and Tigers as governing body looks to build and own new stadium

    New stadiums I am all for. I think the South West needs a new stadium like Bankwest. Having said that, how many Bulldogs fans are going to travel that far for games? Especially if it is a lot of games. I wouldn't. I also wouldn't travel to the SFS for a lot of games either. Olympic Park is a...
  20. Papa Emeritus

    News Saint, Sinner, Shoosh, Namaste: Adam Elliott and Michael Lichaa end ugly feud

    Imagine forgiving and continuing to be friends with someone who got it on with your missus. What a cuck.
  21. Papa Emeritus


    I don't want him here but I wouldn't blame him for not wanting to live in Newcastle. That place is an absolute cesspit.
  22. Papa Emeritus

    News Vaccine stance a major sticking point for Bulldogs

    I always liked Thompson but this is some bottom of the barrel stupidity. If he gets sacked over this I won't feel sorry for him whatsoever. What does he expect to happen though? It isn't like it is just our team that will demand he get vaxxed. Does he just want a different career? What an...
  23. Papa Emeritus

    Sowards 2022 predictions

    I think people expecting us to rocket straight into the top 8 are being really optimistic. I think 13 is a pretty fair guess by Soward. I honestly think we will be somewhere around 10th to 13th.
  24. Papa Emeritus

    News Boring eels news (Brad Arthur Re-signs)

    Brad Arthur re-signs ZzZzzzZZzzZZzzzzzZZZzz
  25. Papa Emeritus

    News Manu Vatuvei

    Sooooooo dumb. What a shame.
  26. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion How did the officials miss this ffs lucky it didn’t contribute to the result

    Right so the touchie is to blame for this stuff then?
  27. Papa Emeritus

    Cameron Munster

    I can't see how we could afford anyone without letting someone else go, and if it was to sign Munster, it would need to be someone good. Isn't gonna happen. Maybe 2023?
  28. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion How did the officials miss this ffs lucky it didn’t contribute to the result

    Wouldn't that slow things down though whilst you wait for the touchie to get behind the posts? I don't see why the touchie needs to be involved at all. The ref should be with the kicker making sure he does the right thing until the kick is completed. Unless of course the ref has something else...
  29. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion How did the officials miss this ffs lucky it didn’t contribute to the result

    I don't understand how this ever happens. Like what the fuck is Sutton doing, or is any ref doing at that moment? Surely their one job after the try is confirmed is confirming the conversion spot. Once that is confirmed you move onto whatever the fuck you do next. Seems like refs are taking...
  30. Papa Emeritus


    Look I know it is Des, but that game was shit to watch. I tipped the Rabbits but I expected a more entertaining game than that. I went to bed before it ended I was so tired and bored.
  31. Papa Emeritus


    I hated this bloke when he was a Rorter and then we signed him, I could not believe it. Even though I hated him as a Rorter, he at least muscled up from time to time. Did absolutely shit all for us, and now I just feel indifferent about him rather than hating him. He is just... nothing. One of...
  32. Papa Emeritus

    Official Lachlan Lewis sacked

    This has to be one of the dumbest things ever. What an absolute imbecile. Why would he even need such a small amount of money? Makes you wonder what else he has nicked and not been caught for.
  33. Papa Emeritus

    COVID-19 - Thread

    I actually assumed you did have to pay so I drove around looking for free parking. Then I realised the parking near Qudos would not give me enough free time and I saw rangers. I went back to P1 and realised it was free lol.
  34. Papa Emeritus

    COVID-19 - Thread

    I got my first Pfizer jab earlier this week, man it is a very relieving feeling. I get my 2nd one in October. Very mild side effects, felt a bit tired the first night and didn't sleep well. Similar the second day with some arm pain. Now I am sweet as. The Qudos hub is very well run. It took...
  35. Papa Emeritus

    Luke Thompson consolidated thread

    End thread?
  36. Papa Emeritus

    Site keeps logging me Out

    There is some kinda issue with the cache or cookies here. I had issues similar to this and I resolved it by clearing all of my cache and cookies.
  37. Papa Emeritus

    Official Paul Vaughan signs for the Bulldogs on a one year deal

    This is a great win for our club. I mean normally I would be quite hesitant to sign someone who has been sacked, but his reason for being sacked is just he is a dumbass not that he is an inherently bad person or shit player. It has actually worked out super bad for the Dragons. It is nice we...
  38. Papa Emeritus

    Klemmer roughing it

    Nah she is his mum now.
  39. Papa Emeritus

    Cody Walker sledge that set off Lachlan Lewis

    I agree. Lewis is an idiot for reacting like that to that comment. The real way to react would be to play better and show Walker you deserve to be in first grade.
  40. Papa Emeritus

    Official Bulldogs sign Tevita Pangai Junior for next three seasons

    I feel sorry for guys like this. He is clearly intelligent and able to look at the situation without orange and black sunnies on. The Tigers have massive issues and I am not sure how they can fix them. Before this season started I had the opportunity to chat to one of their directors. It was...
  41. Papa Emeritus

    Official Bulldogs sign Tevita Pangai Junior for next three seasons

    With all due respect, if you can't engage in discussions in an adult fashion without instantly resorting to name calling then you will lose the privilege of posting here pretty damn fast.
  42. Papa Emeritus

    News Paul Vaughan

    welcome aboard man. I agree entirely. 1 year to see how he goes on the field and see if he can actually stop being an A Grade Knob as well.
  43. Papa Emeritus

    Account or Signup issues

    It seems this went away with the forum upgrade, I tried asking a while ago but didn't find out why. @Nash @habs is this something that might return?
  44. Papa Emeritus

    What's the worst way that you ever spent $100?

