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  1. Ripley


    Everybody wants a running darting #9 like Damien Cook or a game managing #9 like Cam Smith. Problem is, there’s only one of each in the game and a handful of others that do some of one or both without never really getting close. Thing is though, that’s not the most important thing you need out...
  2. Ripley

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Got the funniest glitch I’ve ever seen in a game - your dick hangs out your fly. No matter what pants I put on, my dick hangs out the front. And I gave V a really big dick. Just don’t know how serious you can be taken talking to various crime lords when your dick’s hanging out. Maybe it’s the...
  3. Ripley

    Galactic Federation

    https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_6214807793001 The Galactic Federation Ambassador visits Earth and through the wonders of alien technology speaks through a device that interprets what he says so that every living creature on Earth can understand him. “We have been watching you for...
  4. Ripley

    Greg Norman

  5. Ripley

    Happy Birthday Coach

  6. Ripley

    Read for years

    Finally got around to it. Hoping to introduce you all to some quality music.