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  1. Doomsdaydog

    Opinion Locking Down Top 30 for 2022

    So far our top 30 for 2022 looks like this Backs 1. Dufty 2. JAC 3. Naden 4. Okunbor 5. Cotric 6. T. Katoa 7. Allan Forwards 8. Doorey 9. Elliott 10. RFM 11. Hetherington 12. Jackson 13. Seumanufagai 14. Stimson 15. Thompson 16. Topine 17. Waddell Hookers 18. JMK Halves 19. Burton 20...
  2. Doomsdaydog

    The last decade

    Who is your most disliked Bulldog player of the last decade...... The poll is based on onfield performances only and has nothing to do outside of it.....
  3. Doomsdaydog

    Opinion Sione Katoa vs Michael Lichaa

    To my depressed kennelers. Who was/is the better hooker in Canterbury Colours, Lichaa or Katoa? Remember, the better hooker and not the shitter hooker Keep it civil please
  4. Doomsdaydog

    Cooper Cronk

    Currently Cooper Cronk is at the GWS Giants as a "leadership consultant" Surely the bloke is keen on a coaching gig in the NRL? Cooper Cronk - Head Coach Michael Ennis - Assistant ???
  5. Doomsdaydog

    Official Dean Britt

    Dean Britt gets his Bulldogs debut jersey presented over to him by his old man
  6. Doomsdaydog

    A message from Lynne

    To our Bulldogs family As we start to look forward to the 2020 season, I wanted to say a big thank you on behalf of the Board, Management and Players to all our Bulldogs family for the ongoing support and loyalty you have given the Club. When we were given the enormous privilege of being...
  7. Doomsdaydog

    Dear Lynn Anderson

    Dear Lynne, For years we have been copping it up the ass from the Roosters grabbing our players and players we have been chasing at their own will. Dib thought he was Uncle Nick's best friend, and didn't Dib get his ass lubricated on a fair few occasions. It's time you, Madam, return the...
  8. Doomsdaydog

    Opinion Best of the best

    Since names are been thrown around the kennel, I'd like to have my say and target these following 20 players. Surely they are sick of their current clubs and one of them has to stick. Throw da fucken book at them 1. Munster 2. Tim Mannah 3. Joseph Manu 4. Brad Takarangi 5. Luke Keary 6...
  9. Doomsdaydog

    Brandon Smith/Harry Grant

    A couple of months ago i made a suggestion about Kyle Flanagan from the Sharks. He was promoted into the starting side when Shaun Johnson copped his injury. The kid stood out in his first few games, and i made a suggestion we should be having a dig at this kid, as he would be put back to...
  10. Doomsdaydog

    Rd 15 - Dogs vs Sharks - Name Your Team

    Next Sunday we got the Sharks on Sunday at 4pm again. I know, you know, Pay knows, even José Mourinho knows, there will be changes to the team Come on, have a stab! My predictions on what Pay will do; Meaney back to FB, DWZ on the wing CHN dropped to Cup, Elliott back to starting 17 RFM...
  11. Doomsdaydog


    The Cronulla Sharks are facing some tough recruitment calls. The boom centre Bronson Xerri is on about a quarter of the salary of Josh Dugan, who has three years left on his contract. Xerri is off contract next year. The local junior will attract huge interest from rival clubs. His scorching...
  12. Doomsdaydog

    Origin Teams

    About a month or so before Origin. Who are your picks for game 1? NSW 1. Tedesco 2. JAC 3. Mitchell 4. Scott 5. Ferguson 6. Keary 7. Cleary 8. Vaughan 9. Cook 10. Mrs. Klemmer 11. Cordner 12. Frizell 13. J. Trbojevic 14. Sims 15. McLean 16. Finucane 17. C.Murray QLD 1. Ponga 2. Gagai 3...
  13. Doomsdaydog

    Blake Ferguson - Opinion

    Ferguson is off contract this year and what are peoples thought's of having him in the blue n white? I personally cannot stand him but his kick returns and hit ups are outstanding and consistently gets the Roosters sets rolling and he knows how to finish off a try Tonight he made 198m, last...
  14. Doomsdaydog

    Kev or Des

    We have seen the best of both these coaches. One bleeds blue and white while the other bleeds cabbage. You only had a choice between the two of them to coach the Bulldogs for the next two years. Who would you pick?
  15. Doomsdaydog

    Our game plan & tactics

    Moses Mbye cops a one week suspension and Haslers hand has been forced to blood in a new 7 from reserve grade. Frawley comes into the 7 the following week and along with Reynolds, they both have good games. (Broncos) Mbye comes back into the team, and slots back into the 7 with Frawley onto...