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  1. _G-Dog_

    Media Vs Hetherington

    Different commentators on TV Radio & print Media has been ripping into Hetherington for staying down during Dragons game to get a penalty.. Every team and many players have been doing it.. But of course the media are ripping into Hetherington And now Paul Crawley the Rooster$ ass licker just...
  2. _G-Dog_

    Serie A Italy Thread

    Surely there needs to be a thread on here dedicated to the beautiful game in Italy..
  3. _G-Dog_

    Whatsapp Advice - Offline

    Is there anyway of being Online on whatsapp withoit Online being visible?.. Ive tried tge basic security settung like last seen etc but I still appear online when I am.. Gets annoying when people start calling & messaging knowing your online.. I want to appear to be Offline even.when im...
  4. _G-Dog_

    Media Nonsense re Burton

    I didnt hear the media whinge when the next big thing Ponga signed with the wooden spoon Knights.. This is complete & utter drivel from George Clarke for Fox Sports.. BURTON SHINES AT HOME Just how much must Burton be regretting signing for Canterbury? After all the wrangling over whether...
  5. _G-Dog_

    Players at Fault not Coach

    The game & loss yesterday shows its the players that are our biggest problem and not the coach.. Opposition team is down by 2 players and our spine players & others still didnt know how to take advantage of it.. At NRL level players should be able to take advantage of the situation..
  6. _G-Dog_

    4th Tackle Kicks

    I dont underdtand this play at all by flanagan & he does it far too often.. Sure there are times in a match it can work well.. but Flanno is doing it at the wrong time when we are already struggling to go forward, so we lose 1 tackle (another 10m).. and the kick doesnt find any real space or...
  7. _G-Dog_

    Coach Todd Payten

    I know its been a bad start for him already.. but i think hes going to be a failure as a NRL coach.. He had a 'decent' run for half a year with Warriors but is far from proven as an NRL coach.. Apart from results the Stories so far sound bad and he looks like hes moving on some of their more...
  8. _G-Dog_

    Should We Take the 2?

    Hypothetical first half.. Regardless of scoreline.. if we get a penalty in their half should the team take the 2 points to get off the duck egg?
  9. _G-Dog_

    ESL 2021

    Some early observations.. Josh Reynolds doing very well, his side Hull improved out if sight 2 rounds in with him in attack.. Cogger is rubbish.. his side Huddersfield struggle to score even with alot of tackles in the 20m.. Widdop still going well carved up opposition last night with Blake...
  10. _G-Dog_

    On the Bright Side..

    We havent scored a point for 3 rounds.. Yet we are still above Manly on the ladder...
  11. _G-Dog_

    Storm Rd 5

    Bellamy should take the opportunity to rest some players.. wont make a difference to the result.. Could be 320mins no points for us.. Anyone seriously looking forward to watching it?..
  12. _G-Dog_

    Chances of this getting up

    3 leg multi with TAB prices = $607.. Broncos win $9 Dogs win $9 Manly win $7.50 Would this punt go against gambling responsibly??
  13. _G-Dog_

    Recruitment Priorities

    With Burton & JAC coming we need to focus on recruiting a hooker & 2 experienced props.. Letting Napa leave is a no brainer.. Tamou & Ryan James would have been good pickups in the offseason..
  14. _G-Dog_

    NRL Sledges

    Dragon player to Saab yesterday: So how was the drive to the Gong..
  15. _G-Dog_

    Roosters Want Injury Dispensation

    TripleM: If Keary & Lam are ruled out with longterm injurys the roosters will be seeking dispensation from NRL to add replacements to their NRL list to cover for the injuries.. Quite ironic considering they have more depth than most in the halves with Hutchison, Walker (next superstar...
  16. _G-Dog_

    GF Rematch Pen Vs Storm

    So who wins? Cleary & Koroisau missing VS Pap & Kaufusi out for Storm.. And clear weather.. Leaning towards a Storm win myself..
  17. _G-Dog_

