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  1. Nasheed

    Channel 9 predicted Bulldogs best team 2022

    Nasheed here.
  2. Nasheed

    Who should our last 4 players be?

    Nasheed here, On the presumption that we retain schoupp, BBO and Vaughan, who will be bought as opposed to retained, We going to have a squad of 26. Who should fill the last 4? 3 will nmeed to be depth. What positions too? im thinking: 27- Deitz. Played magnificently this year for a 120k...
  3. Nasheed

    SALARY CAP ANALYSIS. Something does not compute

    Nasheed here, I have decided to crunch the numbers of our 2022 squad. Ive used reported figures, info from my insider and guesswork for the below. I have also not taken into consideration the 6% reduction in salary in 2022 where I can. If the below is true, we have pretty much got to shut up...
  4. Nasheed

    Vaughan now straight up becomes our most critical signing target

    Nasheed here, Posting outta Granville #2144 represent wassup to all my B. Lend me your eyes, ears and heart for just a moment. Paul Vaughans signature is now one iof the most critical signings in our recent history. Bold comment but let me explain and justify. We are trying to build a winning...
  5. Nasheed

    Should we retain Dylan Napa?

    Nasheed here, Ok, ok ok I know what you are thinking after reading that title. ‘Here we go, another hair brained idea by that crazy leb Nasheed’, But hear me out. Napa has been widely criticised, and rightly so, for not living up to his 600+ large price tag. No where near it. However despite...
  6. Nasheed

    22 Squadd

    Nasheed here, This is how I read it; 1Allen 2 Dufty 3 Alamoti 4 Naden 5 JAC 6 Cotric 7 Averillo 8 Wakeman 9 Burton 10 JMK 11 flanno 12 Hetherington 13 Thompson 14 Ava 15 Elliott 16 Waddell 17 RFM 18 Jackson 19 Doorey 20 Siemsen 21 Topine 22 Patalo (likely) 23 Deitz (likely) 24 Schoupp (likely)...
  7. Nasheed

    Leave your tributes to Hoppa here

    Nasheed here, Word up that Hops be St George soon. Please leave your tributes, or anything you’d like to say to him or remark on him here; Full honesty please as I have word that Hoppa likes hearing good stuff about him and wants your praise:
  8. Nasheed

    Let’s buy big strong slow lumbering players and buy them CHEAP!

    Nasheed here, Fifita Packer Woods Tamou Leilua Big players the game left behind….. However, let’s think strategically here. Pre rules changes these guys were gangstalicious. However everyone is now complaint about these rules… I cannot see them keep it as is. That means they’ll roll some or all...
  9. Nasheed

    Ok this day in 2020 we nearly signed Craig Bellamy

    Nasheed here, Never forget. this time last year we was bee’s dick away from poaching Craig Bellamy. scuttled by the leagues clubvs football club feud that made Bellamy think we were a joke. what could have been.
  10. Nasheed

    If we don’t recruit any playas

    Nasheed here, If we can’t recruit anyone new, but retain who we have. What do we do? How will we field our guys in 2022? I’m thinking 1 Nick Meaney 2 JAC 3 Allen 4 Schoupp 5 Cotric 6 Burton 7 Avo 8 Thompson 9 Kyle Flanagan 10 Josh Jackson (yes, correct) 11 RFM 12 Doorey 13 Waddell 14...
  11. Nasheed

    What is your job? and how much ca$$$h you pulling?

    Nasheed here, Part 3 of the 'Who is you?' series, after the age and race threads. Im genuinely curious what peeps do here for a living? and if the job brings in the benjamins- if you are comfortable in sharing that, but ok if not. Could be an inspiration to others to change careers. I'll...
  12. Nasheed

    What is your race?

    Nasheed here, On the back of this thread as lock everyone’s age, https://www.thekennel.net.au/forum/index.php?threads/how-old-are-you.120501/page-11#post-4055355, I have gone into partnership with @EzyB for another question. what is your race/culture/ background!? the age thread threw up many...
  13. Nasheed

    Ask a bulldogs old timer....