    For the 2012 GF I bought a Ben Barba memorabilia piece from Peter Wynns thinking "fuck when we win this GF this is gonna be worth so much money". I constantly think about burning it, but I figure maybe someone out there would actually want it.
  45. Papa Emeritus

    Official Matt Dufty signs with the Bulldogs for season 2022

    It is so nice to see the club only signing someone like this for one year. Dessie and Grimace would have signed him on a 5 year, 15 million dollar deal.
  46. Papa Emeritus

    COVID-19 - Thread

    lol Yeah they should go live in a cave for the rest of their lives
  47. Papa Emeritus

    COVID-19 - Thread

    Do you realise that not everyone can get vaccinated? Man you are dense as fuck.
  48. Papa Emeritus

    How do I change my name

    PM and and I can change it.
  49. Papa Emeritus

    COVID-19 - Thread

    Take that recent party for example. 30 people there, 24 infected the 6 who didn't get infected were all vaccinated. So let's say you were at that party. You are one of the unvaccinated people and got the virus. You then passed it onto someone who dies. You wouldn't feel responsible for their...
  50. Papa Emeritus

    News Krisnan Inu

    suck shit what a prick Inu is for those posts.
  51. Papa Emeritus

    News Cronulla Sharks move on veterans

    I find it hilarious that the Sharks seem to think that Matt Moylan is better in the halves than Shaun Johnson. Dugan is well past it and broken and Woods is just an A Grade Plodder so those 2 are rational decisions.
  52. Papa Emeritus

    No Source Klemmer and george burgess

    Shit you make up yourself isn't a rumour
  53. Papa Emeritus


    Foran was only on the field something like 65% of the time approximately. That is a horrible statistic when you are getting paid like a million dollars a year. Yes he was good, but we need to rebuild not spend a huuuuge percentage of our cap on a dude who is broken.
  54. Papa Emeritus

    Sir Col the Mushroom

    Rest in Peace @Sir Col 'The Mushroom' Sad news indeed, I always like when an opposition fan enjoys stopping by here. He will be missed.
  55. Papa Emeritus

    News Jack De Bellend Megathread

    Shit outcome. No justice for the girl and no not guilty verdict for De Bellend. I reckon no matter what he is a shit bloke so I don't care that he has lost so much. At least that is some justice. Hope his revitalised career is short and shit.
  56. Papa Emeritus

    News Execution under fatigue our downfall: Barrett

    It is an NRL.com article and the headline is: Execution under fatigue our downfall: Barrett I am going to update the thread title.
  57. Papa Emeritus

    Official Indigenous Jersey

    We never get this jersey right. There has not been a single one I would ever consider buying.
  58. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Is Tom Trbojevic the best fullback in the game ?

    I think both at their peak are pretty close but Tedesco has gone really ordinary this year. Turbo is miles ahead, he should be the blues fullback without a doubt.
  59. Papa Emeritus

    News Brisbane Broncos secure Brenko Lee on two-year deal

    Bellamy must not rate him, can't say I would disagree. Pretty average player most games.
  60. Papa Emeritus

    News Jack De Bellend Megathread

    Hope it goes to a third trial. Don't feel sorry for him for one millisecond.
  61. Papa Emeritus

    Sam Walker and the Roosters salary cap

    Friend and I assume Morris and Cordner. Wouldn't be surprised to see someone else go that isn't obvious right now either. Cordner and Friend had to have been on huge money.
  62. Papa Emeritus

    Sam Walker and the Roosters salary cap

    Yeah they have plenty of big names going off the books next year, so no worries for them retaining Walker. Sucks that it is abundantly clear why they let Flanagan go now.
  63. Papa Emeritus

    News New York Freedom sacks Williams over social media rant on Hayne verdict

    I knew Trex was a simpleton but this takes the cake. Suck it you idiotic melon. Krisnan Inu has come out with similarly reprehensible bullshit as well and has since retracted with some bullshit "apology" that puts the blame on people taking what he said in the wrong light instead of on himself...
  64. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Jarryd Hayne Sentencing

    I am pretty surprised, I thought he would get like 6 months or some rubbish. Good to see a shred of justice for a change.
  65. Papa Emeritus

    Corey Norman catches up with registered sex offender

    Must be looking for a contract extension
  66. Papa Emeritus

    Benny Elias Looking to buy Wests Tigers

    It is a long and complicated story. In short the club wanted to upgrade and there was constant dramas with approvals. Residents complaining, council issues, potential to use site for a tunnel etc etc lots of shit kept fucking that site up. But the important thing to know is that Benny and his...
  67. Papa Emeritus