    Captains Challenge

    Its probably the least of our issues but we come up with the worst captains challenges.. Basically throw them away.. Been the same story since its been introduced..
  18. _G-Dog_

    Des Hasler

    Many people comment on how he was a traitor & coaches differently under Manly & when he was with us.. I see it very differently.. I actually think the biggest problem with Des is that he hasn't changed much as a coach from all his time.. In his time here he persisted with honest solid FGers in...
  19. _G-Dog_

    GF Dodgy Ref Calls

    There were quite a few BS calls in the GF.. 1. The most blatant one for me was the To'o Try .. Clear shepard/obstruction for mine exactly how the commentators called it .. 2. The Hughes Sin Bin .. Very harsh call I didnt even see him make a movement into the line of the Panthers chaser.. all...
  20. _G-Dog_

    ESL Coverage

    Anyone else here watch the English Super League Rugby League.. I have FOX but they only show a few games each week.. Anyone know the best way to be able to watch all the games?.. Kayo?..
  21. _G-Dog_

    The Team to Beat in 2020

    Will be between Storm & Panthers Raiders are a smokey.. they play very tough but lack the fluency in attack imo.. Roosters are gorrrne.. Next 3 weeks they will need to beat Raiders then Storm then Panthers .. Wont happen .. If Munster is healthy my tip is Storm.. Personally i dont mind them...
  22. _G-Dog_

    The Chooks are Cooked

    Sorry Mr Politi$.. no 3 peat.. You tried hard.. signing $BW for a finals campaign, negotiating & signing JMoz for cheap.. Resigning all your star players for unders.. You tried but its not going to happen in 2020.. Before you know it your few premierships of the past will be a distant memory...
  23. _G-Dog_

    Broncos 2020 Wooden Spooners

    The Cowboys are a rabble.. Brisbane are just as much a chance of beating them next week as losing to them.. 50/50 that game.. Cant rely on that result.. Penrith are on fire and we play them we will need some Georgalis Bullfrog el magic ..
  24. _G-Dog_

    Taking the 2

    Granted we are struggling to score trys but the team wants to win today and avoid the spoon.. Why would we go for 2 to take it from 8 to 10nil in the first half when we were clearly ontop and Manly were struggling at that point in the first half.. Was a perfect time to make the most of any...
  25. _G-Dog_

    DWZ Challenge

    DWZ needs to have his license to ask our captain for a challenge taken away.. Nearly every game he plays he asks Jacko for a challenge which always end up as dud call he loses..
  26. _G-Dog_

    Field Goal

    I really dont understand the fear our spine players have in taking a shot at FG .. may be a lack of confidence? we had some chances before the Tigers levelled up when we were in great Field position.. Same thing happened a few weeks back VS Dragons..
  27. _G-Dog_

    Proctor Bite

    Was watching the game, is it just me or doesnt it look like a bite? Proctors mouth is open & doesnt close in on Johnsons arm to bite him.. Johnsons forearm does end up in Proctors mouth but the fact that Proctors mouth doesnt 'close' in on Johnsons forearm.. doesnt that mean its not a...
  28. _G-Dog_


    Ive been quite impressed with Holbrook with all his interviews & also the performance of his side.. The Titans were a rabble at the start of the year.. he inherited a mess & even though he hasnt had the chance to change the roster much this season.. he has got them playing alot better and they...
  29. _G-Dog_


    Not that i care much but surely the Broncos cannot decide on anything other than getting rid of him.. Results aside the whole culture their has gone rotten since Bennett left.. For mine on paper they have the best young team which could become a real powerhouse in a few years with the right...
  30. _G-Dog_

    L Lewis vs K Flanagan

    Lewis has been in FG for a few years in a team struggling to score in his time in FG.. But hes largely managed to keep his spot over that time.. even when he is dropped & returns his game hasnt improved or changed.. Flanagan has come in as a rookie.. His team has mainly been firing in attack...
  31. _G-Dog_