    Nasheed here, Whilst I realise I'm not the longest Bulldog supporting TK member here, I am definitely one of the veterans who has been supporting the dogs from asfar back as the mid nineties. I still remember the Super league era, the 98 semi. The lead up to our 'enhanced' Grand final win, the...
  14. Nasheed

    Burton to Centre?

    Nasheed here, uncomfortable fact for us. Burton has looked solid as a centre this year but toothless as a half. Perhaps we can use him at centre, and have SJ and averillo in the halves for an exciting combo? 1 Meaney 2 JAC 3 Naden 4 Burton 5 Cotric 6 Avo 7 SJ Allen and Oko and Schoupp as back...
  15. Nasheed

    realistic fantasy squad 2022

    Nasheed here, what i think is attainable as a squad for 2022. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. 1 Thompson (Prop) 750 2 Tapau (Prop) 600 3 Hetherington (Prop) 450 4 Ava (Prop) 250 5 Grosziwescki (Prop) 200 6 Siemsen (Prop) 350 7 Woods (Prop) 250 8 RFM (2nd row) 350 9 Elliott...
  16. Nasheed

    Tattoo ideas

    Nasheed here, Thinking about getting a tatt on my neck or side or leg. Trying to figure out whats better. What would you prefer? A, or B- but with DMX ghost (?) rapping by the fire and the trees cedar trees to represent the lebanese forest. love your opinions. A Or B
  17. Nasheed

    Is Luke Thompson good enough to play for Australia?

    Nasheed here, Just wondering what your thoughts are here on a mid season score card and if he is living up to his 700k or so salary a year? i have my thiughts, but i diont want to influence the comments. Another way of asking is is he good enough to play for Australia if he was eligible like...
  18. Nasheed

    Quick rundown of today?

    Nasheed here, I slept through most of the game and only tuned in when Wakeman challenged that kick to touch before the Elliott try. Instead of sifting through 30+ pages on game day, can someone give me a review? I’m sure others would be curious given PH not everywhere.
  19. Nasheed

    Simple way to be a top 12 team

    Nasheed here, Imma be short sharp and sheep. If we want off the bottom, we simply need to buy these available players. Martin Tapau. He be playing Prop. Shaun Johnson. He 7. Jayden Sua. Second row Matterson. Second row Josh Hodgson - Hooker. All easily signed and all winners. there. Solved the...
  20. Nasheed

    Trey Browne- Hooker signing?

    Nasheed here, Someone (not my insider) who knows Barrett told me today we are chasing Trey Browne who plays for the Capras QLD cup side as a hooker if Smith goes south. How does he go? Does anyone know?
  21. Nasheed


    Nasheed here, Just thinking It might be time for an experimental revolution with what we have this year, as what we are doing is t working. So maybe we can try this next game: 1 Averillo 2 Okenbor 3 DWZ 4 Schoupp 5 Meaney 6 BBO 7 Lewis 8 Thompson 9 Flanagan 10 RFM 11 Hetheringron 12...
  22. Nasheed

    My Journey to the NRL Bulldogs squad

    Nasheed here, Time to share something deeply personal with you all, and bring you all some insight into my multi year journey from a simple hood rat to a hopeful NRL spot as a depth player with the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs. Some of you may be interested as to why now? Why at age 30 have I...
  23. Nasheed

    Best looking bulldog team of all time

    Nasheed here, One for the girls, gays and transvestites. 1.Nick Youngquest 2 Nick Meaney 3 Darren Smith 4 Kerrod holland (c) 5 Brett Howland 6 Luke lewis 7 Daniel Holdsworth 8 Steve Price 9 Damien Cook 10 Ben hannant 11 Daniel Conn 12 Sonny Bill Williams 13 Steve reardon 14 Jason Smith 15 Paul...
  24. Nasheed

    So who decided our top 30?

