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  1. gibbobulldog

    News Another sponsor gone

    wicked sister has terminated its sponsor with the bulldogs.
  2. gibbobulldog

    Which nrl star is having second thoughts about the club he signed up too for 2018

    In the Sunday telegraph. I would love it to be Tedesco but wouldn't be surprised if it's foran or woods.
  3. gibbobulldog

    Nathan peats

    watching him in origin looks good we should make him a offer
  4. gibbobulldog

    Reynolds in talks with shark

    just on 7 news.
  5. gibbobulldog

    Western force set to be axed

    western force set to be axed.where will Curtis rona end up??
  6. gibbobulldog

    Even the knights are a better team then us this year

    i am starting to think even the Knights are going to make us look stupid this year
  7. gibbobulldog

    We are in trouble against roosters next week

    I think we might be in some real trouble against roosters next week they are going to hand us a new arsehole.
  8. gibbobulldog

    I miss ennis

    He had a great game tonight wish he could of stayed in dog's colours
  9. gibbobulldog

    Thumbs up to tony williams leaving finally

    How many thumbs up can we get to tony williams never playing again in bulldogs colours??
  10. gibbobulldog

    Congrats to franky Pritchard

    Hull fc win the challenge cup final.Well done franky now come back here and help us win some games.
  11. gibbobulldog

    Nrl bunker a joke

    The nrl bunker needs to go. It is absolutely shocking, another real bad call in broncos game.
  12. gibbobulldog

    Anyone reckon dogs will try and get Hayne or Foran??

    Who should we go for hayne or foran
  13. gibbobulldog

    Roosters pumped by titans can the dogs beat the roosters???

    Roosters at full strength got smashed by titans.can the dogs beat them?what do you's think???
  14. gibbobulldog

    James graham in trouble????

    James graham on report.will he get suspended?????