    Who here is a voting member and would support an EGM... or would you prefer to wait until next election early 2022?.. So far the info I have is that the current board & previous board do not get along at all.. That has not changed.. 1 current board member does get along with members of the...
  32. _G-Dog_

    Front of Jersey Sponsor

    I hate having a jersey with no front sponsor.. it represents failure and mediocrity.. not many NRL clubs have experienced it & it was somthing associated with teams like the Sharks in recent years after there many scandals.. We had a similar issue starting in 08 & Greenberg offered it to a...
  33. _G-Dog_

    The Rebuild

    Is this a rebuild? I thought after 2.5 years we are meant to be making improvement under a successful 'rebuild'.. Do the people running our club know how they are going to get us out of this mess?.. We havent looked this bad since 2008.. and that was just one season that turned around the next..
  34. _G-Dog_

    Wingers Changing Positions

    Seen a recent trend last few years where good wingers or centres want to move to fullback or other more prominent positions to get more cash.. Im sure theres more names but from some i can think of below that did the move.. I still think their original position was the best.. There is very...
  35. _G-Dog_

    Steak Places Sydney

    Gotta take a visitor out tonight.. and they want steak.. Ive been to Hurricanes, Meat & Wine Co many times .. plus been to Ribs & Rumps, Munich etc and a few others i cant remember .. Anywhere else Kennellers recommend.. dont want to venture more than 20mins from CBD..
  36. _G-Dog_

    Paul Mcgregor

    Anyone watch the post game interview with him.. Will the Dragons keep him a coach?
  37. _G-Dog_

    Bateman = Whats wrong with NRL these Days

    Refer to Batemans side of story the Article below.. He has signed a contract.. The Raiders did a good deal with Bateman - he was unproven in the NRL when they signed him but hes done really well so far.. Bateman signed the contract.. He says he can get more elsewhere now and hes looking after...
  38. _G-Dog_

    2004 NRL Premiers Cookies

    Being in lockdown has given me the chance to go through parts of the house and garage that i havent sorted out in ages.. I Went through a drawer that hasnt been opened forever and at the very bottom i find this.. Unopened tin of butter cookies.. Completely forgot about it.. And the wrapper...
  39. _G-Dog_

    4 point Politis

    Putting our lack of points aside for a minute.. I wonder if Nicholas Politis would be pushing so strongly for points not to count if his Rorter$ had won the first 2 games..
  40. _G-Dog_

    Frizell to Newcastle

    Hes 28 years old. 3 year deal worth 2.1 million.. Good deal for both.especially Newcastle, 700k a year not overs by any stretch for a representative 2nd rower.amd a week to week consistent performer...
  41. _G-Dog_

    Fox: Predicted Dogs Spine

    https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/nrl-2020-power-rankings-spines-roosters-luke-keary-james-tedesco-rabbitohs-cody-walker-adam-reynolds/news-story/93ede948cf24cd15a770a241e6593586 They have Lewis ahead of Cogger and ranked us as the 16th best spine 16th. BULLDOGS Predicted...
  42. _G-Dog_

    DWZ Dally M

    We all know he was super impressive in his short time here this season.. Accumulated 8 points in 10 games.. Scored Dally M points in 5 of 10 games he played for us Foran got voted 10 points total from 4 of the games to lead our Dally M count Other notables for us: CHN 7 points Lewis 6 points...
  43. _G-Dog_

    Keary Hair Pull

    Keary was charged with a High shot on Kaufusi and copped the 1K fine but why wasnt he charged with a hair pull also?
  44. _G-Dog_

    Clubs Making Poor Coaching Changes

    1. Panthers Sacking Griffin when 5th on ladder 1 month from finals.. get knocked out 1st week semis in 2018, and now Cleary cant even get them to finals in 2019 2. Brisbane sacking Bennett & replacing him with Seibold ( whos only ever had 1 year in top grade).. Brisbane have a worse season...
  45. _G-Dog_

