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  1. Trafford10

    Your best bulldogs win being there

    Bulldogs fan here. 1979 semi final against Cronulla 30 to 15 win. Some of the game is in the highlights. I was at this game with my dad, brother and some guy from down the Street (Lister Street, Winston Hills) and I don't remember Cronulla even scoring a point. But I sure do remember Turvey's...
  2. Trafford10

    What players are leaving 1st of November 2020

    What players are 100% leaving? I think we know for sure:- OFF CONTRACT 2020 WHO ARE LEAVING FOR SURE: Jack Cogger, Kieran Foran, Kieran Holland. Likely: Marcelo Montoya & Aiden Tolman. Hopefully: Tim Lafai Don't know about: Tyrone Harding, Sauaso Sue, Isaiah Tass, Sebastian Winters-Chang...
  3. Trafford10


    If you want a laugh go to the West Tigers Forum and have a read of the thread "Mbye has to go". Mbye is screwing them almost as hard as he screwed us.
  4. Trafford10

    Who should be captain next season

    Josh Jackson form has fallen off a cliff. Should he be Captain next season?
  5. Trafford10

    IF we don't get Latrell Mitchell for the 2020 season can we jam Jayden Okunbor into centre?

    Yeah I know his defence is terrible but he can run fucking hard and make line breaks, I still think of him running over the top of Smith twice in one game? Any change Okunbor is in Pay's plans for the starting 13 round 1 at centre?
  6. Trafford10

    Happy to Let Hoppa walk early?

    I’m hearing a whisper that TWO Sydney clubs may come a knocking in November with a longer term offer for Hopoate (certainly beyond 2020). Thoughts, happy for him to leave a year early? BTW full freight, no subsidy required by the Dogs.
  7. Trafford10

    Rhyse Martin - 24 minutes of crap

    Yesterday’s performance by Martin has to be just about the worst I have seen for a long time. He played only 24 minutes but was totally out of puff just about the whole time, he couldn’t even get off the ground after making a tackle and would have been penalized twice if we weren’t already 30...
  8. Trafford10

    NRL crowds in Sydney are good!!

    Interesting to see our crowd number tomorrow. The NRL crowds in Sydney have been abysmal!! The heart & soul of rugby league in this nation is Sydney. Yet the NRL is more focused on ensuring Melbourne & Brisbane play finals every year (top 4 preferred) and protecting the Sutton brothers.
  9. Trafford10

    Why has the board decided to write off 2019?

    Given we are now well under the salary cap for 2019 why isn't rhe board out signing a big hard running lock/prop, a fast strong centre/fullback and most importantly a football smart No.9. Instead we are forward loading contracts??? And not adding anything to the strength of the squad for 2019...
  10. Trafford10

    Who plays fullback rest of the season

    Will Deano give Holland a go at Fullback?
  11. Trafford10

    Who would you drop?

    If you could only make one change for next week, who would you leave out?
  12. Trafford10

    Adam Elliott - I’m done

    Seriously I question if this guy is up to it? 8 runs for 52 meters today. Defence is average, and that’s being kind. Who was on here last season hand wringing that he was going to sign with another club? He got upgraded and signed a three year contract and is repaying the club with shit...
  13. Trafford10

    NRL salary cap; please explain.

    How can it be that the only clubs with room to move under their salary cap to sign Cooper Cronk are the Rorters & Cronulla. HOW IS THAT F*CKING POSSIBLE GIVEN THEIR EXISTING SHIT HOT ROSTERS??? Seriously, it beggars belief!! Cronk would have to eat up $1m under the salary cap surley?
  14. Trafford10

    Who is next NRL coach to be sacked?

    Sorry boys I think Anthony Griffin will go before Des.
  15. Trafford10

    Raffa's 16rh Slam

    Looking forward to watching Raffa win his 16th grand slam title tomorrow morning, which I think he will. A truely humble champion. How many titles would he have by now if he didn't have knee injuries? Just about back to his best.
  16. Trafford10

    Tries off kicks should be worth less.

    I know it's been raised before. But what about 3 points and no conversion?
  17. Trafford10

    Crowds in Sydney are pathetic.

    Seriously watching the game last night. And through the whole season just illustrates how shit Sydney crowds are. The NRL are kidding themselves if they don't think crowd numbers are marker on the health of the game. I even think there was a game this season at Lottoland where the crowd was...
  18. Trafford10

    Who plays fullback next season?

