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  1. Dogs Of War

    Shaun Johnson consolidated thread

    Johnson has never had a good half next to him. It would just need to be the right price.
  2. Dogs Of War

    Rumour Dufty in talks with the Bulldogs

    defence wins comps. Attack just works out how much by. It would take some creative positioning to get dufty working in attack and play someone else at fullback in defence. dufty is a decent placeholder. Nothing more. Don’t break the bank for him.
  3. Dogs Of War

    Rumour Dufty in talks with the Bulldogs

    I think most of you look at his attack. But his defence and positional play needs so much work. Not worth more than say 300k. He has had plenty of time to work on that and still hasn’t fixed it.
  4. Dogs Of War

    Matt Burton consolidated thread

    And you only have to see how Cleary went when Katao was hooker to know that we are only as good as the hooker we have servicing the halves. I really just want to hear we have signed the Cheese, Smoothy or Hogson next. From there everything gets better.
  5. Dogs Of War

    Please join the Bulldogs footy club. Have your say. Get some power. The more members the stronger it makes our club

    Can someone who can make this happen look after a 40yr plus dogs supporter. 20 years as a season member. Just feel I need a voice. members. Pm the fuck out of me if you can make it happen.
  6. Dogs Of War

    Opinion Where would you prefer to watch the bulk of our games?

    Kougari Oval. Be a 5min trip for me.
  7. Dogs Of War

    Rumour Dufty in talks with the Bulldogs

    Dogs played Issac Luke and Damien Cook at Fullback. Luke only played hooker once he left the Dogs, Cook got a small chance at Hooker, but had Ennis in front of him. I'm happy for us to roll the dice that way. Especially as others have pointed out with the speed of the game now. Really just...
  8. Dogs Of War

    Opinion Big Josh Kerr

    Well if we lose Atoni, we may have no choice.
  9. Dogs Of War

    Number 9

    Well looking him up on Wikipedia. He has risen through the ranks well. He would be a decent cheap pick up for us. And at least at our club he will get an opportunity to play while learning off 2 good hookers in front of him. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tyson_Smoothy Plus if we have him...
  10. Dogs Of War

    Bulldogs Plan To Win Game In Ultimate Magic Round Sorcery

    https://www.betootaadvocate.com/sports/bulldogs-plan-to-win-game-in-ultimate-magic-round-sorcery/ Bulldogs Plan To Win Game In Ultimate Magic Round Sorcery Hold on to your witch hats, because the Canterbury Bulldogs have revealed a whimsical wazoo of a plan ahead of the coveted NRL Magic...
  11. Dogs Of War

    Why I believe Brandon Smith's signature is signed and sealed.

    But do you want him doing that? Nice if he can do Brandon Smiths role at the Storm now, fill in when required at hooker, so we can dump most of our current hookers. But you wouldn't want him fulltime performing that role.
  12. Dogs Of War

    Why I believe Brandon Smith's signature is signed and sealed.

    im pretty sure he wants a middle. With smith playing that role and finuane likely gone. I’d say he’d be happy to take Elliot who probably has more up side and youth in that Melbourne system.
  13. Dogs Of War

    Why I believe Brandon Smith's signature is signed and sealed.

    yeah Bellamy wants an equivalent player. I’d suggest the best we can offer is Jackson or Adam Elliot. I’d be happy for him to take either.
  14. Dogs Of War

    Barrett's too nice

    I just look at Robinson at the roosters. Anytime they cut to him in the dressing rooms he is never yelling. Be interesting to understand Barrett’s emotional intelligence/empathy levels. Cause I think that’s what Robinson has in spades. Really it shows you don’t so much need to be nice. Just talk...
  15. Dogs Of War

    Opinion Clark could be ours if we cough up the coin

    The cheese won’t cost as much. At best 750k a year. No transfer fee. Even then that’s too freight and the cheese is an easy sell for a Dog supporter to pony up and pay a 3rd party top up to see him play for us.
  16. Dogs Of War

    Off-contract Storm forward Dale Finucane meets with two rivals

    We had a procession of talent coming through at the time. Just stopped straight after that cause Des didn’t value the Lower grades.
  17. Dogs Of War

    Why I believe Brandon Smith's signature is signed and sealed.

