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  1. Moe

    Building PC - Advice Needed pleeeeeeese

    Hey All! My younger bro has decided he wants to build a PC. I've been out of touch with hardware for a long while. Can anyone recommend some components for me? Budget is about 1800-2000 Motherbaord - no idea yet. but asus and gigabyte never fail GPU - looking like GTX 1070 is the best option...
  2. Moe

    Does anyone here use What.cd ?

    and wants to invite lil old Moe? Im after trance music in particular. The ones i've researched and get recommended are tranceroute - whish is down trancetraffic - invite only (i dont expect anyone here to be on this) Beathau5- closed down what.cd - everything music. seems to be most popular...
  3. Moe

    Free NRL Digital Pass (for Telstra Post-Paid Customers)

    I know it's not directly Bulldogs related, but if eligible you can use it to watch Dog's games live! https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/236861 https://www.telstra.com.au/tv-movies-music/sport/sports-offer-eoi I just signed up and it works. Existing digital pass customers who are with Telstra...
  4. Moe

    Season hasn't even started yet..

    And they're already talking about SOO http://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/opinion/michael-hagan-how-early-rounds-of-nrl-season-will-impact-on-state-of-origin-selection-for-2016/news-story/349d3cb6272471a8d514daf6b4dfb707 **** me -_-
  5. Moe

    Your Personal Web Mail

    I don't normally delete emails from my webmail accounts (Hotmail and gmail), unless its spam. I have over 1000 in both. I just went to the last page of emails (to the very first I received) and started going through them. It's amazing the shit you'll find, and its like looking back in time...
  6. Moe

    Vitamin and Mineral Suppliments

    I've never been a big fan of multi-vitamins, mineral supplements etc. I've always been a believer of getting all the nutrients my body needs naturally. So eating the right foods, and getting outdoors for some vitamin D (tehe). And also I'm a of the opinion that if you're taking supplements...
  7. Moe

    Cheap Asics Kayanos?

    Hey All, Does anyone know where I can get a pair of Asics Kayanos for a decent price? Looks like full retail price is $250 Online standard price is $200 I'm looking to pay around $150-170 max The best pair of runners I've owned were the Kayano gel 18's. But I cant find them anywhere. Not...
  8. Moe

    Attn K E... again

  9. Moe

    Attn K E

    Your penis is a one way street. Please discuss.
  10. Moe

    I Support this Athiest Man

    Even though he dead.
  11. Moe

    Can You Recognize 50 TV Shows From The 90s By A Single Screenshot?

    This is a good quiz. I got 47/50 http://quiztoday.org/can-you-recognize-41-tv-shows-from-the-90s-by-a-single-screenshot/?stitle=SSBnb3QgNDgvNTA%3D
  12. Moe

    Star Wars VII

    Who else is excited? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGbxmsDFVnE star wars hater please go EAD
  13. Moe

    Press Conference for Warriors Match?

    Does anyone have a link? I can't find it on the Foxsports website.
  14. Moe

    ATTN K E - Was Sinatra a Peodophile?

    The guy is hilarious though, have a read http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/books-magazines/let-big-frankie-in-extract-from-new-book-reveals-startling-insights-into-sinatras-love-life/story-fna50uae-1227499468612
  15. Moe

    Sam Kasiano in the back end of the seaon

    Has probably been our best and most important player. Get's us going forward and has broken games open for us a few times. I really think we need him starting still when Tolamn comes back. Like some have mentioned in other threads, chuck him or Tolman at lock, and after 10-15mins take Kas off...
  16. Moe

    Buying a New Bed/Mattress

    So I'm 27 years old and have never actually bought my own bed before. I got my current one when I was about 21, so long overdue. Looking for tips. Where's the best place to buy? places I should avoid? Brands to avoid? What do you actually look for when testing a mattress? I always wake...
  17. Moe

    What's Your Tea?

    I love the lebo tea that my parants make, but have no idea what's in it. But also like Earl Grey and English Breaky
  18. Moe

    Kevin Penny Amazing Acrobatic TRY vs. Leigh (Challenge Cup 2015)

    Not Bad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUXTToojUxo http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/league-news/kevin-penny-defies-gravity-to-score-amazing-try-in-english-challenge-cup-20150628-gi0275.html
  19. Moe

    Favourite Chocolate Bar

    What's your favourite chocolate bar? Poll is multiple choice - Go nuts (excuse the pun)
  20. Moe

    Toovey Sacked?

