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  1. Como Dog

    News Are the media and players turning on Vlandys?

    Article about the rule changes. https://www.news.com.au/sport/nrl/the-nrl-is-officially-broken-and-even-the-players-know-it/news-story/b795735b35b6531a1198c0e88ce3af5f Article
  2. Como Dog

    High tackle crackdown article /data

    Article here talking about the number of high tackle penalties given away by each club. Interestingly we don't seem to rate too badly in terms of penalties given away. If what we believe about 6 agains going against the weaker sides is true plus we seem to struggle to retain posession, then...
  3. Como Dog

    Cody Walker - aka most protected dirty player in the NRL

    Seriously, what is it about this guy? Every time someone puts a solid hit on him he does his best Adam Reynolds impersonation and holds his head or rolls on the ground as though he's been shot. Then an automatic penalty comes his way again and again. Unbelievable!!!
  4. Como Dog

    Are we defintely playing Rabbits on Friday?

    Just read that there are stay at home orders for those who have returned from Brisbane since March 20? If that means isolating for14 days would that not mean we can't field an NRL team on Friday? Our players would have come back around the 27th/28th I'd guess. Or are the teams still in bubbles...
  5. Como Dog

    News.com / Terrorgraph

    Deliberately haven't attached the link, but on News.com those scumbags did an update on the Jarryd Hayne court case. The first picture that just happens to appear at the top of the article is a historical video link (from 2018/19) talking about off season scandals. In the picture you have...
  6. Como Dog

    Ch 9 News (inc DannyW) SBW Reportedly Accepts Offer

    https://www.news.com.au/sport/sports-life/report-sonny-bill-williams-agrees-to-10-million-super-league-deal/news-story/2ae79a433743f24f09d546d7a3737876 No surprises here. They're saying the SBW Wolfpack deal is $10 million over 2 years. Would've been absolutely stupid if he didn't accept the...
  7. Como Dog

    Love to get your thoughts .....

    It's pretty obvious Michael Lichaa will not become the superstar Hooker he was expected to be when he signed. He is capable of passing but service from dummy half is not great. Even when we have Reynolds, Mbye and Frawley in the team he is used for the hard work in defence during the softening...
  8. Como Dog

    Was 2012 bad for the Bulldogs?

    Now before you all jump in and say "Yes, Des started coaching us" I wanted to make a different point. Back in 2012 we were playing average footbal until we went on a run around mid season and probably should have won the grand final. We had a revolutionary new playing style that was hard to...
  9. Como Dog

    Top 5 Bulldogs elimination games you attended or watched

    This is a hard one with so many great games over the years but here is my Top 5 which I was fortunate enough to attend. 1) 1995 grand final - culmination of a great semi final campaign, edge of your seat game and an upset premiership. 2) 2004 grand final - tight game, down at half time, we...
  10. Como Dog

    Roosters PR machine has been activated.

    Didn't take long for this to happen. 1 Article published in Sunday Telegraph saying Tedesco accepted Roosters offer which was significantly less than Bulldogs & Tigers - for football reasons and happens to mention his family wealth with the anonymous 'friend' quoted as a source. When will the...