    If we have signed him, then great. Dogs still need to find someone to back him up. I'd like him to announce he has signed. Cause that would help swing some others into signing just cause they can see things going in the right direction.
  18. Dogs Of War

    Why I believe Brandon Smith's signature is signed and sealed.

    Clarke is more of a risk than the cheese. Cause at least the cheese has played at NRL level. At worst he is just competent and we look for another hooker with a view to the future and move the cheese to lock. While Clarke could just be well out of his depth, and Clarke is much older so it's a...
  19. Dogs Of War

    Fullback for next year?

    Sign Nicho Hynes. He ain’t pap. But he is better than anything we have currently.
  20. Dogs Of War

    Recruitment Suggestions - Consolidated Thread

    Thoughts on Nicho Hynes . Be great to bring in. Winning program. Be a good fullback for us.off contact this year.
  21. Dogs Of War

    What’s wrong with T Baz?

    We generally only played better towards the end of season. Our starts the last few seasons have been terrible.
  22. Dogs Of War

    What’s wrong with T Baz?

    As far as I see things. Barrett is trying to make the bulldogs play with the expansive play the panthers do. He just hasn’t got the talent. I do like he is setting the bar high. And for most of the players who have been in this squad. That’s how it feels. Too high bar to achieve. as long as...
  23. Dogs Of War

    IT IS WHAT IT IS?????

    Depends how you use it. It's a saying I use a lot. For me it means whatever has happened, has happened. Just get on with the job as it stands now. No point dwelling on what could have been and what you can't change. Just start taking steps to elevate yourself. I'm fine with that, really depends...
  24. Dogs Of War

    Official Round 5 Bulldogs V Storm - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    The week before they were going alright. Really just about getting that consistency in their games.
  25. Dogs Of War


    if it’s a swap for Napa. I’d do it. McGuire has passion. Napa has none. not to mention our squad makeup has plenty of holes.A few veterans will help the team get some go forward. At this point it’s a cheap roll of the dice. And let’s us get another year where we maybe backfill with juniors...
  26. Dogs Of War

    Official Round 5 Bulldogs V Storm - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    To be honest. I think major surgery happens after we get past this lot of great teams. I’d like to see Hoppa dropped and cotric play his natural side of the field in the centres. Doorey will get his chance as soon as round 11 comes. I’d prefer trying Wakeham at 5/8th and moving averillo to the...
  27. Dogs Of War

    Why it might take a decade for the Bulldogs to turn things around

    It’s just being patient. Get the spine right. Players will flock to us. At this point I feel we have 2 pieces. Just need a hooker as a priority. And hopefully the fullback will work itself out.
  28. Dogs Of War

    Official Jackson topine debuts

    I should have added, Dietz had a great game. Actually had vision. I'd like him to be in the top 17 for the rest of the season.
  29. Dogs Of War

    Official Jackson topine debuts

    Just watched the Mounties game. Really Lewis played very well, Topine was ok. I though Doorey was better and I'd like to see him get some FG chances soon. Maybe they will promote those guys once we get past this hard run of games against the better teams in the comp to give them a chance of...
  30. Dogs Of War

    Opinion Switching teams

    Not sure how you can just change clubs. In the NFL I support the Bengals. When they do periods for when a club was at there worst, most clubs have a year or two. For the Bengals they just say the 90's. Hopefully it's not like that for the Dogs. I like who we are buying, we just need more of it...
  31. Dogs Of War

    Opinion Forward prospects

    Parra offered $600K. We would need to go over that to secure him. He obviously thinks he is worth more than that. I'm not so sure he is.
  32. Dogs Of War

    Opinion Milford on cheap money as a fullback?

    Always takes time to form combinations. And really it will be just one game where it clicks and everything just starts falling into place. I just don't think that happens during this period where we are only playing the top sides (other than the Broncos). Once we get through this patch of games...
  33. Dogs Of War

    Opinion Milford on cheap money as a fullback?