    Right now we are the worst team in the NRL by a country mile. Our roster, apparently the most expensive in the NRL, is shit. The club apparently spends more on the football department than all the other clubs except the Broncos. Fuck we are well managed. And let's be honest, there's no big...
  19. Trafford10

    Who is leaving?

    Given the scenes at Belmore on Sunday. The celebration of Reynolds time at Canterbury. Nothing for Kasiano, who has agreed to leave to help rebuild the roster. Who else will finish at end of the season? Lichaa Stanley Anyone have the inside word?
  20. Trafford10

    Worst on ground last night - Ashley Klien

    I don't know if I'm so jaded by the incredibly poor standard of NRL refeering that I think the refs have a shocker every game, but did Klien have a stinker last night, worst than the average shit performance? When Reynolds copped that shot in the back, should that have been a penalty? Because...
  21. Trafford10

    Why do Ch.9 commentators love Souffs

    Why do the 9 commentators have such a hard-on for Souths????? It's pathetic and makes their football coverage almost unwatchable.
  22. Trafford10

    Of the 17 players who played yesterday who do you want to keep for next season.

    It's always darkest before the dawn!! Can our team that represents this great club be reborn next season?? Yesterday there was a bad attitude problem. It looked like they couldn't give a fuck about Penrith scoring. 2nd half only Hoppa was chasing their kicks. Mybe also, once. For me from...
  23. Trafford10

    Our 7 tackle set after their field goal miss

    Was that set the new "worst" we have seen. When we desperately needed the forwards to man up and charge and eat up meters. Nothing. When we needed the halves to organise. Nothing. While we are a good defensive side. With the ball we are close to worst in the NRL.
  24. Trafford10

    Put together team of ex Dogs players still playing in NRL

    Can you put together a team of ex bulldog players still playing in NRL. You guys will have better knowledge than me. If so how would they go against our current team? 1..? 2. Goodwin 3. Lafai 4. ? 5. ? 6. ? 7. Thurston. 8. Taupau 9. Cook. 10. Myles. 11. Hesse 12. ? 13. Finucane I'm out of...
  25. Trafford10

    The dirty six

    Fellow tragics. I was so disappointed how the club ended last season I was steeled for disappointment this season I guess. I don't know about you but after round 20 last season I thought the following six players had the most abysmal form, I couldn't believe how bad they were going:- Mybe: for...
  26. Trafford10

    Curtis Rona

    With the Western Force looking doomed, do you think Curtis will be looking for a gig back in the NRL?
  27. Trafford10

    Aiden Tolman

    Let's be honest there is a lot of negative comment on the Kennel. Way to let out frustration for sure. I will admit I was on Tolman's case at the end of last season and he put in some stinkers to be sure. Game against Cowboys in Townsville, shocker. But I want to give the guy some credit. I...
  28. Trafford10

    merry Christmas & happy new year.

    All the best for the holiday season to the Canterbury Bankstown members and supporters here at the Kennel. Hope you have a special time with your family and loved ones. Relax and regard the batteries because there will be plenty to get stressed over and worry about come March 2017. While not...
  29. Trafford10

    Williams to Cronulla.

    So looks like She-Rex is going to Cronulla on a 1 year deal. Guarantee it won't be the $650k we were paying.
  30. Trafford10

    Let's share some glory day stories about the bulldogs to make us feel better.

    Chaps, I know we feel like we have been kicked in the guts the way this season has gone, even though it's not over yet. But we do follow a great club which has provided us with more highs than lows. Let's share some of those highs before the season is over on Sunday. Here's one. When I was a...
  31. Trafford10

    next week: is there anyone at the club that can play halfback?

    I know there are problems all over the park. It is not just Mybe, but holy crap he has played two of the worst games I have ever seen by a halfback over the last two weeks!! Given we are long shots to win next week anyway do we have anyone else at the club to play halfback and move Mybe to the...
  32. Trafford10

    Is this as good as it gets?

    So the Canterbury Bulldogs will finish 6th or 7th this season after the home and away. 5th in 2015 7th in 2014 6th in 2013 I think most of us feel we are likely to go out first or second week of the final series again this year. So the question is:- Is this the best we can realistically...
  33. Trafford10

    Anyone else had a physiological shift on the team?

    All this season and last season and the season before I would look at the Canterbury Bulldogs team sheet each week and think, gee what a great team why aren't playing better, higher on the ladder etc etc. That was me until Tuesday night when I looked at the team and thought oh. Our starting...
  34. Trafford10

    Kane Evans

    Are the boys going to get their chance to smash the cheap shot artist this Thursday?