    Josh Masoud on 7 News reporting Trent Barrett taking over from next season. If true, suck balls water boy
  21. Moe

    Fifty Shades of Grey - Kennel Style

    Lets see if we can write a better literotica story. Main female character is named Sophia And the main guy character can be... Assassin You can introduce more characters You can only post 1 sentence max (per post) Can't post 2 times in a row Try to uncheck your sig so its easier to read I'll...
  22. Moe

    FitBit Charge HR

    Hi All, Does anyone know where I can get one of these in store? Most places seem to be out of stock. It's for a birthday present which is why I don't want to order online cause I need it soon. Thanks On a side note, I originally wanted to get the Jawbone Up3, but hasn't been...
  23. Moe

    Has SOO Run its Course?

    I read a few comments in another thread saying that Origin has passed its time. Over it. etc I'm not sure how we would go with out it, but what i do know is currently - From about round 2 onwards, media and commentators are already talking about who is looking good for origin - from about...
  24. Moe

    Content Content bloody Content

    I cant believe how many content fans we have, its been 2 weeks since Good Friday and you guys have supported the coach, the players and our ceo. would you guys be saying this if all of a sudden we lost 10 in a row? you guys have given up, being content with losing against dragons, i thought...
  25. Moe

    NRL coaches’ boring tactics have robbed rugby league of its spectacle and entertainme

    NRL coaches’ boring tactics have robbed rugby league of its spectacle and entertainment OK, LET’S kick things off with a question from left field. If you were suddenly handed complete control of the NRL for a day and given the power to change one thing to improve rugby league, what would...
  26. Moe

    Hayne wanted to play Fifa15 at training

    So I was at work talking to the builder of the site about Hayne leaving and he told me that one of his nephews is close friends with Jarryd Hayne and that the reason why he went to nfl is because parra won't let him play fifa15 at training!!
  27. Moe

    Blue'n'White Everything

    I made a similar thread in 2012 -Post up pics of your cars, homes, office, business decked out in Blue'n'white! I haven't gone all out like last time, but just put up some decorations. I'll post pics when i can take a day photo.
  28. Moe

    Hasler Names Side for Preliminary Final

    Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs Coach Des Hasler has today named his side to take on the Penrith Panthers this Saturday night at ANZ Stadium. The match will kick-off at 7.55pm with the winner to advance through to the NRL Grand Final on Sunday, 5 October. Hasler has been able to maintain the...
  29. Moe

    Lucid or F***ed Up Dreams

    I love hearing about weird ****ed up dreams people have. Always fascinates me. I had scary one last week. One same night that MH17 was shot, at around the same time, I was awoken by a loud noise. I jolted my head up and all I could see was smoke bellowing from the wall. I thought the house...
  30. Moe

    Interesting but Useless Fact

    According to Wiki, the Morris twins have both played 155 first grade games each. Can't separate the ****ers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josh_Morris http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brett_Morris
  31. Moe

    The Casualty Ward

    Franky P - Pec - Season :( Josh Morris - Foot - Rd 21 Aiden Tolman - Hamstring - Rd22 Chase Stanley - Knee - Rd21 David Klemmer - Ankle - Rd20-22 http://www.bulldogs.com.au/team/injury-update.html
  32. Moe

    Would you want Willie Tonga at the dogs?

    Hey guys read article on zero tackle that willie tonga might be looking for another club and might be in talks with sharks but if bulldogs snap him up how do you reckon he go for 1 more last run with the club he won a title and made him the player he is today
  33. Moe


    Immigration officer sacked for putting wife he didn't like on terror watch list An immigration officer put his own wife on a terrorist watch list – *so she could not get home from a trip to Pakistan. The officer was so sick of his partner that when she was visiting family overseas he added...
  34. Moe

    Kennel Touch Footy

    Been a while since we've done this. Would anyone here be interested in having a game of touch footy? In the past we have played at Peter Moore Field and Clemton Park. This Sunday would've been a perfect date considering the bye, but it's a bit short notice.
  35. Moe

    Discussion thread for live viewers *SPOILERS INSIDE*

    For those watching/listening live and want to discuss the match, please do so here
  36. Moe

    Has anybody else noticed...

