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  1. Typical dog

    Official Gus on Twitter

  2. Typical dog

    Official Gus on Twitter

    Naden also has a great one hand flick pass and can offload. Playing him on the wing doesn't utilise his biggest strengths.
  3. Typical dog

    Boxing The Boxing Thread

    I thought Lopez would've been too much for Kambosos, was happy to be wrong! Was a very close fight but I think George showed plenty of heart to win the 11th and 12th which was the difference IMO
  4. Typical dog

    News Josh Aloiai tests positive to Covid

    COVID will do less damage than what Gallen would've done to him. He got lucky.
  5. Typical dog

    Cricket 2021/22 Thread

    Gus and Trent Baz will also be in a bit of strife. Both also got caught up sharing Kik pics
  6. Typical dog

    Official Gus on Twitter

    Nado would sprinkle it on his corn flakes for breaky
  7. Typical dog

    Used Car Experience

    Kennel resident @Blue_boost is the man to ask
  8. Typical dog

    Reed Mahoney consolidated thread

    I don't think he was ever leaving Parra. Just wanted more cash and looks like he'll get it. As long as we squeezed Parras cap space enough to grab Papa or Paulo it's all good
  9. Typical dog

    News Sports Confidential: Joseph Manu rejects Warriors

    Followed them when he was a kid. Always been a dream. Loves Robbo. I've heard it all, but no one mentions the cash on the side........
  10. Typical dog

    Curtis Scott has agreed terms to a one-year-deal with the Parramatta Eels.

    They like having shit defensive centres, he'll fit right in.
  11. Typical dog

    News NRL news: Unvaccinated players face sack after RLPA and clubs meet

    NRL= weak as piss. So are teams going to have to pay players to stay in NSW when having to travel interstate????
  12. Typical dog

    Homeless people

    Was certain this was a @Blue_boost thread.....
  13. Typical dog

    Cricket 2021/22 Thread

    Heard the players are only getting one way tickets and they'll sort the returns out after
  14. Typical dog

    MMA/UFC The UFC/MMA thread

    I think people get caught up in the moment of any sport and just claim the next big thing is the GOAT. Take GSP, if you've followed MMA for a good length of time you would remember the monsters that guy beat in their prime. Guys like Sherk, Hughes, BJ Penn, Pitbull Alves, Koscheck, Shields...
  15. Typical dog

    Boxing The Boxing Thread

    Will Manly get cap releif if Aloiai doesn't make it out alive.
  16. Typical dog

    Boxing The Boxing Thread

    Have a feeling Lopez is going to win this easy. Good luck to Kambosos but IMO he's outclassed in most areas. I'd be happy to eat my words though
  17. Typical dog

    News Little Cleo Smith found alive!

    And apparently a tip off from a neighbour. Hope the neighbour gets the million dollar reward if it was the case.
  18. Typical dog

    News Gutherson

    Not a bad ploy to make Parra panic and sign him on a bit more. Will allow us to pinch one of the better players off their books. Reed or big Paps would be nice
  19. Typical dog

    Teams of Most Over-rated and Under-rated Players.

    Nah bro, he caught the ball and ran untouched for like 4 tries. He must be a weapon.......
  20. Typical dog


    So just a Journo making up the claim..... Dumb
  21. Typical dog

    Philosophical musings on conflict and unity

    Plot twist. Utility is actually creating division between those who want unity and those who don't. Divide and conquer
  22. Typical dog

    Can men have rose gold phones? Watches ?

    Yeah don't do it Boostie. You'll lose your social status which has been years in the making.
  23. Typical dog

    Boxing The Boxing Thread

    Excellent job @Bulldog Wrestler. Thanks for the updates and news,
  24. Typical dog

    News Eels target Bulldogs star: Transfer Whispers

    This! Gus also commented on the Tim Sheen's appointment for the tigers. He said Sheen's wouldn't have taken the job if he didn't have full control, to me that's a dead giveaway that Gus was given full control to lure him to Canterbury.
  25. Typical dog

    News Eels target Bulldogs star: Transfer Whispers

    I was a bit disappointed in this interview. He didnt mention that he can't wait to rip in with the boys...... Sad
  26. Typical dog

    News Sincere apology to my Kennel Fam

    Sorry @utility half but @Nasheed still holds the torch if ya know what I mean....
  27. Typical dog

    Would you take Elliott back tomorrow?

    I would love for Elliot to be taken out the back.... Like a horse with a broken leg
  28. Typical dog


    Dylan Brown.....
  29. Typical dog

    Bulldogs Throw Rabbitoh A Lifeline

    11am tomorrow or 4pm?
  30. Typical dog

    Fergo's Book Title Suggestions lol

    One in the pink, one in the stink. - a Blake Ferguson tale
  31. Typical dog

    Is Daddy napas sextape the best sextape we’ve ever seen? If not, what was?

    I'd give you a like for the thread but username makes me decline.
  32. Typical dog

    New Pathways Coach

    Need to see pics
  33. Typical dog

    Was Renouf Atoni our best ever 18th man? If not who was better??

