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  1. gibbobulldog

    Sonny Bill involved?

  2. gibbobulldog

    Klemmer or Woods

    Drugs are bad David.
  3. gibbobulldog

    Matt Burton consolidated thread

    oh shut up sook
  4. gibbobulldog

    Wolves in sheep skin !

  5. gibbobulldog

    Who’s tired?

    Fuck yeh I’m done.
  6. gibbobulldog

    The reason why we are getting monstered

    Because we are SHIT
  7. gibbobulldog

    Rumour Something is brewing

    It is a good friend of mines wife.
  8. gibbobulldog

    Rumour Something is brewing

    I heard that Trent is not very liked by the player’s for sacking the girl that looks after the players family’s on game day’s to the point that the club had to get her back. Players wouldn’t speak to him at all.
  9. gibbobulldog

    Social Media Brandon Smith rumoured 3 year deal

    Apparently on his way
  10. gibbobulldog

    Wtf!!! Is JAC on the money

    But if Bellamy is leaving at the end of next year.
  11. gibbobulldog

    News Daryl Clark

    Your profile picture looks like Nasheed
  12. gibbobulldog

    Other News Source JAC

  13. gibbobulldog

    Flanagan consolidated thread.

  14. gibbobulldog

    Negotiations update

  15. gibbobulldog

    JAC has been sounded out by Barret

    He got an Uber ride off Nasheed.
  16. gibbobulldog

    Andrew Hill

    Nasheed, stick to Uber driving because you are full of shit. FUCK OFF.
  17. gibbobulldog

    No Source Are we actually going to address our biggest issue?

    I think our biggest issue is Nasheed.
  18. gibbobulldog

    Trent Robinson praises SBW

    Nasheed or sbw
  19. gibbobulldog

    No Source Big Hooker News. Inside info

    That’s nasheeds missus. They live together in a unit complex in Granville.
  20. gibbobulldog


    Great threads as usual Dave. NOT
  21. gibbobulldog

    A game. Who are the halfbacks YOU want?

  22. gibbobulldog

    No Source Big Hooker News. Inside info

    Nasheed, the drug’s you are taking are messing with your brain, fuck off with your bullshit rumours. No one believes a word you say.
  23. gibbobulldog

    A magical team

    Another stupid thread from the Nasheed. FUCK OFF.
  24. gibbobulldog

    Do you have a CB Player you really like

    You are a top shelf pest Nasheed.
  25. gibbobulldog

    Official Round 13 - Bulldogs vs Storm - Discussion Thread

    Dogs by 8 Rfm to score (again) Meaney a double.
  26. gibbobulldog

    No Source Matt Burton

    It’s learn to spell you muppet.
  27. gibbobulldog

    Opinion If CHN wants to go to Canberra we should push for a swap

    So does that mean he won’t play till Barrett gets here next year???
  28. gibbobulldog

    Craig Bellamy: Bulldogs prepare mega deal for Melbourne Storm coach

    Hell fucking yeh, I’ll chip in if it gets him here.
  29. gibbobulldog

    Addo Carr

    Cheers for sharing the info mate fingers crossed
  30. gibbobulldog

    Lachlan Lewis in swap deal with Addo Carr

    Is that you des
  31. gibbobulldog

    No Source Josh Addo-Carr to Dogs?

    What the fuck would you know?????????
  32. gibbobulldog

    No Source Josh Addo-Carr to Dogs?

    Fuck off david
  33. gibbobulldog

    WWOS MOLE Herman Ese’ese

  34. gibbobulldog


    And holbrook coach!!!
  35. gibbobulldog

    DWZ appreciation thread

    Watch this useless coach drop him to reserves.
  36. gibbobulldog

    Official Round 17 - Dogs vs Knights - Consolidated Match Thread

  37. gibbobulldog

    Recruitment Suggestions - Consolidated Thread

    I’d rather see if Curtis Rona would come back.
  38. gibbobulldog

    Opinion Sold out at Belmore?

    No worries thanks mate.
  39. gibbobulldog

    Opinion Sold out at Belmore?

    I’m heading to the game. What’s parking like?
  40. gibbobulldog

    Official Round 11 - Dogs vs Storm - Consolidated Match Thread

    It’s the round of upsets.dogs by 13+.
  41. gibbobulldog

    Weidler on 100% Footy - Player revolt against Pay

    Maybe Gould is acting like that because he is about to be part of the bulldogs.
  42. gibbobulldog

    Opinion Rule Changes you would like to see

    Roosters actually get busted for being over the cap.
  43. gibbobulldog

    Official Round 6 - Dogs vs Rabbitohs - Consolidated Match Thread

    I’m definitely going fishing all day Friday just so I don’t have to watch us get flogged again.
  44. gibbobulldog

    Q: If you were coach this week, what would be your game plan to beat Souths?

    Pay the refs triple to whatever they get paid to make sure we lose.
  45. gibbobulldog

    Opinion Dear Bulldogs....

    You’ve got no fucking idea you clown.
  46. gibbobulldog

    I tell you what this team is.

    Fucking useless.
  47. gibbobulldog

    Rollcall : Rd3 Tigers at Campbelltown

    Just start your session in the club before the game
  48. gibbobulldog

    Rollcall : Rd3 Tigers at Campbelltown

    Ill be there I live 10 mins away.
  49. gibbobulldog

    If Dylan Walker is Sacked by Manly, will they make a play a Foran?