    He is really a 14 now. If you could get him for say $500k to sit on the bench and come in as a game changer I think it would be a good move. He just isn't a starter in the team we are building. Anyway, I think he will go the Dragons. THey seem to be the Bronco's retirement home now. Trying to...
  34. Dogs Of War

    Round 3 Bulldogs V Broncos - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    Having played footy for years, you make your own luck with refs. We need a captain who understands that, knows how to get in there ear properly. And really just get players to bite their tounges with any rubbish directed at the ref, a great way to get them offside and watch penalties flow the...
  35. Dogs Of War

    Scott Sattler announces Bulldogs' potential signing of Brandon Smith

    So happy if that is true. With the players we have signed for next year. It looks promising and that will help attract other players to come to the club for the right money, not overs. Something special seems to be brewing. And on that note. Let us never get into Salary cap hell ever again. It...
  36. Dogs Of War

    News Broncos table $2.8M mega offer in desperate bid to keep gun centre

    Dogs offered $800k a season, Broncos $700k. I just hope he stays at the Broncos. We really just need forwards and a hooker. All future money should be going towards those spots. What is left in the backline can be filled cheaply if we have go forward.
  37. Dogs Of War

    Brendan Piakura consolidated thread

    I still think Rocket Rod Silva is the best mid season signing ever. 1995 doesn't happen without that move.
  38. Dogs Of War

    News Matt Burton wants out

    How did Burton go vs Mounties? I didn't get a chance to watch it, it was on but I was at a BBQ so really was just score watching.
  39. Dogs Of War

    Round 3 Bulldogs V Broncos - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    C'mon, the Dogs need to beat the Broncos. I live in Brisbane. It would give me bragging rights for the rest of the year no matter how bad the rest of the season goes.
  40. Dogs Of War

    Round 2 Bulldogs V Panthers - Team Lists and Discussion Thread

    2017 21 Panthers 16-8 Panthers Stadium 8,727 2018 3 Bulldogs 20-18 ANZ Stadium 11,247 2018 8 Panthers 22-14 Panthers Stadium 13,760 2019 20 Bulldogs 16-8 Bankwest Stadium 10,062 2020 20 Panthers 42-0 ANZ Stadium Looks like it's our turn.
  41. Dogs Of War

    News Bulldogs Considering Referee Action

    V'Landy's mentioned in the Matt Johns show last night that he would like some better clarity about how they communicate what a six again was for. So it's on the radar.
  42. Dogs Of War


    Here is the thing. If we were in the Panthers situation, I'd find it unlikely we would do anything different. We really just need to be stronger on the field and have that same dilemma.
  43. Dogs Of War

    News Matt Burton wants out

    If you don't keep pushing till the end of August, you will never know. Even if we only had him for the last 4 weeks of the season, it's still a start for the combination of playmakers. Obviously the earlier the better.
  44. Dogs Of War

    News Matt Burton wants out

    https://www.nswrl.com.au/news/2021/03/14/nswrl-tv-highlights-the-knock-on-effect-nsw-cup-panthers-v-rabbitohs-round-1/ Good that Burton wears headgear. Looked good in the limited highlights. Even with the Souths tries, you saw him following play and getting involved.
  45. Dogs Of War

    Brendan Piakura consolidated thread

    Welcome to QLD where we getting Bronco's shoved down our throats incessantly. Can't wait for a new team to be announced in Brisbane. A lot of Bronco's fans hate the idea. I'm going to welcome the competition in this market.
  46. Dogs Of War

    Experts' view: Who'll make the top eight in 2021

    With the new transfer rules. I'd say we will have a player on our books that Penrith will want to swap for somewhere during the season. Most teams are going to want to get down to 28 players now to keep that flexibility. THat said, it will be after round 2. Hopefully one of the guys in reserve...
  47. Dogs Of War

    Have you watched the replay of our trial game?

    With the speed of the game now. A battering ram is worth it punching it close to the line with tiring defences. Really depends if you think you are going to get more than 15mins out of him starting the game. I'd prefer some lighter forwards at the start to really move those big teams around and...
  48. Dogs Of War

    Have you watched the replay of our trial game?