    Morgan Harper while Montoya and Holland started
  34. Typical dog

    Big dramas ahead for penrith

    Penrith won, get over it.
  35. Typical dog

    Byron bays Reuben moyle signs with the dogs

    Just got out of bed and signed on the dotted line by the looks of it
  36. Typical dog

    News Penrith Say Gould got Ivan Cleary sacking wrong and he now has the job for life lol

    Is this the same Ivan who recruited Packer, Reynolds and Mbye on big coin to the Tigers?
  37. Typical dog

    Calling out the bullshit

    I get all warm and fuzzy when I have 1 new alert. You must be walking on sunshine @sleepy dog .
  38. Typical dog

    News $BW-I had so many drugs in my system I could have died-SBW admission in his new book

    The poor little thing. What a rough life he must have.
  39. Typical dog

    Rumour Bulldogs linked to Dylan Walker

    Never liked the bloke but he has been impressive this year and plays with some mongrel.
  40. Typical dog

    Cricket 2021/22 Thread

    They were some fine looking batsMEN
  41. Typical dog

    Social Media RUMOUR - Spencer Leniu agrees to Bulldogs

    Leniu will be playing his 300th career game for Penrith and we'll be rumoured to have signed him......
  42. Typical dog

    Opinion An nrl player you rate?

    Marcelo Montoya
  43. Typical dog

    Opinion Cheating Penrith thread

    Can't say I care if anybody cheats against the storm.
  44. Typical dog

    Cotric To The Eels

    If reports are true he's probably on 250k overs
  45. Typical dog

    Cotric To The Eels

    Full freight, take him tomorrow.
  46. Typical dog

    Official Gus on Twitter

    Gus has been telling everyone all week that Penrith would win, he's been saying that Penrith have been waiting for this game for 12months and wouldn't let it slip. Think there might be a few people a little quiet after trying to tell Gus he was stupid.
  47. Typical dog

    2021 Final 4 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    Had a prick of a game.
  48. Typical dog

    Daily Telegraph/Rothfield Spencer Leniu

    Definitely take Spencer. Sure he knocked us back but could you blame the kid for sticking with a team that was sitting 1st on the ladder. Plenty of potential and could be a great buy
  49. Typical dog

    Rumour Brandon smith done deal

    I can't take anything serious that suggests JMK is crafty... I cannot remember 1 try he's setup nor a nice clearing kick or a repeat set he's earned. The 1 time he made a nice break from hooker he couldn't even draw and pass the fullback when DWZ was in for all money....
  50. Typical dog

    News Penriff cops a fine and trainer banned for dodgy stoppage

    Like @PE Teacher 21 said, Parra have milked more than their fair share. I remember Sivo carrying on like he broke his neck after a piss weak "crusher", next set was running over the top of blokes to score.
  51. Typical dog


    Dean Pay
  52. Typical dog

    Honest choice on the jab

    The vaccine gives you a dead arm so it would probably do the same to your bumhole. Farting would be Russian roulette
  53. Typical dog

    Honest choice on the jab

    Bumhole or cheek?
  54. Typical dog

    Have Ogden and Crichton been released ?

    Surely we won't keep either. Time for some other blokes to have a chance
  55. Typical dog

    ‘Blatant penalty’: How the Roosters got lucky with winning field goal

    They even do it during general play kicks. Not so much a wall but every team puts a blocker in to stop the marker getting to the half on last tackle.
  56. Typical dog

    2021 Finals Week 1 - Other Team Lists and Game Discussion

    Panthers gonna whoop Parra. Manly gonna whoop the chooks.
  57. Typical dog

    Official Adam Elliott and Bulldogs part ways

    Can we now move this thread to non bulldog discussion.... Wooohoooo
  58. Typical dog

    Josh Dugan sacked

    Nice troll thread brother, props to ya.
  59. Typical dog

    Kenneller of the year?

    Nobody trolls like @Nasheed, the guy will go down in the history books. Give the midget his trophy!
  60. Typical dog

    Official Adam Elliott and Bulldogs part ways

    Stolen valour.........
  61. Typical dog

    Rumour Api Korosiau

    Imagine Api being available and we decline to have JMK run out as our 9......
  62. Typical dog

    Official Adam Elliott and Bulldogs part ways

    If he runs out in a dog's jersey next year I won't think about membership.
  63. Typical dog


    Thank you police and rescue services.......
  64. Typical dog

    Do we go to Belmore and Celebrate

    Fine too big, so no
  65. Typical dog

    Rumour Viliame Kikau

    Fuck no. What a stupid idea. Hope it's a rubbish rumour
  66. Typical dog

    Opinion The Kick was in!