    That the world is fast dipping into chaos? Seems that people are protesting/rioting against their governments all over the world; Turkey, Egypt, Argentina, Brazil and I'm sire more i'm unaware of Syria is in civil war. A lot of African nations are the same; currently people people are...
  37. Moe

    ATTN K E & Btrain

    Remember your TV show? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcUlX_5dYb4
  38. Moe

    Rd5 Lineup v Roosters

    Sam Perrett Corey Thompson Josh Morris Timoteo Lafai Chase Stanley Josh Reynolds Trent Hodkinson Aiden Tolman Michael Ennis James Graham Frank Pritchard Tony Williams Dale Finucane Interchange: Josh Jackson Pat O’Hanlon Tim Browne David Klemmer Moses Mbye Greg Eastwood...
  39. Moe

    Hasler Names Season Opening Side

    Hasler will be without regular first graders Greg Eastwood (foot), Tim Lafai (hand), Sam Kasiano (ankle) and Krisnan Inu (jaw) but will have handy replacements with Corey Thompson (NRL debut), Chase Stanley (Bulldogs debut) and Pat O’Hanlon (Bulldogs debut) all set to make their first appearance...
  40. Moe

    Bulldogs Name Pre-Season Charity Cup Squad

    The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs have today named their squad for the Pre-Season Charity Cup to be played against the Melbourne Storm at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane on Sunday, February 23. Coach Des Hasler has named a 21-man squad with many of the Club’s higher profiled players expected to...
  41. Moe

    Question Re: Moderate to Expensive Rugs

    I was thinking about this the other day, you see it in movies all the time... Guy brings a girl back to his place, things start to get hot and sweaty, and before you know it they're having sex on the nice rug in the living room. Then I started thinking, if I put myself in the same situation- If...
  42. Moe


    Looking to buy a 2 bedroom apartment in Merrylands (iniatally want Parra, but now with the inflated prices it's a bit out of my range). Anyone here live in Merrylands? Good place to live? I've heard that Merrylands West is the side to avoid, im looking to buy near the station so not really...
  43. Moe

    Dear Darla

    Dear Darla, I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You're scum between my toes! Love, Alfalfa
  44. Moe

    Best Site for Uploading and Sharing music?

    What is a good site to upload songs that I want to share to people? Basically I want to be able to share via desktop, mobile devices etc where the people i'm sending to dont have to sign up to anything and there is a download link. I have tried using Soundcloud but everytime I upload a...
  45. Moe

    Hokko & Reynolds - Right side, left side

    Did anybody else notice that last week v Penrith that Hodkinson and Reynolds swapped sides of the field for a while? I've only watched the game once so I can't remember what time it was, but I think it was after they scored 2 tries down Inu's side. At first I thought this was to sure up the...
  46. Moe

    "Don't make me assume my ultimate form!"

  47. Moe

    Attention MP3-Eedz

    What is #sup?
  48. Moe

    PROfiles: Josh Morris

    This aired on Foxsports last year. Just reposting for those that missed it. It's a good watch http://www.foxsports.com.au/video?v=/profiles-josh-morris/1226489273409/ct=/530
  49. Moe

    Subscribing to News Websites

    I understand that most news content is now accessed via the web. And that these organisations do not sell as many physical newspapers. But I'll be ****ed if i'm going to pay to read news on the internet. First SMH, now Foxsports. They both litter their websites with ads. Ads everywhere...
  50. Moe

    The song from the K-Mart ad

    How catchy is it... it's been stuck in my head all day. ♫♫When i go BUUUUUUUUMB BUUUUUUUUUUUUUMB BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMB♫♫
  51. Moe

    Dog eats paralysed man's testicle while he sleeps

    Dogs. They look innocent. Don't be fooled. Source: Supplied THIS story's a real balltearer. A 39-year-old US man, who is paralysed from the waist down, recently adopted a "small, white, fluffy" stray dog to be his loving companion. The new relationship went swimmingly for...
  52. Moe


    Seriously, lek where the hell did you come from? I own all 56 Where's Wally books (even the brail edition for the vision impaored) and I did not find you in any of them!
  53. Moe

    Baby Boy Kidnapped in Chester Hill Last Night

    This is fcked up. I only live in the next suburb over. Police have named the man suspected of abducting a baby boy at knifepoint from a home in Sydney's west. Steven Hume, 24, is believed to have forced his way into the house on Kenthurst Place at Chester Hill about 8.30pm last night...
  54. Moe

    How Many Hours of Sleep Do You Get?