    Croft or Hughes

    Suprised Bellamy has gone with JHughes at 7.. woukd have thought Croft is the more natural halfback between the 2.. J Highes has done well and an even better fullback than half but they struggled to score points yesterday.. Wouldn't be suprised to see Croft back..
  46. _G-Dog_

    Panthers Releasing players

    FMD They love releasing under contract players.. usually decent names.. and they usually release them after signing them to long term deals Regan GC Waqa Blake DWZ Maloney Latu Cartwright Moylan Jennings Coote Wade Graham Luke Lewis Add to that they sack Griffin and replace him Cleary who...
  47. _G-Dog_

    Attacking Coach

    Defence is going great.. Players are digging in.. The dud ref calls aside the attack needs a spark.. Some of the key attacking players in the spine are taking bad options at crucial times, but that aside it could be time the club looks at employing or adding a coach specifically to focus on...
  48. _G-Dog_

    Coach of Year

    Easily either: 1) Ricky Stuart - completely changed his team from attacking to defensive. Let go of some big names in Austin Junior Paulo and Boyd etc and replaced them with unknowns and shifted Wighton and replaced him with another unknown in C-NK. 2) Des Hasler - Has taken them from 15th to...
  49. _G-Dog_

    The Rebuild

    Coaching aside after 18 rounds I think the coach has got the rebuild wrong.. the players he has recruited for key positions will not be the ones we can build a club around.. Our big recruit Napa is not the player we can build a pack around.. Players like JMK, Cogger and Meaney are not going to...
  50. _G-Dog_

    Short Kick Offs

    Gutsy win.. but these short kickoffs were doing giving the opposition easy 20m need to be addressed.. Over to you Pay..
  51. _G-Dog_

    Lynne Anderson on our Rebuild

    Talks about a new coach whisperer & rebuild , just included the bit from Lynne on our rebuil below... https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/bulldogs-call-in-their-own-coach-whisperer-to-help-dean-pay-20190629-p522ln.html Lynne Anderson said the Bulldogs are doing everything they can to make Pay...
  52. _G-Dog_

    Official Roosters Sign Kyle Flanagan

    https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/sydney-roosters-reportedly-sign-kyle-flanagan-from-cronulla-sharks/news-story/5621f78cdda9ed5bea2626a483c9c34b They now have 2 of the most promising & sought after halves in the game on their books in Flanagan & Sam Walker..
  53. _G-Dog_

    The Spine

    Seen enough this year from our spine to conclude they either dont have it to make NRL or they arent ready for NRL.. Decisions need to be made asap.. Other clubs are ruthless and dont persist as long with players that arent up to it.. All spine positions especially Hooker, Halfback and even...
  54. _G-Dog_

    June 30

    Will the club & coach be making any moves in the player market.. will they look to release some of the players we have in our top 30, that arent up to it and replace them with other up and coming players and ESL players.. Raiders signed some good value players on a shoestring budget at end of...
  55. _G-Dog_

    Russell Packer

    Has been in reserves the past month.. If hes not in Mcguires plans I can see merit in having him in our 17.. He would be a positive addition..
  56. _G-Dog_

    Fittler & the Roosters

    Was told tonight that Fittler told the Roosters that he will select Keary for Origin.. That was the reason the Rorter$ rested Cronk, to keep him fresh for club gamea during Origin period.. Politis gets alot of advantages for his club..
  57. _G-Dog_

    Roosters Lead Race for Teen Sensation

    Cooper Cronk might’ve only announced his retirement on Monday, but the Sydney Roosters have already been working behind the scenes to snare one of the hottest young talents in the game to be their long-term half. According to The Daily Telegraph’s Phil Rothfield on NRL 360, the Tricolours have...
  58. _G-Dog_

    Ash Taylor

    FMD this guy has been in poor form for several seasons.. hes yet to dominate an NRL game let alone play consistently at a high level.. Is on some big cash 800K+ per year.. From the outside he Looks like he Has a poor attitude - hes never looked superfit and also all the coaches fault hes had...
  59. _G-Dog_