    Napa will be a good impact player towards the end of halves. Use him like Kasiano. Big bopper, 15mins before halftime/fulltime. When everybody is tired.
  49. Dogs Of War

    Who is Watson Heleta?

    Seems to be a depth signing. You need those cheap bodies around. He was at the TIgers before that. Some videos of him there as well.
  50. Dogs Of War

    News Matt Burton wants out

    I think people forget that Anasta wasn't happy about being the face of the salary cap stuff. I feel he felt it was time to move on and put that behind him.
  51. Dogs Of War

    Flanagan's first outing

    Just an observation. You could see that was the aim. Getting guys hitting it up getting used to contact. Keeping the play simple. There were options that could have been played to put pressure on, but they chose not to use those and just take the hit up. Second half that went out the window and...
  52. Dogs Of War

    Flanagan's first outing

    THe first half was just keeping the game plan simple. Get to the end of your sets. Perfect when you haven't been playing a lot and are still getting familiar with each other in a game situation. Second half we were told to throw it around, you saw the energy change. Given during the season we...
  53. Dogs Of War

    Official Game Thread : Bulldogs v Sharks Trial 27/02/2021.

    My thoughts on the game. I think the first half we were playing get to the end of your sets. Just running the cobwebs out and getting the basic's right. Second half we were told to throw it around a lot more. You could see that the Sharks weren't as fit as they needed to be, most of that drop...
  54. Dogs Of War

    What did you think of the game ? we just found our new hooker ?

    Well he has this season to prove everybody wrong. I can't see that happening, and I'm sure the Dogs have his money earmarked for JAC. Off to the West Tigers I would think.
  55. Dogs Of War

    Opinion Mitch Kenny?

    TO be honest. Kenny has a pretty good win record. It means he is doing something right. And we don't need a top class hooker that has extra strings to his bow. Just someone who is honest and delivers the ball the way it should be. That is exactly what he seems to be doing. I'm sure Barrett would...
  56. Dogs Of War

    News Trent Barrett backing Adam Elliott to save his football career

    Well I think thats a good thing for the Bulldogs. Being off the drink will help his game get much better.
  57. Dogs Of War

    Ben Roberts on Bloke In A Bar podcast

    You pretty much summed up his whole career at the Dogs.
  58. Dogs Of War

    Trial Matches

    Well it's on Kayo. So I will watch it there. Be good to see how combos are.
  59. Dogs Of War

    Mitch Rein ?

    I pretty sure Cam Smith signs for the Titans, we would be able to get him for cheap this year immediately.
  60. Dogs Of War

    News Matt Burton wants out

    Just don't play Sweet Caroline at any parties and Elliot will keep his clothes on. Problem Solved.
  61. Dogs Of War

    News Averillo torn MCL in elbow

    Avo made up of the same stuff that the Stanley boys were. Gee they knew how to get injured.
  62. Dogs Of War

    News Matt Burton wants out

    Cause he is the major sponsor, and he wants to be the newspaper getting his value for money. Normally major sponsors aren't as involved in the club goings-on as deeply as the Laudrys are.
  63. Dogs Of War

    Dogs chase Broncos teen sensation

    If we do sign him and develop him, we would want to be a contender to hold onto them in that last year of the contract. Money wise. I feel we would be blown out of the water if he is doing anything half as good as David Fafita.
  64. Dogs Of War

    Dogs chase Broncos teen sensation

    My only problem is that you know if they add a Brisbane 2 team. At the end of any contract, they will probably come in and offer a motza for them.
  65. Dogs Of War

    Recruitment Suggestions - Consolidated Thread

    It really comes down to sponsors that he is on the nose with. Our club doesn't need that circus. Geez we have had enough of those lately.
  66. Dogs Of War

    Opinion NRL Live Pass

    I just needed the pair. I have 3 outputs for the secondary one which allows other devices to be hard wired to it. So it's like they are all connected directly to the router. I took a 2Gb one. Which really gives about 800mb throughput. Still pretty good. I have an Asus RT-AX-88 which is probably...
  67. Dogs Of War

