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  1. Dogs Of War

    Bulldogs Plan To Win Game In Ultimate Magic Round Sorcery

    https://www.betootaadvocate.com/sports/bulldogs-plan-to-win-game-in-ultimate-magic-round-sorcery/ Bulldogs Plan To Win Game In Ultimate Magic Round Sorcery Hold on to your witch hats, because the Canterbury Bulldogs have revealed a whimsical wazoo of a plan ahead of the coveted NRL Magic...
  2. Dogs Of War

    New NRL roster system will prevent Farah-style Tigers exile

    https://www.nrl.com/news/2018/02/26/new-nrl-roster-system-will-prevent-robbie-farah-style-wests-tigers-exile/ It will be interesting to see who the Dogs name in the top 29/30 as we have talent coming through, but which players do they see as the ones who are going to play this year.
  3. Dogs Of War

    ATT: Bulldogs Members

    Post where you live on this site, at lets get Sydney looking like it's all Bulldogs! http://member.nrl.com/#stakeYourClaim
  4. Dogs Of War

    Best Video Ever, St George fans watch it!

    St Choke the movie One of the guys posted this on LU and I thought it was hilarious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQ4HQe5vXUQ
  5. Dogs Of War

    Sonny Bill Williams has been signed for over a month!

    I did a search for "Sonny Bill Williams" on French websites. I came across this site which I translated: http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.paperblog.fr%2F785138%2Fsonny-bill-williams-irait-a-toulon-a-xv-histoire-de-gros-sous-et-de-loi%2F&hl=en&ie=UTF8&sl=fr&tl=en The...
  6. Dogs Of War

    Vote for SBW as best player in NRL

    Daily Telegraph is running a poll on the best player in the NRL which will be in Fridays paper. Currently, Todd Carney is leading! Canberra fans have been deleting cookies and revoting. Lets get SBW to the top fair and square...
  7. Dogs Of War

    Atmosphere at games - an idea

    I was thinking in one of my drunken states as I do.... How about the Dogs give say 100 people free season tickets in the Kennel, if they sing/chant every game. The Dogs I am sure could get some good tunes/chants, even if they are stealing from the English crowds, to create that atmosphere...
  8. Dogs Of War

    Dogs have learnt new tricks: SBW

    From http://www.leaguehq.com.au/news/news/dogs-have-learnt-new-tricks-sbw/2008/02/03/1201973738509.html Can't wait to see the team go around. Hopefully we cane Parra first round.
  9. Dogs Of War

    Blackout Rugby - Fantasy Rugby

    Game is underway. Lots of fun, similar to Battrick (another great game, but cricket instead http://www.battrick.org (Join Sri Lanka! games are on at 4:30pm AEST)). If you aren't sure where to sign up to play, try the Pacific Islands, you won't need to know as much about rugby union to be...
  10. Dogs Of War

    With Cyclone Willie gone, Dogs focus on tropical new home

    From http://www.leaguehq.com.au/news/news/dogs-focus-on-tropical-new-home/2007/11/23/1195753308470.html?page=fullpage#contentSwap1 So what date do they move, and exactly whereabouts will they be located in the complex?
  11. Dogs Of War

    Grand Final @ 3pm Political Party

    http://www.leaguehq.com.au/news/news/grand-final-has-become-a-political-football/2007/09/11/1189276720744.html I just signed up. Sounds like a good political party to be part of. Protecting the rights of football supporters australia wide! http://www.gf3pm.com/ I suggest more of you sign up...
  12. Dogs Of War


    Anyone else play this game? I'm Howzat on the site (my team is the Hungry Hungry Hippos) A quick run down on what this game is about, it's a fantasy cricket game were you get given a squad of players, from there on in you train, buy/sell players and try and win your league. It's very addictive...
  13. Dogs Of War

    2004 Highlights Video

    Does anyone know if the 2004 Bulldogs Highlights Video have the full grand final on it? Or how much of the grand final does it actually contain. I would like this to add to my collection.
  14. Dogs Of War


    As you can see from my joining date that I have visited a long time ago when the forum was just starting. I post mainly on LU, but I suppose I will be posting here a lot more as their ain't that many dogs supporters over their. Been supporting the dogs since 1980, and will keep on supporting...