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  1. Sandra's Bollocks


  2. Sandra's Bollocks

    Danny Lim arrested by police.

    Poor bloke. Sydney sandwich board activist Danny Lim has been arrested for offensive behaviour with witnesses making formal complaints over the force used to cuff the 74-year-old. The former local councillor was fined on Friday after three police officers arrested him at Exchange Place in...
  3. Sandra's Bollocks

    Jake the Muss - Simpsons

    Hahaha XD
  4. Sandra's Bollocks

    One does not simply...

    ... eat bbq ribs with a knife and fork. i dont care what side of town you reside from, its impossible to get all the meat off without picking it up with your fingers & sucking the bone dry. otherwise youre just wasting your time.
  5. Sandra's Bollocks

    Error Message.

    anyone else getting this error message when trying to upload attachments? Fatal error: Could not create file system directory to hold your attachment. Unable to proceed with save while $errors array is not empty in class vB_DataManager_AttachmentFiledata in [path]/includes/class_dm.php on...
  6. Sandra's Bollocks

    Phone app for food and drink.

    the only thing that will make this even better, is if it were served by bikini models! A NEW digital waiter app will allow you to express order food and drinks at the football for immediate pick up or you can even have the order delivered to your seat. While one of the great...
  7. Sandra's Bollocks

    Round 3 V Storm at AAMI Park

    Round 3 (March 21) tickets for the Storm game at AAMI Park will go on sale tomorrow. http://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/Show.aspx?sh=STORM0313
  8. Sandra's Bollocks

    members stand - level 4

    Hey guys. I've got tickets in the members stand on level 4 and noticed they have a dress code: smart casual. Are they strict? Will i be able to wear my jersey? I've never been in this section before lol
  9. Sandra's Bollocks

    SGSII or HTC One X?

    hey guys. im looking to get a new phone, so which do you think is the better option? i know the htc one x looks slick compared to the S2, but i noticed the S2 has a louder volume and a smoother zoom when browsing. also ive heard the camera on the htc is far superior??? (but not too fussed...
  10. Sandra's Bollocks

    Shopping for suits.

    hey guys. im on the search for a new suit for my cousins wedding and was wondering if you know of any good places to buy one? not really fussed about where in sydney and am willing to spend around the $500-$600 ballpark. also they have to be genuinely helpful and not like "OMG u look HAWWT u...
  11. Sandra's Bollocks

    Round 5 Bulldogs Press Conference

  12. Sandra's Bollocks

    Round 5 audio interviews

    for those interested... http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-04-01/barba-stars-as-bulldogs-down-titans/3925888?section=sport
  13. Sandra's Bollocks

    Get it right: The theme from Borat isn't the Kazkah anthem

    KAZAKHSTAN has demanded an apology from Kuwait after a spoof national anthem from Borat was played at a medal ceremony for its national shooting team. The blunder took place as Maria Dmitrienko stood on top of the podium to celebrate her gold medal performance at the 10th Arab Shooting...
  14. Sandra's Bollocks

    Bad Boy Hopoate

    John Hopoate not a licensed security guard when working at Kings Cross club By JENNIFER SEXTON From: The Sunday Telegraph December 26, 2010 12:00AM POLICE are investigating why former rugby league bad boy and boxer John Hopoate was not licensed to work as a security guard when he...
  15. Sandra's Bollocks

    Zombieland Trailer

    Looks OK. Due for an Australian release in December. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-cIjPOJdFM&feature=rec-HM-fresh+div
  16. Sandra's Bollocks

    Origin question?

    I was just wondering, who pays the Origin players? Their clubs, the ARL or sponsors? Thanks!
  17. Sandra's Bollocks

    Agro bloopers.

    Here's a few of funny bloopers from the show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfefa5Oiexk&NR=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grFZISEooNE&feature=rec-HM-fresh+div http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMNhTCS34o0&feature=related
  18. Sandra's Bollocks

    Bluetongue Stadium V Storm

    Who has been? Is there a good atmosphere for games? I just booked my tickets for this game and will be my first time there. Hopefully the weather's nice for the drive up!
  19. Sandra's Bollocks


    A few mates from work and I are planning a camping trip to Wombeyan (Wollondilly) for the Queens birthday long weekend with a bit of bushwalking, fishing and drinking round the fire. Its been yonks since I last went camping so Im not too sure on how much I should bring? Has anyone got any...
  20. Sandra's Bollocks

    P1 Parking

    Has anyone got their form for P1 Parking yet? Its nearly round one FFS. Any info? Cheers.
  21. Sandra's Bollocks

    Charity Shield live!

    Just in case people weren't aware, tonights Charity Shield game will be available to watch live on http://www.foxsports.com.au/fueltv
  22. Sandra's Bollocks

    Question for the ladies.