    Opinion NRL Live Pass

    Powerline adapters is what I use to get around that problem. Just buy a good set.
  68. Dogs Of War

    Opinion NRL Live Pass

    I share my kayo with a mate. It works well that way, and we halve the cost. Also you can watch 2 things at once on one screen. I have been watching the NFL and having the cricket on a small screen in the corner, it's very easy to switch between the two. Also someone said get an apple TV. Highly...
  69. Dogs Of War

    Opinion Tips for our first 5 games of the season

    You should have gone first 6. We play Cowboys then. If we can go 3 from 6. I will be very happy. Broncos have a tougher run than us for their first 8. I think the Bronco's may be looking for there first win versus us, and we could be as well, though I'm hoping we beat the Knights without Pongia.
  70. Dogs Of War

    Groomed as next bulldogs captain?

    Hoppa? I'm hoping Hoppa won't be here next year. Not that he can't play at this level. But he is as good as he is going to get. I think we can do better.
  71. Dogs Of War


    The Cheese is waiting to see how clubs go. If the Titans were just smoke and mirrors last season, where are the Broncos at? Same for the Bulldogs. He wants to hitch his wagon to a contender. We will have to pay overs to lure him, if either of those 2 look good half way through the season, or...
  72. Dogs Of War


    THat be hard to beat. THe Knights in 2005. They won 8 games. Probably the closest ladder ever. Andrew JOhns had a broken jaw at the start of the season and the knights lost 13 games straight before coming good. I always remember cause they were still getting 20K to games. Most entertaining...
  73. Dogs Of War

    News Bulldogs young gun Jake Averillo front-runner for new starting spot

    Avo is not like JT. JT in NSW Cup had the ball on a string. You could see he was on another level. Avo hasn't dominated in the same way. Really if he is good enough, he will get the position. No different to Burton's situation at the Panthers. Not at the level of those in front of him currently...
  74. Dogs Of War

    News My Dogs no longer sleeping

    Which is normal. It's where to position players in the team, so it's best for the whole squad.
  75. Dogs Of War

    Rod Silva

    I remember that game. I did a lap of Wests League club in Ashfield yelling we are in the grand final cause I thought Pollys field goal went over. Had to sit down to watch extra time once I found out it didn't.
  76. Dogs Of War

    Opinion Matt Burton

    I'd assume that Penrith is throwing in some of the freight. And Wayne is know for allowing youngsters to leave clubs if he knows they won't get a proper opportunity at the club he is coaching. Roberts at the Titans is a perfect example.
  77. Dogs Of War

    Official Corey Allan signs 3 year deal with Bulldogs

    Sounds like he is off to the Tigers then.
  78. Dogs Of War

    Opinion Matt Burton

    I think we can pay the difference in the meantime. Well just for this year. Next year it's on them.
  79. Dogs Of War

    Opinion Matt Burton

    It won't cause the NRL will ensure the players get vaccinated as soon as possible. Before you and me will get any shots.
  80. Dogs Of War

    Opinion Nick Cotric vs Greatest Canterbury Centers.

    And Johnathon Davies. That was when the English Super League season didn't run parallel to the NRL season. So when their season would finish, we would get a 8 game run into the finals with those guys. Loved watching both guys. I think it was with Johnathon Davies where we were known as the...
  81. Dogs Of War

    Opinion Matt Lodge??

    He is the Broncos's punishment. Let him continue to take up valuable salary cap there keeping the Broncos in the bottom half of the table. Living in Brisbane, it makes me very happy for this situation to continue.
  82. Dogs Of War

    1980 Reserve Grade Grand Final

    There is a facebook group called Dan's NRL collectibles. He tends to be a mainstay on Vossy's shows, when they get old tapes or memorabilia they show off. If he doesn't have it. It won't exist. If you put a post up there I'm sure you will find what you are looking for. Any if any others of you...
  83. Dogs Of War