    Our Current Run Vs Past

    If we miss the finals this year, so for a 3rd year running, it will be our worst run at missing the finals since a bad run we had to 1966.. Shows how 'consistent' our club has generally been for over 50 years.. weve never been down for this long for half a century.. Puts our current run in...
  60. _G-Dog_

    Our Attack

    Hasnt clicked yet this year.. 70 points in 6 games.. Sure Forans out but our spine just hasnt clicked and weve looked pretty inept in the oppostion half.. Expecting some more tries from us against another stuggling team in the Cowboys.. Defence has been great in 3 games and poor in 3 games but...
  61. _G-Dog_

    Coach Cleary

    The real deal or over-rated?.. Jurys still out for mine.. Hes been coaching since 2006 and still won SFA.. Only 3 games in but the Panthers dont look anywhere like they did last year under Griffin..
  62. _G-Dog_

    Blake Austin Carving Up ESL

    Man of match last week 1st half hatrick this week Sure we all know he had defensive issues, but tye way he plays no suprises hes carving up ESL.. Still think hes a handy NRL player.. Many good halves have struggled with defence over the years..
  63. _G-Dog_

    LoL @ Stuart

    Listening to the radio they were going on about Tevita Pangai Junior and his early story .. Then they tell the story about how Ricky Stuart told Pangai he wouldn't be much of a first grader and then let him go early.. Weve had some big bungles of our own Thurston and Cook etc .. but this would...
  64. _G-Dog_

    If you could sign 1 person...

    If you had the power to sign 1 person in any position be it player, official, coach, administrator etc to our club who would it be... For me Craig Bellamy easily.. his teams are just too consitently good year in year out.. he gets them performing strong every year..
  65. _G-Dog_

    Decision on 2020 Coach

    Bad start, but its only one game in.. Pays contract ends this year.. We are no chance of signing anyone of note in the market until we have a coach locked in for 2020 and beyond.. With all this in mind, and the fact Pay is also only early on in his career, how long should he be given by the...
  66. _G-Dog_

    Tiger air Advice Needed

    Need Some advice about what I should do.. we've got a flight with damnTiger to Perth the coming Monday.. we need to arrive in Perth 100% by next Tuesday there's no 2 ways about it.. now this damn Tiger flight is only 25% full.. I'm no expert on this but does this mean there would be a high...
  67. _G-Dog_

    Losing Our Best

    Since 2004 weve lost the biggest names in our team and in the NRL, most of them mid contract JT Mason SBW Barba Now maybe Klemmer All these guys made their FG debuts at our club Somethings clearly wrong, superclub we arent, and clearly the club hasnt a clue about how to keep its star players...
  68. _G-Dog_

    Timeframe of Success

    How long should our fans be patient and give coach Pay to make the finals? Taking the blue and white sunnies off few outsiders rate us any chance of finals next year, so assuming we dont make the finals in 2019, would 2020 be the final year of patience without finals, or should we be ok with...
  69. _G-Dog_

    Cogger or Brock Lamb

    Both these backup halves have been let go by Newcastle this year.. We signed Cogger, Roosters signed Lamb Comparing where both players are in their stage of their career and their development which player is the smarter buy? Both 21 years old Both have played Halfback and 5/8 in NRL Lambs...
  70. _G-Dog_

    Bulldogs Board Fallout Continues

    From Rothfield: THE fallout continues at Belmore as a result of the boardroom bloodshed this year. Highly regarded league club chief executive Dave Brace left last week by ‘mutual agreement’ with the board. Directors on the successful ticket of Lynne Anderson were behind his departure. Brace is...
  71. _G-Dog_

    Hypothetical: Resting Players

    Hypothetical Question similar to the situation the Sharks find themselves in today (but points difference will make a difference to the Sharks with a 30points loss or 60point win).. If you were a coach , its the final round and the result and points differiential for your last game wouldnt...
  72. _G-Dog_