    It's a goal. Only getting attention because people think anything Joey says must be gospel.....
  67. Typical dog

    Official Adam Elliott and Bulldogs part ways

    Elliot gets the punt Friday and the dogs win an ugly contest on Sunday arvo..... Us fans deserve it. Hahahaha
  68. Typical dog

    Official Adam Elliott and Bulldogs part ways

    It fuckin better be!
  69. Typical dog

    Social Media Cade Cust

    Good little player. I highly doubt that source tho.
  70. Typical dog

    Graham Annesley discusses Dogs v Manly decisions

    On the Turbo try, why doesn't Annesely refer to the rule that if you lose grip of the ball the only way to ground it successfully is to regrip the ball before it touches the ground. Turbo clearly lost possession and didn't regrip the ball.... It's clear as day if you refer to the rules. He isn't...
  71. Typical dog

    Official Adam Elliott and Bulldogs part ways

    There only one way to sort it out between the bro's... "Run at me ya dog"
  72. Typical dog

    Every team's strongest 17 for 2022

    Penriths backline isn't hard. FB Crighton, wings To'o and Naden, centres Burton and Momo. Cleary just tries to make room for his son's mates, that's why May and Staines have been making the side.
  73. Typical dog

    Official Adam Elliott and Bulldogs part ways

    The guys a cock head. First bloke to crack and smile a mingle with the opposition after we get smacked. Fuck him off
  74. Typical dog

    Official Adam Elliott and Bulldogs part ways

    Sweet. Fuck him off
  75. Typical dog

    News Thompson (2-3weeks) & Waddell (1 week) cited

    Nathan brown crusher nothing?
  76. Typical dog

    Luke Thompson consolidated thread

    Yeah must be true. I'm sure Gus tells journos the exact figures involving or cap.
  77. Typical dog

    2021 bulldogs an absolute shit show

    Haven't had membership since 2016. Until the shit show ends I won't be bothering.
  78. Typical dog

    Fittler as coach if Barrett doesn't work out ?

    Bloke picked Gutho at centre last year for origin. Also over looked a Reynolds and Walker pairing for the third game this year and went with a Moses and Wighton combo. Enough said
  79. Typical dog

    Luke Thompson consolidated thread

    Give the whole lot up if I have to watch Allen in the centres next year. No thanks
  80. Typical dog

    Would it be better to finish 4th or 5th this season on the NRL ladder?

    Always better to try and finish top 4. Stats don't lie, nobody outside the top 4 have won it (modern era).
  81. Typical dog

    Opinion Can the club shop Elliot?

    Has some of the worst edge defence I've seen this year. This bloke made a rep side (country), alot of people saw talent but fuck knows where it's gone.
  82. Typical dog

    Opinion Propose a Flanno or Wakeham switch for Tanah Boyd...

    Everyone is over losing and watching kids struggle to develop in 1st grade. We need a proven half to get us out of the shit before the members burn the place down. No point throwing another bloke who needs to learn the craft. The poor kid will have a quiet start to the year and we'll want to...
  83. Typical dog

    COVID-19 - Thread

    I was at Bunnings the other day I done a online order and selected the bring to boot option. Sitting in my car with the boot open, I watched hordes of families with kids just wandering around. It's unbelievable that all these stores aren't all click and collect. They could make the whole...
  84. Typical dog

    Official John Asiata joins the Bulldogs

    Need to know the amount of the contract. If it's minimum wage then it's a good signing. If he's on 400k it's a terrible signing.
  85. Typical dog

    Official Katoa NO CHARGE

    BBO needs to go back to hooker. The kid shows some spark and vision from 9.
  86. Typical dog

    Sign Ryan James..

    Not a very popular opinion but I'd give Hetherington a run on the edge. Elliot and Doorey are a laughable pairing.
  87. Typical dog


    His step is fairly good too.
  88. Typical dog

    Opinion Sack Barrett Effective Immediately

    Nah you're just getting too worked up mate, I never talked up 40%, I only highlighted that the stats you provided didn't really prove anything because nothing is comparable. Sure you'll say they both show Baz can't coach but Manly was obviously all over the place as a club, Baz taking over...
  89. Typical dog

    Opinion Sack Barrett Effective Immediately

    He might be a shit coach? I have no idea. Surely can't sack the bloke in his first year with a piss weak squad. He's had a decent hand in bringing some fairly decent signings to change the whole team next year, alot of the signings said Baz was a factor in their decision. As a club we need to...
  90. Typical dog

    Opinion Sack Barrett Effective Immediately

    So he's dropped to a 10% winning percentage at bulldogs from a 40% at Manly. I wonder why......
  91. Typical dog

    Rumour Pearce to the dogs

  92. Typical dog

    Official Members Q&A

    Agree. I was disappointed with Khourys air time. Warburton could've stayed in bed, Gus showed the way and gives us a bit of hope
  93. Typical dog

    Official Members Q&A

    My name got a mention!! Fuck me I'm famous.
  94. Typical dog

    Boxing The Boxing Thread

    Thank fuck it's not the Huni rematch.
  95. Typical dog

    Joey Lussick for hooker ?

    Definitely better than anyone we have. I'd sign him on the cheap for sure. Would start him over JMK and have BBO on the bench as 14. JMK can play cup, had his chances
  96. Typical dog

    Opinion Klemmer

    Klem isn't even starting for Newcastle. If you're paying 400k for someone it shouldn't be a benchie