    Brandon Smith contract news: Storm grants star early release

    Do you seriously think he was doing that in Melb? Where nobody knows who you are, so you get away with it? No you just don't. He is just letting his hair down at the end of the season. No one he plays as well as he does if he was doing anything like that. The game is just too professional these...
  84. Dogs Of War

    Brandon Smith contract news: Storm grants star early release

    Not with that coach of theirs's it wouldn't.
  85. Dogs Of War

    Brandon Smith contract news: Storm grants star early release

    Titans are getting Cam Smith for one season if he decides he wants to play on for one more season. Thus why the Titans weren't included in the email asking for clubs who are keen. Warriors will pay overs, and that really comes down to what the Warriors can promise they are doing with the club...
  86. Dogs Of War

    Brandon Smith contract news: Storm grants star early release

    Madge is like Steven Folkes, trains the players hard. But I think he must go over the top further than Folkes ever did. That said players were happy to move on from Folkes (Geez nearly all of them ran to the roosters Given he has been training behind Smith for so long, you'd hope he has learnt...
  87. Dogs Of War

    Brandon Smith contract news: Storm grants star early release

    I'd think he be good for any team to get through the season. You always need characters around a club who make everything a little bit lighter when your training. Bring on the cheese, and JAC if possible. And somehow get them both here for next season. Napa is exactly what Melbourne like in a...
  88. Dogs Of War


    They say they won't until we have a few losses in a row, and then the shuffling begins. As they need to shake things up.
  89. Dogs Of War

    Round 1 draw

    GIven it's round 1. I think that's a great time to play a side with top 4 aspirations. Might get them on the hop. As I think we would be a very different team to play, and Barrett would really want us to come out of the blocks with some fire.
  90. Dogs Of War

    Fox are showing an olds dogs game now.

    THey need to add more. Love something like a special on the 17 in a row.
  91. Dogs Of War

    Groomed as next bulldogs captain?

    We would use our challenge in the first 5mins if DWZ was captain.
  92. Dogs Of War

    Fox league bulldogs predicted line up

    New coach, new start. I'm sure Barrett will have plenty of ideas and see how guys go. Always a few surprises in pre season training, especially if he can get into guys like Averillo to ensure they put the work in to play something like Fullback. Those little changes make all the difference...
  93. Dogs Of War

    News Worth a crack? Albert Hopoate Axed

    It's a stupid move cause he wants to do his mission which starts in 22 if things go to plan (Pandemic and all). That means for 2 years he isn't playing footy and no guarantee he goes to us afterwards or comes back the same player. You want someone who is either ready for first grade which he...
  94. Dogs Of War

    Official Matt Burton to join the Bulldogs in 2022

    Melb did exactly that for years. So it can't be that hard. Manly doing the same. You just sacrifice depth as you need to have a lot more min or near min contract players. And they better be the spine players if your going that route.
  95. Dogs Of War

    Official Kyle Flanagan signs 3 year deal

    The worst. Reminds me of Ireland. When I went to the local Chinese, which was really Irish guys using Kan-Tong sauces to make Chinese. Was dreadful. I'm at Wynumn, you can get Chinese, Thai and Indian. That's it. If I want something better I have to go into the city. But even that's slim...
  96. Dogs Of War


    He reminds me of Adam Perry. Just a ball of a bloke who always puts in. I think he would be great both on and off the field, and you really need characters around a club. Our selling point should be that you will be a hooker, and get hooker money. It's a lot less taxing than the role Melb use...
  97. Dogs Of War

    News Worth a crack? Albert Hopoate Axed

    He hasn't done his mission, and wants to. Which means at best you develop him for one year, and hope he comes back in good fitness afterwards. I'm not sure that Will ever came back as the same player. He seemed to lose a lot of speed in that time out of the game while doing his mission.
  98. Dogs Of War

    Please join the Bulldogs footy club. Have your say. Get some power. The more members the stronger it makes our club

    Same. In QLD now. But would like to be a member of the footy club. Can someone PM me.
  99. Dogs Of War

    News Daryl Clark

    Not to mention that you can then go after a young guy to learn the ropes behind him. I don't want to pretend that JKM is anything but a bench player for the next few years who can cover a few roles.