    Minor Premiership

    So who wins the minor premiership tonight? Roosters need to beat Eels by 27 points to finish first..
  73. _G-Dog_

    Morris Bros

    Been sad seeing them play since the club announced they were going - both are champions Both carved up again yesterday, both have still got it The club made its decision, non cap related but still think its a mistake.. And it gives Pay a big job to do to find a whole new left side .. Crighton...
  74. _G-Dog_

    Dogs Poll bottom 4 in attractiveness to Recruits

    Players considered the biggest factors in influencing their decision. These included things such as location, chance of on field success, coaching staff, playing squad, front of office, financial position of club, opportunity to further improve as a player. No Suprise we are struggling to...
  75. _G-Dog_

    Gould FAIL

    Sacking Griffin this year has been a fail.. Panthers havnt improved and are behind yet again.. I understand they might want to replace Griffin with a better coach but why couldnt they just sack him at seasons end? They surely havnt improved and been poor again first half tonight.
  76. _G-Dog_

    Short Drop Outs

    Working a treat for Warriors this year.. and they have a great exponent of it in Johnson Teams arecpretty good defending 10m out usually so Im surprised more teams dont do it.. Wasnt Des the one that started that trend with us not long ago?
  77. _G-Dog_

    Adam Elliot - Respect

    I just wanted to acknowledge Adam Elliott.. he may not be the most gifted or skillful but hes always in there , giving it his all with tough runs or making tackles.. Hes alwayds in the face off the opposition, plays like a real bulldog.. His enthusiasm & energy is a big positive, I get the...
  78. _G-Dog_

    Panthers Current Lineup

    No Maloney for a few weeks.. I would have thought they would look alot better with DWZ at fullback and Tyrone at 5/8 1.DWZ 6. Peachey 7. Cleary Oh yeah the change of coach hasnt made any positive difference infact the Panthers were quite pathetic today
  79. _G-Dog_

    Kane Elgey - Manly

    So Manly signed Elgey for 2 years on the cheap Disappointed as I rate him as an NRL level halfback & hes gone to Sea Eagles on the cheap looking for an opportunity Would have been a goid signing for us, far better than Cogger
  80. _G-Dog_

    Spoon Battle

    Back on all teams below us won.. & Cows will won again playing Eels and Titans No excuse for a spoon year, no cop out excuses blaming everyone else.. Spoon battle will be tight with Eels up by 30 could come down to for/against
  81. _G-Dog_

    Womens Team

    Dragons & Roosters got a womens team this year.. I wonder if we applied.. Would have been great publicity for the club & 'brand' as thry call it these days.. Plus could have got to see some cute girls playing in our colours.. Extra pre game entertainment - cant be a bad thing
  82. _G-Dog_

    Anderson as Roosters Coach - Funny

    So Politis is 'celebrating' 25years as Rorter$ chairman and the rugby league world is pissing in his pocket. The SMH and the usual pro Roosters journalists like Webster & Weidler have all done their usual Politis butt licking articles. Different Roosters figures have all given their own insight...
  83. _G-Dog_

    Storm Halfback

    Suprised Bellamy is persisting with Jahrome Hughes at halfback.. I rate Jahrome as a very good player but not a halfback.. Still think Brodie Croft is there best option at halfback
  84. _G-Dog_

    Cross Field Bomb

    First time in ages we are putting up dangerous effective bombs we can actually score off.. and have our outside backs actually chasing them & putting up a contest.. Most of these bombs are close to ideal placement.. Hasnt happened since Shiftys days.. Keep it happening..
  85. _G-Dog_

    Bulldogs Recent Poor Periods

    Ive been fortunate in my lifetime our club has never been 'down' and out of finals contention for long .. since following from around 1992 (strong from 93-99), 2000 was the first real season we went very poor but we bounced back quick with good recruitment and 2001-2007 was a strong period...
  86. _G-Dog_