    On average how many hours sleep do you have a night/day? What is your preffered and what is too much? Me, if I don't get my 8 hours, 7 minimum, then I'm grumpy and feel like shit the whole day. I'm not a morning person either. In saying that anything more than 10 and I wake up with a...
  55. Moe

    Best snacks to have whilst watchinig the footy

    What do you like to eat while the footy is on? My standard Doritos and dip dips and crackers with cheese and meats Red rock deli chips - honey soy chicken
  56. Moe

    The Chive

    http://thechive.com/ To anyone who has not yet discovered, you're welcome.
  57. Moe

    Perret needs to get his eyes tested

    Not having a go at him, I sincerely think there's something wrong there. How many bombs has Pez caught under pressure this year? I cannot remember one. But now he's not even catching the easy ones. I don't think it's confidence. When he goes up to take a bomb he attacks it fairly well and...
  58. Moe

    Help: Reliable/Fast USA Public Proxy

    Hey, for completely legitimate and legal reasons I need access to a US proxy server. One that is stable and can handle a... live stream for example Any help? Have checked the usual lists but cannot find anything that works >.<
  59. Moe

    Youtube to MP3 (320kbps) Downloader/Conveter

    My regular Youtube to mp3 site that I use http://www.youtubemp3pro.com/ (which is ****ing awesome) is down. It lets me choose the quality and actually converts to 320kbps. Have not been able to find another site. Does anyone know of any sites/converts that will rip songs off youtube to...
  60. Moe

    So... Brazil is where we're having the next worl cup aye?... Interesting

  61. Moe

    Stereosonic 2013

    Stereosonic announces biggest-ever 2013 line-up The usual hype and rumours that accompanies the Stereosonic line-up announcement has only been amplified in 2013. At the kick-off of this summer, the festival is upsizing in a major way, expanding to two days around the country. Along with the...
  62. Moe

    Do You Let Your Car Warn Up?

    Been discussing this with a guy at work. I laughed at him when he said he waits for his car to warm up in the morning. He said "Whaaaaaaaat. You don't warm up your car?" I argued that it's not necessary in this day and age. The car will warm itself up on its own. Any damage you do by...
  63. Moe

    Talking to Cleavage

    I don't think females realise how hard it is for us guys not to look their cleavage. It should be banned at work. Was talking to a girl before and her hooters were hanging out. I had to try so hard to keep eye contact. It took so much will power, but i succeeded. But the more you try not...
  64. Moe

    Caption this

  65. Moe

    Mortgage/Financial Question

    Just a question for anyone that works in the finance industry (bank, lender, solicitor etc) I've been looking to buy my own place for a while now and almost have a big enough deposit saved. I've been doing some research and also went to the bank and they confirmed that I need a minimum 20%...
  66. Moe

    Naming Extended Benches

    Now this is starting to get out of hand. Niel Henry has named an 8 man bench this week. Interchange: Ray Thompson, Jason Taumalolo, Ashton Sims, Scott Bolton, Ethan Lowe, Michael Morgan, Kalifa Faifai Loa, Ricky Thorby (four to be omitted) I mean honestly. What's the point? To boost...
  67. Moe

    Watch the live stream of the Miss Universe NSW State Finals

    live 2:30pm 29/05 enjoy http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/watch-the-live-stream-of-the-miss-universe-nsw-state-finals/story-e6frg6n6-1226652219444
  68. Moe

    ATTN Berries

    Did Josh Reynolds fuck your girlfriend? or your mum? or your dog? Why the hate? Josh is like an iPhone to you; everyone loves him so you hate him
  69. Moe

    Fav Female News Reader

    Wendy Kingston used to be my number one, but now I have a massive crush (by crush I mean I want to **** the ***** out of her ***** using a ***** and horse ******s) on Sally Bowrey...
  70. Moe

    Best Commercial Ever

  71. Moe

    Sharks Backline

    Can someone explain to me why Jono Wright B Ryan Feki are in the team over Isaac Gordon (speedster) Nathan Gardner (speedster) Matthew Wright (a shitload better than J Wright) This would look so much better 1. M Gordon 2. I Gordon 3. M Wright 4. Pomoroy 5. Gardner 6. Carney
  72. Moe

    Best Reddit App?