    Nasheed here, I refer specifically to the min wage pack. Randomly, Back in October/November, One day in the dead of night we announced new signings in our top 30+ development players Harding Katoa Roamonus And in the dev team, Pickens Topine Doorey (upgraded later on) And 2 other randoms...
  25. Nasheed

    Cody Allen

    Nasheed here, What are you thinking about Allen atm? im a big fan but i am concerned he isnt a fullback, he is just white(?) hoppa at the back and is too slow. I feel we made a bad decision recrutiting him as our fb. We need zip back there. Cody is the type of player i would love to come in...
  26. Nasheed

    Our Salary Cap- A critical analysis

    Nasheed here, A lot of talk over the last few years, and presumably going forward, and rightfully so, centres on our recruitment and retention in relation to our salary cap. In fact, tha salary cap is the most important thing to talk about if you had to pinpoint one issue. So I have taken the...
  27. Nasheed

    Why don’t we tap into NFL discards?

    Nasheed here, One thing I’ve never understood is why don’t rugby league try tapping into the black American talent pool? I mention Black specifically because of the speed genetics. We make a fuss as a league about scouting kids climbing coconut trees in Fiji and making them special wingers, how...
  28. Nasheed

    When did the Bulldogs go from Walter White to Heisenberg?

    Nasheed here, Can you define at what point the Dogs lost their soul? Or do you believe it was a gradual degradation. Death be a thousand cuts, so to speak? For me, it was the appointment of Raelene Castle. At this point, the board switched excellence and knowledge for the optics of political...
  29. Nasheed

    Nick Meaney

    Nasheed here, Nick Meaney is our current winger and former fullback. I can’t help but think he might be our hidden diamond and criminally under-utilised. he came up as an Australian rep. He has speed to burn (important now ) and he literally never makes any ball handlin mistakes. look at how...
  30. Nasheed

    Why the Bulldogs will finish either second last or bottom four this season.

    Nasheed here, A cautionary post. I see alot of optimism here at the upcoming season 2021. I feel the need to temper expectations a bit here. I feel, like every year, you are getting carried away with your predictions for this year. Last week I noted how most of you think we will finish around 8...
  31. Nasheed

    Floyd Myweather v logan Paul

    Nasheed here, For the boxing afficionado's up here in this bitch, who's your tip?
  32. Nasheed

    Ancestry and heritage

    Nasheed here, On my birthday a couple of months back my cousin got me an ancestry DNA kit because we had an argument over something ethnicity related (wont go into details what) and he wanted to be a dickhead and 'prove' something to me (which he later got pwned!). i ignored it because it was a...
  33. Nasheed

    Is Barrett our greatest ever coach in the NRL era?

    Nasheed here, Just wondering if you guys think Trent is the greatest coach we have had since the nineties/most of our lifetime? He’s come here and he’s saying good stuff like ‘wouldn’t let it happen’ in regards to players not being fit and how Michael he loves the bulldogs and wishes he played...
  34. Nasheed


    Nasheed here, The local lebbo up in this witch! I’ve been banned. Cant hide from this. Yet, I’ve been watching the forum with ‘aplomb’. There’s something I have NOT seen discussed and I am astounded! Straight out. What up with our centres? specifically DEPTH!! I May be a stupid leb but I...
  35. Nasheed

    Can somebody explain to me how the Development squad works?

    Nasheed here, can somebody clarify how the development squad works? I get that it's a reserved list for 5 prodigies of every club and they are allowed to play in the nrl at some point in the season. whats Their cap? What's their min wage? How do youget selected? do you think it could be...
  36. Nasheed

    [ICC World Cup Odi Super League ] Match 3 : Zimbabwe V/s Pakistan, Rawalpindi

    Nasheed here, Zimbabwe 3/22 offer 8 overs. Once again they have persisted with their pathetic opening combination of Chari and Chibhabha (who can't make the team on merit but it best friends with the selector- corruption! up to Sean Williams and Brendan Taylor to try and save the day...
  37. Nasheed

    Best brother duo at the Bulldogs? (Trigger warning = pole ahead)