    I want to buy a handbag for this girl I like. Do you all think this one looks nice?
  23. Sandra's Bollocks

    Dogs @ $3.25 for Top 8 spot

    If I have a spare hundgy I might place a bet. The only question is: will the price go any higher? http://www.tab.com.au/Sports/Betting/PlaceFixedOddsBet.aspx?State=2&LocationCode=1&Competition=602&ContestCode=77492&ContestDate=2009-10-04T00:00:00&MeetingType=0
  24. Sandra's Bollocks

    The rivalry continues

    "Blue and White Forums The Blue and White Forums have gone on holiday for the festive season - we would like to thank all of those who have registered and can ensure you that just like the mighty Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs we will be back bigger and better in the new year. We have a...
  25. Sandra's Bollocks

    Who said fishing was boring?

  26. Sandra's Bollocks

    Peter Griffin sings......

    Land Down Under by Men At Work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrOymdE2udE&feature=related I couldnt stop laughing for ages.
  27. Sandra's Bollocks

    Memory card help!

    I seem to be having problems with my microSD memory card, which goes into my Nokia 6234. When I plug the card into my PC (using a normal SD adapter), and transfer music onto it, I get "incorrect parameter". Now, it doesnt happen to all the files as it lets me transfer some songs but not all. Its...
  28. Sandra's Bollocks


    In tonights Melb V Broncos game, I noticed Cameron Smith patting the ref on the back. And vice versa. Now, correct me if im wrong, but isnt it an offence to lay hands on the match officials? Whether it be in good gesture or not? I cant help think that CS was trying to influence the ref by being...
  29. Sandra's Bollocks

    Is it true??

    Is Bulldog George banned for life? If so, can I inheret his cash? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaase..............!
  30. Sandra's Bollocks

    Fashion trends

    Back in high school, i wasnt exactly the most trendy bloke walking around. I wore cheap flanellets, a pair of $30 Cons. Chuck Taylors, ripped denim jeans and band shirts e.g AC/DC, Ramones e.t.c. I got ridiculed and teased for it. (no im not a yobbo, LOL) Fast forward 12-15 years...
  31. Sandra's Bollocks

    New Dogs Anthem!

    Do you think this would be a good substitute for the Dogs Anthem? Who Let The Dogs Out? is getting kind of old now! Its got passion. Its got balls. Check it out!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-Vo4y6YeA0
  32. Sandra's Bollocks

    First ever job.

    What was your first ever job? Mine was at Macca's in Minto. 3 years. Bloody hated it!
  33. Sandra's Bollocks

    New 2008 Adult Home Jerseys Available

    NEW 2008 ADULT HOME JERSEYS AVAILABLE 23rd May 2008 @ 7:25pm The Mitsubishi Electric Bulldogs have received the first shipment of 2008 adult home jerseys. At this stage they will be available ONLINE, at the game on Monday May 26 against Cronulla and the Bankstown TeamStore on Tuesday...
  34. Sandra's Bollocks

    **Help with my PSP**

    Guys! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese help. Im finding it hard to transfer mp3 files to my PSP. Do i need to download a program? Ive formatted my 1GB memory stick, tried dragging the file to the MUSIC section of the PSP menu but to no avail. I can only do some songs, but not whole albums. I get something...
  35. Sandra's Bollocks

    \m/ Metal/Punk/Rock \m/

    What's in your cd player ATM? (car, home, portable). For me its... Rose Tattoo Social Distortion Testament Disfear Damaged Napalm Death Ozzy Black Flag :headbange
  36. Sandra's Bollocks

    Worst songs ever.

    Whats the worse song you've ever heard.? For mine its Mr. Tanbourine Man - William Shatner. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGPai4YIz30 (sorry Tadpole, stole your idea) ;)
  37. Sandra's Bollocks

    One Liners!!

    I was thinking the other day, on how many jokes ive heard over the years and failed to remember them all! Hopefully you guys can post some of your greatest and funniest jokes on here. Should be a good laugh. Ill get the ball rolling..................... How do you circumcise a hill-billy...
  38. Sandra's Bollocks

    Sleeping Pills!

    Hi guys. Im going on an overseas trip this year, and im thinking of trying some pills to help me sleep on the plane. Does anyone know if they work? And which ones are the best? Cheers!
  39. Sandra's Bollocks

    Lifestyle Rewards!

    Hey guys. I tried logging in to the Lifestyle Rewards site, but it failed. Has anyone else had this problem??
  40. Sandra's Bollocks

    Whos going to the trials??

    Just wanted to know if many people are coming to the trials? Last years vs dragons game was a pretty good turn out.
  41. Sandra's Bollocks

    Maco madness.

    great forum. its good to see so many doggy fans. cant wait for the season to begin. got season tix right near the tunnel this year. woo hoo.