    Just went to download an app for reddit (android) and there's like a billion* different apps available. Can anyone recommend a particular app? they all look the same to me... *actually it's only around 12
  73. Moe

    1988 Ticket Prices for 1988 Minutes | Starts 11am | Celebrate the 25th anniversary of

    Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs v Wests Tigers ANZ Stadium Friday, May 3 7:35pm Kickoff The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs and the Wests Tigers will go head to head in round eight of the NRL Telstra premiership at ANZ Stadium on Friday, 3 May at 7.35pm. To celebrate 25 years...
  74. Moe

    So, Where's the Article Congratulating 'Dogs Fans on their Behavior?

    As far as I'm aware SBW was not shot by a sniper and no projectiles were hurled at him. The most he copt were boos and a few wanker chants. Yet all of last week the media were anticipating (almost baiting us) the worst. Along with former players, current players, commentators, even our club...
  75. Moe

    Afghani Rugby Player

    (and oldie but still gets a laugh) Noel Cleal flies to Kabul to watch a young Afghani star in alocal game of rugby played with an inflated goat's bladder. He's suitably impressed, gets on the phone to Des Hasler,signs the boy on the spot and arranges for him to come to Sydney. Two weeks...
  76. Moe

    Male vs Female at the ATM

    MALE VS. FEMALE AT THE ATM MACHINE A new sign in the Bank Lobby reads: "Please note that this Bank is installing new Drive-through ATM machines enabling customers to withdraw cash without leaving their vehicles. Customers using this new facility are requested to use the procedures...
  77. Moe

    Your Predictions for the 2013 Season

    We'll give this thread a bump at years end Minor Premiers: Wooden Spooners: Grand Final Teams: Premiers: Clive Churchill medalist: State of Origin Series Winners: State of Origin Player of the Series: Leading Try Scorer: Leading Point Scorer: Most improved team...
  78. Moe

    Bulldogs Player Movements | Re-Signings | Rumour Mill | 2013 Edition

    SIGNED Reni Maitua - Parramatta Eels - 2015 Chase Stanley - St George Illawarra Dragons - 2015 Pat O'Hanlon - Parramatta Eels - 2015 Tyrone Phillips - South Sydney Rabbitohs - 2015 Kayne Brennan - St George Illawarra Dragons - 2014 Damien Cook - St George Illawarra Dragons - 2015...
  79. Moe

    Atención Señor Slippery

  80. Moe

    2012 VB Test :: Austaliai vs New Zealand

    Australia v New Zealand Dairy Farmers Stadium Saturday 13/10/12 6:30pm Referee Ben Cummins (AUS) Team Line-ups 1. Billy Slater 2. Darius Boyd 3. Greg Inglis 4. Josh Morris 5. Brett Morris 6. Johnathan Thurston 7. Cooper Cronk 8. Matthew Scott 9. Cameron Smith 10. James...
  81. Moe

    Car, House, Office

    If you have decorated your car/house/office in any way post the pic here! I have done my car and work area, will post pics soon...
  82. Moe

    GF Media Videos

    Use this thread to post links to media videos, from Foxsports, bulldogs site, NRL etc Foxsports - Hazem talks about Dogs making GF
  83. Moe

    New Zealand Train-on-squad

    Gerard Beale, Josh Hoffman, Josh Papalii, Jeremy Smith, Jason Taumalolo, Antonio Winterstein, Sam McKendry, Jared Waerea-Hargreaves, Ben Henry, Shaun Johnson, Simon Mannering, Alehana Mara, Ben Matulino, Elijah Taylor, Manu Vatuvei, Adam Blair, Benji Marshall Read more...
  84. Moe

    Video: Bulldogs plan for Luke factor + other media

    Bulldogs plan for Luke factor Preliminary Final Media - Mick Ennis Stagg rested and ready to go
  85. Moe

    Tolman doesn't feel title pressure

    Tolman doesn't feel title pressure Ben Blaschke NRL.com Wed, Sep 19, 2012 - 10:30 AM The question had to be asked, but for Aiden Tolman there remains only one answer: “I already have a premiership.” Just a single win away from contesting his second NRL grand final, the Bulldogs prop...
  86. Moe

    Pain of losing lingers for Graham

    Pain of losing five consecutive grand finals lingers for Bulldogs import James Graham AN NRL title may just end what James Graham describes as a "lifetime of affliction". The Bulldogs' English forward still hurts when describing his five successive losses in Super League grand...
  87. Moe