    Nasheed here, We have had an Unusual amount of brothers play for us Who is your fav of all time ? I'll shut up and leave it to the infamous pole.
  38. Nasheed

    The kennel love team

    Nasheed here, Players get a lot of hate on this forum, guess you could say we are a bunch of 'player haters' LOL ! But that said there are some players that curiosity get a lot of love on TK across the NRL. this is my attempt of bringing them together as a team. Do you agree? You Can post your...
  39. Nasheed

    Do you like the English Super League

    Nasheed here, Does any of you watch the Rugby League in England? Are you a fan? I've started watching it a bit more and I like it. Weird mix of blokes and talent. Also pretty fascinating as all the teams are towns and cities on a highway. It's also fascinating that million people cities like...
  40. Nasheed

    Is there a market for a 1997 Bulldogs jersey?

    Nasheed here, I have a 1997 Suoer league Bulldogs jersey similar to the one the bulldogs wore. No sponsors but. Bought it from Nike outlet store when I first got into league, longer than most people can remember. I remember seeing them go for a few hundred on EBay a few years back. Lot of...
  41. Nasheed

    Silver dog? or black dog. pole inside.

    Nasheed here, In the 00's there was a trend wherein we would incorporate silver into our colour scheme, same colour as a 2 dollar scratchie. ive seen it reemerge in some material this year, but it took me back down memory lane. In the 2010s we had more black in us and became the mighty blue...
  42. Nasheed

    16 ways to know you're Lebanese in Australia

    Nasheed here, stumbled across this and had a good laugh, the content and points are so true, although only I think my fellow Arabs will understand. 1, 5, 6,9 and 12-15 are so me. Some dont apply though because my parents dont speak arabic, just urdu and some english. Fellow lebs, have a look...
  43. Nasheed

    No Source Some good oil on Player management

    Nasheed here, I try not to post as much good oil lately as I mentioned elsewhere because disbelievers cause me trouble, hence why I only give the information before it happens to the circle of trust in the inboxes, but I thought this one may be worth mentioning because it'll have positive...
  44. Nasheed

    Fun facts about the Bulldogs thread

    Nasheed here, Long time lurker. just thought I'd make a thread dedicated to fun, unusual and interesting tidbits related to our football club. Weird things you may remember, or just random unique stuff. I'd like it to learn and im sure many posters and players would be interested too. I don't...
  45. Nasheed

    Can Meaney be our own Papenhuysen?

    Nasheed here, Title is self explanatory. why or why Not? He is quick and has football instinct. But is he good enough? Proper answers please.
  46. Nasheed

    Rumour Oh do I have some Good Lachlan Lewis oil for you

    Nasheed here, I try to keep quiet on alot of the smaller news, ever since the Doorey oil that just scared more people than it satisfied, but this one i need to tell you all about. I'm hearing theres been some phone calls between the ARU and the bulldogs about Lachlan Lewis. The thought process...
  47. Nasheed

    Big year for Meaney and Lewis ahead

    Nasheed here, Circumstance has dictates that Lewis and Meaney will likely retain their starting spots early next year. It's make or break. Both have shown glimpses of absolute world class brilliance, and at other times their weaknesses found out. They are both in year three (and a bit) of...
  48. Nasheed

    Why don't we throw a bone to Morris

    Nasheed here, Josh Morris is in great form, unsigned and when he was signed iso n not so much money. I say we get him back for a year or two, unfinished business. He can be a placeholder until Aaron Schoupp his ya his straps yo. Just because he payed with us before I don't see why not. I don't...
  49. Nasheed

    If we want positive change, why don't we pay the board?

