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  1. Juicydog

    Rumour Multimillion deal

    The old trusty grapevine has advised that the club powerbrokers are preparing a very enticing package deal to Papenhuyzen and Harry Grant for 2023 It will be a shit fight trying to get Grant as the new Brisbane team want to make Grant the marquee signing The club powerbrokers also want the...
  2. Juicydog

    John Khoury

    Off your arse Johnny boy...... Get the cheque book out and feed the forwards...
  3. Juicydog

    Jayden Okunbor

    196cm and 108kg the kid has numbers to play in the front row. We all know Jake attracts 3 defenders everytime he carts the ball out. He has the turning circle of a b-double and his lateral movement is quiet poor. Definitely not suited on the wing especially when we have JAC coming over and...
  4. Juicydog

    Tyrone May

    Heard from a little birdie that Tyrone May will be with the Dogs in 2021
  5. Juicydog

    6 & 7

    Its very obvious we need to move forward now with Averillo @ 6 and Wakeham @ 7 Stick with these 2 young pups and send Lewis to Japan to pick up Rapana
  6. Juicydog

    NRL Live Pass

    To all the technically gifted members of the kennel. I have the NRL Live pass (Telstra mobile), where i can watch all the live games on my phone. The question is, how can i watch it on my TV? I have an android box, so im not sure if i can download the NRL app and watch ith through there, or...
  7. Juicydog

    The three amigos

    Api, Ramien and Ese Ese. According to all reports, bullshit and true, these 3 would of taken up a total of about 1.2m-1.4m of our cap. Ese ese we definitely dont need. Ramien would of been OK Api does not faze me Opinions aside, with that sort of money we could and should target a class...
  8. Juicydog

    Other News Source David Furner

    Dean Pay looking at bringing David Furner in as assistant coach, after Furner got the ass from Leeds Rhinos
  9. Juicydog

    Broncos Salary Cap

    On the zerotackle website it has the following Anthony Milford $1m Jack Bird $1m Darius Boyd $750k Hayne Paas $500k Total $3.25m for 4 players Leaves $6.75m for the remaining 26 players. Average of $260k per player Corey Oates - SOO winger McCullough SOO hooker J. Roberts - SOO centre M...
  10. Juicydog

    Jack Cogger

    Jack was brought in along with Meaney to be our future 1 & 7. Hoppa aint our future 1 going forward, neither is Foran or Lewis at 7. We aren't making the 8 this year and its time soft mannered Dean Pay grew a pair of kahoonas and fucks off Foran to reserve grade for Cogger, Hoppa to centre for...
  11. Juicydog

    Our forward pack moving forward

    What are peoples thoughts of our forward pack moving forward onto next year and beyond? It is obvious that Klemmer & Tolman are our starting props. Was good to see Klem throwing some offloads this arvo. RFM? Beginning of the year RFM was running some nice lines, straight and hard. Lately he...
  12. Juicydog

    Premiership winning coach Anderson says Foran not worth the risk

    An article back from September last year. Premiership winning coach Chris Anderson says the Bulldogs have made a massive mistake signing Kieran Foran. After a disappointing season with the Warriors, Foran signed a three-year-deal with Canterbury, starting next season. Anderson, who won...
  13. Juicydog

    2018 Backline

    If Mbye does cement the number 1 jersey in 2018, along with both Morris boys teamed up on one side who nabs the other centre and wing spot between Hoppa, Lee & Montoya?
  14. Juicydog

    Chris Anderson - "Kieran Foran is not a good investment"

    Anderson talks about Hasler & Foran https://twitter.com/7NewsSydney/status/903537180600971265
  15. Juicydog

    Des Hasler is a coach defeated

    DES Hasler is a coach defeated. The grand master of twisting himself into knots in interviews to avoid revealing his simplest thoughts on an upcoming contest, Hasler now tells you everything without really having to say anything at a post-game media conference. He doesn’t even have the energy...
  16. Juicydog

    Its tough being a Bulldog at the moment

    Canterbury's slide this season is doing more damage than they probably realise. Former players are telling others how glad they are to be out of the stifling atmosphere at Belmore. There are few laughs to be had at the Bulldogs these days and coach Des Hasler is not one to easily lighten a...
  17. Juicydog

    Mark Waugh candidate for Bulldogs board

    Is this a hint Mark Waugh might possibly be a candidate at next years election