    Foran doesn’t want to be coached by hasler.
  50. gibbobulldog

    Consolidated Klemmer Discussion

    Fuck klemmer I hope we win the comp soon as he leaves.
  51. gibbobulldog

    2019 Membership - who's in?

    Yes me and my three boys will be getting memberships UP THE DOGGYS.
  52. gibbobulldog

    News Another sponsor gone

    wicked sister has terminated its sponsor with the bulldogs.
  53. gibbobulldog

    Official Woolford leaves the Dogs

    What sought of a rumour is this???????????
  54. gibbobulldog

    Lewis: It’s been an incredible year

    He scored a try on his birthday.
  55. gibbobulldog

    The dogs are havin a party

    What’s a supperter???
  56. gibbobulldog

    The meaning of depression.

  57. gibbobulldog

    Round 15 - Bulldogs vs Titans - Team List and Game Discussion Thread.

    Can we just forfeit the rest of the season so nobody has to watch this useless team play again please.
  58. gibbobulldog

    Moses to play final game against Titans - Mbye Megathread

    Hopefully klemmer or Jacko smash Mbye when we play him in round 20. Come on doggies hurt the prick.
  59. gibbobulldog

    A win on Monday

    If we don’t win this we will only lose by 1-8 we are better then you all think.
  60. gibbobulldog

    A win on Monday

    Didn’t we beat the dragons last year with lichaa at 9??
  61. gibbobulldog

    Round 14 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Team List and Game Discussion Thread.

    Lewis just got mom in isp. interview with Soward saying he was ment to play Monday against dragons but there is a problem with our top 30.
  62. gibbobulldog

    Round 14 - Bulldogs vs Dragons - Team List and Game Discussion Thread.

    ISP on channel 9 about to start Rhyse Martin playing in isp
  63. gibbobulldog

    Round 12 - Bulldogs vs Tigers - Team List and Game Discussion Thread.

    I’m sick of hearing more and more bad news for our beloved bulldogs if I ever see des in public I’ll dead set hurt him the useless piece of shit.
  64. gibbobulldog

    Bulldogs can't bring in stars for three years: CEO

    I thought we sacked Moses Suli? Why are we still be paying him?
  65. gibbobulldog

    Dean Pay - Mega Thread

    Sack the whole fucking team there a bunch of useless *****.
  66. gibbobulldog

    Sack Pay

    Bring back James Graham as captain coach
  67. gibbobulldog

    Recruitment Suggestions - Consolidated Thread

    Roosters want coen Hess so we’ve no chance of getting him.
  68. gibbobulldog

    Why are people criticising Pay

    I heard that Ivan Cleary and Nathan Cleary might go to a club as a package deal.
  69. gibbobulldog

    Recruitment Suggestions - Consolidated Thread

    IVAN CLEARY. The tigers have just beat the two teams that smashed us.
  70. gibbobulldog

    Number 1 target for 2019 or earlier

    Ivan Cleary. The tigers have just beat the two teams that smashed us.
  71. gibbobulldog

    R2 - Bulldogs vs Roosters - Team List & Discussion Thread

    Fuck this shit I’m not watching anymore.
  72. gibbobulldog

    Recruitment Suggestions - Consolidated Thread

    The ball every time we put a kick through would be good.
  73. gibbobulldog

    2018 Season Preview - Zero Tackle

    Whoever wrote this is a dead set wanker. DOGS TOP 4 UP THE DOGGYS.
  74. gibbobulldog

    Mbye set to become Bulldogs fullback

    Is it march yet? I want to start watching the dogs smash the sombrero roosters and giving the premiership a red hot crack.UP THE DOGGYS.
  75. gibbobulldog

    Michael Ennis Comments On The Bulldogs Culture: "They've Lost Who They Are"

    I wish Ennis would shut the fuck up and get over himself I'm sick of hearing him winge about our club.
  76. gibbobulldog

    Message To All Dogs Supporters

    He went and got on the drugs hard he's still tripping big time parra ain't winning shit anytime soon.
  77. gibbobulldog

    Confirmed, Bulldogs set up is 'toxic'!

    Yep it took long enough but we got there in the end UP THE DOGGYS
  78. gibbobulldog

    New Bulldogs coach Dean Pay wants club to focus on developing talent to rebuild its culture

    Has pay already coached Cleeland and lee as raiders juniors??
  79. gibbobulldog

    Dean Pay mega thread

    What the fuck??? Are you high??
  80. gibbobulldog

    Where to now since Hasler is goooooooooone??

    The bottle-o it's time to party big time.
  81. gibbobulldog

    Lichaa to meet with Canterbury officials this week

    It only took three games for lichaa to get injured since he decided to start running the ball. He could be always getting injured if he keeps running the ball.
  82. gibbobulldog

    Rd 1 2018 in Perth

    I'll be there with my two boy's 7 and 12yo and both bleed blue and white. They both absolutely hate the rabbits ever since that grand final.
  83. gibbobulldog

    Predictions for last game 2017 v dragons

    Hoppa to score two tries again.
  84. gibbobulldog

    Titans to win

    Who's getting tits out for the boys when the dogs win today??
  85. gibbobulldog

    Poach Dogs

    Isn't dean pay at the raiders???