    Nasheed here, Asking the question no one has talked about. Why don't we offer big salaries to our board members? My thoughts are we will attract the sharpest minds in the game and run the plane properly. Both with finances and attracting players like Townsend and Brown. I would put my hand up...
  50. Nasheed

    Our slowest Backline of all time vs our fastest of all time

    Nasheed here, Fun thread for a change. Since every other thread is board related or whether Barrett is taking bad advice coming here. what is your fastest all time Bulldogs backline bs the slowest? AND who would win in real footy!? not going to touch on halves because it's a different...
  51. Nasheed

    The need for speed

    Nasheed here, May recall me as the guy that has the good oil time to time. I am watching some highlights of various games and what's dawned on me severely in the modern 2020 game is the need for speed. I'm not talking about the speed that killed my friend Ali in Thailand, I'm taking bait fast...
  52. Nasheed

    Who should be the next James Bond?

    Nasheed here, I saw today that Henry Cavill has joined the race for James Bond, alongside Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, Ja rule, Richard madden and Tom Hiddleston. I like the idea of Cavill. He just has that look. Would sell merchandise. I'd like to see james marsden put his hand up, even a Hemsworth...
  53. Nasheed

    We need to have a serious sit down and conversation with Cotric

    Nasheed here, I'm looking at the backline and how it's shaping next year. I'm thinking it's not that hard to get a centre (Gildart, Bronson, Dugan etc) but it's tough To get a fullback. We need a fullback and Cotric has played fullback and centre. He was good at fullback but not centre. As per...
  54. Nasheed

    Plea to my fellow Bulldog fans. I am humbly requesting your support for the South Sydney Rabbitohs duding the finals campaign

    Nasheed here, Posted this yesterday but in the wrong forum. Like you all, I am a big Bulldogs Supporter, probably the biggest here or close to it, but I also follow Souths and am a long time esteemed member of the Kennel. I am humbly asking for your support for the Green and red from next...
  55. Nasheed


    Nasheed here, I'm warning you. This guy is going to be our Tolman attack stifler next year. Look how slow he moves around with the ball, compared to the energy and speed of Penrith. Cancer of the team.
  56. Nasheed

    Our greatest 'Moneyball' team of all time - 1996-2020

    Nasheed here, Havent done a best of all time thread in a while. With all this talk of recruitment scraps, i thought it may be apt we see what kind of a team can be assembled on scrap from the scrapheap. The criteria, building a team of players unwanted from other clubs who enjoyed new wind...
  57. Nasheed

    Our discarded players

    Nasheed here, Of the 8 discarded players, minus 1 for retirement (Holland), you could make a serious argument to have kept almost all of them. Only Montoya is an obvious discard. The others are actually good players (Foran), possibly underrated good players we rely on (Tolman) or players that...
  58. Nasheed

    Hollywood really IS Jewish

    Nasheed here, We were talking about it a while back and some of you didn't believe many actors were Jewish. I countered with slot are Jews but pretend they are white. stumbled upon this list of Male actors that are jewish. There really isn't that many white Christian actors in Hollywood. I...
  59. Nasheed

    Other News Source Good Oil on Reimis and JAC

    Nasheed here, There is someone within the Bulldogs, that has no real sway or weight, that is adamant that the dogs should pursue JAC in exchange for Reimis. The logic being Reimis ain't JAC but is a good player teams will want. seesm to have been shutdown though because of the salary...
  60. Nasheed

    No Source Some prop forward oil

    Nasheed here, Got some good oil, We are talking to Matt Eisenhuth of the tigers to take over Sue's spot. Matt has been talking to the tigers too, but the oil is they wont budge on offering him a min wage 1 year deal and he's filthy, so we might pick him up for 150 or so. But it wont be soon o...
  61. Nasheed

    I'm nervous about the future

    Nasheed here, And I'm nervous! Tolman gone Foran gone I know all the reasons why they have been ditched, but what is getting me edgy and bones in my teeth chittery is I can't imagine a bulldogs team without these guys. Its as if we aretruly altering the fabric of our team, removing all the...
  62. Nasheed

    I have a feeling a centre is on his way

    Nasheed here, We now know we are losing; Holland Lafai/Harper Tass Montoya we know we have gained; Cotric deficit of 2 Cotric replaces Holland as the marquee centre (please, no Holland jokes, I'm talking about salary) Schoupp I assume takes Tass we will probably upgrade another junior, but...
  63. Nasheed

    Can we use Crichton to get Crichton?

