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  1. Typical dog

    How many times a day do you check the kennel?

    So what is it? Are you refreshing the kennel non stop or have you given up on the dogs?
  2. Typical dog

    Bigger pack!!!

    Is this a no brainer?? We need some size and aggression on the field. Last I seen we conceed most metres against us and still run out with some of the smallest forwards in the game. Surely having Tolman, Jackson and Elliot starting is a stupid idea.. am I the only one who sees this? Having maybe...
  3. Typical dog

    Experienced kennelers

    Hey all, Was curious about anybodys game day experience sitting in the kennel. Got a mate who would become a member with me but he probably would only make 50% of home games. So to sum it up my main questions are... 1- Do many of you guys member up to the kennel and actually sit together?? 2-...
  4. Typical dog

    Whats up fellow dogs?

    Hi, i am a long time dogs fan who is very passionate about the great club. Live in western sydney and used to be a season ticket holder and rock up to most games every year. Without getting into too much of a rant i didnt renew my membership in 2016 because of on field performance, team roster...