    Bulldogs Wrestling Tactics

    Before I go on I just want to say that personally I hate wrestling in the game and think it has massively fcked up league. That being said :tongue1: I was watching The Back Page on Foxsports News (Channel 513: It's on all the time you know lol) and they mentioned that we hired a new wrestling...
  88. Moe

    2012 Prelim: Souths Team v Bulldogs

    1. Greg Inglis 2. Nathan Merritt 3. Chris Mcqueen 4. Dylan Farrell 5. Andrew Everingham 6. John Sutton 7. Adam Reynolds 8. Luke Burgess 9. Issac Luke 10. Roy Asotasi 11. Sam Burgess 12. Dave Taylor 13. Michael Crocker 14. Nathan Peats 15. Dave Tyrell 16. Eddy Pettybourne 17...
  89. Moe

    Finals week 2- Should have made it a double header @ ANZ

    Bunnies v Raider - will 2/3 empty Manly v Cows - will be 3/4 empty This is where the NRL should have been proactive and thought outside of whatever shape they're stuck and made it a double header. would even be a good night out for RL fans whose teams aren't playing
  90. Moe

    Reynolds a darkhorse for Kangaroos

    Canterbury-Bankstown five-eighth Josh Reynolds in line for surprise Kangaroos call-up By Phil Rothfield The Daily Telegraph September 12, 2012 6:59AM Booming Canterbury-Bankstown five-eighth Josh Reynolds is poised to grab one of seven Kangaroos jerseys that are up for grabs in the...
  91. Moe

    Kasiano faces moment of truth

    Allegiance stoush: Canterbury-Bankstown star Sam Kasiano faces New Zealand v Queensland moment of truth By Brent Read and Stuart Honeysett The Australian September 11, 2012 10:24AM The tug-of-war over Sam Kasiano is set to reignite this week as New Zealand officials step up attempts...
  92. Moe

    ATTN Slippery

    No I don't know why. Please explain.
  93. Moe

    Todd Greenberg on Triple M this morning

    There's a really good interview with Todd on their podcast. Unfortunately there's no time so you have to guess. Just skip to about a quarter way through until you hear Rabs doing a intro. http://www.triplem.com.au/sydney/shows/grill-team
  94. Moe

    Best Incentive Program, Ever.

    Worker forced into hooker party gets compo Latin America's biggest beverage company Ambev must pay $US25,000 ($A24,550) to a worker who was forced to attend prostitute parties as part of a manager's incentive program, Brazil's top labour court ruled. Anheuser Busch InBev's Brazilian unit...
  95. Moe

    Sly backhand from Hasler: 'Toovs didn't need to change much'

    He's pretty much saying that a monkey could have stepped into the coaching role and taken Manly to the finals, after he (Hasler) moulded that team into what it is. I'll give Manly 1 or 2 more years before they start falling apart
  96. Moe

    Finals Experience

    Ok guys, help me out. Who in our Squad has played in Finals, and how many games. Updated: Sam Perret - 6 games incl 1x GF. Josh Morris - 3 games Krisnan Inu - 8 games incl 2x GF Jono Wright - 2 games Aiden Tolman - 4 games incl 1x GF Mick Ennis - 6 games Greg Eastwood - 5 games...
  97. Moe

    Des' Diaries: When did Tony Grimaldi get so Sexy?

    Tony interviewing some dude. But I did not recognise lobster. If I was a female and on heat, i would do nasty things to the lobster. http://www.bulldogs.com.au/news-display/Des-Diaries--Round-26/62887 Enjoy.
  98. Moe

    NRL Grand Final Breakfast

    Has anyone been to one of these before? Is it worth going? Would love to go to one, but im just contemplating if it's worth going, especially if we don't make the GF. http://www.nrl.com/your-chance-to-be-at-grand-final-breakfast/tabid/10871/newsid/64758/default.aspx
  99. Moe

    Seven, Nine still feuding over rights

    CALL it sour grapes or sticking the knife in, but a day after Channel Nine walked away with the prize of the NRL rights, Channel Seven predicted its rival might lose at least $200 million over the course of its five-year deal. Don Voelte, the managing director of Seven's parent company, Seven...
  100. Moe

    okay im going to sleep now

    Nobody post anything new until I get to work in the morning. Thanks in advance.