    Nasheed here, long time lurker, rare poster. Thought for all, Can we lure Stephen crichton, one of the form centres and breakout stars of 2020, by using his older brother, Christian., whom we have on our books? It is rumoured dean got confused which brother he was signing at the time, but can...
  64. Nasheed

    Switch up a dog?

    Nasheed here, Something I've been sitting on for a while. We are the bulldogs. I've always wondered why? Bulldogs are a cool dog but they aren't a menacing dog. They have a lot of generic problems. Need assisted breeding and struggle to walk. One of the breeds that's evolved over the last two...
  65. Nasheed

    Origin team

    Nasheed here, NSW. 1 Tedesco 2 turbo 3 Crichton 4 lomax 4 JAC 6 wighton 7 Cleary 8 Vaughan 9 Cook 10 AFB 11 Elliott 12 camera Murray 13 wade graham
  66. Nasheed

    Something we can be proud of this year

    Nasheed here, Saturday positivity. Watching the Storm carve up the tiger pies, made me realise how proud I am of this team. Despite not being able to win, we NEVER got 50 put on us in a normal game, not just this year, the last 3 seasons, even against teams like Souths and roosters. We didn't...
  67. Nasheed

    Sell Hoppa while he can still get top dollar

    Nasheed here, We all know Hoppa is ineffective, but I feel the league hasn't caught on. I say act now, sell him, so someone else would complete the 600 a year tab and we don't have to pay any freight. Use the money for Folau or gildart
  68. Nasheed

    Trent Robinson praises SBW

    Nasheed here, https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.newshub.co.nz/home/sport/2020/09/nrl-2020-roosters-coach-trent-robinson-praises-sonny-bill-williams-for-balanced-performance-against-knights.amp.html Sonny Bill Williams has been praised by Sydney Roosters coach Trent Robinson after an extended...
  69. Nasheed

    Rumour Some Oil on Doorey

    Nasheed here, Probably not going to like this one. The good news is nothing is official. St George are snooping around Doorey and asking the question. And it's not necessarily driven by Griffin, the new coach. Rather his manager is gunning for him to consider the red and white as a better...
  70. Nasheed

    Other News Source Lafai oil

    Nasheed here, I'm so mad. Got Reliable word that Tim Lafai has been tabled a one year deal @ 350 next year. What why and how? That's too much for old backup. I doubt anyone's fighting for his signature. Ruined my day. We only have cash for one marquee signing atm.
  71. Nasheed

    My minimalist team

    Nasheed here, My gun side with minimal yet pointed recruitment that turns us into top 4. 1 Meaney/Averillo 2 DWZ 3 Cotric 4 floppa 5 okenbor 6 Townsend 7 Green 8 Ogden 9. McInnes 10 Josh Maguire 11 Elliott 11 Jackson 13 Thompson - 14 jmk 15 Napa 16 toomaga 17 RFM
  72. Nasheed

    My team with minimalist recruitment

    Nasheed here, My gun side with minimal yet pointed recruitment that turns us into top 4. 1 Meaney/Averillo 2 DWZ 3 Cotric 4 floppa 5 okenbor 6 Townsend 7 Green 8 Ogden 9. McInnes 10 Josh Maguire 11 Elliott 11 Jackson 13 Thompson - 14 jmk 15 Napa 16 toomaga 17 RFM
  73. Nasheed

    Isaiah Tass

    Nasheed here, Wassup with this cat daddy? He be in our thirty, yet not only does this nizzle NOT get a run, none of y'all have ever mentioned this Rolldog as an option at all!? We even laid out green for Lafai to come from across the hood. So what is up with Tass? Why he public enemy?
  74. Nasheed

    Opinion Halfback pole

    Nasheed here, Just curious what your choice is out of the options below, should something rule green out. Methodology: **All players have been considered serious signing options from beginning of September till now.** No one seems to agree with each other, so wonder what the consensus be?
  75. Nasheed

    Other News Source Insider Oil. Andrew Hill wants out

    Nasheed here, My insider tells me he has a strong belief that Andrew Hill is over the crap at the Bulldogs and is quietly exploring his options for next year and beyond. Basically, he's trying to be professional amongst a circus. Insider hasn't heard this directly from the horses mouth. But...
  76. Nasheed

    Nasheed with the good oil. Why Lynnes days really are numbered pt2.