    Benny Elias Looking to buy Wests Tigers

    Well this would just add to his portfolio. He owns the derelict Leagues Club which he paid $1 for (he took on the debt the club owed as well though).
  68. Papa Emeritus

    Official Brent Naden signs with the Bulldogs until 2023

    Naden is average AF. Not excited by this at all.
  69. Papa Emeritus

    News Jack De Bellend Megathread

    I will be honest and admit that I have not read every detail of the case, but if a jury finds him guilty then I am of the mind that there was enough evidence to get to that point because most of these types of cases are just he said/she said and get thrown out as you cannot prove anything. I am...
  70. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Saint, Sinner, Shoosh

    Yvonne looks hot as in that photo :hearteyes:
  71. Papa Emeritus

    Who to keep from roster

    Even though Okunbor is a knob I would probably only keep him from that entire list. Smith is a maybe but don't really care. The rest have to go.
  72. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Sack Barrett Effective Immediately

    You need to give Barrett his 3 years. If we sack him we lose Burton, JAC and any other potential signings. Then we start all over again. No coach can make us win with our shit team, we need time to get rid of the dead weight. There is no quick fix for the hole that Dib, Castle, Hasler and Pay...
  73. Papa Emeritus

    Why didn't we sign Benji for 12 months?

    This is on the money. Burton wanted to come, they thought Panthers would let him go. It is obvious considering we kept a spot open in the top 30 until it was finally announced he wasn't coming early. It sucks as we would have definitely gone better with him and he could coach our young halves...
  74. Papa Emeritus

    Account or Signup issues

    Admins can do it, just send me a private message.
  75. Papa Emeritus

    News Fox wont renege on dogs deal

    Ever since DCE did his backflip everyone just assumes that high profile signings have a decent chance of reneging.
  76. Papa Emeritus

    IS there really any point in playing this game this week?

    I will not be surprised if we lose by 60+ nil
  77. Papa Emeritus

    News Matt Burton Walking Into Dogs Breakfast

    Burton knows he is not at the top of the queue at the Panthers and isn't likely to ever be whilst Cleary and Luai are there. He also knows that no one can fix a club in a few weeks, and that half of our squad are off contract this year. Next year is when things will start to change.
  78. Papa Emeritus


    I think not signing Benji for a year was a big mistake. He is playing well and Souths don't even use him. It would definitely help confidence and morale to have had someone like him around, even if it was just to keep Burtons seat warm. Reynolds is just a no. Ennis is just biased by his...
  79. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Hypothetically... if our coach changed tomorrow?

    What Bellamy has created at the Storm is not as simple as his coaching. It is a winning culture. He knows how to recruit properly, everytime they lose a super star they are replaced with another. They had the best spine in the comp like a decade ago with Smith/Cronk/Slater now they have Harry...
  80. Papa Emeritus

    Injury Carnage Caused By 6 Agains

    There is absolutely no proof that the changes to the game are leading to more injuries. There is no where near enough time and data yet. The game is far more interesting than it has been for a while imo. I do think the repeat sets are sometimes pretty dodgy though, I don't understand why they...
  81. Papa Emeritus

    Is KAYO sh!tting itself ?

    I use a computer hooked to my tv to use kayo via web browser. I do have some issues but not this one specifically.
  82. Papa Emeritus

    Round 3 Bulldogs V Broncos - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    Why the fuck would he try to offload then???
  83. Papa Emeritus

    Round 3 Bulldogs V Broncos - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    We are absolute rubbish. What a boring game.
  84. Papa Emeritus

    It’s a good thing half the players are off contract next season

    Absolute shit bloke but I reckon footy players don't care about that sort of stuff as half of them are meat heads anyway. Plus he is playing well. Napa, DWZ, Hoppa HAVE to go. Wasting so much cap space for absolutely no return.
  85. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion 0-5 season start a strong possibility

    I tipped us this week,,,,,, will probably only tip us against broncos in the foreseeable future.
  86. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Sack Baz

    Shit thread
  87. Papa Emeritus

    Opinion Big league magazine

    I follow the old editor on Twitter so I knew Big League was gone forever because she said she got made redundant and her job was gone. Very sad stuff. Not that I ever bought it though >.>
  88. Papa Emeritus

    News Bulldogs honour Steve Folkes in the best way

    I still remember his memorial at BSG. It was a very sad day.
  89. Papa Emeritus

    Rumours of unrest

    Sounds like something the mole would write.
  90. Papa Emeritus

    'On ice': Hamstring injury has Turbo cooling his jets until round four

    I really like Tommy T, but he is just one of those super injury prone guys. Sucks having someone like that on your books.
  91. Papa Emeritus

    Sam Burgess MEGATHREAD

    It must depend on the country. I haven't driven in Europe but I am sure USA just wanted my Aussie licence, but Japan I needed to apply for this driving permit before I left Australia.
  92. Papa Emeritus

    Sam Burgess MEGATHREAD

    One of the biggest fuckwits going around. Deport him.
  93. Papa Emeritus

    The I stand with Adam thread

    Adam can get fucked. I know what he did is not a sackable offence, but he is a very shit bloke and I hope he leaves the club at some stage.