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    Sherex, vrex, knockonbur the kennel are the best. Lets mock some other names, teams or professions

    I'll start with custardbum instead of gutherson

    News Gus backs Baz


    Hassler press conference


    Have Ogden and Crichton been released ?

    Both are off contract, but neither are on the "released" list

    Opinion Taunoa-Brown

    The Dogs should look at signing Taunoa-Brown, Now that he has signed with the dragons short term, It means he will be available shortly and so theoretically he could be playing in the the blue and white as early as this year. He is a good prospect in a position we definitely need filled.I hope...

    Opinion Tonight's refereeing

    Again we had a ref that was only refereeing us. I'm over this 6 again bullshit. Being over policed cost us the game tonight. That c#%t needs a HIA

    Opinion Supercoach Hassler

    Hassler couldn't coach a fat kid to run to a cake

    Opinion Dull and duller

    Is there a more insipid commentary pairing than the masters of monotony, Greg " the opioide" alexander and his partner in predictability Dang Inane ? Grass growing or paint drying could only be more boring with those 2 dimwits describing it

    Opinion There's way too much negativity here

    This is from a better period of our history, when we were never dominated nor took a backward step from anyone , and were feared by everyone ....
  10. D0GMATIC

    Opinion Aside from us losing regularly, What is your “ pet hate “ in the NRL ?

    My pet hate at the moment is players giving the ref the “6 again” or “10 in the bin” signals to try and influence the situation. Watch how many times Penrith and Melbourne do it today.
  11. D0GMATIC

    Opinion Is Tom Trbojevic the best fullback in the game ?

    I think he has surpassed Tedesco now if he can stay fit
  12. D0GMATIC

    Opinion Sin bins are a Typical Nrl inconsistency/overreaction

    An attacking player can palm a defender directly in the face, Yet if a defenders tackle bounces up off the ball or chest it’s now a sin bin. It’s another rule that will be inconsistently policed.And will unfairly influence the outcome of games
  13. D0GMATIC

    Cop that Browne you big mouthed clown

    Lucas Browne is a gimmick.Ive had longer pisses than that fight.
  14. D0GMATIC

    Rumour Cummins isn’t a cheat

    This rumour has been debunked
  15. D0GMATIC

    Official Membership package has arrived

    Woohoo !! The membership package arrived today .... Jersey coming soon
  16. D0GMATIC

    Other News Source Broncos looking to off load Matt Lodge

    According to SEN, the broncos are willing to pay 400k of Matt Lodges 7-800k per year contract. He has 2 years to go with an option in his favour. Mightn’t be a bad buy for the price.
  17. D0GMATIC

    Cameron Smith Retirement ?

    According to 1170 SEN Smith has played his last game for Melbourne and is likely to retire. He will have an amazing record to look back on . but I will always remember him being a cheat and a grub
  18. D0GMATIC

    The Hooker position

    It’s one position pretty much everyone would agree we need to improve. The best options off contract in 21 look like Cameron McInnes, Sam Verrills and Jacob Liddell to me. Obviously Harry Grant and Brandon Smith in 22 it’s doubtful Melbourne can keep both. What are your thoughts on those and...
  19. D0GMATIC

    Opinion JAC, Burton and Mansour.

    If we sign JAC and we had to take Mansour to get Burton in 2021 would you happy with our top 30 ? It would definitely have us as the most improved roster. Except for hooker we improved most positions we needed to
  20. D0GMATIC

    Other News Source JAC four year deal

    My son just saw JAC 4 year deal @ 500k on nine not sure if anyone else saw it
  21. D0GMATIC

    Biff in origin.

    Do you think they should bring back the biff for origin ?
  22. D0GMATIC

    Barret interview at 5:15 Today

    Barret is going to be interviewed today. at 5:15 on “talkin sport “ 2SM 1269am