    Nasheed here, As usual, my insider network has the scoop. I can confirm that the rival ticket has arrived and those involved include the main man leading the charge is a very wealthy businessman with connections to previous boards, and also involved is a notable former board member we all know...
  77. Nasheed

    Players to keep and players to nut

    Nasheed here, Keep under any circumstances; None. Keep; Thompson Ogden Meaney Lewis Elliott JMK (under a sub role) Maybe: Jackson Toomaga Cut: Errrrbody else Especially Hoppa.
  78. Nasheed

    Flanagan available

    Nasheed here, Shock move. Griffin has tapped Flanagan and said he is not needed. Makes sense. He would be a threat to his job. Let's pick the guy up and raid Cronulla. If barrett fails we have a natural step up.
  79. Nasheed

    Coorey /Leagues Vs Anderson's /club. Who's side are YOU on ?

    Nasheed here, Two heavy honchos are facing off against each other. It'll get heated and ugly and bithe organisations have deep pockets for lawyers and the law. In one courted we have George Coorey. Long time member and active bulldog. Has the Lebanese on his side and the Leagues clubs funds...
  80. Nasheed

    Lynne Anderson days are numbered and here's why.

    Nasheed here The club and the board fighting has heated up. There is something I cannot say out loud. But Lynne hasn't dont her homework in her latest power play of sexual allegations against Coorey that is both my opinion and very obvious to those in the know. Going to the media, and what is...
  81. Nasheed

    A game. Who are the halfbacks YOU want?

    Nasheed here, Time to play a game. The reason is I'm interested in the answers. The game is to simply tell in order the 5 halfbacks you would recruit to the dogs next year if you could. Every player is available. Imagine that every nrl contract is null and void. The only rule is this. You...
  82. Nasheed

    A boy named Sue

    Nasheed here, Just wondering what the forum thoughts are in this Sue dude in the squad. Suosuo or Jessie or whatever his name is. From what I can recall, everyone said he was a decent player, but on the same token NO ONE is calling for him to be resigned? So I'm guessing he's the type of...
  83. Nasheed

    Unpopular opinions you have

    Nasheed here, I'm very curious what your unpopular opinions are in life? I have a few. - Donald Trump, for all his faults, is quite a clever guy and very intuitive at reading people and instinctual - guys that like small tits are pedo scum or gay. You should be rocking at the sight of big...
  84. Nasheed

    No Source Big Hooker News. Inside info

    Nasheed here, Got some interesting goss for ya. The club is tabling an offer to Brandon Smith for 600, this isn't big news o hits own and we knew something like this was in the works. What we DONT know taht I can reveal is the contingency plan. There's a draft for a modest offer to Nathan...
  85. Nasheed

    The last 5 spots. strategic Recruitment

    Nasheed here, worth its own thread. ok, squad of 28 next season. 23 on the books. Props: Ogden Napa Thompson (?) Back rowers Renouf Britt stimson Jackson RFM Chris smith Elliott Hookers Katoa jmk Halves green lewis Wakeman Averillo Centre three quarters Hoppa Cotric Wingers okenbor...
  86. Nasheed

    Plot twist - Cotric fullback ?

    Nasheed here, Funny thing, Cotric will be getting fullback money How certain are we he won't be at the back? He has some good attributes
  87. Nasheed

    Our Squad - Tree left

    Nasheed here, It looks like the squads will be 26 next year. Oh boy. If this is the case, how do we play it? We have signed 23. this means 3 more spots. For me, we sign Aaron Schoupp to the 30. Guy will be 20 next year so why arent we blooding him? We then sign a hooker. The last one i...
  88. Nasheed

    BSMITH should come to us from the storm regardless of Cam, here's why

    Nasheed here, I'll keep this brief, the kennel can't concentrate on long messages. Right now the dogs are flushing cash. We will sign someone as a rake next year regardless. Right now he could pick up an easy 700k multi year deal from us. Obviously he won't if we nab Mcinness or someone...
  89. Nasheed

    Opinion Averillo to Hooker, Lewis also to hooker. Must read!