    Too Much Inexperience

    At the moment we have inexperience all over at our club from on the field to the front office FG Team - full of kids many of which would not be playing NRL at any other club at moment Coach - rookie coach. Hard to be sure how good Pay is with a bunch of rookies running around. Regardless this...
  87. _G-Dog_

    Halves Need Changing

    Both young kids .. Seen more positives from Lewis than JMK. Both trying their heart out but not up to NRL yet especially JMK.. I havent seen anything great from JMK yet in NRL neither at hooker or in the halves I would swap JMK for anyone else maybe Nu Brown or Cleeland if possible.. Sure...
  88. _G-Dog_

    Andrew Hill Members Meeting

    Forget the rubbish in newspapers & media The big point presented at our members Meeting in May this year was: We Had 25 of 30 spots filled for next season with more than $500,000 to spend Since then we have released Mbye & Woods .. however the media still continue to push the line of us...
  89. _G-Dog_

    Pillage the Broncos

    The Broncos with the Panthers have a wealth of talented kids coming through that are ready for FG. If we were looking at cheaper signings of players with great potential that arent established we should look at all the names on the fringes of the Broncos team Jonus Pearson , Kotoni Staggs ...
  90. _G-Dog_

    Underrated Players

    Theres alot of underrated players in the NRL But a few that have stood out for me starting with the most impressive : 1) Jayden Brailey - hooker at Sharks. Only 22 years old! The job hes doing at Cronulla is phenomonal especially considering his age. His defence is strong. His passing game is...
  91. _G-Dog_

    Cant Blame This Team

    They All tried their heart out.. we lack quality and experience in key positions.. We simply dont have the cattle
  92. _G-Dog_

    Any Qs for a Board Member

    Going to a function on Friday dinner there will be a current board member there.. Have been to functions before and had a chance to chat to Bellamy and other NRL players.. Will see if I can sneek in some Qs probably about our cap and any signings on the horizon... Any other Qs from u guys will...
  93. _G-Dog_

    Blake Austin

    He cops alot of criticism , some of it rightfully.. His defence is suspect and hes inconsistent but he is the sort of player that can spark something out of nothing like we saw tonight Similar in many ways to JReynolds in that they both cop it due to inconsistency and relying on energy and...
  94. _G-Dog_

    Holland & Smith Side

    Austin did it pretty easy down that side when he came on.. that defence on that side cost us the game imo.. Our Seasons over anyway so more concerned about how that side is going to be fixed in coming weeks.. It also helps highlight the importance of hanging onto the Morris Bros on the...
  95. _G-Dog_


    Alot is made of this word.. for me these 3-5year plans are a myth & unnecessary & a clubs fortunes can change dramatically through smart recruitment/retention within a year or 2 Its been done many times before where teams improve dramatically off the back of one year of good recruitment.. It...
  96. _G-Dog_

    Rhyse Martin Goalkicking

    Great goalkicking by the big boy.. 5/5 so far.. he slotted them through from every angle
  97. _G-Dog_

    Brad Abbey

    Why did we waste so many years developing this dud.. he was meant to be the post Barba era longterm fullback Dud decision
  98. _G-Dog_

    Next 6months - 1Year

    Looks like many things will be happening within the next 12months to give us a good idea if the current board are capable of turning things around and leading the club in the years to come Many important decisions to be made , the first being what they agree to with the Sharks in releasing...
  99. _G-Dog_

    Sharks Vs Dogs

    Assuming media reports are true the Sharks are itching for us to release Woods to them, Giving them a starting forward pack of Fifita Woods Graham Prior plus Gallen & Lewis a very strong pack This is after they signed Moylan on a 800K+ deal (clearly overs), while also having Dugan and Holmes...
  100. _G-Dog_

    Nu Brown

    Where is this guy.. suprised he hasnt got a run at least on bench with the crap thats been dished up by our spine Clearly he wont be a saviour but time to give him & all other potential spine players in our squad a run and see what they bring to the table if anything... The Frawley & JMK...