    Nasheed here, This is not a troll!!! As radical as this sounds, hear me out. Please please. Whilst firing up the pipe last nightt, i put my 'strategy' hat on wityh the Bulldogs and started thinking about the hooker situation. Images of mCINNESS, starling, friend, bsmith, liddle all came to...
  90. Nasheed

    Mcinness or BSmith

    Nasheed here, You get to choose only one for next year for 700 a year Smith Mcinness Pick one !
  91. Nasheed

    Team next week

    1 Meaney 2 DWZ 3 Hoppa 4 Holland 5 Smith 6 Foran 7 Lewis 8 Ogden 9 JMK 10 Tolman 11 RFM 12 To'omaga 13 Thompson 14 Cogger 15 Sue 16 Jackson 17 Napa
  92. Nasheed

    Rumour Fergo and DWZ swap

    Nasheed here, Guys, I have received a leak from the insider that someobe with some infkluence wants to make this happen within the club. Thoughts? Both on the same petrodollar, off contract at end of 2021. There was mention of a 1 yer extension for both to make it happen. Thoughts? im keen...
  93. Nasheed

    A magical team

    Nasheed here, Some of you may remember me as posting some inside scoops time to time. However, this isnt this thread. just amongst the panic, I actually think we can still field a kickass top 8 team. As long as we have some good fortune from here. The team below is ultra realistic and a...
  94. Nasheed

    How did the Titans move the players on?

    Nasheed here, Just a question I'm curious on. You may have noticed, the Titans have managed to move on every player under contract that was taking up cash in the cap. Cartwright. Latu Boyd. Cartwright apparently wanted to come home for personal reasons. Latu was on 600k as was Boyd. boyd I'm...
  95. Nasheed

    Metallica doing Friday Night Footy Live

    Nasheed here, Anyone see this surprise announcement that Metallica are doing a concert at next Friday's Friday night footy game? intereteee what you think of this. I don't understand why we get two cent nothing bands from yesteryears to play at our games, when we cousins get Hoodoo Gurus (or...
  96. Nasheed

    Do you have a CB Player you really like

    Nasheed here, Just wondering if anyone here has a pet favourite player In our current squad (or next years) you are either obsessed with, biased towards, are a huge fan of, or just really enjoy watching playing. I don't think it's any secret I have bias towards Dylan Napa and will defend him...
  97. Nasheed


    Nasheed here, Just letting you know that if you need a celebrity touch on your next event, wedding or birthday, even a date to the prom, then Holland might be a good option for any dogs fan here. https://pickstar.com.au/our-stars/3206/kerrod-holland
  98. Nasheed

    Any news on the squad sizings next year?

    Nasheed here, Theres been alot of rumours, born out of May, about the 30 member squad sizes reverting back to 26 or somewhere thereabout or in between. I havent heard much since and i dont have a tv to keep up with the footy programs. Does anyone have any more info on this? This is...
  99. Nasheed

    Hypothetical If Tolman re-signed

    Nasheed here. A thread dabbling in the murky world of hypotheticals. Let's say that tomorrow the club re-signs Tolman for two years..... but on close to min salary. 150k. Takes up a spot in our top 26, but doesn't affect the cap. How would y'all feel? If it came to fruition, I'd believe it...
  100. Nasheed

    Has Thompson replaces Elliott as our best player?

    Nasheed here, Everyone has been excited to see Thompson come here. The feeling I have been getting is that he is playing really well but below expectation, but has added much needed grunt and courage into our pack. My question is, has he overtaken Elliott as our best player? Or has he some way...